all your base belong to us

'All your base...are belong to us'
hanzo fucking shimada
'All your base...are belong to us'

i saw some people talking about this audio clip being a Real Thing That Actually Exists and was like “no that can’t be true” and then i found it after spending around an hour looking and i’m posting it now because i don’t want to have gone on incognito to search “hanzo shimada ‘all your base’” for fucking nothing


Note: You are the kindest First Order General that Kylo has ever known. But when he tells you this, he doesn’t quite expect for you to react so negatively. In an effort to earn your forgiveness and demonstrate his love for you, you soon learn that Kylo will go to great lengths.

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“It’s amazing how much you endure for me,” Kylo whispered as he ran his fingers gently down your cheek.

You were both lying on the bed in your shared quarters. After having had a particularly trying day, you were ready to go to sleep the moment you laid on the bed. Though Kylo was a light sleeper, he was always willing to lie with you until you fell asleep.

So in that moment, with your eyes half closed as sleep was beginning to wash over you, Kylo’s comment quickly sent your head snapping up into his direction.

“What do you mean?”

With his helmet resting on the nightstand, you could see him furrow his eyebrows, “You put up with so much on a daily basis. And we both know that you do it for me.”

You raised an eyebrow, “I’m a high ranking First Order general, Kylo,” you said pointedly, “I think my job requires me to put up with a lot regardless.”

“No, no,” Kylo said quickly, “I mean this entire thing. You even being a General. Let’s be honest, you’re hardly First Order material.”

You shot up immediately, clutching to the blanket as you looked down at him, “Why would you say something like that?”

Kylo looked taken aback by your reaction, “I-I didn’t meant to offend you, love, I meant it as a compliment. You don’t belong here!” He said in a flurry of words, suddenly realising what he had just said didn’t sound any better.

You scoffed and Kylo reached out to you, “That came out wrong, Y/N. I mean you don’t belong here because you deserve so much more.”

You rolled your eyes, “Thanks.”

“You’re unlike anyone else on this entire base, Y/N. You’re kind-hearted, you’re caring… and you’re not afraid of me,” he added, trying to lighten your expression. But you remained scowling, “Sometimes it seems as though the only reason you put up with working here is me. Like you’re wasting your potential here just for me.”

“So you think I’m a waste of potential? Lovely,” you said, getting out of the bed. You didn’t know why this bothered you so much, but it just did.

Kylo had found you on your home planet, tattered and lost. Like you didn’t know where in the Galaxy you belonged. Though it was true your personality might not have been the very best for First Order, Kylo had given you a home and work that had stability, and that was important to you. He knew that too, and after all you had been through, you couldn’t believe he would actually think of taking that away.

“Where are you going?” Kylo frowned.

“Well clearly I don’t belong here,” you muttered.

“Y/N,” Kylo sighed, “You’re taking this the wrong way, just wait–”

But you didn’t want to hear it. You opened the blast doors hastily before storming out.

“These came for you, General L/N… Uh, again,” the Storm Trooper awkwardly set a bouquet of roses down on your desk.

You thanked and dismissed him before placing the flowers onto the shelf, joining the three other bouquets that had now found a home there.

You caught a brief glance of the note before you shelved it. My darling Y/N, I am so sorry.“

It had been four days since your argument, and Kylo had sent you flowers on every one of them. The morning after the argument, he had to leave for a diplomatic mission. But he didn’t want to leave his presence unforgotten.

You didn’t even know where Kylo could’ve gotten these roses from. They certainly didn’t grow on Starkiller Base. You laughed slightly at the thought of him ordering someone to fetch him flowers from a distant planet. Just the thought of him showing such outward affection was so odd.

In truth, you had forgiven him a few moments after you had stormed out of your bedroom. You realised that you might have overacted, especially when Kylo had meant no harm by his words.

But since he was away on a mission, you were using this time apart to your advantage. You hadn’t spoken to him since he left. No twice daily check-ins as was the usual when either of you were away. When the first bouquet of roses had arrived, you became curious to know how far he would go to show he was sorry.

