all of them are uraraka themed

Class 1-A Headcanons
  1. There is no doubt in my mind that they all beg for a movie day during any class. Cementoss’s literature class? They beg for the movie version. Present Mic’s English class? Hollywood is a treasure trove. Why movie day you ask? Prime napping after dealing with Aizawa.
  2. Todoroki might be the class pretty boy (and my son certainly deserves that title), but the one who gets flirted with the most is definitely Kirishima. He’s just so approachable man.
  3. Bakugo Squad’s (Ashido, Sero, Kaminari, and Kirishima) favorite after school hang out spot is a crappy bowling alley two blocks from U.A.It has an arcade and laser tag, so of course they love that part, but each and every one of them loves crappy bowling alley snacks.
  4. While innocent looking, Uraraka is definitely the class prankster. If there is anything of small importance left on a classmate’s desk, she will float it. Pencil missing before class? Def Uraraka at it again.
  5. The only one spared is Iida because she just doesn’t want to mess with him. No real reason why, just Iida is spared.
  6. If anyone starts dating, Yaoyorozu is the last one to know. She is smart and analytical, but she’s almost blind to what her classmates are doing in their personal lives. It’s one of her short comings, but it’s a running joke for a couple to see how long they can date before Yaoyorozu finds out.
  7. Valentine’s Day is a cute affair to begin with at U.A., but what makes it cuter is that all of Class 1-A gets Aizawa cat themed valentines gifts. Cat candies, cards, and mugs, they all appreciate and care for their callous homeroom teacher. (Aizawa keeps them all and drinks his morning tea from the cat mug).

BNHA icons colored with LGBTQ+ flag themes!

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an anon requested some BNHA themed Inktober prompts and I couldn’t stop myself making a semi-fancy graphic for them.  
If you end up using any of the prompts please, please tag me, I’d love to see your art! 

(big thanks to @mochiako for helping me come up with these)

Aw, I love that! I did base this off of Disneyland, hope it’s fine!  enjoy ^^

Aoyama - goes on one spinny ride but then gets a stomach ache and throws up :( spends the rest of the day going on easy kids rides and looking through souvenir shops
Ashido - drags everyone onto the biggest roller coasters! She enjoys every single one of them, and insists they sit in the very back where it’s scariest.
Tsuyu - loves all the water rides! She doesn’t mind big roller coasters, but doesn’t love them either. Probably the person who makes sure no one gets lost.
Iida - when he enters the park, he grabs a map and tries to think of the most efficient route to get to all the attractions they want to see. He doesn’t mind waiting in line if it means going on the ride they want to go on!
Uraraka - She loves most of the rides! Her favourite are the ones that go up really high and then suddenly drop. She also loves trying on accessories (like Minnie Mouse ears!) in the souvenir shops.
Ojiro - enjoys exciting rides, but is a little frightened of the really big rollercoasters. Unless someone drags him on one, he won’t go.
Kaminari - is a little frightened of the really big rides, but goes on them anyway! The Bakusquad sticks together and they all go on the rides together. Kami loves looking at the pictures taken on the rollercoaster and teasing Bakugo about his expression (but he never buys them)
Kirishima - also loves the big rollercoasters! He is happy to go with his friends, but he also wants to go on as many rides as possible, including the kids ones. If he gets a bit scared on the rollercoaster he just hardens his grip on the handles and feels safer already
Koda - not a fan of scary rides, but he loves the kiddy ones! His favourite is the Snow White one. He likes calm rides, and will only go on a rollercoaster if his classmates literally drag him onto one.
Sato - goes on all the rides, but prefers kiddy rides to rollercoasters. He’s a sucker for those Mickey Mouse shaped waffles that are horribly overpriced but look really cute and taste delicious!
Shoji - enjoys the rollercoasters, but his favourite thing is walking through the park and admiring the decorations. He also enjoys the maze from Alice in Wonderland, it’s nice (and a fun opportunity to scare his classmates just a little)
Jirou - loves the high speed rollercoasters! She likes to challenge Kaminari as well, and they go on increasingly scarier rollercoasters together to prove they’re not cowards. Jirou wins.
Sero - his favourite ride is the Buzz Lightyear shooting game one! He likes the atmosphere in there, it’s very heroic, and it’s fun to have a ride that’s more of a game than just sitting in a car.
Tokoyami - he’s not a fan of rollercoasters, although he does agree to go on some of the calmer ones. He likes slightly creepy rides, such as the Haunted House.
Todoroki - he’s never been to a theme park before, so he’s very much in awe of it all. He wants to see the entire place and go on as many rides as possible, including both rollercoasters and kiddy rides. His favourite ‘world’ is FantasyLand.
Hagakure - loves the character parade! She also loves meeting the characters (Mickey Mouse, Cinderella, etc) and taking pictures with them - they make for really cute mementos! Like Uraraka, she also loves trying on accessories and probably buys one.
Bakugo - roller coasters are definitely his thing. He’s not actually scared on them, even on the biggest ones, but he loves yelling things out (as it’s very acceptable to yell on a roller coaster). But after he swore at the top of his lungs a couple times, some of the park personnel pulled him aside and reminded him there’s a lot of children around so he shouldn’t say those words. 
Midoriya - not a fan of roller coasters. He really likes the kiddy rides that tell a story (like Pinocchio and Winnie the Pooh), but because Uraraka drags asks him to go on scary rides, he does.
Mineta - he’s too short to go on any of the big roller coasters :( he makes a fuss of it saying how he’s not scared of them at all and the only thing that’s stopping him from riding the scariest rides is the height, but in reality he’s glad he can’t go since he’s scared.
Yaoyorozu - she’s so in love with the theme park!! The rides are all great too, sure, but Momo loves the atmosphere and park decorations the most. She takes pictures of everything, and nearly cries when she has the chance to take a picture with a princess.

