all of them in a movie

also, please never come onto a history nerds page and tell them they have to explain why a movie about the history and mythology of an entire group of people is better than a movie about reverse racism bs and ‘not all cops are bad’ 

i’m bias as fuck and Moana is the best thing ever and a movie i plan on owning and rewartching with myself and any future kids i may have, forever

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A few years ago now I wrote a creative piece on the boys, but rereading it today parts of it just make me cringe. I'm determined to rewrite it now and to do it justice, do you have any tips on writing as the boys, how ideas come to you, how each interact with each other, key personality traits, etc? Xx

Hey there! This is so hard to answer because it’s like they just talk to me. A lot of times it’s in the shower. LOL Or through music or maybe I’m watching a movie and suddenly one of them is projected into said movie and their personality is all I’m thinking about in a certain situation. Sometimes it’s through dreams and it’s been this way since I was nine years old. Trying to tell someone how to write them is…I don’t know, difficult. The best way I could say, is if you have an idea you want to run by me, feel free. You could also watch other movies they’ve been in. Even though they aren’t the same characters, pieces of them will come through if you’re open to it. It’s almost like being a medium, in my case, I feel like that’s how I know them.  Invite them into your world. Let them speak for themselves. I know it might sound crazy but it will happen. Read the scripts, read the book, watch the movie and just kinda study them. Meditate…like I said, invite them into your world.


Since there’s been a lot of grumbling about how Chris Redfield’s look has changed in the latest installment of Resident Evil, I decided to put together several of Chris’s looks so as to compare them from an objective point of you. The collage that follows includes all of his looks in the games, selected concept art and his look in the upcoming “Vendetta” movie.

It seems to me that Chris always had a tendency to have his looks changed; if you notice the first pic (which is a concept for the original game) he shares many characterisics with his RE7 depiction (row 4, pic 4); ie, the light-coloured hair and blue eyes. Moreover, in Resident Evil: Code Veronica (row 2, pic 2) as well as in Resident Evil Remake (row 2, pic 3) and Darkside/Umbrella Chronicles (row3, pic 1) he had ebony black hair and bright blue eyes. This changed from Resident Evil 5 and on; in RE5 (row 3, pic 2), his eyes were brown, and in Resident Evil 6 (row 4, pic 1) they were light brown, and his hair were also brown. But even setting the colours aside, his facial characteristics were never exactly the same always; ie, in RE5 he looked very different from his other versions, and in Vendetta (row 4, pic 2) he also looks very different. Personally I think his best depictions are the Remake one (for a younger Chris) and the RE6 one (for an older Chris). And I’ve yet to see how the RE7 one looks in-game. Not that the others are not good; it’s just that I think these two versions suit him better.

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I took away the rules, just do it if you feel like it! 

Relationship Status: Single, always have been. Please date me, I’m soft and squishy.

Favorite Colour: Earth tones, pastels, black, and oxblood.

Lipstick or Chapstick: Lipstick! I’ve got weird lips that always look dead and purple.

Last Song I Listened To: Wolf Like Me by TV on the Radio

Last Movie I Watched: Arrival, for the fourth time.

Top Three TV Shows: Avatar: the Last Airbender, This Is Us, The Walking Dead

Top Three Characters: George Weasley, Solas, Luna Lovegood (I tried so hard to keep them all in separate fandoms, but I couldn’t. I could’ve  just listed 20 HP characters)

Top Three Ships: Romione, Linny, Clintasha

Books I Am Currently Reading: The Merciless

FebYGO Challenge #27

27) DSOD could have done ____ better

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I think the one thing this movie lacked (but was close to getting a shot) was Tea’s character.

Joey and Bakura, despite not being major characters in the film, still had heavy roles. We found out Bakura’s past and how exactly he got the Ring, and we see that Joey still has a powerful bond with Atem. My only complaints with both of them is Joey’s broship with Yugi seemed toned down a bit (imo) and Bakura is still the punching bag of the universe that can never catch a break. But honestly, those didn’t bother me all that much.