You know it sounded terrible, but it had become so much fun. Besides, Kylo would back in a few days and you would talk it over with him then. This was harmless.

"General?” A knock at the door suddenly caught your attention.

“Come in,” you said as you watched the same Storm Trooper enter.

“General L/N, Captain Phasma ordered me to inform you that a Shuttle will be leaving in half an hour.”


“And she has requested you join her in the Hangar before then to give you enough time to board,” he finished.

You frowned, “To board? I have no trips scheduled in my itinerary.”

The room fell quiet as the Storm Trooper was at a loss for what to say to you. You smiled briefly, “That’ll be all thank you.”

Half an hour passed quickly and you soon found yourself sitting beside Phasma on board a First Order starship heading to only Maker knew where.

“Any idea what this is all about?” You asked, curious but also trying to start a conversation with the otherwise quiet Captain.

“All I know is that Commander Ren wanted me to escort you to this planet.”

“What planet?”

“I don’t know that it’s even been named,” she huffed, “From what I’ve heard it’s beautiful, but it’s entirely uninhabited.”

“Sounds like the perfect place to kill us both without anyone seeing,” you remarked, letting out a laugh.

“Perhaps not me, but we both know the Commander wouldn’t even think about harming you.”

You smiled, humming in agreement. So what was this all about?

When you landed and descended down the ramp, you couldn’t help but gasp at the sheer beauty of the planet.

It was sunset, and the green field that you had landed in was adorned with what looked like a million different flowers. Your eyes lit up at the sight of roses growing in front of you.

In the distance stood Kylo, two Storm Troopers standing on either side of him.

You went towards him, and soon as you were close enough, he dismissed his men and removed his helmet.

“Y/N?” He wasn’t surprised, rather he sounded cautious about how best to approach you.

“Hello, Kylo.”

“Did you… get the– the roses that I sent?”

“All four bouquets,” you responded nonchalantly. You almost felt bad for toying with him now.

He nodded, “I had them sent from this planet.”

“Where are we anyway?”

“This planet belongs to a region the First Order has just acquired. I was sent to confirm that the planet is uninhabited.”

“It’s too pretty for no one to live on it,” you observed.

Kylo’s expression lit up at that, “Do you like the planet?”

You nodded in response.

“Then it’s yours.”

You scoffed, “What do you mean it’s mine?”

“I’m giving it to you. As a reminder of how much I love you,” Kylo started, being particularly careful with how he spoke, “Not that I’m saying your love can be bought…” The last thing he needed was for you to get angry again.

You could tell he wasn’t finished, so you waited expectantly for him to continue.

“Look, I was wrong, Y/N. You do belong in the First Order, and I should never have told you otherwise. I’m so sorry, love.” The desperation in his voice told you that he needed you to forgive him.

Little did he know, you already had. “It’s fine– I think I agree with you anyway.”

Kylo frowned, “You don’t feel like you belong?” He hated the thought of you believing you had no place in the First Order, especially if it was him who had placed such ideas in your mind.

You shook your head, “Maybe I don’t belong in the First Order. Maybe, I am too… kind-hearted, as you put it. But it’s that part of me that couldn’t stay angry at you for longer than ten minutes,” you admitted.

“You know I didn’t mean for you to take offence to what I said, Y/N, I–”

“Let me finish,” you stopped him, taking your hand in his to let you know everything was alright, “Maybe being a First Order General isn’t for me. But then again, I’m not sure of anywhere I would rather be. Because living and working on Starkiller Base has taught me something important.”

“And what’s that?”

“It doesn’t matter where I am in the entire Galaxy, Kylo. If you are by my side, I’ll know that it’s where I belong.”

His eyes lit up at your words, instant relief washing over him as he embraced you.

“Then I promise to never stop making you feel like you belong, my darling.”

