all american rejects

Melting in the Heat
  • me: *goes out in my darkest clothes*
  • friend: wow it's like 95 degrees why are you wearing black?
  • me: Because black goes with everything, even heatstroke.

Step 1: 

you promise yourself not to become obsessed 

Step 2:

you feel guilty because you watch videos of them every chance you get

Step 3: 

BOOM you’re in love

Step 4:

you start to feel overprotective 

Step 5:

 you start questioning your mental health 

Step 6:

you start questioning your life 

Step 7: 

you realize you totally failed step 1

Step 8: 

you accept that they are now your life 

Step 9:

you’re too obsessed to give a FRICK

Step 10:

welcome, you are not alone

“Suddenly you’re 21 and screaming along in your car to all the songs you used to listen to when you were sad in middle school and everything is different but everything is good.”

I turned 13 in 2008. The Myspace era was coming to a close and Facebook became the new preferred social media platform. The music I had found in my preteen and early teen years majorly shaped my current music taste at 21 years old. Like for most people, middle school and high school were not easy times. The music that I came across on Myspace and the early YouTube years reflected the real emotions and struggles that I faced. It made me not want to only listen to songs like Gold Digger, Ms. New Booty, Smack That, My Humps, I Kissed a Girl, or whatever else was playing everywhere. I craved music that I could relate to. I needed music with true emotion behind it. 

Anyways, here are the songs that got me through my preteen and early years and shaped who I am today. They’re in no particular order. 

Move Along

All American Rejects, Move Along - 2005

It Ends Tonight

All American Rejects, Move Along - 2005

How to Save a Life

The Fray, How to Save a Life - 2005

Wake Me Up When September Ends

Green Day, American Idiot - 2004

Stay Together for the Kids

blink-182, Take Off Your Pants and Jacket - 2001

Adam’s Song 

blink-182, Enema of the State - 1999

Face Down 

The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Don’t You Fake it - 2006

Hate Me

Blue October, Foiled - 2006

Welcome To My Life

Simple Plan, Still Not Getting Any - 2004

I’m Just a Kid 

Simple Plan, No Pads, No Helmet…Just Balls - 2002

I’m Not Okay (I Promise) 

My Chemical Romance, Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge - 2004

Famous Last Words 

My Chemical Romance, The Black Parade - 2006

The Great Escape

Boys Like Girls, Boys Like Girls - 2006


All Time Low, Nothing Personal - 2009


Papa Roach, Getting Away With Murder - 2004


Linkin Park, Hybrid Theory - 2000

You Be The Anchor That Keeps My Feet On The Ground, I’ll Be The Wings That Keep Your Heart In The Clouds

Mayday Parade, A Lesson in Romantics - 2007


Matchbox Twenty, More Than You Think You Are - 2002

In Too Deep 

Sum 41, All Killer, No Filler - 2001

Meant to Live 

Switchfoot, The Best Yet - 2008

On The Brightside

NeverShoutNever!, The Summer EP - 2009 

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I don’t think a lot of people understand the effort that goes into songwriting. There’s lyricism, putting those lyrics to a melody, putting that melody in a score, giving that score extra sound effects and beats at just the right moment for the effect you want, and all of those processes are time consuming and emotionally draining. You’ll spend hours combing through hundreds of songs you’ve written trashing 90% of your work just in the lyrical phase even if it’s good bc it’s not good enough and you’ll spend days making sure that melody is catchy but not annoying, conveys the emotions you’re trying to express, if you plan on singing it yourself you’ll make sure it’s in your range and compliments your voice, is it unique enough without being weird? Is it strong? Should it be strong? Could it be better? How can you make it better? Is this the best it can be or should I spend a couple more days working on it? And after that you have to write accompaniment. What instrument should you put it on? Can you add more instruments? Do you know anyone who can play some of these instruments while you perform/record/whatever you’re doing with it bc you can only play one thing at a time. What chords go with the melody? How can you make those chords more interesting to listen to? Is this really the best I can do? Could it use backup vocals? Who would back me up? Is that too much? Does it still convey the emotion you were going for? There’s a ton to think about. It’s an incredibly time consuming process and sometimes after going through all of it you still end up scrapping it. You don’t even know if any of your work will be seen. Ever. You then work insanely hard to find someone to record it for you (or save up money for your own equipment and find yourself a room and fix up that room to suit your needs, which also costs time and money) and hope and pray people like it if you ever get it out into the public eye. Bc after all the work you went through you still can’t make people listen you still can’t make people like it. Songwriters deserve more respect than being written off as lazy, privileged people who get payed way more than they deserve.

Free The Band!

Back in 2006, Lego had this strange promotional for Bionicle. The All-American Rejects were kidnapped by the Piraka!

This had a whole little ARG made for it. A blog site ran by a couple of kids/teenagers who were following the story, a fake yacht company, a fake news report, the whole shebang

There was also a webgame where you’d train the Toa Inika and find downloads for popular songs of the time, and another webgame where you’d explore the island looking for clues to where the band was being kept.

It was just another one’a those early 2000s feverdream things, a weird advertisement campaign that could only be thought up back in the days when people were still trying to figure out how to use this new fangled internet thingie to make money.

Only this time, it had a lot of merchandise, which you could win by entering the sweepstakes! Shirts, lanyards, posters, and… skateboard decks

and iron-on patches

(I impulse bought a couple of these, and you better believe I’m gonna put one on a hoodie and wear it unironically)

From this promotion alone you could iron-on a Free The Band patch to your Free The Band t-shirt while you skate to school on your Free The Band skateboard with your school ID kept on your Free The Band lanyard.

Just be a walking, skating advertisement for Free The Band because gosh darn it The All-American Rejects were awesome and we can’t let those mean Piraka keep them to theirselves!

And yes, the band was freed.

Because the Inika were just that awesome.

                   🍰   🐇 The Wonderland Play List 😺 🍄

          (Otherwise known as all my favorite Wonderland related songs) 

It’s just a small collection of Alice in Wonderland Related songs, I tried not to add too many songs from the Almost Alice soundtrack since most of you probably already know them. Let me know what you guys think, and message me if there’s anything you want to add!