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Tbh I went to Shawn's concert in San Antonio and he did talk, more than Charlie tbh. He talked during songs about his career and how when his career was just starting he played In San Antonio and how important music is to him and how it connects ppl and all that, and he touched ppl's hands a lot so idk if this was similar to your concert in Vancouver

nope nothing like that in Vancouver, the only time he really spoke more than like a few words was twice. once before A Little Too Much, he was like I know this song means a lot to you all and I’m so happy I wrote it ect. Then he also stopped at one point don’t remember when but it was when he always stops to like say how much energy the crowd gives him and that it makes easier for him to get up onstage. And then before three empty words he said “this song means a lot to me” and then he said a few words before a few more songs. And that’s all, from what I recall. I should go back in my videos and look but that’s from my memory. 

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¥ For Iggy; sing us a song!

Send me a ¥ and a command and my muse has to obey.

Song: Great Days (Because I honestly think that Iggy would sing songs with probably cheesy or hopeful sounding lyrics.And I couldn’t think of any other songs at the moment.)

The Igglybuff smiled and nodded before clearing his throat.

Shining justice burning in me Brand-new bed town is the place I wanna be

Everyone just raise your hand Raise it till you touch the sky All you need to do is just to stand up to the top

Let joy bring love and greatness of all

There is just nothing but love, and I’d do anything to give you my heart

Let the voice of love take you higher

And I will love you even more Till the day you’ll find the light 1999 Bizarre Summer

Every road will lead us to a memory of Great Days

Send a “ϟ” for my muse’s reaction to your’s running their fingers along a scar on my muse’s body

gabriel frowned as maura started to play with the scar in the middle of his palm. they were lazily cuddling on a motel couch, watching a tv movie, and he had one arm drped over their body. gentle situations like this one nearly let him forget the horrors of his past – his whole existence –, so as maura curiously examined this human hand, he got unwittingly brought back into reality. what a pity, actually. reality, by all accounts, sucked.

he removed his hand from their touch, and instead shoved it between their frame and the couch, murmuring into their ear: “let’s finish that movie, that’s a story for another time.”

The Different Mudras of Buddha Statues

Uh… Different what? 

Mudra. Mudra is a Sanskrit word for hand gesture. You might have noticed that not all Buddha statues look alike. Besides different regional variations, Buddha statues have different mudras to depict their meaning. Here’s three of the many different hand gestures you may come across…

1. Bhumisparsha Mudra (or Touching Earth Buddha)

This represents the moment of Buddha’s attaining enlightenment. Literally Bhumisparsha translates into ‘touching the earth’. It is more commonly known as the 'earth witness’ mudra. This mudra, formed with all five fingers of the right hand extended to touch the ground, symbolizes the Buddha’s enlightenment under the bodhi tree, when he summoned the earth goddess, Sthavara, to bear witness to his attainment of enlightenment. The right hand, placed upon the right knee in earth-pressing mudra, and complemented by the left hand-which is held flat in the lap in the dhyana mudra of meditation, symbolizes the union of method and wisdom, samasara and nirvana, and also the realizations of the conventional and ultimate truths. It is in this posture that Shakyamuni overcame the obstructions of Mara while meditating on Truth.

2. Abhaya Mudra (or Fearlessness Buddha)

Abhaya in Sanskrit means fearlessness. Thus this mudra symbolizes protection, peace, and the dispelling of fear. It is made with the right hand raised to shoulder height, the arm crooked, the palm of the hand facing outward, and the fingers upright and joined. The left hand hangs down at the side of the body. In Thailand, and especially in Laos, this mudra is associated with the movement of the walking Buddha.

Here’s an interesting legend behind this mudra

Devadatta, a cousin of the Buddha, through jealousy caused a schism to be caused among the disciples of Buddha. As Devadatta’s pride increased, he attempted to murder the Buddha. One of his schemes involved loosing a rampaging elephant into the Buddha’s path. But as the elephant approached him, Buddha displayed the Abhaya mudra, which immediately calmed the animal. Accordingly, it indicates not only the appeasement of the senses, but also the absence of fear.

3. Vitarka Mudra (or Teaching Buddha)

It symbolizes the teaching phase of preaching in Buddhism. The circle formed by the thumb and the index finger symbolizes the constant flow of energy and information. Sometimes the middle finger and the thumb are seen touching each other which is taken as the mudra of great compassion. Similarly, the touching of the thumb and ring finger expresses the gesture of good fortune.

The more you know!

