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Helping Hands

Reid x Reader smutty smut smut

“No. You cannot go to a gig dressed like that”

Your best friend and colleague Spencer Reid looked down at his outfit and then back up at you. He was dressed in smart slacks and a shirt, with dress shoes on his feet. You on the other hand were dressed in a denim skirt, leggings, a vest top and an oversized hoody. Converse hi-tops completed your look.

For your last birthday Spencer had presented you with two tickets to see your favourite band Muse performing. They didn’t tour America that often so when they’d announced a tour, you’d been desperate to get tickets only to discover that they’d sold out pretty much straight away. Reid however had been one step ahead of the game knowing it was your birthday in a few weeks. He’d set Penelope Garcia on to the case, her somehow jamming the server for other users until she’d purchased two tickets. Naturally, you’d chosen to take him.

“What’s wrong with my outfit?”

You shook your head, it wasn’t that he didn’t look nice. He just looked….. “It’s too smart, too over dressed for a gig”

You marched him back down the hallway to his apartment, striding into his bedroom and throwing open the closet doors. You knew he owned jeans, you’d seen them at least twice before. You found them eventually, slinging them at him and searched for a t-shirt finding a plain black one which would do and tossing that at him as well. Spying a grey cardigan on the back of the closet door, you instructed him to wear that, along with his converse and you left his room so he could change.

He emerged five minutes later looking like a completely different guy. He looked good though, he hair slightly messier from tugging the t-shirt on and the jeans hugged his frame nicely. You nodded your approval and the two of you set off to the gig.

Four hours later and you were grinning from ear to ear as Spencer drove you both home. Your ears were ringing, your lower back was on fire from standing up for so long but you’d had the best time ever. The band had been amazing, belting out all of your favourite tunes and the atmosphere had been so intense and enjoyable. You’d been overcome with emotion during Unintended, one of your all time favourite songs, and you’d grasped hold of Spencer’s hand as you swayed with the rest of the crowd.

He’d seemed to enjoy it as well, actually singing along to the songs although you knew all he’d had to do was listen to them once whilst reading the lyrics and he’d have them all memorised.

The ride home was short, the gig hadn’t been too far from home so you invited Spencer in for a few beers, groaning as you slumped down onto your couch, flicking the TV on.

“Everything okay?” Reid asked you slightly louder than normal. He dropped down next to you, handing you an uncapped beer which he’d pulled from your refrigerator.

“I’m good. My back just hurts a bit, I’m getting too old for this shit.”

Taking a pull of his beer, Spencer set it down and then turned to you.

“Y/N turn around. Where does it hurt?”

Adjusting your positioning, you crossed your legs and turned on the couch so you were sitting sideways on with your back to him. “It’s just at the bottom, it aches like a mother fucker.”

Spencer chuckled and then gently placed his hands to your lower back, slipping them under your hoody and pressing his thumbs into your spine, softly kneading the aching area. It felt surprisingly good and you leant forward slightly, pulling your hoody off to allow him better access.

Spencer’s lithe fingers worked along your spine and lower back hitting all of the pressure points with precision and you found yourself enjoying his touch so much so that a soft groan escaped your lips causing Spencer to freeze his movements and your eyes to fly open and your jaw to drop.

“Sorry…. ” he started to say and you shook your head.

“You didn’t hurt me Spence. It just felt….really REALLY good.”

“Do you want me to carry on then?” he asked tentatively, a slight edge to voice.

“Erm….only if you don’t mind?”

“I don’t mind…. But could we change positions? It would be easier for me if you sat between my legs in front of me.”

You understood what he was saying and could appreciate how it would would be more comfortable but it still didn’t stop you from saying, “Christ Spence, how long have we been friends for and you’re only now telling me you want me between your legs?”

His cheeks flushed pink and you immediately regretted it. He coughed, clearing his throat, “Do you want the damn massage or not?”

You did, it was doing wonders to ease your suffering. You scooted from your seat and waited for Spencer to part his thighs, settling on the couch between them and waiting for him to start up again. He did and you leant into his touch, his hands working on your spine as you tried to keep your little grunts of satisfaction to yourself.

Adjusting your position slightly, you rolled your neck on your shoulder wincing as you heard a crack. Spencer’s hands immediately moved up your back to your shoulders, pressing against the hard knots that had formed and working to loosen to them. The sensation was magical and you allowed your eyes to close again, your breath hitching in your throat as his thumb brushed over a particularly sensitive spot on your neck. This time Spencer didn’t pause, he just shuffled his body forward slightly, his thighs trapping you between them. His fingers continued their dance over your sore muscles, brushing over that spot again and earning another groan from you. When he did it again moments later your mind began to wander. It was THAT exact spot on your neck, the spot that when touched correctly would send tingles right down to your groin. And Spencer’s fingers kept sweeping over it in just the right way….

Did he know? Or was it just an accident? When it happened again, his finger tip actually lightly circling the spot and making your downy hairs stand on end as a low gasp left your chest, you realised he must know.