“And I promise not to storm off on you like that again,” you laughed, “Although… having you think I’m mad at you does seem to have it’s benefits. After all, I could get used to four bouquets and an entire planet to tell me your sorry,” you teased him.

“Well clearly my words aren’t the best way to tell you how I feel about you,” Kylo chuckled, “Maybe I’m just better at showing it. I never want you to feel out of place, not even for a minute. I would do anything to prove to you how much I love and care about you, Y/N. You know that, don’t you?”

“Hmm, well I do now,” you smiled, reaching up to press your lips to his.

X men pref. How they react when you go missing in action

featuring : Alex, Kurt, Peter, Jean and Scott

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made-up fic title: Rated M for Memes

this is obviously a fic about viktor nikiforov’s endless quest to eternally troll yuri plisetsky by pretending he doesn’t understand the internet due to being AN OLD MAN.

yuri goes out of town and comes back to find his postbox filled with like 20 different letters. they are all printed out lolcats.

yuri arrives to the rink one day only to have a shitty copy of an “all your base are belong to us” meme shoved in his face. “the printer ran out of ink,” viktor tells him. “but I think you’ll enjoy this, as you kids say, ‘dank meme’, anyway.”

yuri gets an email one day that says “hello. mila showed me how to ‘attach’ the funny pictures to electronic messages. this will save so much on ink costs! this one made me think of you. goodbye.” it is a phone picture viktor took of the keyboard cat video.

when yuri is over for dinner at viktor and yuuri’s, viktor pulls him aside for a “man to man chat” and pulls out his phone. he shows yuri the “can’t hug every cat” video and asks him if he too would like to make an “e harmony video” so that he can make more friends with similar interests to him. “that is what the internet is for, I have heard.”

viktor keeps leaving woosh cat memes on yuri’s facebook wall and he yuri tags yuuri in them. “tell your dumb husband to knock it the fuck off” his post reads. yuuri responds with this. “Viktor told me to tell you this looks just like you.”

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What's the story behind Aida and her demon? Like what's there pact and the relationship they have with each other? Also Acelin's position as one of Wrathia's soldiers (or at least picked to be given an afterlife potion)?

My apologies for replying late dear! this question was brought up more than once and I think it’s time for me to finally answer it! The story I have will probably have loop holes or things like that but it’s my first time talking about something like this to a big crowd…usually its just private messages among close friends who have given me so much support no matter what fandom I jumped into and have always been interested in my persona’s life with other fictional characters and I’m just so thankful and grateful for their time!

Sorry to keep everyone waiting! I hope you all like what you read! @avas-poltergeist helped me with ideas and piece things together!

Aida comes from a small planet that specializes in tea leaves and floral commodities, shes also the daughter of the king and queen who rule over that planet. Before Aida was born the planet got occupied by Titan who ordered the king to surrender if he wishes that no harm will come to the people and his family. The king surrendered and now all your base are belong to us .

He traveled to a neighboring planet who he has good ties with in search of a knight who could watch over his daughter. The knights among this planet’s royal family are known to be of the best due to their strong training program given before they become official knights. The king requested a favor from the royals who took pity when they heard of the situation in his planet and assigned their best knight at that time to accompany the king.

Acelin Envieux

Acelin vowed to pledge his loyalty to the king and queen and never back out no matter what request or task he was given to accomplish. The king gave Acelin the afterlife potion (how he obtained it is unknown) as his to keep. The queen suggested that once Aida was old enough they’d send her to the Titan HQ planet for educational purposes when in reality it’s to keep her far from her home since they fear that Titan might go back on his word and destroy it.

Now Acelin to physically accompany Aida to Titan HQ might be a hard task due to his race being destroyed by Titan a long time ago and he fled to a planet where he got accepted and was raised well by the locals. He suggested to the king and queen that he’d drink the afterlife potion so he could be born with Aida that way he’ll always be with her. It was still too early for such a big decision to be made since there’s still a couple of months due and the king requested for Acelin to think carefully about his word.