Two Souls (bnha daemon au, 1/7)

title: two souls

summary: There is nothing more special than the bond between a person and their daemon, but some people are inexplicably drawn to other daemons as well. Ochako wants to prove to the world that she and her daemon are capable of becoming heroes while Katsuki and his daemon are ready to take it on. What neither of them counts on is that same world pulling them together, creating a bond stronger than anything thought possible.

notes: Yay! Kacchako Positivity Week is here! Despite the fact that I have a million other things going on, I decided that I wanted to participate in this weekly event since I’ve never fully done one. I have all seven prompts finished so all I have to do is post them on the days. How exciting! At first, I wasn’t sure what to do, but then I decided on sticking with a specific AU or theme and tying them all together. Then the idea for a daemon AU popped into my head and obviously I couldn’t let it go. I did more research on people’s daemons than turned out to be necessary, so watch me write more for this AU since I’ve fallen in love with it.

Notes on daemons
Katsuki Bakugou: Eurasian Wolf - Mako
Ochako Uraraka: Asian Golden Cat - Hayato
Izuku Midoriya: Maned Wolf - Tomoko
Denki Kaminari: Platypus - Hikaru

Day Zero: First Day

It wasn’t until Ochako stepped fully into the class did she see the giant wolf daemon lounging on the edge of the room. Her heart leaped into her throat and she nearly scooped Hayato in her arms out of habit. However, she was in the hero course now and she couldn’t let herself get worked up over someone’s daemon, no matter how massive and dangerous they looked.

Ochako had been raised not to judge people based on what their daemons settled as, but it was difficult sometimes. She’d never seen a wolf daemon in person and the ones she’d seen on television or in movies had, well, belonged to villains. This wolf was attached to someone that wanted to be a hero though and she felt a little ashamed for allowing the prejudiced thought to cross her mind. A wolf daemon wasn’t necessarily bad. It could be a symbol of strength or determination.

Honestly, she was going to need to look at things differently if she was going to become a hero. She couldn’t get scared by someone simply because their daemon was much more ferocious or larger than hers. She’d have to get over it, both her and Hayato, who was admittedly more apt to judge daemons since he was one.

Unfortunately, the daemon must’ve seen her freeze because its golden brown eyes swept in her direction, landing on her so solidly that she felt rooted to the spot. Most people’s daemons were either polite or distant, so they kept their focus on other daemons. She’d never had someone else’s look at her so thoroughly as if it could see right through her and measure her worth, and it admittedly shook her up. This wasn’t just impolite; it was almost unheard of. Did the person’s daemon have no manners? Did it not care about certain taboos? Even her parents’ daemons referred to hers more often than not.

