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This weekend recap:

Jensen and Misha have so many pics and videos of each other that Jensen forgot feared that there was another photo of him and Misha in a most probably compromising situation that was posted *the space pants dumpster fire* (heaven knows why *wink wink nudge nudge*) and they’re trying to hide they probably live together.. but we know better and Cockles is practically canon now…

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i needed a reason to trash blackbeard in the form of a meme

This is a gay party and we are all invited
  • Holland: Neverland
  • 4Ladies: Move
  • K.Will: Please Don't
  • Baek Ji Young: I Won't Love Again
  • Red Velvet: Wish Tree
  • Maman: Obvious Story
  • Nell: The Day Before
  • Song Ji Eun: Don't Look At Me Like That
  • Sistar & Giorgio Moroder: One More Day
  • Planet Shiver & Crush: Rainbow
  • After School: Because Of You
  • Heechul x Min Kyung-Hoon: Sweet Dream
  • Sweet Revenge: Cry To Your Heart's Content
  • Chaness: SeSeSe
  • BESTie: Excuse Me
  • Z.HERA: D Island
  • Baby Soul & Yoo Jia ft. Dongwoo: She's A Flirt
  • MISS $ ft. Skull: Just Let Me Live
  • ANDA: Touch
  • GLAM: Party XXO
  • 9Muses: Sleepless Night
  • Monsta X: All In
  • Chuu by LOONA: Heart Attack
  • Suran: Sad Pain
  • Mad Clown ft Suran: Love Is A Dog From Hell

first time i’m drawing this disaster gay and its for pride month. fitting.

hey uh guys. my dudes.

this is a major shot in the dark but

i think

this might be

heavy visual storytelling/foreshadowing

they wouldn’t have put so much focus on callum losing the letter, the letter that he was supposed to open -once harrow died-, unless it meant something important

callum ISN’T gonna have to open the letter, because harrow is alive