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Watch the whole thing.

I cannot believe I heard this Cockles Space Pants story with my own ears (and saw it with my own eyes). This was a wild panel, y’all. And Misha mentioned Jensen more than once.

It’s honestly the Vancon panel that keeps on giving.

Bonus 1: Misha impersonated Jensen’s giggle during the space pants story. Yes, my friends—he did.

Bonus 2: Misha’s Drag Queen name is DEANNA WINCHESTER *does bowlegged walk*

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If you are still requesting prompts: Will tells Hannibal he always wanted a treehouse when he was a kid, so Hannibal surprises him with one.

Will wakes up to lumber in the truck bed and Hannibal in jeans. The outfit isn’t exactly new, but the novelty of Hannibal wearing denim and plain white t-shirt still is.

Will hides his laugh behind his mug of coffee. Goes back inside. Sits at the table decked out with a Sunday morning breakfast. 

Hannibal had gone and bought wood and tools and made Will breakfast all before he’d woken up from just one softly sighed comment said between satin sheets, childhood memories wafting in like a breeze through the bedroom.

In only his boxers and what will be a ratty shirt if they manage to stay out here in the country for more than a few months, he considers Hannibal and Hannibal in turn smiles as sweetly as ever back at him.

You,” Will says with a wry twist, “are going to build me a treehouse? I didn’t think physical labor was your thing.”

“What is my thing then?”

“Elaborate murders.” Will taps his fingers along the side of his mug, pretending to think. “Me.”

Hannibal’s pleasure radiates, turning the cool October morning warm. He offers Will a forkful of his crepes and Will takes the bite. Lets his lips drag against the metal fork, watches as the red in Hannibal’s eyes darken.

“I like to think I have a very wide skillset that can be applied to many facets in life.” Hannibal says.

“Is murder a skillset then?”

“Don’t be modest, Will.” Hannibal says. “It’s the marking of a modern day Renaissance man.”

Will hums. Sips at his coffee. Eats. Reaches across the table to touch Hannibal’s hand for no real reason. Sweet is new, still, and someday Will hopes this part of their relationship will be worn in and as comfortable as cotton.

“I remember mopping up the word cannibals painted on a garage door and you standing off to the side, telling us if we missed a spot.”

Hannibal’s eyes shine. “I was rather fond of that suit.”

“Me too. It was a good suit.” Will says. Hannibal turns his hand so his palm touches Will’s and their fingers connect and lock. “So a treehouse. And breakfast. And jeans.”

“Have I embarked on a fool’s errand?”


“Did you dislike your meal?”

“I cleaned the plate.”

“Is the outfit not to your taste?”

“It’s very to my taste, that’s the problem.” Will leans back in his chair to let his eyes roam and let Hannibal watch, doesn’t let go of Hannibal’s hand when he gets up and pulls along an amused, eager Hannibal back to bed. “I think I can wait a little longer for a treehouse, though.”

Here is my art for day 19 of the SuptoberArt2018 challenge for the prompt “sleep” by @winchester-reload

I honestly did the first thing that came into my head - cuddly sleepy Dean and Cas!

Imagine that this is shortly after Dean is free from Michael, and he just didn’t wanna be alone so Cas decided to stay with him. Cuddles from Cas make everything better :)

Something that I will be forever grateful to When The Night Comes for is that it allowed me to meet so many wonderful, funny, positive people. Because of that I’ve gotten to become a part of such a wonderful community with so many kind and talented people who I never would have met otherwise. I’m making new friends every day who make me want to be better both in life and in art, and I love you all so deeply. The game hasn’t even dropped yet and yet so many people have brought these characters to life, and I think thats really something special. I can’t wait to start hunting with all of you.

3:45 [Yoongi x Reader]

So, I went and wrote this last night since I still couldn’t sleep. Hope the nameless OC thing isn’t too irritating here, I wanted to make it easier to self-insert and all. Because when life gives you insomnia, sometimes we all just want to picture ourselves having someone to go through it with.

P.S. Based on that reason, I’ve also made it pretty vague as to whether the OC was still a student or working. Hope my writing isn’t too cringy or bad.

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Word count: 1600+

Genre: Fluff(?)

Pairing: Min Yoongi x Reader

• • •

It was all-too common for Min Yoongi to still be awake at all sorts of ungodly hours. As such, she wasn’t completely scared out of her wits when she was the silent atmosphere of the bedroom was shattered by the sound of the door creaking open. It was probably just him trying to get something for…something, she guessed?

Prying her eyes open, she squinted to make out the bright green digits of the digital clock on the nightstand. 3:45. She exhaled lowly, closing her eyes again. It had been more than two hours since she went to bed, and yet she still felt as awake as ever. And with the painstakingly slow crawl of time in bed, those three hours easily felt like an eternity.

