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Hey!! I’m back!!! I’m pretty inactive lately because of school and stuff but I’ll try to update everything.

I want to wish all the writers an AWESOME day! It’s our day after all! You all have been writing amazing fics, making me cry and laugh with your stories. I can feel all the emotions you want to make the reader feels and that’s amazing. When an author can do that, you have no idea how much it means, our point is to involve the reader into the drama, smut, fluffy and others. Not ignoring the fact that we want to make you guys happy, distract from problems and feel better. We want to be the ones with open arms to receive you and make everyone a family.

I want to thank everyone for all the comments I’ve received about my fics, very instructive and the kind of comments and compliments that make my day brighter. I love everyone of you! Thank you for the support and for staying by my side. I couldn’t wish better people. You’re all kind, beautiful and perfect on your own way, so never let anyone say the opposite. I also want to thank all the writers for everything they make us feel (not when I feel sad though haha jk).

I’ll leave a list here of the writers that should be mentioned, they totally deserve it! (And I want you to guys to know that the blog that inspired me to write was deleted, so if you’re the writer… I can’t say how much I’m thankful for reading your fics) And sorry if I forget someone haha Love you all!!

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ENJOY YOUR DAY!!!! 😊😄 xoxo ~Gabi

Fanfic Writer Appreciation Day!!!

In honor of this magnificent occasion, I am going to give you a short, definitely not comprehensive list of some of the authors and fics I appreciate and you definitely should be reading right now. If you have read them, read them again because they are wonderful - and leave the author a lovely comment while you’re at it!

@c00kie28 has so many amazing AUs and her prose is exceptional. It’s hard to know which to pick but here are a few to start with (BUT READ THEM ALL):

Between Here and There, in which Leslie and Andy are siblings and Ben can’t keep his hands off her. Also, feels.

Skate to Your Heart, in which Benji likes to skateboarder and kiss Leslie with a tongue ring.

@nutriyumaddict never fails to make me laugh out loud and sigh with warm fuzzies, has so many great fics, ficlets and drabbles (and you should read all of them). If you’re looking for a place to start, read these:

Get On Board Campaign bus sexy adorableness.

How to Opposite of Break Up With Someone  Pre-break up feels and lots of sweetness.

@ashishorny tells her stories in such a detailed, rich way and you should read all of her stuff, but to name a few…

Secret Meetings in which Ben is a congressman and Leslie is an intern and sexiness ensues.

Cigarettes, Snowflakes and Christmas Miracles which is just one of those fics I can’t help read over and over again.

@benwyattforcongress writes fluff and drama so well and has such creative ideas and you should definitely give them a read!

The Boy Three Houses Down is a lovely growing up together AU that you definitely need in your life.

The Best Feeling in the World which is another wonderful college AU that was written for my birthday and holds a special place in my heart.

This post is cheesy and I know I’ve only mentioned a small number of fics but these authors are wonderful and should receive all the praise and adoration on Fanfic Appreciation Day.


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I'm the op of that ace flag post and a literal minor and you've attracted the attention of over a hundred people who are reblogging your funny little addition to my post and are writing some awful things in the tags. I don't know how old you are but if you're an adult maybe fucking check someone's blog for their age before commenting on how stupid those damn aphobes are lol. I was making a joke and now because of you I'm having to deal with people in my notes having a big fucking laugh at me...

If anyone is sending you rude messages or harassing you then I’m sorry. I never intended for that to happen.

However your “joke” wasn’t funny. It was hurtful and invalidating. And maybe I took it a little too personally but it literally erased both the lesbian and the ace parts of my identity by implying all aces are straight.

Love Hurts Before it Satisfies

Chapter 39, Part 2 ~ London ~ December 26, 1992

A/N:  Hi readers - once again, a big thank you for following this fic since it first posted in late October 2015.  It’s a bittersweet post for me.  So happy to have put an ending to it, but this story is very special to me…it’s always hard to let things let go, even if it’s something as simple as a fantasy in this little hobby world of mine.  Your kind comments and encouragement have meant the world to me.  I’ve already thanked everyone I need to, but once again - @firethatgrewsolow - l might have written this, but not sure I would’ve posted without you!  Looking forward to more hysterics (laughing & crying) over @superstarfiction and certainly lots more Rob.  All right…here we go.  xoxoJM

“Cause the first thing in the morning, the last thing at night, I just want to hold you babe, and make you feel all right…”

As Carrie descended the stairs, a perplexed looking Jimmy greeted her at the bottom.

