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when i was 11 my dad was working on a monty python documentary and he brought me to a photoshoot with all of them and he introduced me to five comedy legends like it was no big deal and when i met john cleese i said sorry i only knew about you from harry potter until last year dad said i wasn’t old enough to watch your movies yet and john cleese just grinned at me and looked at my dad and said “how much?”

and that’s the story of how nearly headless nick offered to buy me off my dad

🌼My 3:30am love letter to fanfic authors.🌼

A thank you to every fic writer who felt like their work wasn’t good enough, to every writer who felt like they didn’t build their characters the right way or were hard on themselves over scenes they’ve written 15 times over because something just hasn’t clicked. To every writer who felt like their work was something mediocre and lacking and could use endless polishing..

I want to tell you that your work is enough, your work is amazing and you’ll always be your worst critic but to the people like me, to the readers who read the stories you’ve written and the characters you borrowed and thrown into these amazing and wild and sometimes outrageously hilarious to heartbreaking situations, we are in awe of every word and every paragraph and plot twist and emotional heart wrenching scenes you’ve created. That every minute and hour and month, to YEAR, that you’ve put into your story, we appreciate every moment you’ve sacrificed to bring your work to life.

There are days when everything is horrible and ugly and nothing bright or happy happens and sometimes, on those days, a favorite author will update their fic and the day suddenly turns into the happiest and most wonderful day that has existed. Our week has been made because of something so small as a new chapter and a new hope or promise that may be character A will finally find character B and maybe problem X they’ve been dealing with will finally be resolved. Maybe this chapter will be the one that character B will find the courage to admit their feelings to character A, who unknowingly to character B, has also been in love with them and all the angst will blossom into this sweet warmth of love.

Thank you to every fanfic writer that makes our hearts stop and start and fall in love again with the characters we love and will always love and can’t stop loving. Thank you for treating these characters so carefully, for wrapping them up in new adventures and first meetings and first flutters of affection & emotions that they can’t quite put the name to yet, for spilling out such sweetness into a readers life.

You, fanfic writers, are sometimes the only ones that are able to bring color into a day full of negativity. You paint our lives in hues of the happiest shades and there is no way to truly thank you. Kudos and comments are the smallest tokens of gratitude we can give you but it isn’t nearly enough to convey how much you, as a writer, and your stories fill us with such a happy light that overshadows everything else. 💜

Thank you. 🌈

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Glaz x reader fluff?

Glaz aimed down the sight of his gun, taking a shot at the moving target. “Nice shot.” You remarked from behind the Russian sniper, he stopped the machine and pulled off his black earmuffs. You pushed yourself off of the wall and looked at the target, right between the eyes, you expected as much from the well known sniper. “You’re the new recruit aren’t you?” He asked, setting his rifle on the table in front of him. 

“That’d be me, (y/n) (y/l/n), nice to meet you.” You stuck out your hand, a small smile adorning your face as his gloved ones wrapped around yours. You did your best to ignore how attractive you found the man to be, something about him lured you in. 

“Timur Glazkov.” He wasn’t one to get shy easily, but the recruit in front of him made him almost stumble over his name. His eyes glanced over their face, he cleared his throat and snapped out of it. “How are you liking it at Rainbow?” He asked, but mentally cursed himself at his question.

“Work is work, hey uh do you want to maybe get a coffee?” You asked, rubbing the back of your neck with a smile. “Sure, in an hour? I’ll give you my number.” Glaz answered, once you handed him your phone he entered his number. He handed your phone back and grabbed his rifle. “See you in a bit, (y/n).” He left the shooting range and you finally looked at your phone. His name visible in the contact list, you blushed when you noticed the hearts he put beside them.


Monty Python Live (Mostly) ~ 1st - 20th July 2014

That time the Pythons reunited and conquered the O2, and ultimately the whole world.


The 100 + episode posters (part II of season 1)

I constantly see people going on and on about how Clarke and Bellamy are basically the be-all and end-all of the hundred/Sky People, how they are the reason any of the hundred has survived, and how they are responsible for getting the hundred through every obstacle they’ve faced, and so on.

And I’m always sitting here like okay, they’re important and great, yes, but um …


February 1st

Will be a very somber day for us all, it marks the day we all waved goodbye to you, Monty. But it’s also a day of memorial and it’s when the community comes together as a family to pay tribute and to say thank you for everything. For your hard work, for your dreams, for all the inspiration you sparked in each and every one of us.

You always told us to always Keep Moving Forward and to keep working to achieve our ambitions and dreams, just like you did and we are doing just that, all while bringing you along and keeping you close to us to remind ourselves, what would Monty do?

We don’t know where you are right now, but you’re probably telling us to stop stalling and to start working on creating something that we want to make; to always be efficient and use all our time into creating something cool.

You’re probably working away, creating all the cool things you wanted to make now that you have an unlimited amount of time, which includes taking breaks for your coffee and your occasional dancing to pass by and have fun.

We hope we made you proud over the year, we hope we made you smile at all the inspiration and work we’ve done in honor and memory of you.

February 1st, 2015; We lost an amazing, ambitious, hard working rockstar who was overall, the most awesomest man to ever grace this planet.

We are never fighting alone. Get up, get going, I’ll meet you there.” - Monty Oum

We’ll fight on & Keep Moving Forward with you in our hearts, Space Cowboy. Until the next time we get to see you again, while you’re waiting in the stars for us, shining brightly. We will always love you. We miss you, Monty.