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LOL, TWELVE CHILDREN! XD As for saying "I love you", HAND TOUCHES! ALL THE HAND TOUCHES! Maybe Ganondorf likes resting their foreheads together, too, when he's not possessively kissing her.

Dude. It’s like you’re IN MY BRAIN. I love the idea of hand touches for them especially because:

A- I bet the triforce pieces in their hands resonate and tingle when whey touch.



my several thousand word rant on jack and touch, feat. art by ngozi and a lot of rambling

ok so I have a lot of capital-F Feelings about jack zimmermann + physicality

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When he breaks up with you but then regrets it~ pt.2/3

the window edition


*You notice that Jiyong has been avoiding your eye contact all day*

[Y/N] Jiyongie~ *you go to touch his hand but he moves it away*

*you feel your face burn up as your heart beat increases… what’s going on?*

*Jiyong sighs and turns to face you… you search his eyes but he gives nothing away*

[GD] I think it’s best if we break up…

*you feel your heart skip a beat and you start to feel sick*

[Y/N] b-break up? *tears start forming in your eyes* w-why?

[GD] it’s too hard to be in a relationship right now…

[Y/N] *you start to cry* d-don’t you love me…? *you ask quietly*

[GD] *cold* …no.

[Y/N] *your tears cut off and you wipe your face* …i see …i’ll just go then…

*you get up and walk away in a state of shock*

*as soon as you leave Jiyong’s tears start to fall and he finally lets his feelings out*

*a few days have passed and Jiyong is feeling the crater that was left in his life when you walked out of the door*

[GD] …it was for the best, right? I wasn’t ready for that kind of commitment…right? *he questions himself* it was the right decision for my career…

*Jiyong decides to get some air and goes for a walk… he sees a young couple cutely feeding each other ice cream*

[GD] *shouts in frustration*

*you’ve been out shopping and it’s starting to get late so you head home… you’re caught in a rain storm*

[Y/N] aish…

*you near your front door and you see a figure sat on your doorstep in the rain*

[Y/N] Jiyong… *you freeze in your steps*

*Jiyong looks up and sees you… he starts walking towards you*

[Y/N] *you start to choke up on your tears* …Jiyong…

*even through the rain you can see that he’s been crying… he pulls you into his arms*

[GD] *between sobs* …i’m sorry …i’m so sorry …i shouldn’t have lied…

[GD] …i love you.

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madtown series | when ships finally collide

Freaking Out

I’m a sucker for happy endings.  And let’s face it, if Danny had just made sure Jack got the ecto purifier this would have been solved WAY easier.  Also fun fact, filtrator is not a word that the English dictionary recognizes.

now while you’re reading this, if you could imagine Vlad’s voice cracking like a teenager that would be great, he’s only 22 after all.

“It appeared out of nowhere and it touched me and its hand was freaking COLD!” Vlad rambled frantically, doing a fantastic impression of a barnacle on Jack’s back.  Maddy rolled her eyes, attempting to once again pry the hospital bound man from her boyfriend. This would be the third time.  It wasn’t working.  “Vlad, man, you need to let go of Jack.  He can’t breathe.” Vlad looked over at her.  Jack was gasping for breath around Vlad’s tight, and somewhat frantic hold.  “Right.” He let go.

 “Thank you.  Now are you sure that you saw a ghost?” Maddy asked.

 Vlad nodded furiously, “Look Maddy, it was either a ghost from the proto-portal or a demon, and I don’t know which is a scarier thought.” He yelped.

 Things continued in this fashion for a while.  Danny waited patiently on the window sill, invisible to the other occupants.  On the one hand, this was good.  In his time, his parent’s hadn’t ever contacted Vlad again after the accident.  At least not until that disastrous reunion.  And on the other hand, Vlad was calling him either ghost or a demon.  Now the ghost thing, he was used to, had that happen every day.  The demon thing?  Way weird.  Although who knew that Vlad could scream at such a high pitch?  Maybe that was his version of the Wail?

 After a moment of contemplation, Danny shook his head.  Nah.

 The younger halfa continued to wait for the visit with his future parents to end for the next two hours.  Jack got yelled at a lot by Vlad, Danny noted happily.  He loved his father, but the whole accident with the acne really could have been avoided.  The visiting pair told Vlad about their dating status, which was another good thing.