In response, Hayato slid between her legs to step in front of her, his hackles raised and tail bushy as could be, so close to hissing. As impossible as it sounded, the wolf seemed to give them a lupine grin and then languidly yawned, its sharp teeth gleaming in the light. The bored action made Hayato seem small in comparison and she could tell that he was frustrated.

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hibiki45  asked:

I had seen a lot of angsty headcanon lately, so, let's try a little change (and sorry for bother you) Todomomo wedding headcanon! I bet that one (or both) of them cried of happiness that day

You don’t bother me, and that’s a great idea ‘cas its nice to take a break from todomomo angst for now! :D

Wedding HC- Rated T+ maybe? 

-Midoriya was the best man; he was in charge of planning the bachelor party with Kaminari, Iida, Tokoyami and Kirishima. It was 3 against 2 for whether they should have strippers or not and so Kaminari hired 2 and they made Todoroki get lap dances all night. Iida kept protesting, saying how they need to have some modesty while Kirishima took shots round after round with Todo. Tokoyami and Midoriya were having fun watching, faces red from liquor. 

-While this was happening, the girls had a sleepover. They were tired from the tea party they had before at one of Yaoyorozu’s gardens (this rich girl has about 3 different themed gardens and 2 libraries). At first, Yaoyo wanted a book club themed party ‘cas she’s Yaoyo, but all the other girls objected right away. 

-”Yaomomo, its a party NOT a snoozefest.”

-Uraraka gave her something borrowed (a pearl necklace she inherited from her grandmother), Jirou gave her something new (a music box that plays ‘My heart will go on’), Tsuyu gave her something old (a regional cookbook given to her from her mother, ‘cas lets face it, Yaoyorozu cannot cook to save her life), and Ashido and Hagakure bought her something blue (a power blue laced garter)

-Todo and Yaoyo flies over to England for their wedding pics; the girl had ALWAYS admired the historic castles and palaces

- “Momo, are you sure you want to try on all 83 of these cocktail dresses?” “I’m only going to have a wedding ONCE in my life! Shouto, you have to understand that I need to find the right one…I need everything to be perfect!” 

- Todoroki wouldn’t have understood years ago but after dating Yaoyo, he knew that whatever made her happy would make him happy and if him sitting at the store for 10 hours made her smile like she did when he proposed, he’d do it. For her. 

-In the end, Yaoyo bought 5 cocktail dresses to change into throughout the wedding banquet.

-Yaoyo had already picked the bridal gown with the other class A girls; tradition says that the groom must never see the bride in the gown until the day of and so they’ve been hush hush about how the gown looks like.

-His suit was a pure white tux with a silver tie, and hers was a strapless gown with 5lbs of crystal sequins. 

-When he first saw her, walking down the aisle with her father holding her arm, he was wonderstruck. She had the magic to look more and more beautiful every time he laid his eyes on her.

-”Today, I vow to love you unconditionally, in sickness and in health, in times of hardship and in times of joy. I want to take you as my partner, build a family with you and enjoy the rest of my life with you. Momo, you taught me how to be gentle, loving and to smile even when I see rough times ahead. You are selfless and I’ve never doubted my admiration for you. Your strength and care is my haven, and I swear, I will protect you no matter what. From now on, I will be a husband, and also a father, who cherishes you. Momo, will you allow me to take you as my wife?” 

-After hearing his vows, Yaoyorozu cries.

-The reception was held on the beach; the waves reminded her of him, how he’s always calm and also brash….like waves that pelt forward against the cliff side but serenely returns again. 

-”Can everyone stop clinking the glasses, I think I’ve kissed Shouto about 100 times for the past hour.”

-The reception was fairy tale themed; Jirou made sure all the floral decorations and bouquets were perked up at every corner (Jirou was also the DJ), and Uraraka created floating fountains and lights (somehow her control of gravity has elevated significantly). Yaoyo couldn’t thank them enough.

-Near the end, Todoroki takes Momo slightly away from the crowd to have their second dance of the night. They both smelled like a mixture of roses and rum, and they smile at each other. Luckily, they won’t be ever tired of each other. 

TY for the ask! That was fun!

Kacchako Week 2018!!