The door shut with a quiet click and  a drawn-out squeak. It was immediately followed by a hushed curse under the breath. Slightly confused, she opened her eyes just as the barely audible patter of sockless feet on the floor met her ears. A brief flash of cold nipped at her bare feet as Yoongi slipped under the covers.

The sheets rustled as she turned on her side to face him, giving him a small smile. He returned the greeting with a sheepish look. “Sorry.” His voice sounded even lower than usual, slightly gruff from disuse. His fingers brushed against her temple, pushing back a stray strand of hair. “Did I wake you?”

She shook her head, lifting a hand to rub her eyes. “Wasn’t really sleeping.”

His hand stilled—but only momentarily. She could feel the weight of his sharp gaze fully trained her, quietly assessing. “Thinking?”

“Kinda the opposite, I think.”

There were always moments like these; days where the things she had to do seemed to pile up relentlessly one after another. Her mind would always be occupied with at least one thing, either mulling it over or coming up with ways to handle them.

Her thoughts would then start to wander into bothersome territories—doubting whether she had the right deadline, imagining the ways she could fail, fearing whether she was prepared enough. Irritatingly so, these moments tended to occur when she was lying in bed at night, wanting nothing more than to sleep and forget about everything.

Yoongi was all-too familiar with this predicament of hers, having felt like this numerous times himself. It was, unfortunately enough, a trait they shared. But it also led to a silent understanding between them. Most of the time, they could guess what the other was thinking without needing much elaboration.

No doubt, that was the reason behind the concerned frown currently etched on his face. He could always read her like an open book, after all. She stared back at him, trying to catch a glimpse of his inner thoughts. She still couldn’t read his expressions as well as she would’ve liked to, but that could always be learnt.

Yoongi eventually let out a sigh, breaking her train of thought. He let his hand drop lower, gently caressing her cheek with his thumb. “Don’t stress yourself out too much, kitten. I’m here for you, and so is everyone else.”

Her eyes fluttered shut of their own accord, basking in the familiar sensation. Out of all the people she knew, he had the softest touch. Gentle and oh so careful, as if he was terrified she might crack under his touch.

“I know.” She reached up, taking his hand in hers and giving it a light squeeze. His hand felt a little rougher than before. No doubt, he must have been working quite hard these past few weeks. But that was Yoongi. Always working, never complaining.

Pulling his hand away slightly, she gently uncurled his fingers. He was silent as she turned his hand over, letting her examine it to her heart’s content. Tracing her fingers across his skin, her mind couldn’t help but try to guess where he got each of his callouses from.

The one on the sides of his fingers… Probably from gripping a pen too hard when he wrote.

On his palm… She suspected it was from something in the dorm. Either he was building it, or fixing it after a Namjoon encounter.

And the one on his wrist… Oh, she remembered that one. Yoongi always ended up getting these when he spent long hours in front of the studio computer.

She supposed some people might find rough hands unattractive, but to her, it was anything but that. It was a reminder, a testament of all his unrelenting efforts. All the hard work he put in for everything he cared about—his music, his career, the members who were basically his second family.

She wasn’t aware she had closed her eyes again until she opened them. The first thing that greeted her was his sharp eyes still trained on her, but with an unbearably soft expression on his face. The pure tenderness of it all made her heart skip a beat.

Min Yoongi; the man she had fallen in love with, and the man who loved her back beyond compare. She didn’t know if she was one of the few people who had seen him like this, in this moment of pure vulnerability. What she did know was that the selfish side of her wanted to be the one of the lone few to witness that.

Nevertheless, she had to ease his concerns. He had enough things on his plate to worry about already. She didn’t want to be the latest addition. Quirking up the corner of her lips, she pressed a kiss to his knuckles. “I’ll be fine. I can sort things out tomorrow. Don’t worry about me, okay?”

He shook his head, pressing his cheek into the pillow. “You know I’ll always worry, kitten. I can’t stop, I’ll never stop.”

Her eyes meet his, steady and unwavering. “Neither will I. We’ll just look out for each other, as always.”

Yoongi let out a soft snort of amusement, his features scrunching up with a delicate laugh. “Aren’t we just a pair.”

She was about to smile back, but then she suddenly recalled something. “Yoongi, you know staying up late to work isn’t good for your body.”

“I know,” he quipped. He chuckled, grinning widely as she playfully swatted his hand away with a huff. “I get it, I get it. No next time.”

Huffing, she took his hand back into her grip. A sigh left her lips as she absent-mindedly running her finger across his thumbnail. “I’m not saying you can’t, okay? Just that you shouldn’t do it too often.”

“Gotcha,” he drawled. He shot a glance over her shoulder. “Looks like it’s already past 4.”

“What, really?” She dropped his hand and flipped over to check for herself. “Crap, did we really just waste so much time talking?”

“Sounds like time well-spent to me.”

That comment really didn’t make her feel any better. She should know first-hand how taxing and draining their schedules were. She had kept him up over her mindless issues, costing him much-needed rest. “What about sleep? You will be so busy with work tomorrow, and I still—”

“Stop,” he interjected. “It’s not your fault. If I  wanted to sleep, I would have done it already.”

