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To All the Students in School

I think this really needs to be said to all the high schoolers freaking out about AP exams, SAT scores, and ACT scores. Hell, even to those who are applying/applied to colleges or other things. The number that you end up reading off the collegeboard site does not determine your worth. The number that you end up reading off the collegeboard site does not determine how smart you are. The number that you end up reading off the collegeboard site does not determine your future. Only you, as a person, can determine that. I know it’s hard, I’m still in high school too. But I think you guys need to, have to, know that even if you get all A’s and a 1450+ (or 2200+) on the SAT that it doesn’t automatically guarantee you a job. You could end up going to Stanford, MIT, or Harvard but end up in a bad place. The school you end up going to doesn’t necessarily grant you a job either. Okay, yes, it makes it a little bit easier but either way, you’re going to have to work hard for everything to get where you want. All of you are so much more important than some score or letter grade. Y’all are gonna do great, as long as you have the passion and drive to work for it. Having straight A’s and perfect scores does not mean you will survive in the real world. Now, this isn’t a way to make you feel better or myself (since I’m not a straight A student either) about all of this because honestly it’s all so true.

Good luck on your AP exams and everything else though. :) You guys got this.

@lilidani15‘s giveaway gift!! ^^ They asked for Tadashi Hamada in Big Hero 6 (one of my favorite disney movies). I couldn’t resist, and here it is at last! 

Thank you all so much for participating, I had a lot of fun organizing this event and thank you to all my followers who are now 2200!! What an honor guys!

Anyway, have a great day, and I promise I’ll be back soon with other drawings (Lion Soul related, normally) ;)


09.22.17 // 12:55 P.M - HAPPY FIRST DAY OF FALL! 🍁🍂. I’m so freaking proud of my layout this week… Mainly the doodle on the bottom hehehehe! 

Thank you all so much for 2200 followers! I want to celebrate somehow, but I’m not sure what to do. Send me some suggestions:) ❤️❤️ 

 - Amanda

Slow Hands - Adam Cole

Angst then my attempt at smut.  I apologize in advance if it’s garbage - I don’t usually write it and don’t think I’m very good at it to be perfectly honest.  Named after that catchy-as-fuck Niall Horan song that I listened to all throughout writing this and can’t get out of my head.

~2200 words.

If you would like to be added to my tag list, please let me know!  

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     “So you finally decided to show up.”

     You were glaring at Adam Cole at this point; equal parts happy and angry that he was making an appearance at your party, which your fellow wrestlers had decided to throw you once they learned you had been signed to compete in the Mae Young Classic.  You didn’t necessarily want one, but you heard their reasoning: realistically, these would be your last weeks on the indies.  If the WWE were smart, they would offer you a contract.  
     Despondent, Adam looked down at the floor nervously.  You hadn’t seen him since he left Ring of Honour a couple of months ago.  He was always a great friend of yours, helping you train and practicing moves with you.  You were sad when he left, but you knew it because he was on to bigger and better things – he had achieved all their was to achieve in Ring of Honour.  But after he left, the phone calls became less frequent.  The texts would stop randomly and you were left wondering if he was ignoring you.  The friendship that you had cultivated after years of being on the road together seemed like it was dissolving before your very eyes.

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I can’t believe it’s already time for another shoutout! I love writing and I’m just so glad that people actually feel like reading my crap. It feels awesome. Since my last shoutout, I’d like to welcome these new people: I love you all :)

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Sugarberry, not paying attention really? Tell that to the human race who knows we SURVIVED hundreds of wars and made a lot of scientific discoveries due to our idea of paying attention, also not to hurt you but you could be seen by some people(including me) as a killer/serial killer, so yeah, just be careful of how you word things

“Oh buddy, I could care less about your current existence. I know that a few years from now you’ll be dead rotting underground while I will still be alive.”

“How about this human: Might I remind you that you humans started a war against monsters and trapped them all underground just because of the pure fear that monsters just might be more powerful than you are. You all jumped to conclusions and thought that monsters would be just as disgusting in nature like you flesh bags to try and use a new found power against you. I guess you can call that “surviving”.Those wars? All started because of your greed for power, not because you all wanted to “survive”.”

“If you all used those clever little minds like the small percent that use them to discover new findings, maybe you could solve things without starting a giant war where you’ll say you were forced to “survive”.”

“But no. I guess everything’s just a fight for survival for you pathetic monkies, huh? Anything that you don’t understand is immediately something that is against you; it’s a threat to your ability to “survive”. Like monsters, right? Anything you see that can benefit you? You’d kill to have it so you can “survive”. So that no one else can have power over you. No need to think twice whether or not you can talk things over, right?”

“Yeah, surviving because you actually think things through. The only thing you humans have going for you is your mediocre brains that most of you don’t even use. You guys don’t have the ability to use magic anymore. If you were any more stupid than you are now, you would all just be a bigger waste of air and space.”