Hi everyone !!! :D I apologize for not making this post sooner! I meant to do it right after I got free on the 5th but I got the flu and I’ve been partially dying so that’s why I haven’t done this sooner!!

Regardless, this is the official beginning post of Kacchako Week 2018! Since we have dates settled down from last year (March 13-19), all we need to focus on now are prompts! 

Just like last year, since this is a fandom event, I really don’t want to create the prompt list without hearing opinions from you all first so please send in your prompt suggestions! You can send it as a message or ask here, doesn’t matter, but I would love to hear your suggestions and what themes makes you all think of Kacchako! 

I will have prompt suggestions open until the 24th of January so that gives a little bit over 2 weeks to send them in! Shortly after, I’ll release the prompt list so that way you can get started on your pieces but in the meantime, please send in your ideas!!! I’m really excited to hear them!! 

Go Kacchako!!!

ladyizaya  asked:

If you are still willing to write headcanons, Tododeku going to a theme park and Todoroki/Midoriya confessing to the other on the panoramic wheel? <3

One ferris wheel confession coming up! Thank you for the request, I hope you enjoy it! ^-^

Shouto had never been to a theme park. He’d just never had the chance as a child when his mother was still around, his father hell-bent on making him into a perfect weapon and not allowing him a chance to just feel like a child, like a human. When his friends started making plans for an outing to a theme park close to Yuuei, Shouto confessed that he was curious but honestly didn’t know what there was to do at such a place. Midoriya and Uraraka had been more than a little eager to let him know, even Iida joining them with his emphatic hand gestures with a lecture on the history of theme parks and their ‘potential for bonding through entertaining activities shared together’.

Excitement shined in Midoriya’s eyes as he nodded along to their friends’ enthusiastic chatter, for once not being the one to ramble on with no sort of break for breath, and Shouto couldn’t help but stare into them. Midoriya had always looked best with a little glint in his gaze, Shouto thought, the bright cheerfulness of his friend bleeding into the air around him and infecting anyone who might be close enough to feel it. Even if Shouto hadn’t been particularly interested in going somewhere like that, even if he didn’t enjoy spending time with his friends, all it took to convince him was one look into Midoriya’s eyes. He had come to terms with the power they held over him, how his heart was clearly no longer his. He didn’t mind. Not when it was Midoriya who had it, despite not really knowing it.

And so, on a Sunday morning, with little more than their wallets and phones on them, they made their way to the theme park together. Midoriya and Uraraka insisted they go on every ride, no exceptions, dragging Shouto and Iida along into nauseating roller-coasters and other such fast rides that made Shouto thank the stars he hadn’t eaten much before getting on them. He didn’t quite get the appeal, if he was completely honest, but watching Midoriya giggle at the sudden drops and scream during the loops was worth getting slightly sick for.

Though, the almost strictly fried foods that were offered around the park weren’t very appetising when his stomach was still complaining about all those twists and turns. Midoriya seemed to notice, as he often did whenever Shouto wasn’t feeling particularly well, and grabbed his hand, taking him somewhere else to a small cart among many. There was a short lady there, spinning what looked like pink thread into a ball around a stick. Shouto looked at it curiously, his friend asking for one of them and handing it to him as he paid.

When Shouto did nothing but stare at the massive treat, Midoriya laughed, pinching it between his thumb and index and ripping a large chunk off its side before stuffing it into his mouth. Cautious, Shouto mimicked the action, scrunching up his nose at stickiness that was already threatening to glue his fingertips together. He bit into it, the fluffy sweetness melting on his tongue and invading his senses with a sugar overload. His eyes widened and Midoriya giggled again, louder than before, trying to steal some more of what he told Shouto was cotton candy but getting nothing when he pulled it away, playfully claiming to eat it all by himself. That earned him a sticky hand to the face, leaving behind a piece of pink fluff on the side of his mouth that Shouto licked off with an amused smirk.

Without him even realising it, many more rides and some infuriating games later, the day went by and the sun gave way to the stars as they sat side by side on the last ride of the day with nearly finished ice creams in hand.

“Save the best for last!” Midoriya and Uraraka had said as soon as they made their way to the park and Shouto found himself staring up at the large wheel in the distance.

