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I just really fucking love you and I’m so fucking glad that you walked into my life when you did. I was turning into someone that I hated and you helped me find my true self again. Before you I was constantly sad and now those sad days are becoming less and less frequent and before you I was beginning to lose all faith in love. I always try to put into words how much you mean to me and how much I need you but I just can’t. You’re like water. It sounds stupid but just let me explain. People need a certain amount of water daily or whatever to survive and I need you daily in order to get through the day or “survive”. I don’t know what I would do without your insanely ridiculous comments making me laugh all throughout the day or your sleepy voice keeping me up for hours at a time. Water takes up a majority of the percentage of the body and your love practically consumes me. I could start listing all these cliches like “I need you like I need oxygen” or “you’re the light at the end of the tunnel”, all of which are accurate but are very much cliches. I want to compare you to something original but nothing I think of seems to capture how truly amazing you are, even if you don’t see it. I wish that for at least just one day you could see yourself the way I see you and maybe then you’ll finally understand why I’m so tongue tied all the time. I’m just so infatuated by each and every part of you. I’m falling harder and harder for you with every day that passes and with every moment I spend with you. This love we have is already something so magnificent and I know it’s going to continue to grow into something so goddamn incredible. I love you with all my heart
—  August 19th

Ghost Adventures: YouTube Edition

Oh my god, I was honestly not expecting to hit 5,000 followers today! You guys are so amazing. I’m sorry this took so long to post; I wasn’t prepared. XD Holy hell, five thousand people is a lot of people! I am so, so appreciative that you all let me be a part of your dash, and that my nonsense is able to make you laugh. It’s my absolute favorite thing in the universe. <3 Your kind tags and comments mean the world to me. :3

Thanks to my friend @initiala for this idea. Tis the season for spoopy!

Dear Future Girlfriend,

Please prepare yourself for:
• random thoughts and rants
• my crazy beliefs that I talk about till your face is blue
• unexplained hyperness
• blanket fort building
• long talks about nothing and everything
• mess ups
• a journey while I’m figuring myself out
• helping me to give the courage and strength to hold your hand in public and show everyone I love a woman
• nervousness because I’ve never been with someone like you
• breaking down a guarded wall protecting me
• kiss attacks
• catching me staring and smiling at you for no reason
• sarcastic comments to show you I care
• raspberries in the middle of kissing
• laughing at my awkwardness
• but most of all, being treated like a princess and loved because lord knows I’ve waited a long time to be able to date you and I’m going to make sure you know you’re appreciated!


Fairy Tail Chapter 420 Reaction

Look at that! You all laughed at me when I said that Wendy was going to join Lamia Scale!  Now who’s laughing! 

Some points I wanted to talk about (Feel free to delete the comments)

  • I know some people are disappointed in gru.via not being there but I for one am glad. Juvia and I guess gray too needs a dynamic entrance! Not just simply being there at lamia scale! 
  • I’m sad I didn’t get to see any Re.rry. I feel like I’m the only person who ships them.
  • Can we please make Lyon a meme? Every time your favorite character embarrasses themselves, we need to have Lyon there to drag them off.
  • HUMAN CARLA!?!?!?!This is unholy!!!!!! Up is down, down is up, left is right, and right is nonexistent in this messed up world.

It makes me laugh that during the Nico Nico Wonderland talk when someone in the comments asked “What colour are your panties?” Lon was like "Ah… the colour of my panties?“ and before she could answer, Kogeinu, Inotan, vipTenchou & 96neko were all freaking out saying in English ”No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No!”

But when it comes to Soraru, he’s always like “Yes, hurry up and tell me what colour are your panties” wwwwwwww

BTS Reaction to you speaking with multiple languages in one sentence

Anonymous Requested: Heyy~ Bangtan’s reaction when their multilingual s/o has the habit to talk with multiple languages in one sentence XDD”

A/N: sorry i kept this short qq i’m trying to get through all of the requests


Jin finally comes out of his room after ten minutes of you waiting. Expecting much, he wears the most ugliest pink sweater you have ever laid your eyes on. You make a comment about that in several languages, unconsciously. He looks at you, confused since he was only able to comprehend two words in your whole sentence. “Did you just call me handsome?” He asks jokingly.

