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Jolymes Week 2016 - Monday, November 14th to Sunday, November 20th!

Foreword: Lots of love to the people who helped me choose the prompts! You’re all amazing and wonderful and make this so much easier for me. Thank you!

Anyways, hello! I’m happy to finally make an official post. This is a whole week dedicated to everyone favorite anime prison girlfriends, Jolyne Kujo and Hermes Costello! These two ladies definitely deserve some fandom love imo and I noticed nobody else was making a Jolymes Week so hey, why not me? its my otp after all whoops Every day has two or three prompts to act as inspirational guidelines for your drawings or fanfic. You don’t need to follow them, let alone in the order they’re listed. Day One is November 14th and the event extends through November 20th, AKA Day Seven/the final day.

First things first, I’ll give the prompts and include extra information under a read more. I highly recommend you read the information so you can understand the rules and the event to an even greater extent.

Day 1: Confessions || First/Last Times || Fluff
Day 2: Date Night || Wedding || High Fashion
Day 3: Extended Family || Creating a Family
Day 4: Stands || Fighting (As in, fighting side-by-side or maybe sparring together, not fighting against one another)
Day 5: Young || Crossover || Music Inspired
Day 6: Foolymes (Jolyne x Hermes x Foo Fighters) || Prisonmates
Day 7: Post-Stone Ocean (Alt. Ending) || New Universe/Universe Reset (Canon ending)

Read the information under the cut if you have questions. If your question isn’t answered please feel free to message/inbox this blog!

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Another question on animals and heaven...

Hi Father! I hope this question isn’t too stupid, but it’s been bugging me a lot lately. What Pope Francis told that little boy about his dog going to Heaven has been driving me crazy, particularly because I thought the Church ruled that animals don’t have souls. Pope Pious XII said they don’t, then Pope John Paul II said they DO, then Pope Benedict XVI said they don’t and now Francis?.. I thought maybe he said it to comfort him, but my mum and sister called me a heretic? Wouldn’t this open up a whole debate about free will, and mosquitoes going to Heaven, and putting animals on the same level as us? I’ve always thought that humans were separate from nature, but if I’m wrong please tell me, because I can’t bear being told I’m an apostasy, it breaks my heart. :( I’m sorry this was so long, but thank you for taking the time to answer me, Father. God Bless.



First of all, Pope Francis did not say that animals go to heaven. That has been debunked. Also, you may want to see what I have written in my blog concerning animals and heaven:

1. St. Thomas Aquinas and many other Catholic philosophers tell us that anything which is living has a soul. If we say an animal does not have a soul, we are saying the animal is dead.

2. Aquinas classified souls as being either a) vegetative souls (lower life forms) b) a sentient soul (e.g. animals) or c) a rational soul (the kind of soul a human person has).

3. Further, the Catholic philosophers have always taught that only the rational soul is capable of life after death, because a rational soul can absorb universal truths, exercise logic and reason, and be self-reflective and self-conscious. These higher intellectual powers are spiritual in nature (e.g. the ability to know and love) and not tied to the matter of the body. 

4. It is believed by the majority of Catholic theologians that an animal demonstrates a life which responds to particular sense data, and is sentient, but does not have the higher powers of intellect that would make a soul “rational” and therefore “immortal” (survives death). Such a sentient soul, of an animal, is dependent upon the physical matter of the animal and ceases to exist if the animal dies, according to these thinkers. There are, on the other side, a few Catholic authors in history who thought animals might go to heaven, such as St. Bonaventure and Fr. Jaime Balmes, a 19th century philosopher and theologian.

5. All these discussions about animals and what kind of soul they have and whether they have life after death fall under philosophy, because the Bible and the Apostolic Tradition of the Church do not reveal to us what God’s plan is for animals after they die. Popes, bishops, priests and people, can come up with their own personal answers and private opinions on this question. The Church gives us that freedom.

6. Therefore, neither Popes nor Church Councils have issued official doctrine on whether an animal goes to heaven. Maybe a pope here or there offers his personal opinion. However, no pope is able to give a final answer because God’s Revelation is silent on the question of animals and life after death.

7. A Catholic is free to believe that animals have a soul that dies along with their body, and that there are no animals in heaven. Or, a Catholic is free to have hope that when their beloved pet dies, they go to be with Jesus, who welcomes pets into heaven. I’m not going to pretend I know the answer because I’m not God, and I haven’t been to heaven and back. 

God bless and take care, Fr. Angel


Hey guys so long story short my best friend is making me do this before we go to the 1989 Tour because I was a wild one last time. I’ve been a swiftie since February 2007 when I got my first album “Taylor Swift”. From then on I have been obsessed with Taylor Swift, and everyone will tell you that I am like a bloodhound when it comes to anyone even whispering something about Taylor lol. So two years ago I decided to go to the Re Tour with my best friend Kayla (it was my first concert ever). Little did I know that is soon as Taylor would walk on stage, all bets would be off, I would hit the floor screaming, crying, literally it was the perfect storm because it even rained before the concert. Then more surprises kept hitting me because little did I know that Mrs. Shifty Swifty was going to waltz the isles of Gillette Stadium to Stage B and pass within like 5 feet of me (almost died right there). I hurdled so many chairs that literally the security would not leave my side until I exited the stadium. Then Taylor decided to play “All Too Well” and if you know me, you know that song hits me like a sack of potatoes launched at you like a rocket and I start getting the feels and being emotional AF. I proceeded to cry so much after that I have a migraine for the next lifetime. Through all of this my best friend Kayla was there to witness the whole ordeal. For this upcoming tour I am publicly apologizing in advance so people don’t think I am crazy (I SWEAR IM NOT BUT YOU NEVER KNOW)!! I can’t wait for the 1989 World Tour at Gillette and I will be there on both nights with my best friends supporting our home girl


. I AM BEYOND EXCITED AS YOU CAN TELL!!! I’m so excited to meet all of you that I’ve been talking to on tumblr so don’t be afraid to approach me! My goal is to literally fill up my phone with pictures! PS: if I accidentally interrupt ‘Clean’ because an ambulance had to rush in to evacuate me I am SOOOOOOO Sorry but that song gives me major feels and idk what kind of shock I might go into like my friends are bringing a defibrillator if they need to revive me. Taylor is gonna slay my soul back and forth to heaven, I can just foretell that right now.