Blythe x Danny

Danny and Blythe had been inseparable for as long as they could remember. They grew up at the hip, holding hands absentmindedly until their parents had to have a talk with them about it. Even then, they felt the need to always sleep in the rooms right next to each other.
Their parents had gone away for the week on separate business trips, and as they were on break from college, Danny and Blythe had stayed home and lazed around, watching TV and eating whatever was in the fridge, talking, and falling asleep on the couch or in each other’s bedrooms. Danny didn’t want to be this close to anyone else.
That night, they were watching TV and eating pizza, her deep red hair falling next to his shoulder as their knees touched. His body felt warm as he felt his hand fall from his lap, accidentally touching hers. All of that closeness felt more natural than anything, but it had been so long since they held hands that he didn’t know if it would be okay.
“Sorry.” He said, blushing and looking at his gorgeous sister. He’d always imagined she would be an actress or a model of it weren’t for her lack of vanity.
“I’ve really liked it just being us this week. I know we’re together every day, but it always feels better when nobody looks at us weird.” He says, smiling, slightly embarrassed at the memories.

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Of course Joseph is the worst.. he's voice by Arin Hanson and his kids look like Carbon-Copies of Children of the Corn!!

Joseph drank all my grape juice and out the empty container back in the fridge AND he touched all my food with his bare hands and put it back in the containers without eating them

IDK if I’ve ever been really loved by a hand that’s touched me

It all came when I heard (more like I heard again) a song I ignored long time ago…”Push” by Matchbox Twenty…

At this point, I don’t know what’s happening, I don’t even know what I’m doing. Of course, If I ignore where I am, obviously I ignore who I am. 

All these time, I thought I’ve learned a lot about love, I even considered myself some sort of “expert”, so I used to introduce myself with the “D.H.” tittle. ¡What does D.H mean? It means “Doctor Heart”, yeah, it’s silly, I got it from a book I read some years ago and I really liked…”The princess who believed in Fairy Tales” I know it sounds stupid, but that’s it. As I was saying, I considered myself a D.H, but it comes out it’s not true..I mean, who can understand love? It’s infinite, no human being could understand infinity before. As an example we got the space, the ocean, the numbers…all of them infinite, and not even the greatest minds of all the times made a conclussion out of them. So, what leads us to believe we really can understand what love is? 

As I read everything I’m writing and make a comparisson with al the thoughts in my mind right now, I really feel that I’ve never known love…like the true one, that one that as far as I know only exists in books, where the feelings can be expressed freely, as they wouldn’t have any consequence in the real world, but that’s not true either, as I read all of that stuff, I started to believed that could exist in real world, and that thought only brought dissapointment and anger every single time I ended proving it was just a sweet myth. But I personally felt this unconditional love several times, it’s just it wasn’t that strong til I suddenly hit so hard in love, I think for the first time, because anything of what I could feel before could be compared to this…this “magic”, this “ilussion”…yeah, Ilussion would be the perfect word to describe it, because as more days go on, more doubts I have of what “we’re” feeling it’s just some sort of oasis in my life. 

And I just can’t get it, I thought everything was going too well, and suddenly it wasted as quick as it started. Even tho we can’t ignore the incredible conection between the both of us. But, will this conection be enough for us to be together? The first minute I feel everything’s ok, just a little “slow”, but then I feel ignored, I feel cheated, because I no longer know if this person loves me, or doesn’t …”I don’t know If I’ve ever been good enough, or I’m a little bit rusty”,

I guess this is something I’ll figure out at some point of this relationship, as I continue discovering, learning what love is, and what it does. Could my love “fix” this? fix you? Fix us? actually, is there something between of us to “fix”? maybe the right thing to say, is: Could love build us? 

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Places a crown of flowers upon him, giggling she chimes, "Now you lead the flowers! They will listen to you and all your wishes"

     RAMSES BLINKED, LIFTING HIS hand to curiously touch the flowers that now rested upon his head. Flower crown making was something he used to show some form of skill in, though with the passing years since he had been a child following after his mother, that ability faded quite a bit. A pharaoh certainly had no time for such whimsies while the country needed his leadership. Still, despite the simplicity of this gift he was given, it brought forth a bright smile from him anyway. It was not gold or jewelry as he was used to; nor vast amounts of cattle presented as an offering to his greatness, but it was beautiful to him. Shame that this siren would treat him differently if she were to find out who she was speaking to.