You laugh, “Totally.”

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Yoongi and you are eating out together, but then you realize that you forgot your phone back at his place! You curse under your breath, a mix of languages coming out and he stares at you blankly.

He shakes his head while chewing, “I don’t even need to know those languages to know what you just said.”

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Hoseok rings your doorbell, a surprise awaiting you at such an early time in the morning. He keeps on ringing it until you answer and you greet him with a trilingual sentence.

He freezes and holds an awkward smile in place since he has no idea what you just said, “Um, yes?”

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Namjoon paces back and forth in his studio as he tries to figure out how to translate this sentence into another language. He slides his phone out of his pocket and dials your number.

You pick up, “Hello?”

“Ah, Y/N, how do you say ‘lock me up because loving you is a crime’ in-”

You cut him off. Too busy eating and enjoying your food, you translate his line into a mix of two languages then hang up.

Namjoon blinks a few times, what?

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Jimin was looking for his shirt that he left at your place last week. Unable to locate it, he asks you where it is. You tell him it’s hanging in the bathroom, but since you’re occupied your habit of speaking multiple languages in a single sentence slipped out.

He looks at you, “Um, 어디?”

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You get all comfy in your bed sheets and excited to finally get a whole night’s worth of rest. Then Taehyung texts you. You ignore it for two minutes and then you receive a call. Hesitantly, you pick it up and greet him, your voice sounding more tired than usual.

“Y/N!” He exclaims your name, “Let’s go and get some food!”

You comment in several languages about how it’s the dead of the night and how you want to sleep before hanging up.

He calls you again, but you switch your phone back on silent.

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Jungkook and you were practicing for a new dance together, but you just can’t seem to get that one move down! It’s so simple, yet you keep tripping your own foot or accidentally whacking Jungkook.

You curse in multiple languages and he looks at you, laughing.

“What? You understood what I said?” You ask in a surprised tone.

“No, but it might have been funny.”

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I love simblrs.  I really do, I love logging into tumblr & seeing the happiness this game gives to everyone in the same way it does me!  I love how this game I’ve been playing for so many years continues to bring so much joy, frustration, obsession & laughter into everyone’s lives!  It’s amazing how this series brings us all together from all over the world.  <3  I just really love that!

  • Converse.
  • Matching chokers.
  • Taking very aesthetically pleasing pictures.
  • You sitting on his lap as he works.
  • Late nights in the studio.
  • Learning new languages together.
  • Recommending songs to each other.
  • Recommending books to each other.
  • Him wanting you to sing on one of his songs.
  • Lots of PDA.
  • You taking his clothes.
  • OOTD.
  • shopping dates.
  • Him kissing you all over.
  • Cuddling. To much of it.
  • Him laying his head on your stomach while taking naps.
  • Him picking you up and throwing  you over his shoulder.
  • Watching movies all night long.
  • Netflix and chill. ;)
  • “Stop staring at me Namjoon!”
  • “Sorry, your just so damn sexy.”
  • Him spoiling you.
  • Dirty comments.
  • Him talking about the future.
  • Late night calls.
  • Stripping for him on facetime.
  • Kissing his beautiful plump lips.
  • Him always wanting to have you in his arms.
  • Looking up at him.
  • You taking off his glasses to kiss him all over.
  • Him holding your hand tightly.
  • Flowers.
  • “Babygirl.”
  • Rap battles.
  • Him freestyling about you to make you smile.
  • Quoting Korean dramas to make you laugh.
  • Selcas. To many to count.
  • #Kimcoupledaily.
  • “Daddy.”
  • Fixing hat he breaks.
  • Singing horribly loud in the car.
  • Tickle fights that lead to sex.
  • Rough sex.
  • Him teasing you in public.
  • Him bragging about how great you are.
  • Dancing around your apartment.
  • His english.
  • “I want to make you Mrs. Kim.”
  • Over all head over heals in love with you. He would put his all in the relationship and would do anything if not everything for you.