But Tea sorta stuck out to me. We know from both the manga (which the movie is based off of) and the anime that Tea has romantic feelings for both Atem and Yugi. When we closed off in both versions, Tea is left feeling as though she lost her chance to tell Atem how she felt about him. To me, this is a HUGE conflict that I wish I got to see resolved more probably. She just seems so distant about Atem in the movie that it genuinely bothered me.

Now, mind you, I’m not a major Revolutionshipper/Vasnishshipper, but I did want to see how Tea would move on or even treat the feelings towards Atem after his passing. Just a hint even, would have been nice.

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6 and 9!

6) Ahh gee, it’d definitely have to be the Millennium series by Stieg Larsson of course! I just reaaaaaaally love the character Lisbeth, she is so amazingly well written! I’ve read all three books a million times and can never get enough of them! The movies were alright, although I prefer the books.

9) Oh gosh, honestly, to be ready for marriage means to be very committed to the person. You’d have to be willing to look outside yourself and put someone else’s concern on par with yours. Marriage is a big responsibility that takes dedication, time, and energy. It’s not something that you should ever half-ass. Always remember that loyalty, trust, and communication is key for a successful marriage, and if you’re not ready for that, then I don’t think you’re ready to be married.

Dear S,

I was just going through my phone, trying to clear up space. There just seems to be unaccounted stuff on it and I should have a lot more space than I actually have.

I don’t know what I did, but I somehow deleted all of my notes. Most of it is junk: movie confirmation numbers, measurements for stuff that are both work and non-work related. Useless stuff. Except for the note that I have that has a whole timeline of our relationship. I want to remember every date there is and that’s where I saved them. And I deleted it. I felt so bad, I still do. I started to panic, how am I going to recover everything? I know it doesn’t make sense, but I felt like I lost our relationship. I instantly forgot all dates that I had memorized in my mind because I knew that I didn’t have them written down anymore. I would have felt terrible to come to you and admit that I forgot everything, even if I didn’t and I just felt that way because I lost my backup. Then I remembered that I had posted on here a whole timeline of everything when we started this. I got it back. Thank god. I feel so much better. 

I love you.


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1, 26, 31

Thank you so much for the ask!! :D 

1. Talk about the first ship you ever had
Um … well, I guess it was Peter Pan and Wendy from Disney’s Peter Pan, though I really didn’t exactly ship them until later, in which case the first ships would be Belle and Beast, and Matt and Mimi from Digimon Adventure. My memory isn’t the best, so, just bare with me for a sec. Yes, technically all three are the first ships that I recall, but I don’t know exactly when I started shipping Peter and Wendy, the other two are easier. I watched both the movie and the series around the same time, so they’re definitely tied. Anyway, point is, still ship them, and, I think they’ve had an impact on me in terms of shipping. I know Peter and Wendy do, as two of my own characters are sort of based on them. rofl … I guess that should make four, my OC’s Matthew and Hannah, I’ve been shipping all four couples since I was ten for sure. XD 

26. Have you noticed a pattern in your shipping? Is there a romantic dynamic you’re more drawn to?
Uh, I guess I lean more towards the Beauty and the Beast type of dynamic? I’ve always had a fondness for Beauty & the Beast type stories, and I guess couples like Matt and Mimi from Digimon Adventure, Syaoran and Sakura from both Cardcaptor Sakura and Tsubasa Chronicles (but Tsubasa Chronicles especially), Lucy Pevensie and Nic di Angelo, and even a bit of Jack Frost and Rapunzel, fit into that dynamic. But, if I really think about it, and include every single pairing that I like (and I like a lot), well, I like the dynamic that fits with those characters. I mean, take, for instance, Marinette/Ladybug and Adrien/Chat Noir, not very Beauty and the Beast dynamic going there, is it? I mean, sure, there’s the lonely boy with the sunny girl, but, that couple works because they are different people from Belle and Beast. On second thought, I guess I just like a couple that’s evenly balanced and works great as a team. That’s why some couples just don’t cut it for me. Take Hiccup, for instance, he’s typically shipped with either Astrid or Merida. I don’t see Astrid working as a girlfriend/future wife for Hiccup, I see her more like a good friend and possibly a sister, just based on the cues given in the movies and the series. Merida, on the other hand, acts more like Hiccup’s equal. Sure, she’s as feisty as Astrid and just as good of a warrior, but she’s also more understanding of the diplomacy Hiccup prefers so much, having had to use it herself. So, Merida provides a better balance to Hiccup’s personality than Astrid would, as the two not only have something in common, they also have differences that would help each other grow into better people. That’s just the major reason why I ship Mericcup. Jackunzel’s no different, even though I can still ship Flynn with Rapunzel, as they do still make a good couple. 