“Where’s Charlotte?  Juliette?” he asked, seemingly concerned.

“Juliette needed changing and Charlotte asked to do it,” Carrie said.

“Really?  Jesus, Carrie, it’s been years since-“

“Oh, it’s fine.  She’ll be fine.  A mother doesn’t forget these things.”

He sensed a slight…annoyance or perhaps agitation?… about her.  He reached out, hugged her tightly, and felt her relax, when his arms wrapped her up.  “Wot’s got you upset, love?  Charlotte?”

“It’s fine.  She just wanted to see your baby, you know?  It was important to her.”

“You think so?” he asked.

This was premeditated, Carrie.  She wanted you to see her as…virtuous…above all that’s happened in the past.  She knew if she called, I would’ve said no to her showing up today.  But dear Charlotte likes control, especially proving her particular skill in this arena to me…nothing’s changed.

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Happy Fanfiction Writers Appreciation Day!

Okay my darlings, I just want to tell you something.
You are all awesome! Your writing makes me smile. Or cry. Or laugh. Sometimes I can’t stop thinking about your fics because they are SO GOOD. I know I am a lazy bum and I don’t write comments often enough but please remember I read your works and love them.
Please stay awesome. Please write more. Please be creative.
Lots of love,

@lolahardy, @earlgreytea68, @nerdwithapen, @involuntaryorange, @chasingriversong, @seasonsofjohnlock, @hollowistheworld, @luniak, @janniezbedny, @lydia-st-james, @flosculatory, @iamanonniemouse, @hypermenestras, @ronanlynchisneversleepingagain, @blacktofade, @bookshop, @knitbelove, @fahye, and many many more.
You all rock!

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I don't mean to bother or anything, just ramble a bit.I couldn't help but to see the anon hate and your response made me feel so good because ever since elementary school I was a fat girl and people bullied me and my mom just used to tell me that when I grew up I wouldn't be that way and kids shouldn't ever laugh at me, so I grew up but didn't get thinnier and my mom tried not to comment on it, but my grandma did and she makes me feel ashamed of myself all the time and I just want to thank you

I understand that situation completely, ‘oh your face’ll thin out with age’ ‘oh it’s just baby fat’ and the off handed comments that they don’t realise and sometimes do realise are hurting you!

You are beautiful. You are fat and beautiful and don’t ever let your grandmother make you feel ashamed of that! You’re honestly not bothering me, quite the opposite it’s amazing to hear that i’ve made someone feel good, that i’ve made them fee great about their body and themselves! <3 xx

It’s fanfic writer’s appreciation day, so I’m gonna appreciate some of my favourite fanfic writers.

@posingasme, you are incredible. I adore every fic you write, from your heartfelt Sastiel to your insightful gen fics. Nothing you write is ever bad and when you reply to my comments, you make me smile.

@tenoko1 I’ve been reading your fics and listening to your podfics practically forever. You’re amazing at what you do. Somehow you can make me smile, laugh and cry all in the space of one short prompt fic.

@aria-lerendeair @fangirl-litra I’ve listened to the Sex, Stanford and a Sweetshop ‘verse podfics about twelve million times, and I’ve read/listened to tonnes of each of your individual stuff as well. You make everything come alive, whether it’s in your reading of a story, or your writing, and you never fail to impress me.

@holydarkhallelujah every post you make makes me happy, regardless of if it’s a sentence or a 10k fic. You’re so full of creativity, it inspires me.

There are a million other people I could write about here, but you have all played a major part in my love of fic and my creation of this blog, so to all of you, thank you with all my heart.

