all your fault :p

It’s all your fault
You called me beautiful
You turned me out
And now I can’t turn back
I hold my breath
Because you were perfect
But I’m running out of air
And it’s not fair

I would never pull the trigger
But I’ve cried wolf a thousand times
I wish you could
Feel as bad as I do
I have lost my mind

//From the SanPu fanmix [x] by @chefalier and myself. ^^  I didn’t know how accurate this one would end up being when I picked it. *laughs*

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The bed au!

Because SOMEONE had to make a non-ask into an ask …. :P

Blakk didn’t make caffa for him in the morning, but that was okay, because Der didn’t make caffa for him either.

The Imperial agent sat with a blanket wrapped around his shoulders, considering his personal, made-for-one mug of caffa very studiously, ignoring Der as he bustled around the kitchen and privately smirking at the memory of the inadvertent wall of pillows they’d ended up building between the two of them last night.  Or rather, Der had built.  Started, anyway.  It was just the one pillow Blakk had placed there to block his stupid face; Der had taken it to petty extremes.

A movement caught the corner of his eye, and he glanced up to see Der frowning at him.  He looked away as soon as his gaze met Blakk’s, and Blakk did the same, not wanting to see the idiot walking around with his shirt off.  Who did that, anyway.  Somebody trying to show off, that’s who.  Blakk didn’t need to see his toned waist or the rippling muscle across his back, or the way his shoulders bunched as he cracked eggs to make whatever stupid thing he was making.  He didn’t need to be reminded of just how solid and warm those muscles felt when he woke up gasping in the dark, heart racing from terrors that never went away, to find Der leaning over him with a similar kind of frown, pillow-wall forgotten, and -

Blakk jerked at the gentle touch of a hand to his forehead, as Der tucked a stray lock of hair behind his ear.

“Your hair.  Is annoying,” he said, shortly, before turning back to his cooking.

Blakk stared, blushing.  He could feel the phantom touch of Der’s fingers from last night, as they combed through his hair until he fell asleep, head unwittingly pillowed on the other’s chest.

He could still smell the other man’s cologne …

Blakk stiffened and jerked the blanket down from his face when he realized where the scent was probably coming from.  He took an impatient swig of the too-hot caffa, sitting ramrod straight when it burned going down his throat.

Frakking.  Hells.

A plate of food suddenly slammed down in front of him; he jumped.  Der took a seat on the opposite side of the small table with his own plate, beginning to eat without so much as a look or a word.  Blakk eyed the yellow, scrambled mess with suspicion.  He hadn’t asked for this.

“Bastard,” he muttered under his breath.  

After poking at it with the provided fork, he began to eat.  Der smirked.

The Flame and The Dame

Well, I’ve gone and done it now. For Clexa Week 2017 - The Flame and The Dame is up for your reading pleasure.  

Lexa Woods is a PI with a tragic past.  Clarke is a lounge singer whose best friend, ace reporter Raven Reyes, has disappeared while investigating a shadowy organisation involved with kidnapped scientists, mobsters and a mysterious object that might be creating its own reality.  

Together, Clarke and Lexa will find themselves caught up in a strange journey through the dangerous underground world of the Weather Men. Who are they - and what is The Flame?

Thanks to @femininenachos and NachoKru who inspired it.  If everyone hates it, it’s all your fault.  ;-p 

If anyone likes it, that’s probably your fault, too.  

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re: Lone Wolf and Cub - the tenement apartment that Bucky finds to hole up in is full of people who've been there and on one hand, they're not sure how involved they want to get but on the other hand... so bags full of kids clothes they don't need anymore and other odds and ends keep showing up in front of his door.

So the apartment where James B. Grant and his son end up staying is utterly multicultural.  

Instinctively, Bucky feels far more comfortable here, in this mix of cultures, ethnicities, languages and lifestyles, because it reminds him of the old neighborhood in Brooklyn.

It reminds him of home.    

He is both Bucky Barnes and the Soldier now, reclaiming that part of himself that HYDRA had stolen from him.   He can’t claim the name of Bucky Barnes openly, at least not yet, but that he knows who he is and what he’d been - that was enough of a start.