Enjoy my pretties :))


Thank you so SO much for following me! Despite the drop in my updates, I am truly surprised that this blog was still getting attention.

I don’t know what to say really, I just feel so happy that you are all enjoying what I do. It probably sounds kinda sappy but your comments really keeps me going both in this ask-blog and also in my personal life.

Each time I feel down, I would look through your tags/comments and seeing people “die from the cuteness” makes me smile again. :’D *nervous laugh*

Sorry if that came off a little arrogant but the comments are just really cute and funny it motivates me to keep this blog going because is really fun!

Anyway, I will be opening the ask-box this weekend too! So you can start thinking of what to ask during this time!

May 2014 be a year full of happiness and fuwa for you!!

(( P.S. I’m sorry if isn’t new year’s day for you yet. It is already for me here. ))

Saezuru 24 (translation of sorts)

My Comments in italics /**/. Inner thoughts in <>


Y : Ah, that’s right. Since we’ve come this far (you’re up anyway), why don’t we have sex?

[title page]

Even though I want to treasure him, I ended up hurting him…

D : I… don’t want to do it.
Y : …..
Ahahahaha. Ouch! My stomach hurts… Hahahahaa

Y : Haaa.
Hey, you. Don’t make me laugh too much.

Y : You’re not really in a position to refuse you know.
Just take a good look at your lower half.
Why, it’s been aroused all this time.
Tell me frankly. When you held me down with all your might, how was it?
You were thrilled, right?

Y *inner thoughts* : < I’m pissed off. The feeling of his unrelenting hands on my legs, his scorching tongue’s movements…
Remembering it makes me throb over and over.
I craved for that to be done to me once more.
I tried to not to fill my head with those thoughts.
Even so, I’m still pissed off.>

Y thought bubbles : By what? Since when? 

Because he scares me? Because he’s pretending to take care of me?
Because he told me he didn’t want to do it? No, it’s before that.
It’s because I was the one who finally aroused him.

<But that doesn’t make sense right? Because I like it. Having sex with men.

[next page. too tired to keep count]
In fact, I indulge in it.

D : I have lost my control
/*damn it, Yoneda Kou sure use a lot of figurative speeches. as if reading her kanjis are not difficult enough already. anyways*/

I respect you. I wished to stay by your side forever.

D : But then, I ended up having feelings more than that.
In the end, I coudn’t help but fall for a person like you.

D : I’m sorry….

Y :
Huh? What was that? Where did that come from?
Don’t stray a million light years away from the topic.
/*I swear, that’s what it said.*/
Your feelings do not count here.
For me, taking what I get is good enough. (eating what I am served)  
Because it’s just sex, right?
It’s just shoving it in and shooting in one’s hole?

Y inner thoughts:
 <Why am I so pissed off like this?>

Y : Or can it be that.. this reminds you of your sister?
I told you, it’s okay. I’m a guy. And you’re different from your father right?
It will hurt but I’ll be on top so that I can move my hips. This is far from rape right?
There, see?

D : Sto-…
Y : What? No good?

<I want to torture him. Hurt him>

Y :
Did you prefer to be the one in control after all?

D :
Yes… you’re probably right.
Y thought bubbles : “Like your father”…? I didn’t go that far right?
No wait, I did.

Y : –Haha.
It went limp.

Y :
Jeez. And just when you finally had it up. What a bummer.
I’ll just go take a shower.

Y : Clothes. They’re still on.
And I’m still injured. No wonder it hurts like a bitch.
What’s with me. What is this? Is this panic?

Y : I feel like I’m forgetting something.
What did that guy say again?
I feel like he said something reaaaally weird…

D :
How should I have handled that situation?
Am I being cast aside?

*shower sound*
D : …. shower….  BOSS!

D :
Boss! Your wounds…
*shuts off shower*
Are you alright?
I’m sorry, I…
Y : Hey, listen.

