all you'll find is a monster


For Weird Wednesdays with @thefreckledone [Part 2]

The greyhound bus didn’t take anyone all the way into Pompeii. There was construction on the roads that made it too rough for anything not sporting four wheel drive to make the climb up. That was fine. The drop off point was less than a mile away from the town, famous for it’s crips beauty and distinct lack of volcanic activity.  

“Wait, so you’re walking?”

Sakura winced, pulling the bluetooth ear piece out and glaring at it before replacing it again once the ringing in her ear had subsided. “Ami, you know I can hear, right?”

“I told you to buy a car before you left. You’re hiking a mile with luggage. What kind of sweet hell is that?” her friend ranted, likely huffing and puffing from the recliner in her dad’s loft apartment just north of central Manhattan. It was a weekday, she wouldn’t be at her own place. “Do they not have taxies in the boonies? What about Uber?”  

“A mile is nothing to worry about, and I have comfortable shoes,” Sakura replied, feeling the weight of her duffle bag increase as if the acknowledgment of it’s existence made it that much heavier.

She didn’t mention the fact that her bank account was starting to look like the clearance price of a lightly used sofa sectional. A taxi might have put her in the red if it had a high enough rate. It was also the main reason she was taking up a position as a general practitioner for the nowhere town instead of completing her residency in the city. She needed to make a living and build up a better bedside manner if she ever wanted to qualify for a Cardiothoracic Surgery Fellowship somewhere down the road.

“I’m going to miss you. Who’s going to remind me to go to bed at a decent hour? No one’s ever put up with me as long as you have,” Ami sniffed on the other end of the line. “You’ve finally left me…a-all for some stupid town no one wants to practice in.”

Sakura could hear the waterworks coming and laughed to ease the tension. “It’s not that bad. From what I heard there’s not that high a need for a doctor and they’ve been stubbornly resilient since the last one up and left. It’s not a busy place. I’ll have plenty of yearly check ups to practice my bedside manner on so it’s perfect for me. Everyone wants to save the day in a big way and forgets about the little guys. I think I’ll fit in just fine.”

“Yeah, but I think you’re forgetting the most important thing here: me. When will I see you again? I’m so lonely.”

“Ami, you’re married.”

“Yeah but that’s different.”

“Hang on,” Sakura said, pausing on the side of the road. She blinked and then turned around, searching for the curve she could have sworn she had already passed over. That pine tree looked oddly familiar. “Ami, how long have I been on this call with you?”  

“Not long enough.”

Sakura pulled out her cell and checked the time. She’d been on the phone twenty one minutes. She should have seen the town by now. She wasn’t a slow walker either, in spite of her luggage. She felt a vibration in her ear and then a crackle as her cell phone screen showed only one bar left, and even that one was blinking.

“Ami, your signal is starting to break up so I’m going to have to end the call. I think I’m close to the town, I’ll email you when I get there.”

“Your phone is old, that’s why. Sakura…come back soon! I miss you.”

“Love you too,” Sakura fondly cooed before ending the call and replacing the cell in her jacket’s front pocket.

Without the distraction, Sakura took another look around and decided she was in a new area and that she hadn’t turned herself around. She was being silly, thinking she had passed by the same way when she never once turned off the road. Ami’s call had just distracted her. Silly, silly, silly.

Sakura started walking again and in another minuet she could see the curve in the road that lead into a main street where a dozen different store fronts showed off open faces. A handful of cars were parked on the street outside and people were out and about. The further she walked the more of the town she could see and she was amazed by how big it was for being in such an out of the way location. There were plenty of people and cars, even if she hadn’t seen a single one on the road up from the greyhound stop.

Something like excitement made Sakura’s heart skip in her chest and she couldn’t help but smile. There had been more than one reason she settled on the occupancy at Pompeii and not one of the more local cities. Of course it was an interesting place that Sakura felt she could do well in, but aside from that she already knew someone in town.

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  • Jin: Whenever you're getting dressed in the morning he'll follow you around and wait at your feet until you give him his own little bowtie or jacket to wear. Cos he needs to always look as good as his master, if not better.
  • Suga: It will probably be difficult for you to find him cos he'll be off hiding somewhere on his own, most likely chewing something. Like you'll find him under your car fast asleep with a half-eaten shoe right next to him. And then when you wake him up and ask him what the hell he was doing he'll just grin at you. Evilly.
  • J-Hope: Will bark. Non-stop. All the time. Whenever you leave the house you'll hear this chorus of high-pitched yapping from inside. He'll often get mixed up and howl at the sun like some weird kind of wolf.
  • Rap Monster: Doesn't need to chew stuff to destroy it. He could just lie down on a pillow and it would explode. And then he'd be coated in feathers and looking confused af. When you come into the room he'll just look at you as innocently as possible to tell you that he didn't mean to.
  • Jimin: Constantly asking for cuddles. You'll sit down after a long day and he'll immediately roll onto his back so that you will scratch his tummy. You always give in cos he's just so damn adorable.
  • V: Let's jut say stuff will disappear. You'll be looking for something and then you'll find him looking guilty with it in his mouth. He'll be just about to put it on the floor in front of you when he suddenly turns and runs under the couch or something. Cheeky af.
  • Jungkook: Doesn't ever listen to you. If you're out for a walk and he's running ahead and you tell him to come back to you, he'll just look at you for a sec in confusion before sprinting away as fast as possible. But he always comes back to you.