     He wanted to keep up his lie for as long as he could just so he could continue with that feeling of freedom he lacked at the palace. ❝Is that so? Ahahaha, I promise to be the best ruler the flowers have ever seen, then!❞

U clamming that our shipped is fake when they even cut the scene that jm get out of the room, hug scene, hand touch…. Etc
And your shipped all do it in the public? Sitting on the lap, he belong to him didn’t even cut?
I haven’t see any one who in special relationship will exposed them self
I don’t care who ever u shipped because every one have a different taste but clamming that km is fake? lmao plz try again babies
& don’t try to send evidence of your shipped because that show that u insecure in your shipped xD

Space is in your Hands (healer-of-the-horoscopes)

There’s something oddly relaxing about being here. These machines, meant for helping people explore their cosmos, have never had to bear witness to a fleet of Genebound conquerors or Aeon Men heralding the end of all things.

Devra reaches a hand out to the rocket, not touching it, or controlling it, but feeling it. Feeling the care that went into every rivet, every plate of metal. Sensing the hope and exhilaration that comes from knowing that you’ve built something to help people see more than what they are.

The moment makes her so happy that she barely registers a presence in her blind spot. But there is someone there and she turns with a grin. “Space programs are amazing, aren’t they?”

When you really want to have intimacy and sex and love and also ruthlessly fuck all at the same time but you’re an anxious piece of shit afraid of anyone getting close let alone touching you

like I want his hands all over me but the idea of being that close and naked in front of someone is so scary

So I’m aching and drenched in sweat, but it was a successful night seeing Avatar! They put on a great show in such a small venue. I started out ¾ of the way from the stage because people were blocking others from going up. Then barely halfway through I got bumped to halfway up near where the pit and right before the end the guys in the pit launched me to the front row and I got to touch all of Ava’s sweaty hands.

Also side note: I met @feathers-andflesh briefly and she was a cute lil peach!!
2011 linkin park in Minneapolis

My friends managed to get us right at the stage. Chester came right in front of us my friend picked me up and threw me toward him. Chester touched my hand at this show. In all the times I had seen them before I was never able to get this close. But my best guy friend promised me he was going to make this concert unforgettable to me. And he did I spent the entire concert literally able to touch the stage. It was the most unforgettable Linkin Park show I had ever been to.


          “There you go !!” With bright teeth, he marveled in pride at his good deed of freeing the girl’s oxygen tank from the curb – all while never touching it. Only after his hands went to his hips, hitting one of his backpack straps, had he realized his ignorant mistake of bringing it with him ( it was merely instinctive to pick it up whenever he went out ). Searching for some sort of COVER, a blue-clad thumb motioned over his shoulder. “Uh… you happen to recognize who this belongs to? Someone… dropped it earlier.” 

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"Hey, are you still awake?" // @renardisms

       Adrian couldn’t say how much time had passed since he’d returned to his coffin. It could have been hours, it could have been months; to him, it felt as though he’d only just shut his eyes when the stone lid was forced off and a warm hand touched his face. Like all vampires, he was slow to wake. Several weeks must have passed at least, for his throat was dry as a bone, and he coughed when he sat up. “What– Maria?” His eyes opened wide, and he pulled himself out of the coffin, looking the woman up and down. He had never expected to see her again. Concern aside, he was secretly pleased to have been proven wrong. “Has something happened? Why are you here?”

I'm very very sad today and I wouldn't be upset if I slipped into a coma right now

I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I’m sadder than usual. I almost started crying at work. I feel completely empty and useless. Maybe it’s the dream I had last night. I dreamt that all of these men I was supposed to be able to trust kept hurting me and taking advantage of me. First it was a boyfriend but I didn’t know who it was. Then it was a family member. And finally a police officer. Once again my mom did nothing to stop it or to help me. She watched with a smile on her face like she wasn’t seeing what was happening. She just let it happen over and over again. All of those men pretending like they cared for me. Then putting their hands all over me. Touching me roughly without my permission. Abusing me against my protests. By the end of the dream, nothing had improved. It was a little to close to my actual life. It almost didn’t feel like a dream. I really don’t know. That could be why I’ve been so down today. Maybe it’s because I had to go to work. Maybe it’s just because I miss someone I shouldn’t and there’s nothing I can do to stop it. Maybe it’s because joolz is sad and she stopped talking to me again. Or it could be a little bit of all of these things. It probably is because of all of them. I’m very tired of being sad and of being alive. I should of done it in April when I had the motivation and courage. Now I’m just stuck here.

A little prose for a change. Every writer has a muse; friend, loved one, stranger,
a form of inspiration that galvanizes the writer within. A presence that moves the hand, touches the heart, raises the spirit,
all the while as the ink flows