all i wanna do

Imagine: Being pursued by a persistent Dally.

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“C’Mon Doll. Why not?”

“For the last time, Winston. I-I just don’t date. I’ve got other things to focus on.” 

He’s seen her around town. Usually toting an armful of books. Dally thought she was beautiful, albeit a little nerdy. When he asked her to the movies, he wasn’t expecting a no. He’s been at this for weeks. The rejection only made him like her more. He couldn’t understand it. 

He leaned on wall casually and sighed. “Ya know, I could be the perfect distraction.” She rolled her eyes at his less than coy approach.

“Hey wait,” he said gently tugging at her arm. “I-I promise. I just want to take you out and show you a good time. I’ll have you home early. Shit, I’ll even help you study instead if ya want. I’m not real good at this. But, I’d like to hang out.”

The vulnerability in his voice about did her in. She’s  bit her lip nervously and nodded. “I uh. There’s a meteor shower tonight. I was um. I was gonna bring my telescope out to the edge of town. You can’t really see the meteor shower in city limits, ya see. Do you wanna come with?” She asked nervously.

This wasn’t his scene. This wasn’t his scene at all. 

“Sure,” he nodded.

She blushed and wrinkled her nose. “I know it’s pretty silly, but it’s gonna be beautiful tonight.”

“You or the stars?” He smirked.