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I fell stupid for realizing this just now, but did you ever noticed that when we die in game that's asgore saying all that "you'll be alright, Stay determined, you're the future of human and monster" stuff and that is him telling it to chara when they were dying. Now I don't know what to do with my life anymore ._.

I’m sure not everyone realized the same thing. Even if I started playing immediately after the fresh release, for multiple times, my mind got blown couples of months later as soon as I found out. It’s not so easy to remember every detail in game, even if it’s just for fun and life lessons. 

Though I do find it very interesting why Asgore didn’t stop calling you as the future of humans and monsters, even afterall he tried to kill you in Boss Fight but I can tell it was only because of so much grief caused by the death of Asriel and other children. Me as player, it’s like going through the same past-experience as Chara did, in game. Then, after seeing how many positive and merciful things you did for every monster, Asgore changed his mind thinking there was still some hope left to continue building up a peace between two races. Which I guess it’s something Chara did too before, but that’s my personal opinion. ^_^

I also guess, based off these lines, that Asgore only tried his best to encourage Chara to stay with them and not leave them alone. Same to Frisk, and if they die, Asgore and all monsters would lose the hope again and be trapped underground forever. Other guess is that Asgore is really hoping for freedom, acceptance and approval from humans. It’s actually an interesting theory to explore. :>

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i don't know who to vent to so i hope this is ok. but in all the doto promotions the story theyre advertising is: daud blames the outsider for the world's problems and drags billie along. and obv that generated a lot of memes and eye-rolls. but then arkane is like ';) wait and see. you'll be surprised :)))' and i have a bad feeling that the 'twist' is gonna be daud and billie realizing at the end "oh no, man was the monster all along" but the players already know that. its_not_that_deep. png.

Yes, I really believe that trailers should be representative of the content they promote. Trailers are now such a big thing (that movie studios hire smaller studios to cut trailers for them, and find third-party awesome music) and they’re heavily analysed before and after the main feature is released; especially so if a trailer had a scene that didn’t appear in the movie. (Skip the unbolded text if you like, it’s only an example from ME:A.)

Like, take Mass Effect: Andromeda for example.

Imagine if Bioware had done it the other way around and absolutely, 100% pushed the “we’re building the Arks as a super-secret last-ditch effort above and beyond Commander Shepard’s crucible effort.” Imagine if ME:A opened in the middle of the freaking Reaper War and you only, just barely escaped the Milky Way. There’d be a bit more weight on every effort to colonise a new galaxy wouldn’t there? There would be more emotional significance to making peace with the Angara and finding a new home. Every major decision in ME:A would be flavored with the fact that you might be the only humans left, anywhere. You could still have Liara’s sign-off and other various nice tie-in messages and even then, the issue with having four endings to ME3 wouldn’t matter as much because you would still know the Milky Way didn’t go down without a fight.

Bioware could have kept most of their promotional material the same. They could have kept the Andromeda Initiative videos, that have come from in-universe sources; and kept the in-engine combat and exploration. The former are good to show how hopeful this is, and the latter are good because that’s what gamers are interested in.

But then they could have emphasised the connection to the original Mass Effect trilogy, e.g. saying “this IS a continuation of the Mass Effect story, even though you won’t be playing as Commander Shepard”. They tried to play down the Shepard connection so that people wouldn’t be as disappointed when they found Ryder and the new squadmates not as well-written or immediately interesting, because you’re comparing a new Mass Effect game to the whole trilogy, when you should really be comparing it to Mass Effect 1 (but we literally can’t do that, it will inevitably be compared to the previous game in the franchise). Then they tried to use an emotional “gotcha” at the end of the main storyline to say “no wait! it IS continuous with the trilogy!” which fell flat after having no emotional connection to the game for 60+ hours.

I fear that DOTO is going the same way. If the trailers are truly representative of the game, then the combat and exploration may be top notch, but the really important component - the story - may just fall flat. Dishonored fans are smart, sensitive, intelligent people, and they respond well to quality entertainment. 

The Last Place You'll Look

Little humans are my prey,
And babies are a treat.
I’m the monster in your closet,
I’m the one who wants to eat.

You will try in vain to find me,
You will look under your bed,
You may think I’m in the bathroom,
But I’m somewhere else instead!

I’m the one that you all fear,
I’ve made you scared of the dark,
I made you turn that night light on,
I made your precious doggy bark.

You never see me, not once.
But I’m sure you get the feeling,
That you might be being watched
By something on the ceiling.