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i swear im writing another imagine ;) this is just a boost to get me started! i also might make this a series cuz quoting vines on a daily is my religion :) thanks for reading ya yeet cam out!!

WOOJIN : sarah ive been calling you, you better come in here and come get your juice. sHIT!

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CHAN : i have a banana peel on the floor and im going to see if it’s slippery like it is in the movies

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MINHO: bitch i swear to god

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CHANGBIN: dudes these days are turning soft, like i don’t understand? me? i stay hard, like i’ll get them killers on you in a second if you cross me.

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HYUNJIN: all the guys will feed you lines but i’ll take you to mickey d’s

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JISUNG: duke, do you want the ball?

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FELIX: you ain’t my oppa! what the fuck is an oppa???

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SEUNGMIN: I thought you were bae, but nah you’re just fam.. bruh :((

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JEONGIN: my poop is coming!

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Butter-Fly (MIDI/Music Box ver.)
Digimon Adventure
Butter-Fly (MIDI/Music Box ver.)
The Delirium of a wait...The Dream of Delirium...that’s not right either...Delirium’s it...A Delirium Induced Chocolate Lover’s Dream

the invasion occurs
in silence, but the body
revolts with cacophony
—groans and murmurs

everything is a blur
the soul screams for antibodies
or perhaps just a hot toddy
—sleep induced by liqueur

here is where it begins to slur
into white dresses and matrimony
or is that alimony
—i’m hearing chirres

i do not prefer
this feeling of acrimony
but let’s get back to the story
—of which i am a connoisseur

i dreamed I was a voyeur
of candy
nothing randy
—get your mind out of the gutter

it was of chocolate and peanut butter

I’m going to piggyback off of this post I wrote and pitch my version of a South Park episode just for shits and giggles. 

I was going to flesh this out more and add some drawings and stuff, but I actually don’t know if I realistically have time or if it’s worth expending the energy, so just take this rambling in the meantime (If I ever fleshed it out more, i’d share an updated version).

Here’s a ‘what if’ scenario based around what I imagine would go down in the South Park world if you did something on friendship bracelets.

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I just want to be able to write a slowburn fic where siegbert smiles (because he smiles like an angel) at shiro and shiro pretty much gets hit by the love train. His smile is so precious and everything about him is too. Shiro doesn’t know how he didn’t realize sooner, but damn it all, let him be able to make sure Siegbert is happy and well. 

Simon: Hey Baz I like your Jeans™ they look good on you.

Baz: Thanks?

Simon: But they would look even better on the floor of my room. *winks*

Baz: Damn how did you get to be so smooth?

Simon: Probably from eating all that butter. *finger guns*

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Tony Stark – Surprise

Words Count: 990+



maryland03 said

Can I have #9 with a Tony Stark x girlfriend (no infinity war spoilers please!!) thanks!! 

9. “You’re a mess.” “The hottest mess you ever seen.”

It’s Friday and Peter is at the Avengers facility, only he and Tony were there. The rest of the group were either at their homes or out with you. They have decided to take you out for your birthday and to distract you, seeing as Tony insisted on making you dinner with cake. Of course Peter offered his help and since Tony has no idea what he is doing he agreed. They decorated the place nicely but that was the easy part.

Natasha tried to convince them to just order food and the cake but they wouldn’t budge, they said that they had it all under control.

Oh and how they later wished they listened to the ex-assassin. Tony started making the cake first so it would have time to cool down before they put the frosting on, with both the help of Peter and FRIDAY the AI.

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