 By the time they’d left Danny was about ready to start playing with ectoplasm and see how he could make shapes with it.  “Oh thank sweet merciful god.  I thought they’d never leave.” He sighed with visible relief, turning tangible and visible.  Vlad snapped around to glare at him.  “Oh, what?  I can’t get tired of them rambling on and on about things that we both know you won’t get out soon enough to care about?” the glare intensified.  His eyes began to glow a bit red.  Knowing he’d reached the young man’s current limit, Danny leaned back and hopped off the window sill.  He went to stand by Vlad’s bed and stuck his hand out. “Let’s see if we can’t try this again.  I’m Phantom, and I know what happened to you and how it changed you.”

 Vlad snarled at that and threw a disk at him.  Danny let it phase through him, hitting the window harmlessly.  Danny frowned and gave him a look.  “That was mean.  I just want to help.  No strings.” He sighed and let his hand drop.  The other man snarled something probably fowl at him again in that strange language.

 “So you’re not a demon then.”  Rolling his eyes, Danny sat on the bed.  “No, I’m a halfa.  Like you.”  Groaning Vlad dropped back onto the bed.  “I’m not a halfa.  I’m human.  I’m just…sick at the moment.” He glared at the other halfa, “I know you’re a ghost now so what do you want?”

 Sighing, Danny reached under the bed for the ecto purifier he’d grabbed before the lad the college students had been using was dismantled.  He held it out to Vlad “I want you to drink this and clear up that acne.”  Vlad’s eyes widened and flicked from Danny’s face to the container and back.  “What…is it?”

 “The ecto purifier that should have been poured into the filtrator.”  And oh god this was the big moment.  If the acne was cured now then he’d never have to infect Sam and Tucker.  And he could go home.  But…Then Vlad would be alone.  Maybe not like before, but…Danny promised himself that he wouldn’t regret this decision later, even knowing he inevitably would. “And I want to help you through your changes.”

 “Oh for the –WHAT CHANGES?!”Vlad yelled, attempting a punch that Danny didn’t even bother to dodge since Vlad’s whole arm had gone intangible.  “Well” Danny started, handing the bottle of purifier to the man’s tangible arm, “That is one.  Then there’s the transformation, the ecto rays, the invisibility, the flying, the overshadowing, oh and the spectral manipulation, can’t forget that.” He ticked off his fingers.  At the end, Vlad was open mouthed in shock.

 Well, Danny reflected, at least he wasn’t calling him a demon anymore.

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On the precipice of my twenty-second year, I humbly request entry to the birthday unending. I bring many colored pencils, sketch books, and fancy art markers, all lightly used; hands filled with hesitant yet reassuring touches, also lightly used; and a mouth full of kind honesty and entirely too many vampire facts.




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Please do not touch people without their consent! It can make people really uncomfortable, and sometimes they really just don’t want to be touched. Even if you’re really close or family, it doesn’t mean you can just touch them. It never hurts or makes it awkward to ask “Can I give you a hug?” or “Can I touch you?” Okay?

Your Touch Part 1

Hey would you please write an austin imagine where you’re friends with the guys and one day you all go out together and you share moments with austin (like touching hands and stuff ). Then he asks you to drive you home and then you end up in bed and it’s really gentle and sensual sex with a lot of kissing and touching and stuff 😊😊 I’d love you if you could write that for me 💛

Sorry this is shitty. The second part will be better…hopefully


I locked the door to my house and ran down to meet my friends. Hopping in the car, I was greeted by loud hellos and a lot of smiles. 

“So, where to first?” I asked Phil, the one who was driving. 

“First we’re gonna have some lunch!” he told me excitedly. I smiled at that because I was very hungry myself. After a few minutes of driving and loud conversations, we pulled into one our favorite restaurants and headed in. Austin sat next to me and gave me a warm smile.

“How have you been?” I asked.

“Pretty good. Yourself?”

“Same,” I told him with a laugh. After a short pause, he leaned in close to me.

“You look really nice today, by the way,” he said. I blushed a bit, but thanked him. Austin was probably my best friend out of all the guys. We hung out a lot and we were always just really comfortable and relaxed with each other. Him complimenting me like that wasn’t anything new, but always loved when he told me sweet things. Coming from him they always jsut seemed so…genuine.

We ordered our food and made more conversation, laughing obnoxiously and acting like idiots. A few people gave us looks, but we didn’t care. God, this was why I loved hanging out with these guys so much. After finishing and waiting for a few others, I felt Austin’s hand graze my leg. His touch sent shivers up my spine, but when I looked over he was just smiling at me, his cheeks pink with a cute little blush. 

After lunch, we decided to go mini-golfing. We were all so bad at it, so there was no point in trying to take any of it seriously. We yelled discouraging things at each other, messed with other peoples’ shot, blocked the hole, screwed with their concentration, and so on. 