They started their slow ascent, the breeze blowing in their hair, Iida and Uraraka laughing about something in the cabin in front of theirs. Shouto got lost in the city lights glinting all around them, thinking about how much they reminded him of Midoriya’s ever shining eyes and yet making him realise how much they paled in comparison. Not even the brightest star in the night sky, Shouto noted as he looked up above, held its own against how brilliant the person by his side was.

“Todoroki-kun…” Midoriya’s voice sounded, startling him from his thoughts and drawing his gaze down to stare into the glowing emeralds looking right back. “Is something on your mind?”

His smile was just as soft as his eyes, and Shouto couldn’t stop from fixating on it too, noticing a pink spot on his cheek, the only evidence left of the strawberry ice cream he’d held just moments before. With a bit of frost covering the tip of his right thumb, Shouto shifted to wipe it off his friend’s face, a tiny gasp slipping past his lips at the cool touch. The little squeeze of his eyes, the subtle furrowing of his brow, the crinkling of his nose, Shouto couldn’t begin to describe what it made him feel past the backflips of his stomach, the flutters in his chest. He hummed in response to his question, his hand resting on Midoriya’s face rather than pulling away after he was done with his self-appointed task of cleaning the dribble of pink.

His eyes were brighter than he’d ever seen them before, the artificial lights reflecting in them and making Shouto’s breath catch in his throat. He’d come to terms with the fact that those eyes held all the answers to any of the questions he might ever ask, all the ones that mattered anyway. He asked himself then why it was that he had never said any of it out loud, so that the person behind them could hear it.

“Midoriya, I…” Shouto trailed off, unsure of how to put to words what he felt, how deeply he felt it, but Midoriya simply smiled wider, brighter.

“I know. Me too.” He said simply, leaning into his touch and joining his hand to Shouto’s, interlacing their fingers as he turned his head just enough to place a butterfly kiss to his palm. “You don’t have to say anything, I can see it in your eyes.”

Shouto felt some heat rising to his cheeks, a gentle tug of his lips spreading them into a small smile as his heart skipped several beats. The ride kept going, the view of the city growing more and more dazzling, but Shouto missed all of it, too busy listening to the stories in Midoriya’s eyes, all the answers to his universe told in one single flutter of eyelashes.

Day Five
Theme: Dorm life
Quote: It is a curious thought, but only when you see people looking ridiculous, that you realize how much you love them.

Tododeku week @tododeku-week

OK, soo this time I used both, the theme and the Quote to do this xD

So Todoroki lost a bet to Uraraka, which consisted that the loser must wear the outfit the winner establish and say hi all around the dorms (yes, A,B and general studies are included as well the others) So that’s the dorm life just teenagers having fun with BETS, Dares & pranks xD

Also Deku is still so gay for todoroki (he asked for a picture later)

Also if you were wondering…

Uraraka: Capitan evil master mind and the bet’s winner.
Mina Ashido: Co-capitan evil master mind.
Hagakure: Bunny ears
Kirishima: chicken torso costume
Kaminari: Coconut bra
Jirou: Tutu Skirt
Bakugou: Skulls leggings
Aoyama: Leg warmers
Sero: Clown Shoes
We all know when Uraraka and Mina unite minds all hell break loose

anonymous asked:

Hi! Your blog is beautiful by the way! Can I request a Kirishima scenario with a shy female s/o who has a really big crush on him but he likes to pick her up and twirl her around a lot cuz she's really short? Whenever he talks to her she ends up stuttering too much and blushes (and he's too dense to realize it so his squad tells him with a confession at the end?) thank you! Hopefully it's not to much to ask! Feel free to tweak it!

The more specific, the better! I’ll do my best!

Kirishima Eijirou
“____!” strong biceps wrapped around his friend’s waist, making her squeal. “I didn’t know you were here!” He proceeds to spin her around before setting her safely back on the ground.

“J-jeez Kirishima-kun, you scared me!” She complained, turning away to try and hide her blush. Kirishima chuckled.