Light at the End of the Tunnel

(on AO3)

Castiel doesn’t know why he rushes to leave heaven. He has no reason to leave, let alone pay attention to the nervous, needy feeling settling in the pit of his stomach. He knows Dean is dead, so why should he even bother attempting to see him one last time? It will just hurt him more to see Dean’s lifeless body and know that he cannot do anything to fix it. The last of his grace wouldn’t even be enough to bring Dean back to life.

But still, he goes. Hannah and the other angels promise him that if and when he wishes to return to heaven, the portal will be open to him. He thanks them with a nod of his head, unable to say anything else for fear of breaking down in front of them.

When he reaches Earth and his feet hit the gritty sand of the large sandbox; he falls to his knees, burying his face in his hands and sobs. Big, fat tears roll down his cheeks, leaving dark prints in the sand underneath him. He whispers Dean’s name over and over again, chanting it like a prayer and his heart feels like it’s being ripped out of his chest.

So this is heartbreak, he thinks. This is what so many wars were started over and Castiel can understand why. The desire to rage a war against Heaven and Hell is thick within his gut, as is the desire to torture Metatron until he is begging for Castiel to stop. But that would be pointless, it would only cause more casualties and do nothing to solve the painful ache within his heart. So instead he cries. Even as he shakily stands to his feet, staggering out of the sandbox and towards his car, tears continue to trail down his cheeks.

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Moffat is Leaving

I know a bunch of you are celebrating and I guess it’s your right to do so if you didn’t like his style. Heaven knows I celebrated when Davies left. But at least do so respectfully - how do you think seeing this stuff will make Moffat feel when he sees it? The man poured his heart and soul into this show - at least respect THAT if nothing else.

But for each of you asinine gits that attacked him (and, at times, his CHILDREN) as some kind of inhuman monster, or accused him of sexism, racism, etc, etc. when you didn’t get 100% of what you wanted (heaven forbid he meet you 99% of the way there) while celebrating Davies as some angelic paragon of glory… Fuck all of you. You’re the ones who made him quit. He’s a human being - treat him like one.

I, for one, am sad to see him go. If nobody else says it to you, Steven Moffat, I appreciated you as a showrunner, you as a Who fan, and you as a person (or as much as I could read of you from your writing). You’re leaving at least one fan behind, and I’m sure there are many others.

goldengod3ss  asked:

Hey. How do you accept that the person you are in love with doesn't love you anymore. And he's moved on with a new person? Also how do u go about with comparisons, and people telling you the new person is prettier, smarter etc

You tell them that you are child of the light, you are you and no one else because that is what God intends for you, people who compare are ego ruled and lack intelligence all together, they are part of the masses that are ruled by people with stronger wills then themselves, and that their ill presence isn’t welcome, they either speak with humility, compassion and kindness or they do not speak to you at all. That’s is what you say number 1 ☝🏾️

I Don’t give love advice because I read a lot of spiritual and psychology books and the fact is the average person doesn’t know the true meaning of love and will most likely only have a glimpse of what real love is a few times in their life. But romantic love isn’t real love. Simply because when we fell from grace, our soul split into two, half the soul had mostly the feminine energy of the universe and the other half of the soul had the masculine energy of the universe. This is where the whole “soul partners” comes into it, it is true but not in the way you think, and your soul partner isn’t necessarily your lover it could be your mum or son, in the example of Mary and Jesus. It depends on the karmic lesson of your incarnation, some people may need to learn how to be more independent instead of relying on the other for everything. Either way you will not know who your soul partner is until you’ve reached enlightenment, which means taking the spiritual path. You may also want to note that you come from “soul groups” this is how people who are not related on the other side of the world look like each other, same soul group, they could of been brothers in their last incarnation.
Anyway I say this to say, you, as all people do, including myself, need to learn who they are (their soul, your soul has lived since the beginning in many incarnations, are part of the spiritual path is remembering your past lives) then you will know your soul group and your souls other “half”. But that could take years, and lots of hard spiritual work and sacrifice, which frightens people so they’d rather be part of the deluded masses. I think it’s comforting and kind of exciting, think of it this way; think about those members of your family you truly love, they are part of your soul group so you have spent many lifetimes with them and will spend all your life times within, so you never lose the ones you love and who love you dearly even though in material reality it appears that way. I also think it’s nice to know you do have a soul partner, who shares the same soul as you. It kind of makes other “romantic” partners seem less entertaining or painful now, knowing that there is someone out there that both your souls belong together. But you will only know that once you have reached enlightenment like I said.

So all you need to focus on is being one with The Divine, becoming so close to God that you become thee (in a spiritual sense of course) that’s all our souls purpose. For some people it may take a few more incarnations others may choose to reach enlightenment now. And when you reach enlightenment you will have a choice either go to heaven and join the other ascended masters or choose to stay here on earth and help guide those who are lost. Trust me God is better then any earth bound man🙏🏾 he will never leave you or deny your worth, all you have to do is turn your head away from Darkness and let the light guide you. Yes living life through Gods will is hard but you will never feel alone or not loved again, it will be known of how worthy your existence is👑☀️✨💗