Is Ma Birthday 🎉

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Heyyy guys I don’t normally put out personal information on here but I wanted to let you guys know it’s my birthday !! I just want to say thank you to all the people I have met on here, you guys make me smile everyday !! I really do love all of you all 💘💘 

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and thank you to all 2200 of you that follow me, idk why you do but i love you all :’)

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A hinny fic where Harry spots ginny getting undressed from her window at the burrow

A/N: It’s finally here!  I hope you all enjoy it after the wait :)  all 2200+ words of it

Also available on FF and Ao3


Harry had really meant to buy a new broom much sooner.  But between Ginny, Teddy, and starting auror training, he’d just lost track of time, until it was December and he realized Ginny would be home for Christmas hols in a few days.  By the time it was that late, he figured waiting for the lovely red head to be home wouldn’t be a bad thing.  Being totally truthful, Harry had begun putting off the purchase because he wanted to go with Ginny and walk through Diagon Alley together.  He knew her presence would mean he didn’t care about the gawking crowds or pestering journalists who wanted to know ‘where his lover Hermione was’ or whether Teddy was his and Ginny’s secret love child.  Never mind that he hadn’t been near enough to Ginny for a snog, let alone other things when their alleged tryst had taken place. 

None of that mattered though, not when Ginny’s strong hand was wrapped around his, and her steady fiery presence was by his side.  She had this way of simultaneously defending and comforting him without saying a word, just one steely look toward his unwanted pursuers and they quickly lost their courage.

Needless to say, Harry couldn’t wait for her to return, and they had a whole fortnight to be together.  Of course they’d have the rest of the family around too, but Harry loved that too.  For most of his life, he’d been deprived of the warmth of family, or been immersed in a war that threatened to destroy everything and everyone they loved.  But somehow they’d come out alive, not without devastating losses, but they were together now and free to do every day things, like buy a new racing broom. 

The morning after Ginny had arrived home by way of the crimson Hogwarts Express, Harry woke early, just as the first rays of sunlight were piercing the cold wintery air.  He scrunched his tired eyes together, rubbing the sleep away, before he jolted into a sitting position, Ginny’s home.

Unable to return to Morpheus’ waiting arms after recalling who currently slept under the same roof as him after months apart, Harry slipped out from under the covers, his camp bed creaking, and placed his bare feet on the chilled floor.  Sucking in a breath at the chilly shock, Harry’s green eyes darted over to Ron, who snored along peacefully, apparently unperturbed by the noise that broke the early morning silence. 

After grabbing a change of clothes, Harry exited Ron’s room, closing the door with a quiet snick and snuck down the stairs to take a warm shower and dress for the day.  Following his morning rituals, Harry emerged from the bathroom, clean, dressed, and followed by a cloud of steam, only to bump into a sleep mussed Ginny Weasley, wearing a loosely tied dressing gown and clutching a towel to her side.

She yawned, blinking up at him sleepily, “You’re up early.”

Harry ruffled his hair, “Er- yeah.  Guess I just couldn’t sleep.”

Eyes sparkling mischievously, Ginny ventured, “Or you were just too excited because you knew a certain someone was here.”

“Oh, has Teddy arrived a day early?” Harry volleyed, hoping he successfully tamped down the blush that fought to rise in response to Ginny’s shockingly accurate assessment.

With a smirk that indicated he’d been less than successful in his camouflage efforts, Ginny slipped past Harry toward the bathroom; placing a quick kiss on his newly shaved cheek she whispered, “I’m excited too.”

Once they’d both eaten a light breakfast and bundled into their coats, scarves, and hats, adding mittens after Mrs. Weasley’s predictions about spending Christmas in a feverish haze without the precaution, the couple disappeared into the green flames, emerging into the fairly empty Leaky Cauldron. 

Waving to Tom as they passed the bar, Harry and Ginny strode towards the door, stepping out into the wintry sunlight with hands clasped together.  Ginny turned her head to face Harry; one eye squinted against the brightness, “Where to first then?”

Harry had intended on making this seem natural, like he hadn’t been daydreaming about having Ginny and a shop full of Quidditch supplies all at once for the last fortnight, but despite his best intentions, he blurted, “Iwannagotoqualityquidditchsupplies.”

Ginny’s face lit up as she giggled into her mittened hand, “I think I heard something about Quidditch in there?  Someone wants to buy a broom, eh?”

Grimacing in embarrassment, Harry nodded bashfully, dipping his head and fiddling with his coat buttons.  Stepping closer, Ginny released his hand in favor of wrapping her arms around his slim middle, looking up into his face, “Y’know, it’s ok right?  To ask to do stuff you want to do?  I want to make you happy, just like you want me to be happy.”

Harry flushed, but let a small smile spread across his face, “Yeah.  I want you to be happy.”

