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Um it's actually Negan's fault that Glenn died. Because, you know, he was the one who fucking beat him to death. Are you gonna blame Rick for Dawn shooting Beth in the head, since it was his choice to storm into the hospital? Or are you gonna blame Andrea for Hershel's death, since she didn't kill The Governor when she had the chance? Nah, you'll happily blame Daryl for Glenn's death while you sit there and thirst over Negan. I hate this fandom.

Did I say it was completely 100% Daryl’s fault? No. I’m fully aware that Negan is the one that killed Glenn and he is also to blame. But guess what? If Daryl didn’t get out of line to punch Negan in the face, the rest of it never would’ve happened. 

Pushing that aside you’re acting as if it’s against the law to be mad at Daryl for something that he played a role in. Because whether you like it or not, that’s what happened. Daryl is not a saint. Daryl should be held accountable for his actions just as much as any other character on this goddamn show has been. I don’t have to coddle the fan favorite character just because it might hurt this fandom’s feelings. 

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i'm imagining some school event where the kids have to invite a parent and inko can't come, maybe work or something, and toshi is called away last minute for hero duty,so izuku doesn't have anyone. then, he finds out torino is coming and says "Gran-Gran is coming! Yay!" and people are wondering who Gran-Gran is when all of a sudden torino just lands in the middle of school, full hero-gear, and keeps saying"Am I late? Where's the little brat, I can't let him be lonely today."

oh my go sh

OK SO in this MHA au i like to think that Izuku has no idea that All Might is his dad. Toshi wants to keep his family safe. he doesn’t want what happened to Nana to happen to him, so he takes precautions in order to keep his son safe, so Izuku has no idea. the media also doesn’t know that All Might has a family either.

HOWEVER. Gran Torino has no such problems. he’s not as well known as the great All Might, so the fact that he’s Gran Torino is no secret to Izuku. 

but it does come as a surprise to Izuku’s classmates.

he just comes out of the fucking air and lands in a clearing near the gathering. there’s no crater on the floor or anything, b/c he can regulate his quirk that well. plus, property damage is costly. 

HOWEVER. his entrance is still goddamn dramatic and amazing. Torino looks around for Izuku, and suddenly this little giggling green head of hair is running towards him, and he picks the adorable kid up with a big smile on his face. Izuku and Torino share a super adorable hug before Izuku turns to the VERY STUNNED AND KIND F FRIGHTENED AUDIENCE full of kids and parents, and happily announces that this is his “Gran-Gran!!” and Gran Torino gives a big proud smile in response.

any kids who still had thoughts of bullying Izuku immediately decide, you know what? it’s just. not worth it. it’s just not worth it. nope.

Bakugou is pissed because Deku has a PRO HERO FOR A GRANDPA??? while he just has his lame normal parents

tho honestly, depending on when Toshi and Gran Torino entered Izuku’s life, it’s entirely possible Bakugou’s already met them before (Bakugou knew Izuku since he was 4 after all, and the bullying only started a while after that), so maybe Bakugou is less pissed and more annoyed b/c Deku’s dumb grandpa just had to show off

Izuku is either in Torino’s arms or holding his hand all day

he’s just. so happy