all of them in a movie


Me, throughout A Silent Voice

Oh my gosh I love everyone!


Screw all of you pieces of trash!!!


I love most of you, precious precious cinnamon roll…


You piece of trash! You too! And you and you! All of you!!


Yes you’re all going to make up. Good good.


Yeah that’s right! Walk away you are all cowards!! All of you!


The only I love is my princess Shoko and her family.


No!! NO!!! NOOOO!


Oh my gosh this is so pretty. Awww so cute.


What is going on. What what what what. NOOOOOO! Noooo!!! GOD GIVE HIM STRENGTH!


I understand everyone’s character but that Kawai girl. Screw her to the max. Like I dont know man…I don’t know….

Hidden Figures. I’m finally watching Hidden Figures. This movie is so magnificent, yall. This is so important and so good and everyone should see it, EVERYONE.

so my english teacher always puts on some background music when we’re working on exercises and today all of a sudden dna started playing?? our boys have even made it to flemish schools i’m so proud 👏👏

Six Films I Will Always Watch

I was tagged by @st-crylo AND @itsaconquestofimagination , thanks friends!! :D

1. Labyrinth (1986)

2. Swiss Army Man

3. A Knight’s Tale

4. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy (it counts as one! lmao)

5. Anastasia (1997)

6. Titanic

its SO HARD TO CHOOSE FAVORITES, i love so so many movies, but those are my go-to’s that never ever get old!

I’m gonna tag @droneshard, @reyiosa, @credbareboned, @zinfandelli, @kevin-e-p, @theweddingofthefoxes, @moonwalkingcrab, and anyone who wants to!! 💖

DID YOU KNOW THAT MICHAEL BOLTON SANG GO THE DISTANCE FOR THE DISNEY MOVIE HERCULES? Because he did, and it is amazing! I have both this song AND the one sang by the original voice of Hercules (or the singing voice, at least). BOTH are amazing, and you should totally check them out. Did I say this song is amazing?