“Well I am.  No classes, Christmas coming up, utterly snoggable boyfriend taking me to look at Quidditch supplies – can’t really get any better,” Ginny answered, eyes sparking with life.

Smile now full and real, Harry placed a kiss to her already red from the cold nose, “Off we go then.”

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Hell's Bells - Bellamy Blake x Reader One Shot

A/N: I had a lot of fun picking up on ‘grounder speak’ for this one. I love Bellamy, even if he often makes poor choices. Hope you all enjoy! Especially you anon!

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Warnings: Some season 3 spoilers. Bit of a break up between Bell and the Reader. Probably could use a little more editing. That’s all, I believe!

Word Count: Roughly 2200

“Tell me you aren’t working with that maniac!” You’d finally caught up to Bellamy Blake. You’d heard the rumors. Had seen the grounders that were locked away. You couldn’t believe it.

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Izzy’s 2nd Follow Forever

Hi everyone^^ I know it hasn’t been that long since my last FF, but I really wanted to do a second one so quickly for two reasons: 1. Its my (and Dojin’s; bless HeartB *reminds you all to stan*) birthday and 2. Around the same time I posted my last gifset of Hani, I got around 2k followers. Since then, I have accumulated an additional 200 followers so I have about 2,200 followers now. I really wanted to just make this right then and there, but I wanted to make this special, so I decided to wait until my birthday.

This is pretty much a list of people who I want to be friends with, consider myself friends with, am grateful for, etc. Honestly, I would’ve liked to mention all 2200 of you, but that would’ve taken too much time. So even if you aren’t on this list, just know that I truly appreciate you for following me. You are all very important to me, and I love you all <3

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I’m a tad late to this… But I have reached to 2200 while at Disney… 

Just. Thank you so much everyone! I am still amazed that I got more than 20 let alone 2200! 

I really cannot thank you all enough. Since I am still on hiatus, I cannot do something big… But I still wanted to thank you all… 

Thank you
To each and every one of you. 

Seriously. (And hopefully I can get something for you all when I get back! ^^)


Top 10 most popular tflns (by notes numbers as of Dec 30)for 2014. Here’s part 1, numbers 10-6. Tomorrow, we’ll have 5 through 1!

From top to bottom:

In 10th place: Baptizing Jeremy

9: James & Richard breaking coffee tables

8. Interpretive dancing to Mozart

7. Sex sounds (submitted by richellefast)

6. Best friends do the best things for you.

I’d like to wish everyone a Happy New Year. May 2015 treat you and yours well. Thanks to everyone who follows this blog; I appreciate all (2200+) of you!


Hey, RAW backers– it’s February! You know what that means… one month closer to May! And we’ve got some goodies for you, to celebrate.

Before we get to the fun stuff, we first want to thank you for all the very prompt responses to our Kickstarter surveys! Around 2200 of you have already filled yours out, which we greatly appreciate– the sooner everything’s filled out the sooner we can start buying shipping supplies, which means the sooner your books get to you. On that note:

If you HAVEN’T filled our your survey yet, remember to do it soon! We need them from you by April 1st in order to guarantee that your book will get to you as quickly and safely as possible!

But enough shipping (hah!) news… we’ve got some goods for you right now, and it’s time to deliver. We have received book proofs from our printer!

For those unfamiliar, proofs are basically test-runs done before they start the final print job so that we can take a look and make sure everything is just right! There are all different sorts, which show all different aspects of the job– layout, colors, paper quality, and more. We have three different kinds of proofs:

  • ozalid proofs, or “blues” – these are low-quality prints that are arranged to show the entire book in order, so we can check the layout and position of all the images and text
  • wet proofs – these are where the images are all printed exactly as they will be in the book, on the exact same paper, so we can check to make sure the colors look right
  • sample case – this is the cover of the book with no inside pages, so we can see what the final book cover will look like

(Top: blues; bottom: wet proofs.)

(Sample case, with paper placed inside to simulate the final book!)

There are no words that can accurately describe how thrilled we were to see these, and we knew we had to share them with you. We hope you enjoyed seeing them! These are, pun intended, proof that the book is happening– and it’s coming our way.

Enjoy your February! May is coming.

All our love,
Aimee & Tea
Bad Influence Press

Here are the top ten posts from this year. Thank you for all your support, I wouldn’t be here without all of you amazing people!

10. Generations - 2200

9. Deadpool Ballgown - 2465

8. Nerdy Pixel Animations - 3471

7. 8-Bit Star Wars - 14938

6. Video Game Splatter Prints - 17189

5. 3D Planet Express - 30599

4. Alphonse Cosplay - 30990

3. Wolverine Easter Cosplay - 66836

2. Superhero Watercolors - 101347

1. Lays - 442790

Again, thank you all so much for all your support. Have a great New Years!