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Threatening a Native blogger is like Iggy Azaleas career(only white people care!)and that's not even all of them. Quick to claim 1/4th this and 1/8th that but have never heard one say "You know I'm 1/16th David Duke or George Wallace.(Smdh) be whiter then new nikes talking that 1/16 shit! Ugh some stuff you just can't be apart of(remember that and know that)just like I know my invitation to join the KKK isn't going to happen either

hahahahahahahahaha OMG. I just died laughing. Oh man. Your comments always make me laugh (: And I definitely could use a good laugh in between some of the ridiculousness that I sometimes get on here. Thank you for that lol (;

Because for some reason ashley is the only one to get hate for being ‘racist’, let me show you a list of other characters who showed racist qualities

Garrus- quarians, krogan, humans

Joker-quarians, turians, krogan, asari

Wrex- humans, turians

Saren- humans 

Anderson- turians 

the entire alliance is stated as to ‘not liking shepard’s alien crew’, a large amount of side conversations and dialogue as you pass by in the citadel is extremely anti-human, so please tell me more how Ashley is the ‘worst character’ for being ‘racist’ when she forms the same bonds and gets over the same ignorant behavior the rest of the cast also have to. Please, defend your character hate by hiding behind one shittily written line on the citadel while Garrus rips into Tali for being a quarian and saying Wrex deserves the genophage. Laugh at all the things Joker says while ignoring any racist side comment he makes. 

If Ashley is a horrible character for having to get through ignorance, then so is the rest of the ME1 cast. 

“I just really fucking love you and I’m so fucking glad that you walked into my life when you did. I was turning into someone that I hated and you helped me find my true self again. Before you I was constantly sad and now those sad days are becoming less and less frequent and before you I was beginning to lose all faith in love. I always try to put into words how much you mean to me and how much I need you but I just can’t. You’re like water. It sounds stupid but just let me explain. People need a certain amount of water daily or whatever to survive and I need you daily in order to get through the day or “survive”. I don’t know what I would do without your insanely ridiculous comments making me laugh all throughout the day or your sleepy voice keeping me up for hours at a time. Water takes up a majority of the percentage of the body and your love practically consumes me. I could start listing all these cliches like “I need you like I need oxygen” or “you’re the light at the end of the tunnel”, all of which are accurate but are very much cliches. I want to compare you to something original but nothing I think of seems to capture how truly amazing you are, even if you don’t see it. I wish that for at least just one day you could see yourself the way I see you and maybe then you’ll finally understand why I’m so tongue tied all the time. I’m just so infatuated by each and every part of you. I’m falling harder and harder for you with every day that passes and with every moment I spend with you. This love we have is already something so magnificent and I know it’s going to continue to grow into something so goddamn incredible. I love you with all my heart.”


For the past few days everyone on tumblr are so pretty and extremely nice they are the nicest people I have encountered in my whole entire life I can’t believe that when I started out tumblr people would help me and I love them so much for this thanks diagon-alli for asking people to follow me when I first started out as a nobody and asking taylor to follow me it means the world to me ok? You are wonderful and I love you so much for that alli ❤️ and I would also thank the awesomest epic funny beautiful hilarious Caitlin its-a-swiftie-metafour for posting funny jokes and posts that can make me laugh anyday you really deserve to meet taylor all of you guys reading this post deserve to meet taylor even if you didn’t or did . Back to caitlin Thx for reblogging my posts it makes me feel so thankful and great that all of this is on Taylor’s dashboard and I feel happy that you would help a nobody like me 89tayswift your comment on me was the nicest if all time and thanks I really hope taylor follows yu too 😊 lastly swifternet when I asked you to be my friend you accepted and it makes me so much more happier that you reblogged a post from diagon-alli asking for taylor to follow me . I love you all so much and you guys make my life much more intreSting every single day I hope you all get to meet taylor someday and when I meet taylor I’ll tell taylor how much kindness you have shown me on my first few days of tumblr I love you all !! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Some of the nicest things people have said to me about my writing over the years, also why you should never be shy about leaving comments:

  • Oh. My. God.
  • I hate you
  • Marry me
  • I’m crying
  • I feel dirty now
  • I peed myself a little
  • *mashes face against screen*
  • My Hitachi sends its love
  • I’m dead
  • Your OC needs to come to my house stat
  • I need to go to church now
  • I’m dying of feelings
  • I didn’t think buttsex could be so emotional
  • I’m calling the police on you
  • I read this chapter while in the john at work 
  • Why isn’t this canon?
  • If I make you dinner can you write the next part?
  • I can’t believe I read that (twice)
  • Oh look a new kink
  • How could you do this to me?