31. Talk about one of your favorite headcanons for a ship you love.
Holy freaking smokes, that question? I like just about all of the headcanons I have! Of course, a particular favorite, one that I recently came up with, actually, is that Jack O’Lantern is the son of Jack Frost and Rapunzel, and he’s dating the daughter of Adrien/Chat Noir and Marinette/Ladybug, who he likes to call his “black cat”. Keeping with the Halloween theme, Jack O’Lantern’s godfather is Nico di Angelo, and his best friend is Nico’s son, Albus di Angelo. Yeah, there are others, but some aren’t exactly set in stone, per say, considering the shows haven’t come out yet. ^^; Another one is that the daughter of Matt and Mimi is named Wendy, and she’s dating the son of Syaoran and Sakura, who’s name is Peter (as the couple do in fact look similar to the Disney characters). Wendy Ishida has a Psychemon, and Peter Kinimoto has a Tinkermon. XD

How do Disney keep the film rights to all these books without constantly making movies about them? They haven’t made a ‘101 Dalmatians’ movie in 15 years, and before that 40 years, but they’ve kept the rights to the novel all that time and are now making a ‘Cruella’ movie? How haven’t the rights reverted? Same goes for ‘Winnie the Pooh’ and about 2 dozen other franchises. 

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What do you think is the secret that Marvel movies have been soaring successes while DC films have been failures?

I don’t think it’s a secret at all. Marvel has a fundamental respect and understanding of who their characters are, what they represent, and why people love them. DC doesn’t. Not in the sense of “Oh, that’s not how it happened in the comic,” but more in the sense that DC and Warner Bros. are still so caught up in the success that “The Dark Knight” had that they’ve been trying their damnedest to recreate it, all the while not stopping to consider “Hey, maybe just because this worked for Batman doesn’t mean it will work for everyone.” And it hasn’t.

Sorry for keeping this answer fairly brief. I’m in the middle of moving my mother into a new home, I still have a ton of work to do, and I don’t have time to write out a big think-piece on why and how Marvel has succeeded where DC has failed at bringing their iconic characters to life on the big screen. Instead, I’ll sum it up by echoing something I heard someone else say in a similar discussion.

In a post-9/11 world, Warner Bros. convinced the world that Superman can never exist and that maybe he shouldn’t.

In a post-9/11 world, Disney convinced the world that Captain America not only can exist, but also stated loud and proud that he should exist.

Draw your own conclusions.

hey y’all!

i’ve been on this website for a loooong time, but i figured i never really made friends on here and i wanted to change that! :D so here’s a short introduction post on…me. :p

my name is sky, i’m 19 years old and i currently live in amsterdam for my study here. i’m a film student, which means i really enjoy watching movies and discussing them! besides movies, i like concerts, art, tattoos, motorcycles, gaming, cats, memes, and aliens. twice a week, i play muggle quidditch with my lovely team, the north sea nargles.

a short, quick and very incomplete list of some of my favorite things: my favorite director is quentin tarantino, my favorite tv show is breaking bad, my favorite band is twenty one pilots, my favorite games are the the walking dead game, beyond: two souls, the last of us and tomb raider. my favorite film changes all the time, but i am really happy moonlight won best picture at the oscars, because it was amazing and i was hoping they would win! 