So here, in his new home, he tries to live quietly enough and he is cordial to the neighbors, because part of it is old, ingrained courtesy and the other is the cold calculation of the Soldier, needing to blend in naturally.  And it’s all, of course, to protect the baby.  So he offers to help Mrs. Goldman with her groceries, chats amiably in Cantonese with Mr. Li, playfully flirts with Miss Vida Boheme and tries not to growl when all and sundry coo at baby Misha.

And of course, of course, the Filipinos adopt Bucky first.

Really, it’s because his next door neighbors are Maricel and Leah, the newlyweds who have both their extended families living in the building as well.  And Maricel’s beloved Nanay is visiting from the Philippines.  Nanay’s English is minimal, as she had never even finished elementary school.  Though her children are fiercely proud that she had managed to rear them all to adulthood through sheer guts and hard work.   She had been delighted and relieved to find an Amerikano who spoke Tagalog so well and promptly concluded that Bucky - who she’d christen Tisoy - was half Filipino on his Mother’s side, for of course, how else could he speak the native language so well?

It’s not long before she also deduces that Bucky must be all alone in this world and kawawang anak (poor child), that he and his little one had no one else to turn to.  So she promptly adopts them, dotes on her boys, makes sure the little one gets a steady supply of baby clothes and toys from hand me downs and plies them with good home-cooked meals - her famous menudo and adobo and invites them over for breakfast tapsilog.  

Maricel, of course, dryly comments, “Nanay, are you sure this isn’t because you just want an apo with blonde hair and blue eyes?”

It’s not that Nanay lacks for grandchildren - Maricel’s siblings are all married and have children of their own, running and laughing and playing and calling Bucky “Uncle Tisoy.”   And Leah’s own nephews and nieces are happy to call Nanay as Lola.  

Nanay huffs and urges Bucky to have more of her menudo.  

Leah giggles.  “Pagbigyan mo na si Nanay sa kanyang crush."  (Indulge Mom and her crushing.)

Bucky blushes.

Nanay huffs again and waves her cooking sandok (ladle) threateningly.  "Heh!  Mga walanghiya kayo!”  

It’s Nanay who urges Bucky to have Misha’s binyag (baptism) and soon.  It’s really less about Catholic religion and more of elders’ wisdom - to put the child in the grace of God and the protection of His angels and ward away evil spirits.   She’s seen how carefully and lovingly he watched over the frail-looking child, even as he slept, carefully counting every breath.  

He doesn’t tell her that once upon a time, he used to do this for another boy, with the same blonde hair and blue eyes, the same stubborn set to what should be a delicate chin.  That over the years that they had both grown up together, he has memories of curling his body around that smaller frame, his cheek against that hair, one arm closed protectively over that waist.  That he’d stolen soft kisses from the back of his neck and his shoulder, whispered promises that he couldn’t let the other boy hear in the light of day.  

Steve Rogers had not died on Bucky’s watch.  He’d make sure that this little one would be the same.  

Maricel tries to reason with her mother:  “Nanay, we don’t even know if he’s Catholic!”

Bucky surprises them and himself when he admits, “Yes, I am Catholic.”

So it’s Leah who talks to her cousin the parish priest and Bucky is quietly relieved that he’d already taken the precaution of laying down the paperwork establishing his and the baby’s identities.   He protests that they don’t really need a big celebration - while he’s raided HYDRA’s accounts for money, he knows he and the little one need to keep a very low profile.  

Nanay shakes her head.  They might not be all that well off but they’d manage.  They’d done so before over the years - for her own children and her grandchildren - and they’d do it again.  Bucky insists on giving her the grocery money and Nanay coordinates a party that pretty much has everyone in the building in attendance.  

Nanay might not be the baby’s biological grandmother but Bucky decides that godmother would be the next best thing, making Nanay tear up with joy.  

Mikhail was the name he’d originally given to the baby HYDRA had coldly designated as Subject 07.   Misha would be the diminutive he’d call him by, crooning lullabies and comfort when the baby grew fretful.   In Russia, his patronymic might be Stefanovic or Yakovic.  But this is America so Michael it is - for the Archangel Michael, patron saint of soldiers, a protector that this child needed so badly.  

On the child’s baptismal certificate, his name would appear as Michael Rogers Grant.  

It would do for now.  