“Who else would it be at this point! I can’t seem to help it, you’re just so small n’ cute!” he jokes nonchalantly, and she turns even more red… if that’s possible. She can’t do anything but sputter at her crush, calling her… cute?? Even if it’s probably a harmless statement, she can’t help but feel happy that he thinks she’s… cute…

The next time he picks her up is at the cultural festival. Their class project this year was a small cafe with a mascot designed by Yaoyorozu-chan. Who was the mascot?? Obviously, her. She was small, and wouldn’t harass people like Mineta would, if he was left alone. She walked around the classroom, clad in some weird cat themed costume. Kirishima had spotted his friend after she’d come out the changing stalls, and immediately charged at her, picking her up, rendering her a bumbling mess once again.

She wishes she could just talk to him normally, like how she talks to Uraraka-chan or Tsuyu-chan. But when she sees his big, welcoming smile, she just can’t think.

After the school festival is over, she continues cleaning up the classroom. They made a lot of money, and it’d all go towards the school’s funds to help them become pro heroes. She sweeps the corner of the classroom and sighs. Kirishima-kun had been too busy to talk to her as much as usual today. She glances over at him, and he spots her gaze before turning to her and smiling, waving. It’s so bright she feels like she’s going blind, and she waves back nervously before continuing her sweeping duties.

 Kirishima catches her by her shoe locker after she’s finished switching her indoor shoes to outdoor shoes, placing a warm hand on her shoulder.

“Hey! Good work at the festival today!” he compliments her, and she blushes. 

“Th-thank you, Kirishima-kun… I tried m-my best,” she adverts her eyes, finding the rusted silver of her shoe locker more grounding than Kirishima’s dazzling eyes.

“Also, um…” Kirishima starts, and it’s so unlike him to use um in a sentence of his, that it makes her look up at him. “____… Do you like me??” he asks, and she freezes.

“I…” She begins, too cornered to tell a lie, yet also not wanting to lie deep down. “Yes… I l-like you, Kirishima-kun… I was too scared to tell you…” She confesses, looking down at her feet. Kirishima reaches out and places both hands on her shoulders.

“I like you too!” he confesses also. She looks up with eyes as wide as dinner plates. “Well, the guys told me you’d been looking at me for the longest, but I liked you before that too!”

The first thing she ever said to him without shutting down changed her everyday life from then on.

Izuku has tons of All Might merch. He’s always thought highly of AM and it seems that, even personally knowing the man, he hasn’t stopped all of his fanboy habits. But I had a thought. What if, Toshinori thinks of Izuku often, too? 

There’s no hero Deku merch so he obviously can’t buy that, but sometimes he sees things that remind him of Izuku. He buys them. 

He sees a green-and-white tie one day and buys it, not even thinking about whether or not he’d wear it but thinking “this looks like a similar green to Midoriya’s hero outfit.” Maybe he actually does wear it to school one day (he bought it, so he may as well!), and people question the atypical color scheme but otherwise don’t pay much mind.

He has a green pen that he uses whenever grading papers. The ink is red but the casing is green.

Recovery Girl is exasperated sometimes, like the time when he volunteered to go on a supply run for her. “I appreciate that you went out to buy some supplies for me, All Might, but I can’t use these green cotton balls. Where did you even get them?”

He finds a green notebook with red and white star accents, and is reminded of Izuku’s note habits. He uses it as a planner.

Tbh he probably thinks of all his students to some degree. Space-related things make him think of Uraraka. He finds an old VHS tape of the Alien movie and thinks of Ashido. Sees one of those squeezable stress toys that has an angry-face and thinks of Bakugou. Anything frog-themed makes him think of Tsuyu. Punk/rock stuff makes him think of Jirou and he ends up buying a rock band T-shirt that he wears around his place. Anything grunge/goth makes him think of Tokoyami b/c he doesn’t really understand those fashions but maybe he’d like them…? When the weather is really hot or frigid cold he wonders how Todoroki is doing.

In general, he finds his life filled with light reflections of his students. It’s nothing noticeable at first, and it’s gradual, but his life gains more color because of it. He wakes up each day with a bit more excitement to see the world.

He never noticed that the world lost color in his eyes, always too busy in his efforts (not enough) to protect. He was so focused on trying to save the hearts of others that he neglected his own.

I’m old, he used to tell himself. It comes with age. He’d accepted (resigned himself) to such a thought. But his life still gains color.

