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I’m sorry, but I had to lie to you. Mr. Stewart didn’t buy my story at all. He was on to me, but I think I found a way to protect you, to get you out. So get going, run like hell and clear your name. You need to prove your innocence. I need to do something else.

Comforting Pride

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Title: Comforting Pride

Pairing: Pride x Reader

Word Count: 854

Warnings: hurt/comfort, fluff

A/N: This was requested by anon! I hope you all enjoy this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much! <3

You drove Pride back to the office, making sure to shut the door behind you and Pride.  After a night like tonight, Pride needed his rest.  Not just because Pride was stabbed on a rooftop, but because after taking Hamilton down, you knew Pride had to be exhausted.

You followed the agent up the stairs, throwing your backpack over your shoulder.  You had a fresh change of clothes, your pajamas, and toiletries in your bag.  You packed it before you picked up Pride from the scene.  Even after he insisted he was fine, you still wanted to stay and make sure that he was okay.

Pride watched as you shut the door behind you.  He wasn’t used to having you around this late at night; without a case anyway.  He did like having you around though.  “Ya don’t have’ta stay here [Y/N],” Pride assured you as he opened his dresser to grab a fresh shirt.  He felt guilty, knowing that you had other plans tonight.

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The Matchmaker (4/??)

Theme : Impulsive, raw, rushed. The Matchmaker as Vincent Van Gogh.

Credit to the owners for all the pictures!

Title : The Matchmaker

Pairing : Jaebum x Reader x Jinyoung

Genre : Fluff, Romance, Angst

Author : Me

Summary : You love Jaebum, with all your heart. There is no way he would love you back though, considering you’re too scared to even say hello to him. One day, your friend tells you about the Matchmaker, a man who can help you get the love of your life and you decide you need this person in your life. This is the only way to make Jaebum and you a whole.

/ Teaser / Part I / Part II / Part III

Part IV 

It was obvious that you needed advices. You were supposed to go to a dance performance in two days and had no idea what it was going to be about. Jaebum had told you where and when it was, and while you should be excited, you were actually freaking out on the inside. You were supposed to meet with your coach at 8pm to prepare for this.

When he opened the door and spotted you in the middle of the soft music echoing in the dim place, he went to the bar, ordering something and walked to your table.

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Angry boy needs haircut… But am still cute xD and an old selfie for good measure. Heyo! I’m Zephyr and I’m super dysphoric and full of cramps on this Sunday but I think about my new flame and feel kinda better.. #GimmeTalready
Hmu peace, love and confidence to you all, happy selfie Sunday boyos x @webelonginlumpyspace

I agree, you are very cute! And your name is great!! I hope you feel better soon, take care of yourself!!



Hey, guys. Something very serious in the k-pop community has happened.

Earlier today, T.O.P from the group Big Bang overdosed on his proscribed medicine. He was found unconscious and he is currently in the ICU of the hospital. His mother and close friends are by his side. He has still not woken up. That’s all I know for sure and, I don’t want to spread misinformation.

Please, pray for T.O.P, or send positive vibes to him and his loved ones. The recent scandal has sent hate his way. Let’s send love, support and wishes to hide that hate. He needs it. Let’s show everybody what us k-pop fans can do. Make this hashtag tread. Anything you can to support.

Thank you.


O l i c i t y 

Oliver protecting Felicity is second nature to him. It is just automatic.  Deeply rooted within him.

One Of Those Days

When you made your way through the front door, you slammed it behind you.

It had been one of those days. One of those days where nothing really turned out right, no matter how hard you tried—when everything you did wasn’t working out for some reason, and it took everything you had inside to not throw in the towel.

You could feel the anxiety in your body. The muscles in your shoulders were tense and your lungs occasionally gasped for a little more air—on the car ride back home you clenched onto the steering wheel until your knuckles turned white, and not even listening to your favorite song could help you feel better.

You threw your bag onto the floor by the door and slipped your jacket off of your shoulders, letting it fall to the ground carelessly. You knew that Niall wouldn’t be home for another few hours, and the thought made the tears start pricking behind your eyes. You knew that if you called him and told him you needed him he would come running—but you also knew how excited he was for this interview that he had, and you didn’t want to take that away from him.

You had a checklist that you went through in your head when your anxiety started acting up. Food, water, shower. Sometimes when you took care of your body physically, it helped you feel better mentally.

You walked to the kitchen and grabbed an apple in one hand, filling up a cup with water using the other. Once you’d had both items in your hands you walked up the stairs to your bedroom and closed the door behind you using your foot. You set your food and water on your bedside table, taking a sip of the drink before shrugging off your clothes and making your way to the shower.

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It takes fifteen seconds for Dean to fall in love.

He walks into the kitchen with the intention of making himself a cup of coffee, only to find you there at the stove.

You have your back turned, making breakfast as you sway softly to the music from the radio.

He walks over to the counter where he notices a freshly brewed coffee pot with two mugs waiting beside it.

Without a word, you turn off the stove and plate everything up, making two portions rather than just your own.

Dean frowns at you, realising that you’d been preparing two meals the whole time.

You catch the look, smiling softly as you make your way to the table.

“I heard you get up for a shower,” you explain, placing one plate in front of him as you sit down opposite. “Figured you’d be looking for caffeine and fuel.”

You say it so casually, as if your intimate knowledge of his routine doesn’t make his heart flutter and stomach flip.

You’ve been friends for years, but this is the first time he’s understood what he has been feeling for you all this time.

Seeing you talk to other men has always irritated him, but he used to just put it down to protectiveness. Nobody was good enough for you.

But now - watching you smile confusedly across at him as he doesn’t touch his food, staring vacantly at you as he takes a moment to think - he realises it’s more.

It hits him like a freight train that maybe his initial reaction was off.

It takes fifteen years for Dean to fall in love, but fifteen seconds for him to realise it.



O L I C I T Y -  T H R O U G H   T H E   Y E A R S

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