Which was extremely interesting.

You and Spencer had been friends as well as colleagues for a few years now and you’d always wondered whether there perhaps was something more between the two of you. He was attractive, very much so and you’d be lying if you said you hadn’t wondered briefly what it would be like to kiss his plump pink lips. But you’d always pushed the thought aside. It was Spencer after all. Spencer didn’t have girlfriends, half the time he rarely seemed to even notice if an attractive looking female was in the room. It was only six months ago when you’d both been babysitting Henry together that he’d actually expressed desire to find someone. You’d talked to him for a while, surprised by how insulted he was when you’d told him that you didn’t think he was bothered about finding a partner. When you’d asked him what his ideal woman was though, he’d appeared awkward and eventually just shrugged the question off, not giving you an answer.

Had there been a reason he hadn’t given you an answer?

The next time his finger dashed over that spot on your neck you made sure that your groan was louder, leaning back slightly and placing your hands onto his thighs. Spencer stiffened slightly but carried on with his slow kneading of your shoulders and neck. Feeling bolder and just damn curious, you softly stroked his thighs feeling him sit up straighter at your touch. The air was almost crackling with tension right now, both of you waiting for the other to give some sort of signal that you wanted more. You inched your hands higher on his thighs hearing Spencer’s breath catch, his hands stilling their movements momentarily before changing track. This time they moved to your sides, trailing up and down your rib cage tickling you sensually through the thin cotton fabric of your vest. You shuddered, heat starting to flood your body as you dug your fingernails lightly into his thighs, not enough to cause pain. On the eighth lap up and and down your torso Spencer’s hands lingered inches from your breasts and you could feel him closer to you than before, his breath on the back of your neck. Wanting to give him a sign but not to outright tell him that this was okay, you reached up to your hair and pulled it to one side, exposing your neck to him.

Reid received your message loud and clear and a pair of warm lips pressed against your neck, his hands creeping around to your front and splaying across your abdomen. Spencer peppered the side of your throat with kisses, his tongue poking out and swiping over the shell of your ear, his hands not moving from their spot on your tummy.

“Is this…. is this okay? That…. that I’m doing this?” came a whisper in your ear, Spencer’s voice a few octaves lower than what you were used to.

“Uh huh….You’ll know if it’s not okay, Spencer. Trust me,” you whispered back, surprised by the slight croak to your own voice. You turned your head to the side, your eyes connecting with his, both of you realising there was no going back from this once you took the next step.

You ran the tip of your tongue over your lips watching Spencer do the same. But still, neither of you moved an inch.

“Spence. The ball’s in your court here. If you want this then…. ”

You didn’t get chance to complete your sentence because his lips were suddenly upon yours, the pressure light to begin, still unsure. When you didn’t pull away he deepened the kiss, his head tilting to the side and his lips parting. Allowing your own to part, your tongue slipped out to meet his as you twisted your body to kiss him properly.

Spencer’s kisses were both everything and nothing like you expected them to be, igniting a passion in you that you hadn’t felt for a while; a desperate need to be closer to someone, to feel them pressed against you. You suddenly had the urge to kiss Spencer everywhere, to taste him and to drink him in. If one kiss could make you feel like this, God only knows what would happen once this went further.

You pulled away from his mouth, breathless and gulping the air down as his face searched yours for signs that he’d done something wrong. Smiling, you tucked your hair behind your ear and then turned your body completely around, Spencer’s eyes widening as you straddled his lap, your skirt riding up as you changed positions, the denim waistband uncomfortable against your stomach. You grimaced.

“Did…. I do something wrong?” Spencer clocked it and you shook your head.

“It’s the skirt and the position I’m in.”

“You could…. Erm, take it off?” his cheeks were already flushed so you couldn’t tell whether the colour deepened or not but knowing Reid the way you did, you’d be surprised if it didn’t. You stood directly in front of him, taking his hands and placing them on the waistband.

“Or… You could take it off for me.”

Only a few seconds passed before he answered but it felt like an age.

“Y/N, if I remove your skirt, I’m not sure I’ll be able to stop with just that.”

“So don’t stop then.”

Taking a deep breath and seemingly having a word with himself, Spencer’s fingers quickly moved to the button on your skirt, unhooking it and then sliding the material down your legs. You stepped out of it, kicking it to one side and then stood, waiting. You weren’t going to take charge here, you wanted to see what he’d do. Rising to his feet and towering over your small frame, he slipped his fingers under your vest, gripping the hem and tugging it upwards, peeling it off your body.

You didn’t think you looked like the most attractive person standing in your bra and leggings but the way Spencer’s eyes were trailing over your torso, made you feel like a goddess. He rolled his lip between his teeth before dropping to his knees in front of you and slowly dragging your leggings off, lifting your feet one by one and then moving them to the side. Running his hands up and down your legs you were shocked and pleasantly surprised when he moved them to your ass, squeezing your buttocks through your panties.