His desk at Yuuei holds many things. A green notebook, a galaxy-print towel, an angry stress toy, a frog bobble-head, glittery streamers, a snowglobe, a spiked bracelet, a blue racecar replica, a cup with lightning bolts on its surface. A taiyaki-shaped eraser, writing utensils with birds and cowboy hats printed on them. He even has various merchandise (one for each, at the very least) themed after each of the heroes he works with, and more.

No one seems to notice the specifics of his habit. The teachers he works alongside watch with wide-eyes as his collection continues to grow, but otherwise don’t say much about it. Students dropping by the office stop and stare. When they ask, he laughs and replies: “I collect things sometimes.”

One day, Nedzu comes into the office. He stops right at Toshinori’s desk and tilts his head to the side, glancing between the unexpectedly festive workspace and the others’ with a knowing gaze.

“I’m glad you’ve adjusted well, All Might.”

Toshinori smiles.

He’s happy, too.

I have lots of headcanons featuring Uraraka and Shinsou as best friends and roommates in an AU of sorts. Please consider: 

  • Shinsou would give her sound relationship advice since he’s good at reading people and what upsets them.
  • They’d have movie nights twice a month, and Shinsou would spend all the time making sarcastic quips at the characters’ idiotic choices while Uraraka, completely engrossed even in the most shallow plot, would shush him and punch him hard to make him shut up. It never works.
  • He cooks breakfast on most weekdays because his insomnia keeps him up until the early hours of the morning, but some days Uraraka wakes up early to go on a morning jog only to find him curled up on the sofa with a movie playing on mute as he sleeps. She makes sure to bring some takeout breakfast on her way back. 
  • When they laze around on their shared couch, he would hide his toes under her tighs, making her yelp at the sudden presence of icicles against her pajama pants. After a while, she knits him panda themed wollen socks and asks him to try them on. He blushes down to his neck and avoids her gaze but ultimately obeys, muttering a soft “you never told me it bothered you this much”, to which she would reply: “it doesn’t, but I don’t want you to be cold all the time”.
  • Uraraka knits him a matching hat complete with panda ears and a scarf afterwards. He learns that her grandmother used to knit her all sorts of winterwear when she was little and their parents were less economically stable, and that she later picked up on her granny’s hobby because she loves getting handmade presents and wants to do the same to her own kids one day. Shinsou treasures the gifts all the more, afterwards.
  • Shinsou is the Designated Fake Boyfriend when they go out to drink with their friends and Uraraka doesn’t want for random strangers to flirt with her all night long. Shinsou doesn’t even try to look intimidating. People just flee when they meet his sleep-deprived, Supremely Done™ gaze.
  • Shinsou is probably also the designated driver since he doesn’t like to drink much. He enjoys keeping all of his brain functions intact, thank you.
  • Ochako is instead a lightweight. Due to their height difference, when she reaches her wobbly drunken state, he foregoes trying to keep her upright and just gives her a piggyback ride. She giggles and slaps his shoulders asking him to walk faster, and he imagines that’s how having a younger sibling must be like.
  • Sometimes Ochako gets so drunk that she just makes herself float and doesn’t know how to get back down. During those times, he carries her back home bridal style and makes sure to let her drink plenty of water, and stays with her until she regains her gravity. 
  • They have day spa once a month. Ochako always makes sure to let him try new relaxing eye and face masks, while he paints her nails and gives her a pedicure. 
  • Their chat history basically consists of pictures of cats found in the street or on the internet (Shinsou), and snapshots of items on sale at the grocery store that they need to get more of (Uraraka).
  • Shinsou doesn’t smile much in general, but after their first month as roommates, Ochako makes it her job to try and let him loosen up a little around her. She’s only half-successful, but she always feels so proud of him, every time he unsuccessfully tries to hide a small smile behind his palm, ducking his head as not to let her see it. She’s got plenty of experience with introverts since her U.A. days after all.
  • Uraraka teaches him how to spar, telling him that he can’t just rely on his quirk alone, mindful of how they both lost during their first match in the sports festival during their first year. Shinsou trains her against brainwashing and mental manipulation in turn, telling her that good-hearted, naive people like her are prime victims of it. When she pouts, he just says “Izuku”. She doesn’t have many objections after that. 
  • Shinsou’s relationship with Midoriya got better with time, also thanks to Ochako’s mutual friendship. Bakugou, though… Shinsou doesn’t think he’ll ever get along with him. He makes sure to let him know that he doesn’t think Bakugou deserves her as a friend, but doesn’t take the bait when Bakugou sneers and wants to fight him right then and there, proving Shinsou’s point. After all, he trusts that Ochako knows what she’s doing, even with guys like him. 
  • When Uraraka is on her period, Shinsou’s the one who goes on groceries runs and brings back tampons and comfort food. He also doesn’t mind her getting extra cuddly, and instead finds it easier to fall asleep against her comfy shoulder than in his bed on most weekdays. 
Sweater Weather