- end -

Note:  Again, tygermama this is all totally your fault. :P

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Ryoma, Ryoga, Tokugawa, Kintarou's crush (female) trying to confess to them and when she does they don't take it seriously until she starts crying because she’s thinking they reject them. Happy ending please?

It had taken you so much courage to finally confess to your crush. You weren’t sure if he reciprocates your feelings, but you just had to get it off your chest and there was still the chance he would feel the same, right?  After rushing out your confession you shyly looked down at your shoes, not daring to look at his reaction. Your had the feeling that your heart was beating out of your chest until you heard his laughter ring through the air “Yeah, yeah. Very funny (Name)-chan. Now seriously what did you want to tell me?” You heart painfully clenched when you looked up at his laughing face, tears already starting to make their way down your cheek.


Ryoma’s laughter stopped abruptly when he spotted the tears streaming down your cheeks, a look of pure hurt in your eyes.

“You are serious?”

Shit. He had never expected you to actually feel the same for him and now he messed up.

You only nodded curtly before turning on your heels, trying to scurry away from him, but you didn’t get far. Ryoma swiftly grabbed your arm pulling you into his chest. Somehow awkwardly, but nonetheless gently, Ryoma stroked over your hair. Now you were utterly confused. Willing your tears to a stop you pathetically pushed against his chest.

“W-What are you doing?”

Ryoma groaned and suddenly he lightly grasped your chin, tilting your head until his lips softly brushed across yours.

“Does that answer your question?”

Your lips tingled even when the contact was only short and you unconsciously touched your lips before stuttering “N-Not really.”

Sighing Ryoma pulled you back into his arms “I’m an idiot, okay? I didn’t take it seriously because I didn’t expect you to feel the same for me. Happy now?”

With a small laugh you wrapped your arms around Ryoma’s torso, returning the hug “Yes.”

You tilted your head back until you could rest your chin on Ryoma’s chest and look up at him with a smirk “I’ll let you walk me home today to make up for it.”

Ryoma smirked right back and lightly flicked your forehead “I would have walked you home anyway, idiot.”

You lightly smack Ryoma’s chest “Hey! You said you are an idiot not me.”

Ryoma only laughed and grabbed your hand to pull you along with him “Come on, let’s go home or I’m leaving you here.”


Ryoga almost doubled over with laughter until he heard a small sniffle coming from you. He jerked his head up just in time to see you angrily wipe away your tears.

“You are such a dick, Ryoga! You could have just told me that you don’t have feelings for me instead of making fun of me!”

Ryoga’s eyes widened, slowly realizing that you really were in love with him. He had dreamed about that moment, but he had to be an idiot and fuck it up.

Quickly he reached out to cup your face, brushing your tears away with his thumbs.

“Oh no, no, no. Come on, baby girl. Don’t cry… No, no, please stop.”

Why was he so nice to you after making fun of your feelings just a few seconds ago? That made it only hard to deal with his rejection.

You tried to glare at Ryoga through your tears “Why do you even care?!”

Ryoga’s face suddenly turned serious, completely different from his usual easy-going grin. His thumb continued to tenderly caress your cheekbone when he replied with a husky voice.

“I always care about you (Name)-chan. Always. You got it all wrong.”

Confused you tilted your head, blinking up at Ryoga. Ryoga sent you a honest smile, letting his hand drop from your cheek to grab your hand.

“Honestly, I didn’t think someone like you would ever fall in love with someone like me, so I thought you were joking. I’ve been in love with you for years. I mean you are the most adorable girl in the world, who wouldn’t fall in love with you? So if you let me I’d like to take you out on a date. We can do whatever you want.”

A small blush had spread across Ryoga’s cheeks when he hopefully looked at you and you couldn’t help, but giggle “Okay. I guess I’ll take you up on the offer.”


It was unusual for Tokugawa to laugh, but that only made it hurt more. Did he really think your feelings were so ridiculous.  Tokugawa looked down at you, his eyes widening when he saw the tears running down your cheeks.

Tokugawa almost comically flailed his arms, reaching out to touch your face, but stopping a few inches before he actually made contact.