The day has finally arrived and Acelin drank the potion without hesitation

The pact happened when it was time for Aida to travel to Titan HQ and she was told that by forming the pact she’d gain abilities to defend herself.

Abilities include


Sword Summoning

Small Magic Spells

The flower on her head was given to her by her parents as something to remember them by when she’s away and Acelin made it possible to let the flower give a scent of home to calm Aida down when she’s nervous or restless


Aida and Acelin get along very well. He’s formal in his talks and always has a gentle demeanor. Acelin is always ready to give assistance in any way he can if Aida seems to be in trouble. He’s also the main voice of reason. Both sides share a love for fairytales and mythology.


Neighboring Planet (Acelin’s Second Home)

Royal Garden

Aida’s Mind (at least this is one part of what it looks like)

Aida’s Planet

More about them

Acelin’s Height: 185 cm

Acelin’s personality: calm, charismatic, caring, gentle, honest, observant, resourceful, respectful, selfless, strong

Likes: violin, sweet treats, baking, star gazing, being able to make Aida happy

Dislikes: fights, dishonesty, feeling helpless, seeing Aida upset

Aida’s Height: 150 cm

Aida’s personality: caring, cheerful, curious, forgiving, friendly, helpful, humble, optimistic, peaceful, respectful, motherly

Likes: piano, soft chocolate chip cookies, baking, hot cacao, learning about fairy tales or mythology, talking to Acelin

Dislikes: tea, heights, the dark, feeling worthless

Mafia-Suho pt3

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Power in my pride, power in my last name

You sighed as you kicked off your shoes, stripping off the clothes of the day.

“I just want to relax.” You muttered to yourself, grabbing a drink from your fridge and heading over to your couch.

As soon as you got comfortable the doorbell rang.

…. Maybe they’ll go away.


You sighed and sat your drink down, shouting “ I’m comming!”

The door bell rang again and you screamed, “ I said I’m comming!”

“What?!” You snapped, opening the door.

Suho stood there, lip busted and arm clutched to his chest.

“Are you okay!?” You panicked, pulling him inside your apartment.

He winced and fell down onto your couch.

“Suho! Wait right here!” You rushed out and looked around for your medical kit.

“Where would I go?” He sassed back.

You stopped dead in your tracks and remembered who you were, who he was, and what you two meant to each other.

“Stain my couch and I’ll kill you.” You growled out, stomping towards your bathroom.

“Who does he think he is?” You said to yourself, reaching under the cabinet to grab your kit.

“Where would I go?” You mocked and rolled your eyes.

You heard a bang on your door and your blood ran cold.

Running back out to Suho you looked at him and made sure he was somewhat okay.

Another bang happened but it was louder and more aggressive.

“You brought them to my house?!” You seethed at him.

“No! You don’t even know what happened.” He defended.

“Yeah, but I know what’s about to happen.” You growled out, grabbing his gun from the holster inside his shirt.

You walked over to the door and took a deep breath before yanking it open.

It was Chanyeol, Suho’s member.

“What the fuck dude?!” You yelled.

“Have you seen Suho?! I haven’t heard from him and I’m starting to worry.” He panted out.

“Suho’s the big bad wolf. I’m sure he can handle himself.” You snickered.

Suho coughed and Chanyeol eyes widened, pushing past you he barged into your living room.

You rolled your eyes and shut the door, “Sure, come in.”

“Leave me and Y/n alone. I’m fine. Go back to headquarters and tell the boys to get ready.” Suho said calmly.

Chanyeol nodding and walked past you, opening the door and shutting it.

Suho groaned. You groaned.

You grabbed the medical kit and walked over to him, “What happened?”

He didn’t say anything, his eyes followed your every move.

You grabbed a alcohol pad and tried to reach his lip.

It was an uncomfortable position and you grew tired of the reach so you pushed him until he was sitting with his back against the back of your sofa.

You straddle his lap and begin to dab the pad on his lip.

He good arm instinctively wrapped around your waist. Your breathe hitched but you continued to work.

