oh. oh hold on.

so we know shigaraki was found by all for one at a young age, right? based on how he’s drawn in the flashback i’d peg him at 6/7ish. its assumed his parents had just died when he did so, but we dont know the circumstances

all for one realized nana had family, and tracked down a child from her direct line. he finds this kid, young enough to be molded into the perfect successor, but not so young all for one has to supervise day in and day out. all for one has the parents killed, then presents himself as a savior 

thing is? shigaraki is quirkless, and that irony is too delicious to ignore. all might was quirkless, and through nana was given a quirk centered on raw, destructive power. what better way to create an anti-all might then to give a quirkless kid, who nana gave nothing to, the most purely destructive quirk he has? 

The “All for One is Izuku’s father” theory is both interesting and hilarious because any time I think about it, I just imagine Toshinori finding out and having a “I love this child with every fiber of my being and he has my complete trust but how the fuck did I manage to choose the one (1) child of my arch-nemesis as a successor” moment.


I love this show so much, I hope I could capture Deku’s raw energy and willpower. @batosail helped me big time with the ligthing! This image wouldn’t be the same without him.

Last print for this year’s Otakuthon! Come see me at table O 564! I’ll be taking commission the whole weekend :)


Went beyond my limit to crank out something new for Crunchyroll Expo!! My Hero Academia is def one of my favorite series of all time. I wanted to portray the battle between “good” and “evil”, between One for All and All for One. All Might lifts up and encourages the new generation of heroes; whereas One for All gathers and uses people for his own schemes. It’s an interesting contrast~

All the characters and designs are so cool, so I ended up including all of class 1-A and the League of Villains. I think I was too ambitious for this piece tho, cuz I wanted to put in a lot more… But at least got something done. Maybe I’ll revisit it in the future~


There was no time to even look back. It was work of an instant.
What happened didn’t even take a second.
Even so that man’s spirit… gave us hallucinations of death.
“Tomura…” He was talking about Shigaraki! What is this?
It’s not true, is it, All Might? Don’t tell me…Then, that’s… All For One…!

Okay here me out guys, doesn’t bnha have the best dads?

We have our resident dadmight

Then there’s the beautiful dadzawa

And we recently got Dadgum

And now Horikoshi has given us a DADLOCK!!!!

Heck, even AFO is a good dad to shigaraki

So yeah, kudos to you Horikoshi, you’re amazing at writing dads XD


Pyrrhic Victory – a victory that inflicts such a devastating toll on the victor that it is tantamount to defeat (Wikipedia)

A short what-if comic. Continued under cut.