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hey, lumia, i'm sorry if i bring up this unpleasant thing with simsecret again, but would you mind to make a comments about the discussion about you in the last secret post? i'm sorry if it offends you in any way and i love your blog so i'd undersntand if you will tell me to go fuck myself xD but i'm just worried if that's true what anon there says about how all of it hurt your feelings and all of that, i'm really sorry again for bringing it up. :(

I read the whole conversation over there and I legit laughed out loud. I don’t understand why people are getting so worked up about it?? And they got my age wrong too - I’m 17, not 16! XD

Your feedback :)

Thanks for your wonderful comments on my new wood pattern collection!
It feels so good to have something done and published after such a long time. Reading all your wonderful comments make me really happy! I can’t wait to see how you use them in your games.
Read on if you don’t mind a bit of silly rambling regarding the presentation of my patterns ;)

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FLUFFY OMIGOSH. I could not stop smiling while reading your fic!! And I was laughing so much! I loved it!! :)

Hey-O spitfirechick

I’m glad you liked it! I like to make people laugh with my fics, so I’m glad it worked! 

(Oh god, I always feel so awkward responding to comments like this)



Man, we can get you a juice! Maybe a whole soda if you’re good. You’re so serious all the time. It’s not like we’re murdering anybody!

Detective Adachi-san, based on your tone … I believe you have already intoxicated yourself with an alcoholic beverage beforehand. I’d appreciate the juice or soda as well, though. Please, refrain from making inaccurate comments as such in front of the police officers. I’m afraid jokes as those will be viewed as a serious note. I highly doubt you’d be the type to commit any murders.


this girl means the absolute world to me, she is not only my girlfriend but she’s my best friend, she has been here for me through thick and thin and stands by me through everything, even on my bad days when I’m down and don’t want to talk about it she will just be there for me when I need her. She is the most beautiful, genuine, down to earth, smart, kindest, sweetest girl I have ever met and I am never letting her go no matter what. I love you with all my heart and even more, I have never loved someone as much as I love you and it will always stay that way, I love you endlessly baby. I fall in love with you even more everyday, you always manage to make me smile even if it’s just with a good morning text, you always make me laugh even with your smooth comments or with the silly faces you make, even on the days that I don’t feel like smiling or laughing. I love every single thing about you, your smile, your laugh, your eyes, everything baby. I miss you like crazy. lovethembits2012

> forces me to go on uncomfortable shopping trip to “repair strained relstionship”
> surprise! is an ass the entire time and makes shitty comments and messes w me relentlessly about anything he knows will annoy me
> finally ask him to stop and he laughs and goes “oh you’re volatile today, and as always easy to annoy” “did you bring me here just to do that?” “well can you blame me your buttons are so easy to press hahaha!! calm down and don’t ruin the outing!”

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I just want you to know I love all of your characters. Only two though, but I feel like you have them both fleshed out so nicely in your head. I never used to like Roy too much but I love him now. Also I love how you have comments in your tags for every reply. Even though they're not directed to me I still read them just because they never fail to make me laugh.


Thank you! It makes me so happy to know people love them because I clearly do. Also I always spam the tags with comments I’m too lazy to message someone about. I don’t actually mean for them to be funny but I jokingly tell Tanya they are… haha.

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☆ ? (only if you want to thank you so much!!)

of course! i’ll always make time for you, friend! (*^3^)/~☆

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comments: asdfghjkl; where do i begin?? you are super sweet and awesome! you make me smile and i absolutely love seeing you on my dash! your posts are perfect and your tags make me laugh so hard sometimes haha and you treat all of your followers so well!! never, ever gonna unfollow you tbh haha(*´▽`*)hope you’re doing wonderful, vic! ♥

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(Omg not at you, at the person who replied to my post. So what? Fight me, I like lavender and stars hella ) Nah like I'm legit 17?? I appreciate being invalidated and laughed at tho lol and maybe you could consider saving your smart comments for someone who doesn't have anxiety. She don't need you worrying her about stupid stuff please

no i believe u tbh it honestly didnt bother me all that much but i just get that shit all the time esp from my parents like

“oh make sure ur not just talking to old men!!” like i know how to fckin skype i know how to do more on a phone then ur custy ass does like please i know what im doing

I want to do something special, cuz I haven’t been on for a while.
So what you’ll get is:
⋆ A S/O (Shoutout)

⋆A Profile Pic (If You Want)

⋆An Internet Friend (meh😏)

All You Need To Do:
➊ Be Creative and Funny
➋ Write a Comment That You Think Will Make Me Laugh
➌ Write More Comment and You’ll Get a Higher Chance of Winning
❣Also Tell Me If You Want Me To Choose How The Profile Pic Is Going To Look or If You Want A special background Or Picture Of Your Fave (DM Me Then)

ツ Only Fanpages!