You felt his eyes stare into yours.

“Is your arm broke?” You whispered.

He shook his head no and pulled you closer to him.

You looked at him and he started to lean into you.

“Suho… Stop.”

He stopped and chuckled, “ Why won’t you let me love you?”

“Because you don’t.”

He  rolled his eyes and pushed you off him, standing up and walking towards the door, “Don’t go near Namjoon’s territory.“ He warned.

 "Why?” You asked.

 “There’s a war coming and since you want to be alone, I’m not going to protect you.“ He said before leaving and slammed the door.


“What did I tell you about two timing me?” You whispered to the man tied to the chair. 

“I.. I-” 

“You what?!” You yelled, kicking him in his shin. 

“Y/n we have a problem..” Your right hand man interjected.

You laughed sarcastically, “When don’t we have a fucking problem? You know I am so sick of people thinking they can do whatever the fuck they want. Let’s go.” You grabbed your jacket heading towards the door.

“Uh what about him?” 

“Kill him. “ You flagged your hand back, leaving the building.


“What’s the problem?’’ You asked, half way caring about the answer.

“Namjoon and Suho’s war is on our turf. We have to get them off or it’ll be bad for business.” 

You bit your tongue, “Pfft, and he told me to be careful but he brought it me. Unbelievable.”

“We’re here.”

You jumped out of the car and grabbed your gun, you shot in the air 4 times. 

Namjoon and Suho looked at you. 

“You know, I am so sick of being walked all over. Do I have to have a dick to get some damn respect around here?!” You screamed at them.

You heard a man coughing and you glared at him, “Do you have something to say?’’ You asked.

“Yea actually, you should be back at base, making us all a sandwich and shaking that ass as you walk back into the kitchen.. where you belong.” He growled out.

You chuckled and looked towards the leaders, Suho and Namjoon.

“Who’s is this?” 

Namjoon raised his hand slightly and nodded at you. 

“Wow, I expected so much more from your crew.” You tsked, walking towards the man. 

“I think you should be on your knees begging me for mercy right now.” You said to him, getting his face.

“Fuck you bi-” 

You punched him in the face and he fell down. You kicked him multiple times in the stomach. 

“Anyone else have something to say?” You asked, puffing your hair out of your face.


“Hm, good choice.”

You walked over to Namjoon and handed him a wad of money, “Now get off my turf and take your piece of shit man with you. I don’t want his bad attitude staining my ground.” 

You watched as Namjoon walked away from you, glaring at Suho while doing it.


“No! You listen to me! I am the fucking leader here, you got me? I’m the alpha, okay?! You waltz into my turf and think you can create all kinds of chaos? No! Next time I catch you here, I’ll kill you.” You threaten. 

“I like it when your mad, baby. You look so hot.” Suho whispered in your ear, slightly biting it.

You pushed him away from you causing his men to point their guns at you and your men point there guns at them.

“You see this? This could be ours.” Suho ushered to the men.

You looked behind you and saw all the men standing to defend you, to kill you.

“You could be their queen, Y/n.” 

You turned back to Suho, “This is real life, not a Disney movie. We bleed, we die..” You shook your head and looked in his eyes. 

“I mean it, Suho. I’ll kill you.” 

“Why are you so prideful?” He asked.

“It’s in my blood.” You stated, turning away from him and walking back to the car.

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remember when hanzo said "all your base are belong to us" i never want people to forget that

I wish I could forget something that Iconic

i’ve been on the internet for a good decade of my life. i’ve seen some shit in that decade. i’ve been around for newgrounds and those /b/ raids and enjoyed fun memes such as ‘shoop da whoop’ and ‘do a barrel roll’ and i was even around for the birth of numa numa and all your base are belong to us. it’d be presumptuous to call myself an internet veteran but i’ve been on the internet for over half of my life okay i’ve seen nearly awful shock website and unfunny meme the internet has to offer so i don’t even question why things happen and go viral anymore.

except this.