[nxt]  /*oookay guys, here’s where it gets muddy again. guhh, i hate not being able to understand this part!!!*/
It must be unwarranted sympathy for you    /*???*/
You don’t resemble him at all. From the very beginning, you really were different.
That’s why you look at me that way.
Just like him, but in a different manner… 

/*by “him”, meaning Kageyama??? sometimes, the vagueness of the Japanese just really pisses me off*/

… from the start, I had to let go of your hand.
I wanted to let go.
Then I didn’t want to let go.
Because you were cute.

/*maybe he is thinking that he felt he had to distance himself from Kageyama when he realized he liked him?? */

You are cute… but also scary.
When you say you’ll do anything for my sake,
I keep thinking you will die easily because of me.
You have me messed up.
I am not scared of you.
I am scared of not being able to lose you.

[nxt nxt page]
Y : What are you crying for?

[2nd to last page after the hug, when Doumeki is kissing him]
Y :
N-no…n.. Do… mm..

That ends the chapter, and my battery life. Must sleep.
Zillion thanks to that very kind person who linked me to the raws.
You know who you are. (^_~)

Maddox fav tags/comments (1/?)

Imma start doing this for every fanart I post from now on~ I wanna give a shoutout to the ones who reblog and type hilarious or really touching tags! You guys really make my day and I love to go through each and everyone of it! Be sure to type random stuff in the tags as I will lurk to find my favourite!

shout out to: @floraphil@vlamcake@merlin–loves–arthur​ :’D

Thank You :)

© Nur Uretmen

Well, on my 1000th post I’ve said “I’m feeling good” and now on my 1001st post (I promise I won’t keep counting!) I’d like to thank each one of you from the bottom of my heart, for all the likes, follows, reblogs, comments, tags, lovely messages, for sharing your beautiful photos and your world! Thanks for being here and making me smile, laugh, happy, touched, amazed and inspired every day :)  

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So this happened today. Just to let you know, I have a YouTube AMV channel called Squad2SoiFon. And I frequently comment on pro-ichiruki posts and videos. There was this one video about how Ichigo cares more about Orihime, based around that scene with Ulquiorra. I posted a comment about how he was defending her honour when he was angered and attacked Ulquiorra, not because he loves her more than Rukia. How they got that idea, I don’t know. Anyway, I got this comment today and I was laughing my head off.

1. ‘He holds Orihime’s hand’

Oh, of course. Let me just find a manga panel for that scene— Oh wait. There isn’t one. Because Kubo didn’t make it. That’s right, it is an animated filler. There’s all your IchiHime evidence shoved down the gutter. But please, continue.

2. 'Orihime seems to calm him when he hollowfies’

She was completely terrified. She couldn’t move, couldn’t speak, couldn’t defend the love of her life with her shield. He shielded her from Grimmjow’s attack with his body, yet all she did was stand there, completely frightened by his mask. Her love was so shallow; she was unable to see the man behind the mask, the man she loves. She did not calm him at all, in fact, she made him feel uncomfortable. A freakin’ 3-year-old had to force her to cheer on for him, and that’s just it. She does not act on her own accord, all those promises she made are never fulfilled. She vows to destroy the Hogyoukou, yet she doesn’t even try. She vows to 'protect her friends’ by sitting around in her room and sipping tea. Yep. Her love is shallow and delusional; she mixes admiration with real love and affection.Let me just pop in one of Kubo’s greatest quotes (Aizen to Hinamori)

'Admiration is the furthest away from understanding.’

3. 'Ichigo was careless enough to take time training to save Rukia, when he got so impatient to save Orihime.’

This made me laugh my ass off.

Yes, he was careless to train to save this girl from the Shinigami that took his powers away, that left him dying in the rain. That ordered her execution.Too careless to, you know, maybe turn into a hollow to get his powers back. To fight so many Captains. To gain Bankai in 3 days. To fight Aizen. Carelessness it is, then.

4. 'Kubo decided to make Ichigo have a rockin body and make Orihime have a very luscious body as well’ , 'In ALL anime, all the hot guys end up falling for the most curvy girls’

Get out.

Please. Don’t come back. Go watch your shitty, shallow anime. Need I remind you, not every character is as pathetically low as that, especially not in Bleach. Just leave.

5. 'Rukia has a very awkward 5th grader body.’

