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1: Why did you start role playing? 2: What made you choose your muse?

//I feel like I’ve been roleplaying my entire life, honestly. LOL. I used to do it when I was young and AIM first came out. My best friend and I would do it over messenger and it would be 1x1 and we would play a multitude of characters (though I don’t know how good we were back when we were so young). It was an extension of storytelling that we both really loved and we did all kinds of crazy AU things that blended characters and ideas we liked from different shows, books, video games, and movies we enjoyed. 

Fast forward a few years and I started roleplaying with a small group of people on forums, writing with them, collaborating and making a story within the HP universe with OCs and just playing around. From there I moved over to livejournal. I had been making vids of HP characters and posting them to the Fiction Alley forums. There I met two people who then started following me on livejournal and they decided to start a livejournal RP in the HP era. So they asked me to join and I did as Ginny because why not. It seemed fun at the time. Then when the Harry left, they needed one bad, so I jumped up and offered to play him as well. 

From there the rest is history, eventually I migrated over to tumblr and looked into the Marauders Era for the first time and that is where I have wound up finding the biggest community that I have ever played in. 

I think I started RPing just because I needed that creative outlet to deal with myself and with the stresses of daily life. It was something I loved doing and found so interesting that it never really struck me as a weird thing to do, haha. It was very organic for me, like breathing, it just kind of happened. I never really connected that with a desire to explore characters and a love of writing until recently because it just always seemed a part of me. Frankly, I’m grateful. My love of RP has really helped me to discover who I am as a person and to be more open minded. It has made me the person I am today, I think, because while everyone else was out getting into trouble as a teen, I was getting my fix of what I needed which was creativity. I knew who I was at a younger age, and I think in part all of that is because I was so willing to explore different mindsets and the consequences for actions through characters. Not to mention, it’s given me a gateway to meet a lot of incredible people I wouldn’t have otherwise. 

Answer to the second question: HERE.

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❛ why is everyone in horror movies stupid? ❜

Halloween themed starters!
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Jaejoong was basically sinking into his oh so comfortable couch, the cushions offering all the softness he might’ve needed and the blankets supplying with just enough warmth on this late, mid-fall night. There were definitely many more gracious positions he could’ve settled in right now, but he really didn’t care all that much–neither of them did, judging by his company being more or less in the same state as he was.

And it was nice, to spend the night like this and not have to care about anything at all; even though they didn’t get to enjoy the actual Halloween together, they still decided to celebrate it in the most domestic way possible, at a time more fitting with both of their schedules. Staying at home, with (supposedly) scary movies and a hefty amounts of guilty pleasure kind of foods, felt like a bliss to people who’s lives were far from basic and who rarely had a chance to just relax while doing the most normal things in the world.

“That’s the actual horror part of the movies. The stupidity.” He judged eventually, making a face at yet another utterly silly and not at all scary as intended scene in the movie. At this point, he was probably more engaged in stuffing his face with the salted butter popcorn, rather than what was being shown on the tv screen. “Ah, really. Who chose this one again? I think that selection calls for an actual punishment.”

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☠ - for my muse to push yours against a wall and kiss them

Quite frankly, Rose is ever so slightly worried that her heart may be beating hard enough to burst through her chest like that one horror movie. After all, she’s got one of her oldest friends (and her first crush) up against a wall, her own face just a few inches away. 
Fuck. She’s going to die.
Leaning in, she presses her own lips to Jade’s softly, her hands roaming up and down the other girl’s sides as she does. 

Men do their very best to drive women away from video games, action movies, comic books and the internet in general, then wonder why they can’t find a connection with a woman.

Men see themselves as automatic protagonists and heroes from day one, avoid entertainment with female protagonists like the plague, don’t have to learn to step outside their skin to understand the viewpoint of a hero who isn’t like them, but still think men can write female characters better than women can write men.

Men admit women have better social skills and emotional intelligence, but still claim our friendships are petty, shallow and unimportant.

Men are supposedly better at logic, but I don’t see much evidence to support it.

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☢ - When was the last time you went to the cinema? What movie did you see?

I’m gonna answer this super quick - I missed it from yesterday!

It was when I took my sister to see Miss Peregrine. I really recommend it, much more like Tim Burton’s older stuff than the newer - and I didn’t realise how badly I wanted to see a Burton movie without Johnny Depp and/or Helena B-C. I love them, but you can have too much of a good thing. 

I mean, it doesn’t hurt that Eva Green was the female lead and we all know how I feel about Eva Green–

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It's a bit of a spoiler, maybe, but I think they are actually trying to set up Maggie and Alex. I feel like I'm the only one unhappy about that. Maggie is with Kate Kane in the comics. I feel like they are making them interchangeable. I'm not impressed so far. So much OOCness this season. And gosh, do I miss Lucy and Vázquez. It feels so weird without them. And I still haven't heard an explanation as to where they disappeared? There are some cute superfam moments, but so far not worth it.