“Guys, shut up, I’m trying to putt!” I yelled, laughing as I did. They let out a few giggles, but kept quiet. I looked down, my face hurting from smiling so much, and tried to focus on the ball. Just as I brought my club back to tap it, a pair of large hands grabbed my hips, the fingers digging in and causing me to laugh hysterically. I turned to find a laughing Austin. “Austin, stop!” I begged as he tickled me. “I’m gonna- peeeee!” 

“You’re so ticklish!” he replied in a fit of chuckles, finally releasing me. I tried to catch my breath and give him a death glare at the same and it wasn’t working. We calmed down and he gave me a lovely side hug as an apology, his lips brushing my hair ever so gently. Throughout the rest of the game, our hands would brush or I’d knock into him slightly. His touch was driving me wild.

“I vote we get ice cream,” Alan said as we headed back in with our putters and golf balls. There was a loud chorus of agreements. Our group made its way to the front and ordered our treats. I got a delicious ice cream cone.

A delicious ice cream cone that Austin did not hesitate to sneakily and gently shove into my face the first chance he got. My nose was covered in the sticky goodness as he sat there laughing at me.

“Austiiiiiiin,” I whined, giving him my puppy dog eyes. He sighed, caving in and going to grab napkins for me. He gently wiped off my face and gave me a grin. I shook my head and then dipped my finger in his sundae and spread it down his cheek. Austin gasped and I started giggling.

“Not. Nice,” he said, glaring at me playfully. I just laughed and smiled at him, sticking out my tongue. 

“That’s what you get, mister,” I replied. He shook his head and wiped his own face off, throwing away our trash. 

“Sooooo, whose down for the beach?!” Tino asked excitedly as we headed toward the cars. We all cheered and piled in, eager to get to one of our favorite hang outs. After a short drive, we reach our destination and hopped out, running for the sand and the waves. Phil grabbed some stuff out of the trunk for us to enjoy, like a frisbee and football and a blanket to sit on. We kicked our shoes off and went for it. 

After running around and playing games for a bit, I decided it was time for a break. I headed for the waves, standing in to my ankles and looking out over the water. The sun was starting to set and this was one of my favorite sights to see. I always felt so at peace. 

“Hey,” Austin said softly, breaking my reverie. 

“Hi there,” I replied, not looking away. He stood next to me for awhile without saying anything. The silence was actually comfortable.

“Beautiful, isn’t it?” he asked. I nodded in agreement. I felt him inch closer to me and smiled to myself. Soon enough, his arms was resting nicely around my shoulders.

“Today has been wonderful,” I told him. 

“Yeah. I think everyone has had a lot of fun.” We stood for a bit and I laid my head against his shoulder. Everything felt so perfect, so in-place. I couldn’t shake the feeling of content washing over me no matter how hard I tried. After a bit, Aaron’s voice broke our moment.

“Guys! We’re heading back, dark is falling!” he called. Austin kissed the top of my head and squeezed my frame with a happy sigh before we turned around and headed for the car. The ride back was relatively quiet, most of the boys worn out from the long day. We grabbed some quick food for us to munch on before arriving back at Phil’s house.

“Bye everyone! We have to do this again sometime soon!” Tino shouted, getting into his car. The others shouted their goodbyes and started to head for home as well.

“I’ll drive you home, Y/N,” Phil said, moving to get back into his car. 

“No, I can do it!” Austin interjected quickly. I looked at him, raising my eyebrow and giving a smirk. “You- you’ve driven all day today, man, and you’re already home. Besides, it’s pretty much on my way,” he saved, rubbing the back of his neck. I smiled at his efforts to not look nervous.

“Thanks, man,” Phil said. “Y/N, I’ll see you later?”

“Yeah! Thanks for today,” I told him, hugging him goodbye. I walked to Austin’s car and got in, smiling to myself. When he slid into his seat, I looked over with a grin. He gave me a wink and started the engine.

Have you ever just regretted a reaction you made by impulse and let it kind of haunt you with embarrassment?

Fact number three:
Three years ago I had blood poisoning due to a cat bite actually 😂 I stayed in the hospital for almost three months all together and it almost cost me my life. This is why I have big scars on my right hand. Also, I have permanent nerve damage… I am very self conscious about these scars and I cant stand if someone touches my hand😂😂 But it’s all good 🙏🏼😇 I have a guardian angel… And yes the cat is alive!! by ini.helen instagram://user?username=ini.helen