- Fox

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It's one in the morning and I am going to wake my entire house up I'm laughing so hard

2) I am actually crying at your blog- your comments make them 100 times funnier! You’re the best ☺️☀️ 3) I love all your posts. They cheered me up after what happened to me today!

thank you everyone 😊😊😊

i don’t express my love much, but i just gotta say i can’t appreciate all of you enough. Seriously everyone ive met on here have been so great. Thank you all for your nice comments and for talking to me. Truly you are all such legends, and all of your tags make me laugh really hard. Anyway enough of that, just thank you all for making me a happier person.

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Gio, your responses to the archenemy going on in your all box are making me laugh! Like, it's so funny. I love the princess comment! Lol! Love your blog! 😚

thank you babe I love you too 😘

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Could I have a ship with the marauders era and the golden era please? I'm a Ravenclaw, 5'8. I have blonde hair and blue/grey eyes. I also wear glasses. I love reading books and poems and I'm usually quite shy, but I'm very loud and goofy when I'm with my friends. I'm very sarcastic once you get to know me and make a lot of stupid jokes.

Marauders era: Frank Longbottom

Frank would fall in love with your goofy side and he’d laugh at all your stupid jokes. His laugh would light up your days. He’d try to make a sarcastic comment whenever you used sarcasm, but he’d fail. You wouldn’t mind though. He’d love your blue/grey eyes and he’d like to cuddle.

Originally posted by queengallaghr

Golden trio era: Cedric Diggory

Cedric would notice you reading alone and he’d approach you. “What are you reading?” *blushing* ”Er- a poem” “Really? You like poetry?” *nods*. Next day you’d find a note with a few verses asking you out on a date. He’d be surprised when you got all loud, for he had only known your shyness, but he’d like you even more.

Originally posted by your-harry-potter-imagines

instead of...[said #1]

He said, she said, they said, it’s all very vague. Here’s a humble little list of words to say instead of said to help make your writing more colorful. 

  • laughed
  • snickered
  • stated
  • admitted
  • bellowed
  • agreed
  • suggested
  • squeaked
  • squealed
  • sighed
  • nagged
  • added
  • asked
  • inquired
  • growled
  • croaked
  • cried
  • chattered
  • cheered
  • brayed
  • explained
  • began
  • gasped
  • fretted
  • whispered
  • wept
  • wailed
  • moaned
  • objected
  • sassed
  • roared
  • raved
  • barked
  • yapped
  • stuttered
  • stammered
  • coughed
  • jeered
  • boomed
  • snorted
  • sputtered
  • hissed
  • lied
  • informed
  • vowed
  • chortled
  • remarked
  • reported
  • rejoiced
  • begged
  • bawled
  • fumed
  • sang
  • joked
  • exclaimed
  • wondered
  • insisted
  • dictated
  • quaked
  • acknowledged
  • grunted
  • cackled
  • commented
  • announced

If there are any others you’d like to add to the list just let me know, but I think this is a good starter for words to say instead of said.

Last night, two old men sat across me on the tube openly mocked and laughed at a guy wearing a turban who then looked so uncomfortable and went bright red…they then proceeded to make homophobic remarks towards me and my mate to which the whole carriage pretty much responded “we can all hear what you’re both saying you know - show some respect to all of these people and keep your nasty comments to yourself” never seen anyone fall so silent in my life. 🙏 thank you community.

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I wanted to know if you would ship me with got7, bts, and seventeen. I'm 5'9, I really like skateboarding, musical theater, fashion, and I'm really awkward and shy with new people, but once people get to know me I'm super loud, crazy, and sarcastic. I love dad jokes and puns and I think I'm super funny. I say things like fight me all the time and I'm a bit of a geek. Thanks 😊

Hello! I really don’t know Seventeen (yet) so I’m sorry but I can’t ship you with one of them :/

But from GOT7, I ship you with Bambam:

Bambam would love your crazy and loud side. He would also love to hear your sarcastic comments and would annoy you just to make you let out one. I can imagine him making a lot of dad jokes just to make you laugh about how bad they are. I also believe that Bambam would want a funny partner so you would be great. 

From BTS, I ship you with Yoongi:

Your interests in skateboarding and fashion would be great in his eyes. I feel like Yoongi would love to hear you making sarcastic comments on stupid things his members say. I think just like everyone, Yoongi loves to laugh as well. That means that he would love listening to you making funny jokes.