I don’t think you’re the only one unhappy about it. I haven’t read all of the comics, but I do know that Maggie isn’t supposed to be with Alex. I feel that anyone who has read the comics or watched a certain animated movie might feel unhappy about a potential Maggie x Alex.

They’re kind of just taking these great characters and using them for their own purposes, which I suppose is technically fine (though I really feel we missed out with the way they decided to do Silver Banshee and other characters). In their favor is what they’ve done with J’onn, though.

I know people are just excited at the thought of getting a real, canon ship. I get that.

My problem is that I’m jaded and bitter, and I can’t let myself get too happy about it because I know if they do become canon, one or both could die - or have something exceptionally terrible wrought on them - because that’s just how TV rolls. I am all for another queer couple for representation, especially with a WoC, but I always wait for that other shoe to drop. I can’t forget what happened to Nyssa x Sara. Nyssa has been particularly shafted, and I’d been forcing myself through season 2 of A/rrow when more shit went down for her and I finally just quit.

Another one of my problems with the season is how the CBS/CW family are carrying on the proud tradition of the idea that Women Are Replaceable. I know things were happening for the actresses, but if the team really wanted our other ladies still on SG (even for a couple of eps, like Cat) they could have done it. We already had a great cast of characters, and we didn’t need like 8 more. They could have taken some of that money and got our other favs in for some face time. Whatever. (Lucy’s actress was part Lebanese, Vasquez is Latina…how cool would it have been to have a bisexual Lucy Lane pairing up with Alex? Missed chances.)

Oops, this got long.


I haven’t watched the show yet, but I’ve heard a lot about OOC feels from the characters. The show is essentially retconning their characterizations and setups from s1…already. *sigh* They could have artfully transitioned, but they didn’t. I wish I could say I’m surprised.

I don’t really expect an explanation for Lucy and Vasquez, tbh. This is how I enjoy shows, though. I don’t let myself be talked up so that I have really low expectations. 

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Hinata particularly pisses me off because in that god awful the last movie, Hinatits straight up emotionally manipulated Naruto into loving her and yet all her fans are like 'no, she's so pure. So perfect. So kind' when she's actually just an emotionally manipulative cunt. What makes it worse is she would actually be a more interesting character if that was an intentional character flaw, but since the audience isn't meant to view it that way, it comes off as 'romantic'. I'm gagging.

Naruhina fans romanticize stalking and manipulation. I pity them because their brains are capable of that kind of thinking. Gagging is a natural reflex because NH and Shitnata fans are all disgusting.

I could have spent the whole day with you today. No work, perfect weather. We could have planned to go watch a movie during our super long break tmr.
But things aren’t like that anymore. Our problems are more than just petty internal quarrels now. I would rather fight with you about them everyday than think about all these external issues we have to deal with.
Actually, we don’t even deal with them together anymore. I can’t even term us as “we” anymore. I can’t believe I let someone infiltrate my life to this extent. I hate being so attached to another person. It’s like you’re gone but you’re still within my reach and idk which I hate more.

But this isn’t a typical break up. You’re not a typical boy. I wish we our status was more definite. But I guess, like everything else, this isn’t a typical relationship.

blogpost #5 on best friends

Today I had to say goodbye to one my best friends again. I guess that`s just a big part of this life now, the life after high school, it`s the time when all your friends are going to different places and you`re going to other places and you all gotta say goodbye all the time.

Today, it was one of the hardest goodbyes, because for the next two months I won`t see any of my best friends, they are all somewhere else and only in December, probably the end of December will I get the chance to travel to Amsterdam and see one of them. Sure, I have my writing project now (previous blog post) and some other stuff, that is coming up, but it is still weird to not have your friends around.

Of course, there are some other people, I can have coffee with or see a movie or stuff like that, but it`s different to have people around, who you can tell anything and everything to. We can still skype and text and all that stuff, but that is not the same.

Spending time with your best friends, even if it`s just going to your favourite coffeeshop, sitting there, looking at all the people, passing by, and talking about everything that`s going on in your head. About the future, about how stupid boys are, about your dreams, about what you`re doing and about random other things, that is the best thing in the world and we tend to take that for granted. We tend to not appreciate these times enough, while we can still have them. There are times in life when that becomes normal, seeing your friends everyday, spending so much time together, but trust me, there will also be times, when you only see them every few months, and then you will miss these old times so badly.

Friends are the ultimate source of happiness, they are what keeps you going, they are like a rock, that you can always hold onto, even when the world around you is falling apart, so do just that, hold onto them, and appreciate the time that you`ve got with them.