So, I didn’t say anything when you commented about Orihime’s 'very luscious’ body, but degrading Rukia? That is one thing I cannot handle.

You wanna know how really has a luscious, beautiful body? Rukia. She is so stunning and incredibly sexy in her own way. Take a look at Kubo’s spreads. She’s wearing dresses, lying across the floor, hooded eyelids. Yes, this is sexy, without having buckets of flesh hanging off her chests. She is so perfect in her own way, as is Orihime.

Do not degrade Ichigo in to some horny, shallow-as-fuck teenager because he is not. He does not care about body types. He cares about the inside. Don’t twist Kubo’s perfect characters into some sick shit that satisfies your shipping needs. Fucking pathetic. Do us all a favor and don’t read Bleach.

6. IchiRuki fans need to get off drugs and learn about logic

What is this logic you speak of? Would that mean shipping Ichigo with someone that doesn’t kick him out of his depression, save his life, stop his rain and encourage him to fight on? Oh, yes, that makes so much sense!

7. 'Ichigo tends to call out Orihime’s name more than Rukia’s’

You know what he also tends to call out? Orihime’s last name.

50 Things

I love how we can talk for hours about anything, or nothing at all.

I love how you can make me laugh when I’m feeling down.

I love when you sing, because if you’re trying it’s amazing and when you’re not it’s hilarious.

I love your dark brown eyes.

I love your sense of fashion.

I love how you’re perfectly content with staying in bed all day.

I love how you can take sarcastic comments and deal with me being annoying…. Like all the time.

I love how you play Tetris, and can SOMETIMES even beat me.

I love your hair, curly or straight, long or short.

I love how you can make me smile just by looking at you.

I love how real we can be with each other.

I love how it feels like I’ve known you my whole life.

I love that I can trust you, and knowing you trust me.

I love how you’re willing to wait for me.

I love how you’re the most beautiful girl in the world, and you choose to be with me.

I love how you show me stupid songs that I hate, and then end up singing later…. IM SO FANCYYYY..

I love when you wear your monkey necklace.

I love getting your random snapchats.

I love how we can talk shit on the people around us.

I love how you stay up late to sleep with me.

I love how you care.

I love how we both are so spontaneous.

I love how we’re both so similar and so different at the same time.

I love how you can finally make ugly faces for me and you don’t care.

I love how we have such a weird relationship, and we make it work.

I love how we’re gonna have whiney one day.

I love how you can finish my sentences and know what I’m thinking.

I love how we agree on most of the food we like… So we can be fat.

I love watching movies and shows with you, even though some of them are kinda girly and cheesy.. (Who would’ve thought I’d ever enjoy Pretty Little Liars?)

I love staying up late or waking up early just to talk to you.

I love how my family and friends all like you.

I love how (I think) your family and friends like me too?.. Yikes.

I love how when someone asks what’s so great about you, 100 things rush into my mind.

I love how sexy you are with no makeup.

I love how you mispronounce really (seemingly) easy words… “Pasta, won, I’m done this (cringes)”

I love how Canadian you are (even though I’ll never use Celsius or say your hockey team is better… Even though they kind of are…)

I love how your “hot days” where you wear a tshirt would mean wearing a thick jacket for me.

I love how you’re teaching me Farsi and yet you suck at Indonesian. “SELAMAT PAGUUU”

I love how there’s a rando tumblr nerd reading this entire thing… Get out of here, this is my letter to Nadia… (Jk you’re awesome)

I love doing homework with you, especially the system we use for your labs.

I love Mercedes and Benz… Obviii

I love how even though you’ll have like the smallest pimple, you freak out. You’re still perfect baby, relax.

I love how even though you don’t like to show it, you can be really cute.

I love your rompers.

I love talking about our future together.

I love all of our stupid inside jokes (makes the GUEEEHH sound and watches you embarrass yourself trying).

I love when I make you smile and show your teeth, because they’re so cute.

I love thinking of the first time I hug and kiss you.