A bit from the newest one, Don’t Let Go! Read it on AO3

Shouto sighs deeply at the folded material being shoved at him. He knew he couldn’t avoid it forever, not with it becoming a monthly event, but he was positive that his last excuse of not owning any pajamas would hold them off for a little longer.

It had been a lie, of course. He had a few pairs of loose sweat pants and soft t shirts that he liked to sleep in, and he was mostly sure that they counted. He’d only lied to buy himself time to warm up to the idea of wearing pajamas in the common room, but it had started an unfortunate rumor about him sleeping in the nude.

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anonymous asked:

You do headcanons! Yay! Ok, can I get just some random general headcanons for tokoyami, jirou, and iida dealing with crushes? Like how do they handle it? What do they do? How long does it take them to realize?

Just a quick note, I’ll be doing requests in the order that I receive them. And thanks for the ask! I had a lot of fun thinking of these! I hope it was what you were looking for! Also you didn’t specify a gender so I wrote they/them!
- Tokoyami takes forever to accept that he’s got a crush, he realizes it, but he refuses to acknoldge it
- When he finally does though you can bet the first words out his mouth are
“What a mad banquet of darkness”
- did someone say wingman? (Pun intended) Dark Shadow’ s got you covered
- Tokoyami tries to play it cool around them but Dark Shadow has like zero chill, and is constantly trying to impress Tokoyami’s crush for him
- Tokoyami hates it but it’s one of those things he can’t really stop him from doing
- whenever they talk to one another or have to interact in anyway his feathers do this thing where they kinda ruffle up
- he can’t stop it though so he finds embarrassing but his crush thinks it’s cute
- he’s can’t make a move for the life of him, his crush has to do it and when they do he’s completely taken off guard
- Dark Shadow almost has to answer for him, but he regains his composure  and confesses back to them
- Jirou takes a while to notice that she’s got a crush but when she does it’s the best
- She’s reviewing her music and songs she wrote those past few days and they’re all very specific and follow a theme and she realizes that the songs are all about a person
- Then she realizes they’re all about the same person and that the person is her crush
- she immediately hides all the songs under her mattress because she remembers what hard time they gave Uraraka for it
- when she seems them in class she’s terrified of making eye contact because she doesn’t know how she’s going to react now that she’s conscious of her crush
- her crush absolutely loves her music though and often visits her dorm to hear her play
- she definitely twiddles her earjacks when they’re just talking or if she’s not playing
- when she does decide to act on her feelings she plays and sings one of the songs she wrote about them for them to hear
- it’s really sweet and they love it
- Iida doesn’t take long to notice that he’s got a crush, he’s fairly perceptive and a smart guy
- he’s kinda confused at first because he knows that he likes them as a person but he has no idea that he likes them romantically until they give him this Look
- and the look just does it
- after that he’s extra polite to them and quick to defend or justify an action they may have done
- I feel like he’s a very direct person, like if it something seems out of place or procedure he’s going to correct it so he doesn’t do anything right away because he feels it would be too soon
- he defitenly gets flustered around them but it doesn’t change his character much
- he thinks about them a lot and often says “what would they do?” To himself in a difficult situation
- he’d probably start trying to flirt after the first week or so of realizing but he’s absolutely terrible at it
- most of it is just over praising or analyzing something they’ve done mediocretly at best
- another thing he does is over using his funny little arm and hand motions to emphasize what he’s saying
- he’s really pretty obvious but he doesn’t know that until someone tells him it and he’s completely embarrassed
- Then he’d figure though that if he was that obvious he’d have nothing to loose and would end up super politely confessing and asking his crush on a date
- it goes over well of course and they’re both really happy

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