this. this thing. this fucking thing. for over ten years. for over a goddamn decade, this thing still mystifies me. i’ve seen it on gaia. i’ve seen it on neopets. i’ve seen it on myspace. i’ve seen it on every single goddamn fucking yaoi wolf roleplaying website i’ve ever joined in the past ten years and i still have no idea what it even is. to this day i still see it hidden in the deepest corner of my abandoned gaia account from when i was 12. i don’t know what it’s even named but i’ve seen more edits of it than i’ve seen of longcat. and that thing is

The French are courting Marine Le Pen while the Russians meddle in their elections, Venezuela and Ethiopia are basically on fire, Donald Trump is forgetting which country he bombed with what missiles on national TV, South Africa just had the biggest protest since its democracy and it was against the sitting president, the White House somehow misplaced an entire aircraft carrier, Assad is poisoning his people quickly, the US and China are poisoning their people slowly, North Korea stepped up their posturing, and Theresa May just announced the UK’s 3rd election in 3 years after triggering Article 50 to initialise Brexit.


Enneagram Type Nine - The Mediator

Mediators believe that to be loved and valued, you must blend in and go with the flow. Consequently, Mediators seek harmony and are inclusive, amiable, easygoing, comfortable and steady; they also can be self-forgetting, conflict-avoidant and stubborn.

Focus of attention - Other people’s agendas and the external environment

Life lesson - To reclaim yourself and wake up to personal priorities

Speaking style - Nines are non-confrontational, friendly, other-focused and inclusive of both feelings and facts. Others may perceive Nines as indecisive, scattered, unclear and overly conciliatory.

What Type Nines tell us about themselves

  • As a harmonizer, I can see all sides to every issue.
  • I avoid conflict and want a comfortable solution.
  • I have difficulty saying “no” and can get resentful later for agreeing to something I don’t want to do.
  • I am ambivalent or unsure about my own needs and wants.
  • It’s much easier to go along with others than to rock the boat.

Relating to Nines

  • Ask them what they want and need, and give them time to discern the answer.
  • Avoid coming on too strong, getting impatient or creating pressure.
  • If you sense they are reluctant or unsure about something they said “yes” to or agreed to do, let them know that it’s ok to say “no.”
  • Encourage them to determine their priorities and support them to take action
  • Stay present to them when they are angry.
  • Share body-based activities such as walking, exercising, cooking or eating.

Seeking harmony in their environment, Nines excel at seeing all points of view but share a problem with inertia. Whether lazy in the traditional sense or hard workers constantly on the move, Nines are self-forgetful and find it difficult to set priorities, change directions or shift their attention to what is most important. 

Basic Proposition - You gain belonging by merging with others, and comfort by dispersing your energy into objects and activities.

Strengths - Excellent mediators, caring, supportive, adaptive, steady, receptive, non-judgmental

Challenges - Stubborn, ambivalent, self-forgetful, indecisive, conflict-avoidant

Defense Mechanism
Narcotization – using food, drink, entertainment or repetitive patterns of thinking and doing to “put oneself to sleep”

Nines use narcotization to avoid conflict, manage their anger and maintain a self-image of being comfortable or harmonious. Even productive activities can keep Nines sedated if they become too habitual. Avoiding conflict with others keeps Nines from being fully present in relationships. Avoiding internal conflict leads to inertia and becoming sidetracked from personal priorities.

Awareness Practice
Observe your habit of mind or focus of attention with as little judgment as possible. Ask yourself the following questions, while noticing your feelings and how your body responds:

  • In what ways do I just go along with others’ agendas?
  • How do I get distracted from my real priorities?
  • How am I stubborn?
  • How do I respond when I feel tension, discomfort or conflict?
  • What makes me angry?

Paradoxically, as body-based types, Nines can be out of touch with their bodies. The intuition and common sense of the gut is operating, but they aren’t necessarily paying attention. While they can hold tension in their bodies, they prefer to stay comfortably undercharged and commonly lack muscle tone. Low-energy Nines suffer from inertia and physical laziness, while high-energy Nines stay constantly active. 