Her face still paled, averting her gaze as she bit down on her lower lip. “But I—”

“It’s fine.” He patted the pillow under his head. “We’ll just sleep now.”

She sent him a glare. “That’s hardly enough hours of sleep for you.”

Yoongi shrugged nonchalantly. “Nothing a coffee and an afternoon nap can’t fix.” He held his arms out, beckoning her with a flick of hand. “C'mere.”

Well, he didn’t have to tell her that part twice. Hiding her smile, she scooted closer until she was snugly pressed against his chest. His arms wrapped around her, locking her securely in a warm embrace. She couldn’t help herself from melting right into his firm hold.


She hummed in reply, closing her eyes. The soft notes of his familiar cologne filled her nose, downright tempting her to bury her face in the crook of his neck. She resisted, but only barely.

“Try to get some sleep now,” he murmured, pressing a chaste kiss on the crown of her head. She nodded with a yawn, letting her head fall on his chest. The steady thumping of his heart was doing a great job at lulling her to sleep. The same heart that was overspilling with love and affection that he struggled to show completely.

She wouldn’t lie—sometimes, it was a little frustrating. But then there were moments like this, and they reminded her that at the end of the day, it was more than enough. It definitely didn’t matter that he couldn’t voice his feelings out loud. Not when it was blatant in the little things he did.

Truth be told, if she could spend every night just like this, she would be the happiest person in the world. There was nothing more that she hoped for, only this.  She couldn’t keep her smile off her face as she whispered, “Goodnight, Yoongi.”

He rested his chin on top of her head, closing his eyes as well. Somehow, she had a feeling that he was smiling too. “Goodnight, kitten.”

i waited a few days but i keep seeing the same shit so like,, hot take but the pentagon stans promoting this “fuck cube” bullshit are FR stupid 🤧 yes, cube did hyuna and hyojong dirty and it’s upsetting, but pentagon is LITERALLY still under cube entertainment. wishing for cube to fall apart won’t do anything but damage ur faves,, since yk,, they’re under cube ent. y’all KNOW i love and support hyojong but the remaining members of pentagon already took such a big hit when one of their best friends chose love over his group and his career. they’ve had so much shit blow back onto them—fans boycotting them because of hyojong’s absence in the comeback, their reputation being tarnished, people only latching onto them for the drama, etc—and they’ve done their best to smile through it all. the last thing they need is their own fans saying fuckall to their company when major financial issues could very well be the end of pentagon as a group

Things I Like About Mikototsu:

  • Grumpy boy x sunshine boy is my fucking shit
  • Especially when sunshine boy isn’t quite as pure and sunshiney as they originally seem.
  • Tatara is apart of Mikoto’s sanctuary. He is part of his happy place which is v soft.
  • Tats trusts Mikoto so much and willingly puts himself into situations that would normally be dangerous because he knows Mikoto won’t hurt him.
  • He sees this grumpy boy is like ‘welp, imma follow you for the rest of my life’
  • Mikoto is lowkey v soft for him even at the beginning.
  • Height difference

Things I don’t like about Mikototsu:

  • The fact that Mikoto forcing Reisi to participate in his suicide by backing him into a corner where no matter what Mikoto will die but one way he’ll take innocent lives with him is somehow seen by shippers as a romantic gesture which effectively is making suicide (because yes, it might have been Reisi’s sword that killed Mikoto but that was 100% a suicide) seem like some grand act of true love.
  • The fact that the people around Mikoto are constantly being treated by shippers as if they “weren’t important enough to keep Mikoto alive” in order to prove how important Tatara is, effectively telling loved ones of suicide victims that they weren’t important enough.
  • The fact that Mikoto’s long battle with mental illness only furthered by grief and a sense of responsibility as well as anger and need to desperately seek out closure by killing someone is somehow brushed aside by shippers to further the narrative that Mikoto only died because he couldn’t live without Tatara and not because he was already a mentally frail person who was crumbling under fear, depression, and more responsibility than a 20-something year old should have to bear (and has been bearing since he was a teen).

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Ngl I love your Mickey Mouse art. It gives me life UvU ~💖 Have a nice day


hO mY gOD tHank yOU!!! 💜💜💜

Glad my silly doodles bring joy to people! >W

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have you ever watched sherlock

I’m assuming you mean BBC Sherlock and not the millions of others (like the initial movie or the reboot with Robert Downey Jnr - I haven’t seen either btw) out there and the answer is complicated and it goes like this:

Yes, and I initially really liked it and even wrote half a fic that’s still on but now I absolutely can’t stand it, think it’s the worst, and generally hate Moffat, Gatiss and more for a whole lot of things including a fuckton of smugness, superiority, condescension and misogyny. Which is a shame, because Press Gang used to be one of my favourite shows.

Huge fan of Elementary though.