I LOVE how I get to see you in 15 days… And most importantly…

I’ve loved every second of the last five months we’ve had together. I don’t care what I would have to do for you, no obstacle is too big for me not to try for you. Because you’re worth it. I love you with everything I have bear. Sorry for not getting a card, I hope this counts for something. Only two more weeks <3

- Joss

I’m laughing so hard right now. This is a comment on wattpad on chapter 9 of my story ‘Get The Sheets Messed up’. In case you don’t know that story essentially has gay sex in every single chapter and this girl is telling me not to use God’s name in vain. Don’t worry about the dick in the butt, or that the story is about prostitution, that’s all cool. God is absolutely FINE with that, but God forbid you make your characters say “oh god”.

hahaha. I just can’t anymore with the people on wattpad.

Can’t Stand It - Jack Maynard Imagine

Requested: “Hi hi hi! Can you do a Jack Maynard imagine where you go to a music festival with him and the boys and you and jack are being all cute (but aren’t dating, but like each other?) and he sees some guy flirting with you and gets all jealous  you’re such a great writer! :)”

“We are going to make it to Marian Hill right?” You asked, checking the time on your phone as you walked towards the main stage. “I mean she’s basically the only reason I’m here.”

“What?” Jack gasped. “I thought you were here for me?” He pretended to be hurt by your comment.

You looked at him. “Does your singing make me feel like a beautiful seductress?” You asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Well I’d like to think so!” Jack laughed and launched into a purposefully terrible rendition of the Pokemon theme song. People around you were staring but you just laughed at him.

“Jack, please stop before someone escorts us out of here.” He kept singing though, so you reached out to cover his mouth with your hand. He grabbed your wrists to stop you and gave you a cheeky grin while singing. You struggled against him for a bit before giving in and hearing out the rest of the verse, laughing at him the whole time.

“Well? Are you seduced?” Jack asked when he finally finished singing.

“What?! That’s not even what I meant-”

“Are you seduced?” Jack cut in and you knew he didn’t care.

“Yes, definitely,” You smiled at him and he looked proud. “Now let’s get going before we miss the whole set!” You said and walked off ahead of the group.

“Mate, when are you finally going to seal the deal with her?” Oli asked Jack once you were out of earshot.

“What do you mean?” Jack asked.

“We all saw the flirting Jack! I don’t think it could be anymore obvious that you two like each other.”

Jack didn’t say anything, but his cheeks went a little pink which was enough of a confirmation on its own.

“Just go for it!” Oli nearly shouted, not understanding why his usually confident friend was so nervous.

“I don’t know mate,” Jack replied. “We’ll see.”

As it turned out, you and the boys made it to the stage just before Marian Hill came on. You found decent spots near the front by wriggling through a few tight spaces, and there was no question you were pressed tightly to the people on all four sides.

The guy behind you struck up a conversation with you, asking if you’d seen Marian Hill before and you answered as best you could over the noise. A few questions later and his hands had found your hips as you danced to the music, your bodies pressing closer together. You decided to go with it; the guy was cute enough and you were certainly single.

Oli spotted you first and tapped Jack on the shoulder. Jack looked at him and Oli simply nodded in your direction. Jack followed his line of sight to see you dancing with another guy.

Seeing you pressed up against someone else made his heart race and he began to envision a future for you that didn’t include him. Before he even knew what he was doing, Jack pushed past Oli and through the crowd towards you. He gave the guy one look and it was enough to convey an entire world of meaning.

You didn’t see Jack making his way over so you were surprised when the guy you were dancing with suddenly backed off. You turned to see Jack with a look on his face that you’d never seen before. As if you weren’t already surprised, he quickly filled the spot that the guy had left, pressing his body to yours. You and Jack had always been flirty, and if you were honest, you definitely had a crush on him, but you never thought anything would come from it.

“What was that all about?” You asked him, and he knew exactly what you were referring to.

Instead of trying to yell over the music, Jack leaned down and you turned your head to the side so his mouth was right next to your ear.

“I couldn’t stand to see you with anyone but me, I hope you feel the same.”

You turned your head back towards him, so your faces were only centimeters apart. You paused for a second, cherishing the moment, before closing the gap. When your lips touched, everything else disappeared and you let the music take over.