i love talking about conspiracy theories, queer + feminist stuff, or anything paranormal. 

sooo yeah, that was a short overview, i think! :D hit me up! <3 

the meme for people who hate happiness ;; ACCEPTING


45. My muse commits murder to save yours.

      The scent of iron filled his nostrils—how putrid, but it was all over his hands anyway. He accidentally SMUDGED some on his face. Disgusting. But he did this, there was no denying it, he couldn’t hide it, and he wouldn’t hide it. 

Why should he? Should he?

       Killing didn’t seem as simple as the movies made it out to be, as easy as it was to write a little story about it in his journal, as simple as breathing. His heart rapidly knocked against his ribcage, the noise vibrating in his ear, that and the sound of his own heavy breath was all he could hear. There was a heavy weight on his chest and it caved in with each ticking second. 


       Something slipped from his fingertips, crashing on the floor with a clank! What was that? Oh right… It took him a moment to spot the blood on his fingers, to the dirtied knife on the floor, to remember that he had still been holding the weapon for so long. Or so it felt. Was it hours or simply minutes at this point? The concept of time evaporated in the air, he was left standing in limbo, encased in fog. 

       Every bit of his body NUMBED, his pores, his skin, his soul… He opened his mouth, wanting to speak, his voice cracked, it wasn’t even a word, just a barely audible and pitiful sound. 

Fuck, what the hell was wrong with him? 

      “I… had to do it,he managed to force out. “Did you see what they were going to do? I had to do it. For you.Though his voice seemed monotone, almost tired, and out-of-place, his blue eyes well up with tears. They spilled, though unintentionally. 

       “Isn’t it funny?His tone remained robotic but he released a breathless and shaky chuckle, complimented with the quivering corners of his lips. “You didn’t want me to be in trouble, did ya? Landed in hot water with the wrong crowd? Always go to you in case something happened… well, look at us now. I’m protecting you, shouldn’t that be a good thing?

The cost of canon reylo...

I swear IF reylo becomes a full on epic, era defining, romance in ep ix only for rey or kylo or even both of them to die imma be pissed thats all I’m saying. Screw that “better to have loved and lost” bantha fodder. I’d rather they never fall in love and both survive rather than the torment that would plague my soul for all eternity if I have to see a single (not already dead character) force ghost just before the credits roll for the final movie- but who am I kidding though? Their destinies are intertwined- they are connected- they are both going to suffer, I am going to suffer,   we   are   all   going   to   suffer. Maybe I’d be okay with a bitter sweet ending, it’s most likely, but to know that they could have had anything closely resembling a happily ever after with each other and have it snatched away at the last second… I don’t think I could handle that.

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Ya know what I’m gonna say it.

We need more asian love stories. Wee need more asian main characters. We need to normalize being attracted to asian people. We need to normalize attraction to asian males and stop putting them through western filters. We need to normalize attraction to asian women and stop fetishizing them. We need to normalize LGBT+ asians. We need to normalize asian cultures and practices. We need to normalize asian food (“What is THAT in your lunchbox?!”). We need to normalize asians.

Yes we’re here and yes we’re different. Accept it. You’ve imperialized enough, leave our cultures be. I will personally physically fight ANYONE who makes another joke about eating dogs or fucking whatever, or the size of ANYTHING, or our grades or intelligence, or they way someone speaks, because I assure you you underestimate their abilities and their strength and when it comes down to it, they surely outmatch you and your 2 dimensional ethnocentric views in every way.

ok i’m not really into this so i’m biased but i don’t understand why people watch award shows? and then complain when the racist academy or whoever picks the movies always pick less deserving (white) movies? like you know it’s going to happen again and again so why continue to watch them every year and therefore support them which gives them all the reason to keep repeating the same thing year after year? idk i don’t get it!