™ @Hell.Yeah_Matt

(at Be Creative☀️)

thirth - and you turned into my favorite reader.

And then, over time, you started to be my favorite reader (oops, I never told this to nobody, till now). ‘Cause you always were the first one to read and/or leave a lot of comments, most of then making me laugh (and I love this part of writing the fanfics: the comments, it always make me laugh so loud…).

I posted a new chapter almost everyday (’cause I write with my heart, so I’m always writing), and when you commented at one of them I was like “ohh, a new comment from bloodstred, let me see it”. Course I saw all the others comments too, I always do, but I really loved yours. As I said, destiny is such a motherfucker.

Oh, and I liked so much your old icon, a fan art from Louis with that green jacket. It scared me sometimes, but it was cool.

This is a contest aimed at facebook so if you are on facebook please enter there. For those of you who have somehow managed to avoid having a facebook account (well done!) you can enter here. Please post your joke in the comments and I will include you in the random draw.So becuase we love our fans here at King Yo Star (including those of you who don’t yet know you are fans), we’d like to give away another yoyo. Here are the rules: 1. Like and Share this post 2. Write in the comments your favourite yoyo related joke. 3. 1 entry per person Winner will be selected randomly from all entries, with a possible 2nd and 3rd place prize of a King Yo Star accessories pack if someone makes me laugh hard enough. Contest ends June 1st at 8:00 pm Vancouver Time. Thats it! We’d love it if you ‘liked’ our facebook page as well so you can keep up to date on future releases and contests. via /r/Throwers

Quarter 4 Blog Post #2

Mr Romick, 

My previous post was my apology to you for turning assignments in late and annoying you over the course of these two semesters. I actually am sorry if I annoyed you, but the fact that I can write to you in a blog about this kind of stuff proves that you were one my favorite teachers. I would like to devote this blog post to comment on your commencement dinner speech. First of all I would just like to say thank you for making an actually entertaining speech. I do not know if you could tell, but I was laughing my butt off in the back when you began taking shots at the seniors. To be honest I expected you to give a very droll and humorous speech, but I never expected you to be so outlandish about it. By the way that is a good thing; again I was incredibly thankful that you did not bore me to death like someone who followed you *cough cough Mr Burke. However, I actually appreciated your speech to a deeper degree than just asa jocular oration; I actually enjoyed the part when you got serious and talked about the mysteries and the tribulations of life. Your story about your father touched me deeply as it reminded me of my own father, but it also resonated with me as it told me not to burn any bridges and always remember where I came from. So, as my Junior year is done I am now officially a senior and not one of your students. Which is a pity because I would have loved for you to have written my college letter of recommendation, but I realized that I was not the most responsible student in your class. Going back to lauding you on your speech, again I cannot emphasize enough how much I enjoyed that. When you took shots at Paul Newell and Alex Kittoe I almost had a spit take because I could tell you were just dying all last year to joke about those two. In fact I quickly drew a parallel to the class of 2015 to the class of 2016 and I began to picture who you would roast if you were to send our class off to college. A few names popped up into my head such as Bryan and your conflagration with him (oh by the way I got the part when you said we betray the administration by not doing our work and betraying that trust… I am pretty sure that was a shot against us by the way). Anyways, I also thought you would roast Tripp and Trent for the burritos and probably the “remedial English class” as you did all this year. Now I know that our commencement dinner is a full year ahead, but I would just like to personally say that I would love for you to speak on behalf of our class next year. As long as you maintain your funny persona and not bore me like Mr Burke did. Anyways, I greatly appreciate you helping throughout this year and pushing me to strive for literary excellence (although I have to admit I did not achieve it very often especially when it came to those damn reading quizzes). Thank you so much Mr Romick. I will see you next year. 

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just the weird comments you put under every picture of ney with like 284883 emoji's i'm sorry if this sounds mean

Well I mean I respect your opinion fully babe and I am happy to know that you are comfortable enough to tell me your opinion. But that’s just me being myself and I know that it makes a lot of my followers smile and laugh which I love because I love to make beautiful people smile!!!! Honestly I am sorry if I sound mean right now but I really don’t care at all about your opinion.