“D-Don’t cry… n-no… please. I… I didn’t know you really felt that way. I’m so sorry…”

You could barely understand his stuttering and only started to cry harder, thinking he only felt bad about rejecting you.

Tokugawa made a strangled noise before awkwardly patting your head “P-Please, stop crying. It’s all my fault for reacting  in such a foolish way. J-Just give me the time to explain.”

He seemed so desperate and so regretful you nodded your head. It took you some time to calm down enough to stop your tears, but the look in Tokugawa’s eyes made you want to know what he was going to tell you.

After you had calmed down a bit Tokugawa cleared his throat, shyly shuffling on his feet.

“U-Uhm. I r-really didn’t want to make you cry. I just couldn’t believe you have feelings for me. It was never my intention to hurt you. In fact… in fact I have… I have feelings for you as well. I know you might be angry at me right now, for not realizing the truth behind you words and I really apologize for that, but …”

Completely panicked Tokugawa wanted to continue his rambling, but before he could get out another word you grabbed his collar, pulling him to your height until your could press your lips against his, effectively shutting off his rambling.

Tokugawa froze fore a moment, but it didn’t take long until he shyly wrapped an arm around your waist, pulling you closer. When you pulled back his usually pale cheeks were flushed red and you couldn’t resist pecking his lips again.

“I forgive you, Kazuya-kun.”


Kintaro was gasping for air, unable to control his laughter. It took him several seconds to realize that you weren’t laughing with him.

Confused he tilted his head to look at you. He was only able to catch a glimpse of the tears streaming down your cheeks before you whipped around, running away from him.

Still confused he stared after you until it hit him You’ve actually been serious. You actually feel the same for him and he couldn’t do anything better than laugh at your confession after being too chickened to confess himself.

When the realization finally settled in he darted after you, quickly catching up. He tried to call out to you, but you only ran faster.

Picking up speed as well Kintaro leaped on your back. You were unable to support his weight and tumbled down with a yelp, Kintaro falling right on top of you.

He slowly rolled you around until he was hovering over you, looking at you licked a kicked puppy. “I’m so so so soooo sorry, (Name)-chan! I thought you were only joking, but I really love you too! I like you sooo much.”

Your cheeks were still wet with tears, but Kintaro’s eyes sparkled with an almost childlike honesty and you were sure he was speaking the truth, so a small smile started to spread across your face.

Kintaro grinned right back and nuzzled his nose against yours.

“(Name)-chan is so pretty when she’s smiling.”

You giggled shyly, a blush heating up your face “T-Thank you, but could you please get off, you are crushing me.”

He quickly scrambled off of you and gently helped you back on your feet with a sheepish smile.

“Does that mean you are my girlfriend now?”

Laughing you pecked Kintaro’s cheek, making him blush, but grin with pride.

“I would love to be your girlfriend.”

TCC Playlist (updated) ❤️

Older - Birdy

Near to you - A fine Frenzy

Almost lover - A fine frenzy

Nicest thing - Kate Nash

Irrelevant - Lauren Aquilina

Gravity - Sara Bareilles

Little do you know - Alex and Sierra

Don’t stand so close to me - The Police

Creep - Radiohead

It’s all your fault - P!nk

Can’t forget you - my darkest days

Stuck on you - New Politics

A drop in the ocean - Ron Pope

Parachute - Cheryl Cole

Chasing pavements - Adele

All I want-Kodaline

In my veins- Andrew Belle

I found- Amber run

I wouldn’t mind- he is we

Ever fallen in love- the stuff Dylan’s (my preferred version)

Who wants to live forever- Queen

Hurts like hell- Fleurie

9 crimes-Damien Rice

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Firstly, I LOVE your Malcolm Tucker!Twelve/Rose fic. It's awesome. And hot. Secondly, as a consequence of these fics...I find myself not just wanting the smut but the whole relationship. Jealous Malcolm. Irritated because Ollie is flirting with Rose Malcolm. Rose angsting over the fobwatch situation. Malcolm/Rose hurt-comfort. I ship it hard. And it's all your fault. :P

After the sad demonstration of weak wills commonly called a meeting, Malcolm opened his office door to find Ollie loitering at Rose’s desk.

