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Some of the best covers of songs by The Beatles

I Want to Hold Your Hand - Al Green

I just recently discovered this cover and it’s absolutely beast; gets me dancing all the time. I love the original but this is the only time where I actually think a Beatles cover is better than the original (please don’t kill me). I think this is also far better than any of Al Green’s original songs. To me, this cover sounds so fun and natural, it causes such a strong feeling of excitement in me.

Yesterday - Marvin Gaye

This for a long time has been one of my favourite covers, Marvin Gaye could literally seduce any man or woman with his voice.

Let it Be - Ray Charles

Although, some people probably prefer Ray’s live studio version. I prefer this pre-recorded version of ‘Let it Be’ because although it’s studio recorded; there is just something about it that sounds so natural that you would easily mistaken it for a live cover.

Imagine being the Winchesters' little sister and Dean getting pissed when your boyfriend decides to ignore you.

“Okay, now you’re really starting to worry me,” your brother, Dean, said as he walked past your bedroom door for the hundredth time today.

You cleared your throat in a hope to sound as normal as possible. “What do you mean?”

“I mean,” he began as he walked in to the room with his arms crossed, “that you’ve been sitting on your bed staring at your cellphone all day yesterday and all day today while trying to concentrate on the same book you’ve been reading for weeks now. You’re still on the same pages, Y/n. You’re trying to distract yourself from something, and don’t say you’re not because I do it too.”

Your recently glazed over eyes darted down to the book in your lap. He was right. You hadn’t been reading at all these past days but rather just staring at a sheet of paper with ink as you waited for the piece of technology in your hand to ding. “I’m waiting to see if he’ll text me,” you admitted.

Oh, now you had his attention. “Who?”

“M-My boyfriend.”

“Boyfriend!” The apple green eyes staring back at you grew wide in shock as worry and anger made their appearances. “When the hell did you get a boyfriend?”

Shrugging, you muttered, “tomorrow makes two weeks, but I don’t think we’re gonna last that long.” Hurt began to waver your voice so you stopped for a moment to recollect yourself. “He loved talking to me when we weren’t together, but now that he has me…he just ignores me. He even lied to me so I would think he was busy and wouldn’t text him.” Even though you tried to stop it, a small tear fell down your pale face. Ever since you got with this guy, he had done nothing but cause you stress and sadness. There was no appetite to be found in your body. Long, lonely, tear flooded nights was all you had plenty of. Ironically enough, the loneliness was stronger now than before becoming evolved in a relationship.   

Now, you weren’t much for relationships or love, but when you laid eyes on him you fell. Hard. For you, this was a huge step considering it was rare for you to become attached to person your age, but it only showed how much you actually loved him.

Dean nodded slowly as if he was contemplating a thought before he finished with a quick, sharp nod as he agreed with whatever thought was raging through his head. “Okay,” he said to himself rather than to you, “I’ll kill him.”

“What!” you shrieked. “Dean, don’t overreact. He’s just…busy or I’m just annoying or something. Besides, maybe he has something better to do.”

Firm hands clasped onto your shoulders forcing you to look up into flaming green eyes. “Y/n, don’t you ever talk about yourself like that. Ever! You are not annoying. That little punk doesn’t know what he is missing out on…or who he’s messing with.” He mumbled last part under his breath in hopes of you not catching on. “You need to tell him what he’s doing.”

“I don’t know, Dean. I’m okay…” you sighed.

“No, you’re not. That shit isn’t flying around here. Oh, hell, no. As long as Sam and I are alive no boy is going to mistreat you. Ever.”

ghostofqueernessyettocome  asked:

I'm sure you've probably addressed this before, but what do you think of the book All Yesterdays? There's a post that's been circulating about it and it looks interesting, but I don't really consider myself a dinosaur expert so for all I know it could be complete bullshit.

i’ve seen some stuff that’s in All Yesterdays, and i do really want to buy it but i never remember! but they did an All Your Yesterdays pdf book thing some time after? where they got people to submit their own ideas, and i got put in that B) i did this Ambulocetus painting: 

i think the idea of the books is amazing! there’s a huge problem of palaeoart being samey and boring, same old tropes and inaccuracies etc, so encouraging people to be creative (scientifically and within reason) and explore different ideas is absolutely invaluable to palaeontology as a whole, i really can’t praise it enough!

Finished! It’s always satisfying to peel back the masking tape and see those clean edges. I really enjoyed this painting as it gave me a way to meditate on being out in the wilderness, somewhere  I haven’t had the opportunity to be in years. <3

Also, thank you so much for all your feedback yesterday. It’s the best feeling to know that you’re enjoying the work I’m enjoying creating!
:: This painting will be part of @changelingartistcollective’s “Flora and Fauna” auction event, which starts on Monday! I’ll post a proper scan with a reminder then.


Last night’s livechat! Part one of two. Don’t get excited, we’re not watching Senshi Band, we’re just staring at my rotating wallpapers. Yes, that was the best I could think to do for my visuals.


betty mcrae + smile

for bettymcraae ~ you’re an amazing friend and person and i’m so happy to know you!! happy birthday!!!

Lou, I was reading all your worried nonnies yesterday (and every Day) and I realized they probably haven’t seen the “ unbuilt of a relationship”… Guys, to « unbuilt » (it’s not a real word but it means something for me)  a relationship you have to prove the 2 characters are better not together. I’ve seen a lot of show tried to do it and failed. But I will give you one example and EVERYTHING will become crystal clear : Owen and Cristina. Owen and Cristina were one of the most organic and painfull OTP I loved. The ship was so strong. They’ve done so much pain to each other’s and still we wanted them together cause they were incredible. So how separate them ? You have to “unbuilt” them. Cause you can’t, as a writer, just make them broke up and that’s all. These kind of things works for “little love stories”, but I’m talking about true love. And this you have to unbuilt. I won’t try to explain it cause I’m still not sure how Shonda did it but at the end, when Cristina leaves I was so sad and in the same time I understood. I wasn’t mad. My point here is Oliver and Felicity ARE organic. Believe me IF they want Olicity to stop being a ship they will have A LOT to unbuilt. So stop being afraid of little things (Susan, Tina, Billy…) , the writers are far from unbuilting them, in fact they do the exact opposite. It’s okay if you can’t see it, (I honestly can’t sometimes but I have decided that my faith will be in @louiseblue1 and @jbuffyangel word’s and guts ! They clearly understand the show way more easily than me, it’s so good to have them!)  But if you’re able to see the “bad” more than the “good” then trust your gut, and if you start to see some unbuilting, then you can ask yourselves the right question. There has been one unbuilt in Arrow and the ship wasn’t very powerful but the history was : LL/Oliver. They spend so much time to separate them. At the opposite, “little love” you have Sara, they just broke up and that was it. So until you can see some real unbuilt, just have your standard level of panic :) And if you can try to stay calm ! Think about the Pen proposal one year after the real proposal…ahem… just saying… Ps: sorry for my english level… Not my Mother language :s

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