If you are a Nine…

Your task is to get out of your comfort zone and take action on behalf of your true priorities. Try being more assertive with people or taking on difficult activities or projects. This may bring up distress and anxiety at first, but will get easier with practice. Use conscious breathing to tune into your body, feelings and intuition. You can increase your physical energy and vitality by breathing into your chest. Resist the tendency to lower your energy level by belly breathing or by dispersing your energy through comfortable but non-essential tasks, over-talking, or over-consuming food, TV, etc.  

    Declaration of War

    by Vee Esselar

    . I am a Woman. I will not be re-classified by men who “feel like” women. I will not tolerate being called CIS-woman, biological-woman, genetic-woman, woman-born-woman or female-woman. I will not tolerate being accused of having CIS privilege, obtained illegitimately at the moment of my birth. I will not tolerate being accused of wielding this privilege over men. I will fight back against this misogynistic attack that only seeks to silence me and make me invisible.

    . I am a lesbian. I will not be re-classified by men who “feel like” women. I will not call men who “feel like” women, lesbians. I will call them what they are: heterosexual men. I will not put up with being accused of having “mono-sexual privilege” that I wield over men. I will not be shamed and bullied into having sex with men who say they are lesbians and I will call those who try what they are: sexual predators. I will never sign up, line up or shut up about the genocidal assimilation of my lesbian sisters into your transgender cult. I will gather with my sisters wherever and whenever I please and I will not grant you access no matter what woman hating law I am breaking. I will fight back against this misogynistic/homophobic attack that only seeks to silence me and make me invisible.

    . I am a woman. I will not stand for the ridiculous premise that I am trans-misogynist. It is my birthright to speak out loud about any idea or practice that harms women. I will continue to speak out loud about male privilege, male entitlement and male pattern violence. I will continue to expose the real hatred that men direct at women, wether those men happen to “feel like a woman” at the time or not. I will fight back against this misogynistic attack that only seeks to silence me and make me invisible.

    . I am a woman. I reject all notions that there is such a thing as ‘Gender Dysphoria’, female brain, woman feelings, or any other gender based idea, theory or practice. I reject your gender binary straight jacket. I reject your pornographic version of woman and the sexual slavery you promote. I will fight back against this misogynistic attack that only seeks to silence me and make me invisible

    . I am a woman. That word belongs to me. I get to say what that word means. I will not use the word woman or she to include one man. I will not use the word woman or she to describe one man. I will not ally myself with any man who uses woman and she to describe himself no matter how much of a “good guy” he says he is. I will protect the word woman, and in protecting the word woman, I protect my ability to speak about myself, my experience, my future, my past and the entire history of women. You will not rob me of my ability to know my sisters through language. I will fight back against this misogynistic attack that only seeks to silence me and make me invisible.

    . I am a woman. It is my birthright to speak about my body, my experience, my life using my own words. My vagina is not a front hole any more that your penis is a front tail. I will continue to talk about my period, watch the Vagina Monologues, hear Germaine Greer and all my beloved feminists speak, and call other women my sisters wether you “feel” excluded or not. I will gather with my sisters wherever and whenever I please and I will not grant you access no matter what woman hating law I am breaking. I am not afraid of you. Calling me names will not stop me. Threatening me will not stop me. I will fight back against this misogynistic attack that only seeks to silence me and make me invisible.

    I am a woman

    and I will defend myself !


    No food or drink allowed and yet you drink that carrot juice that your boss gave you… which he TOTALLY didn’t spike.

    Yup that juice was spiked, it broke Baito the bunny.

    Batio I refuse to be assimilated into your collective.

    lol using one of the oldest, if not THE oldest, memes.

    Badge are all belong to me.

    its been confirmed that hanzo has some knowledge/liking of 2005-era memes (all your base are belong to us voice line for example) but

    do you think he likes 

    another meme 

    from 2005