▏Miss Right ▏Suga ▏♡ ▏

Request: YES THE ASK BOX IS OPEN❤️ okay can u make a scenario with our yoongi based on the song “Miss Right"by BTS? Thank youuuu<3 good luck and i love your work<3

Comments: One of my favorite BTS songs. Don’t we all want to be Suga’s Miss Right? I know I do. A lot.

Listen to Miss Right by BTS  

“Yes you’re my only girl, you’re the best one for me.”

            “You’re so perfect.”

            You couldn’t help but let out a laugh at Yoongi’s words, despite how serious he sounded. You turned your attention to him as the two of you walked down the street and furrowed your eyebrows. “I’m not perfect,” you argued.

            “Yes you are,” he fought back.

            “Stop lying.”

            “I actually consider myself a very honest man, jagi.”

            “Yoongi-ah, are you blind? I’m not even wearing makeup today and I didn’t bother looking nice for our date.”

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I’ve seen a recent surge of posts/comments/etc about how people feel like they can’t post anymore for fear of judgement, or don’t like even looking at their dash anymore due to all the unfriendly arguments/debates (often started by a faceless, spineless Anon), and it makes me so sad and upset. And I understand this feeling very much right now.

Tumblr (and thus dogblr) should be a place you can post photos without fear of someone calling your dog underfed or fat or ugly, share your experiences with your pups (the good and bad), and laugh together and support each other through all the silly dog stuff we experience. We all have our own opinions on how to raise, feed, exercise, and train our pups, and attacking each other personally about it gets no-one anywhere. On anon OR off. Healthy debate is one thing… but it’s one thing I rarely see on here.

Instead it’s turning into fear of posting photos/experiences/etc for fear of quick judgement (the elitist vibe can be strong on here), reblogs filled with arguments/hate/insults/name-calling, or rude anons.

I guess I’m just writing this because I just want to say and make it clear that I’m really disappointed in those that are ruining it for everyone else. 

I just hope it improves, we can all work together to try to make it better. No one is perfect - we all have our “buttons” (you all know what mine are by now!), and we all make mistakes.

That doesn’t give you any right to go to someone else’s blog and harass them.

As our dogs would say, kick some dirt over that sh!t and move on.

Thank you Clara.

For being the most wonderful 1st companion for me.
For making me believe in impossible things.
For making me laugh with your clever comments.
For making me cry with your brillant emotions.
For showing the brilliance of women all around.
For loving the doctor even when he seemed unlovable.
For being the strongest companion I’ve ever seen.
For teaching me the importance of compassion and friendship.
For reminding me to always be brave no matter what.

And thank you Jenna.
For inspiring me to believe in my dreams and for bringing Clara to life.

“Run you clever boy, and remember.”
BTS Reaction to a Girl Talking Shit About You Dating Them


“I don’t get why Hoseok’s dating you!” the girl shouted to you as you tried to make your way past the group of fans outside the airport. With the guys behind you, you were forced to get verbally attacked by yourself. “You’re not even pretty!” You held back your tears, not wanting to look like you were bothered by the comments even though you were.

“He’s be better off with me!” she said, causing her friends and a couple of other fans around her to laugh.

“Is that so?” someone said to her. You turned your head and saw she was speechless as she looked right at Hoseok. You widened your eyes and wiped away your teary eyes. You didn’t feel like talking to him right after all those things were said about you so you just tried to make a run for it. However, he caught up to you since he was a bit faster than you.

As he grabbed your hand, he looked back the fans and said, “Please don’t say things like this to the girl I love. It not only hurts her but it also hurts me.” You smiled and Hoseok pulled you away from the girls; you still smiling.


Rap Monster/Namjoon

You were going through your twitter mentions when the same username kept coming up. You sighed but as you read the hateful things that she was saying about your relationship with Namjoon, it hurt and even though you promised not to cry, your started to tear up.

“Hey,” you heard his voice say beside you. “Why are you crying?” You quickly hid your phone, not letting Namjoon see the tweets.

“Y/N… Let me see the phone.”

You shook you head, making him worry a bit more.