“You’re new here, right?” Ollie was asking, and Malcolm narrowed his eyes.  Neither of them had noticed him yet, so he waited, blatantly eavesdropping on his new PA.  "You started the same time as Tucker.“

"Yeah,” she said, looking up from her computer with a smile.  "Yeah, I did.“

"God, I dunno what I’d do as his PA,” Ollie said with feeling.

Get fired within four hours, Malcolm thought.  Or piss yourself.  Probably both.

“He’s not so bad,” Rose said.  Malcolm’s lips twitched, and he nearly smacked himself.

No shagging the PA.

“He’s fucking terrifying,” Ollie replied, and then Malcolm did smile, in a sort of predatory way.  "Anyway, I was wondering, since you’re…you know…new and all..if you’d…like to have lunch with me?“  He half sat on her desk, then straightened again, twitchy little ferret that he was.  "I could…show you around?”

The grin dropped from Malcolm’s face immediately.  He might not be able to fuck her–not that he wanted to, just a formality–but Ollie definitely wasn’t going to.

“Oh…Um…I should tell you, Ollie, I’m sort of seeing someone.”

“Oh.  Oh, right, yeah, no, of course,” Ollie stammered quickly, already backing up.  "Yeah, no, it was just as…you know…friends, but yeah–“

He stopped abruptly when he backed straight into Malcolm, then wheeled around and backed up again when he saw Malcolm’s glare.

"Ollie, are you hitting on my fucking PA?” he demanded.  "Badly?“

"Nuh-no, sir, of course not–”

“Of course you weren’t hitting on her?  Or of course you weren’t completely fucking cocking it up?”

“Suppose you could do better?” Rose asked, her tongue poking out a bit from her teeth as she smiled at him.  It was different from that friendly receptionist smile that she gave everyone else, and he tried to ignore the strange, alien things it did to him.

“In my sleep,” he assured her before turning back to Ollie.  "What even made you think she was remotely fucking interested?“

"Sh-well, she sort of…smiled at me.”

Malcolm stared at him.  "She smiled at you.  And that means her knickers must be soaked at the thought of you, yes?“

"Nuh-no, sir–”

“She smiles at trouser snake that enters this office,” Malcolm reminded him curtly.  "It’s because she’s fucking nice, not fucking desperate.“

"It’s fine,” Rose said.  "Honestly.“

"It’s not, but I can’t be arsed to do anything more,” Malcolm snapped.  "Because there’s actually work to be done that doesn’t involve your primary school attempts to get your dick wet.  Get the fuck out.“  Ollie sprinted off then, and Malcolm shook his head as he turned back to Rose.  "I need you in my office.”

“Yes, sir,” she said, picking up a steno book and following him.  "Out of curiosity, who’s getting their dick wet in primary school?“

"I said ‘attempts’.”


“Are you really seeing someone?” he asked as she closed the door.  "Or was that a brush off?“

"I–it’s sort of…complicated,” she said, avoiding his gaze as he stepped closer.

“Just so you’re aware,” he said quietly.  "If it ever becomes…uncomplicated…I’ll take you to dinner.  Because a woman as beautiful and as bright as you deserves better than complicated…and a fuckton better than Ollie.“

She grinned up at him, that tongue touched smile again.  "Was that you showing off your chat up skills?”

“No,” he said, stepping away again.  "But you’ve got to admit…better than Ollie’s.“


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Undertale reminds me a lot of RWBYquest. the music, the general aesthetic, some of the monsters, some plot & parallels, the barrier thing... so it's nice playing Undertale and getting to feel like I'm coming home again even after RQ is over.

Hhaha oh man I love that - im rly into undertale and love everything about it so thats a p big compliment to me !!! Throw that dome down get yourself a sick sports car

Tho I was warming up earlier and this ask was all I could think about, so this is your fault now i guess :P <3

[bergentrückung loops in the distance]

Off To The Races - Lana Del Rey 
Take Me To Church - Sofia Karlberg 
Vampire Smile - Kyla La Grange 
Young God [Explicit] - Halsey 
I Can’t Stay Away - The Veronicas 
American Beauty/American Psycho - Fall Out Boy 
It’s All Your Fault - P!nk 
Toxic - Britney Spears 
Grenade - Alexa Goddard 
Irresistible - Fall Out Boy 
Strange Love - Halsey