Sighing once again, you handed him the phone. You watched as his eyes scanned the screen. Looking up from the screen, he looked angry but also sad. “That’s why you were crying?” You only nodded. “Don’t cry over this, jagiya. It’s not worth it.”


“But nothing,” he interrupted you by wrapping his arms around you. “I love you, and that’s all that matters.”



“God you’re ugly.” a girl wearing a BTS shirt said to you. You looked at her with disbelief.

“Excuse me?” you said.

She rolled her eyes. “You’re too ugly to be with Suga.” You laughed.

“Why would you say something like?”

“I’m just pointing out the obvious,” she replied to you. “You. Are. Ugly.” You felt more anger than hurt. Before you had a chance to argue with her, someone came behind you and placed their hand on your shoulder. Judging by the girl’s reaction, it was Yoongi. You smirked to yourself.

“Did you just call Y/N ugly?” he asked. The girl of course said silent. Yoongi looked at you and back to the girl, making a confused face *gif*. “Where’s the ugliness?” You laughed. The girl just stayed silent as she walked away.

You turned to look at Yoongi and smiled. “Thanks.”



You looked at your phone in tears. You couldn’t get over what that girl said to you, did to you. Making everyone gang up on you, even the people who even liked you started to hate you. Saying you were unattractive and undeserving of Jin. You actually started to believing.

In the middle of your break down, you heard the door open. You looked up from your phone and saw Jungkook standing at the door. “Noona… Are you okay?” You, not wanted to make anyone worry, just nodded your head but you didn’t do a very good job at hiding your tears. “Hold on, I’ll go get Jin.” You were going to protest but before you had the chance to speak, Jungkook already bolted out the room to go and find Jin. You shut your eyes and bawled.

“Jagiya…” a whispered was heard and you opened your eyes. You were face to face with Jin, who looked extremely shocked. “What’s wrong?”

“They… They said I don’t deserve you because I’m ugly and I’m starting to think they’re right.”

Jin didn’t like what he was hearing. With no thought, he wrapped his arms around you and helped you calm down. “Don’t listen to them. They’re just jealous that you’re so gorgeous.” He grabbed your cheeks in his hands and pecked your lips.



*When Jimin found out about the girls who kept saying rude things about you and your relationship, he felt hurt; probably just as hurt as you felt. He would try and help you forget about all the things said.*



You walk into the room where Taehyung was sitting on the couch, looking at his phone. I smile and plopped down beside him as you asked what he was looking at. When you noticed he wasn’t laughing and that he was really serious, you too became serious. “Taehyung, what are you looking at? Why do you look so angry?”

“They say really rude things about you, huh?” he replied. You heart felt like it dropped down to your stomach. You knew he was talking about the hate towards you. Mostly about your relationship with him.

You shrugged. “I guess.”

You watched as he placed his phone down. He put his arm over your shoulders and pulled you closer to him. “Don’t pay attention to them. Only my opinion matters and I think you’re amazing.”



“Could you just please leave me alone?” you asked the girls who kept following you and throwing hurtful comments at you. They only replied with a laugh. They were getting really annoying, saying things like: “Wonder why Jungkook likes you?” and “You’re not even pretty.”

You were actually on your way to see him but you didn’t want to go with them in the back of you. “Just leave!” you shouted, getting impatient.

“Oh,” one of the girls said. “You shouldn’t shout; it’s rude.” And they laughed. You were about to rage at them until you heard someone shout your name behind you. You turned around and saw Jungkook, who looked pretty confused.

“Are these your friends?” he asked.

You narrowed your eyes. “No.”

“Jungkook!” the girls shouted as they surrounded them. He smiled a bit and you rolled your eyes.

The girl who looked like the leader of the group whispered to Jungkook, “You should leave Y/N and come to me.” The girls laughed but Jungkook’s friendly expression changed.

“What did you just say?” he asked. The girls widened their eyes. Jungkook looked angry and he put his arm around your waist. “Don’t say stuff like that; it pisses me off.” And with that, you two walked away, leaving the almost crying girls behind you.


Sorry it took so long! :( But I hope you like it!


**Gifs are not mine**