You were even more surprised when he slipped his hands into your panties, pressing them against the bare skin of your butt.

“I really, REALLY want to have you naked and laid out in front me so I can see and kiss every inch of your body, Y/N.”

Those were words you’d never in a million years expected to hear from Spencer Reid but yet they’d just left his mouth and you felt yourself becoming even more turned on than you were before.

Cocking your head towards the bedroom, you did your best to cross the room in what you hoped was a sexy walk, hoping to God that Spencer was actually following you. Almost as soon as you were through the door, his hands were on you again, not quite as gentle as before. His movements were fuelled by a passion inside of him and it showed. You didn’t mind though. Your bra was unhooked in seconds, being pulled down your arms and being tossed somewhere onto the floor as Spencer dropped to his knees again to drag your panties off leaving you entirely naked and exposed.

He started to place wet open mouthed kisses up your legs, starting at your ankle and slowly working up to the tops of your thighs, before crossing over to the other leg, avoiding your most sensitive area. Your legs felt shaky and you tangled one hand into his luscious hair doing your best to not fall over.

“So beautiful… ” you could hear him murmuring into your skin as he repeated his kisses up and down your legs, a hand pressed firmly against your butt cheek and lightly squeezing.

“Spence….” your leg shook again and Reid pulled away from you shuffling forward on his knees and forcing you to walk backwards until the backs of your legs hit the bed.

“Lie down,” he whispered, remaining on the floor and looping a hand around your ankle, making it so that you were laying with your butt on the edge of the bed.

“This hardly seems fair that you’re still dressed. Even the playing field a bit please?”

Spencer obliged and you saw his tee shirt whiz over your head as he removed it and threw it into the corner of the room, still knelt between your legs. Gripping your thighs, he pushed them wide open opening you to him completely. You could feel how wet you were already, knowing he could see it too. Spencer ran a finger teasingly up and down your slit and you watched open mouthed as he then bought that finger to his lips, tasting it. Not that you’d ever imagined what Spencer would be like in the bedroom but if you had, you were sure it would have been a far cry from what was actually happening.

Lowering his head, Spencer kissed and nipped along you inner thigh again. This time though, he didn’t stop. You glanced down to the end of the bed seeing his eyes locked on yours as he placed the flat of his tongue on you, licking a thick stripe from bottom to top, flicking your clit. You gasped as he briefly hit the spot. He did it again, this time placing his hands on you and using them to very gently pull the fleshy skin back, so he had clear access. His tongue stayed on your pulsating clit though this time rather than flicking off it and you gripped the bed covers as he started to circle it, using the exact amount of pressure you needed.

Your moans became more frequent and louder, your appreciation spurring him on as he worked you with his tongue, moving the sensitive nerve bundle from side to side, back and forth. When he slipped first one, then two fingers inside you, curling them against the pebbled area of your inner front wall, you knew it wouldn’t be long and less than two minutes later you were gasping out his name as your hips bucked off the bed, forcing yourself harder against his mouth as you came.

You felt Spencer retract, you suddenly feeling very empty as you watched him wipe his glistening mouth with the back of his hand before standing and pushing his jeans and underwear down. You tried not to stare at his impressive length as he crawled onto the bed, hovering over you.

Reaching your hand up, you tugged him down to you, crashing your lips against his and tasting the slightly bitter taste of yourself on his mouth. Spreading your legs, you locked them around Spencer’s waist so that he was forced against you, his cock nudging at your entrance.

Pulling his lips away it was Spencer who remembered the all important question. “Condom?”

“Contraceptive implant. Definitely clean though so it’s entirely up to you.” You hated condoms hence the implant and regular testing. You were quite certain Spencer would be okay too but you waited for his confirmation.

“I am too, can we… go without then?”

You nodded and quickly slipped your hand between your bodies, grasping him and lining him up, your mouths opening simultaneously as he pushed inside, inch by inch.

He began to move slowly at first and then gaining pace as you moulded to his shape, bucking your hips up against his.

“Fuck….oh fuck,” Reid groaned, trying to shake his hair back out of his eyes. You reached up and pushed it back behind his ears. Wriggling, you raised your legs higher trying to feel him as deep inside as you could. He shifted, moving one leg at a time up over his shoulders.

“Jesus fucking…. Oh God,” the new position had him hitting directly against your sweet spot as he thrust in and out, your walls clamping down around him. It made it tighter for him too and you could see him struggling to last.

“Harder please” you rasped out, knowing you weren’t going to come again but enjoying the feeling nonetheless.

“I’ll… I’ll come if I do,” Spencer whispered, sweat shimmering on his forward.

“So? You’ve already made me come with your mouth. It’s your turn now. Hard and fast, just the way I like it.”

He obliged, slamming into you with a renewed ferocity that had you crying out in pleasure. No more than thirty seconds and his face contorted in that telltale grimace, his body juddering and his breathing ragged. Spencer allowed your legs to drop to the mattress, as he lowered his body down, resting his head on your chest as he panted.

You stroked his hair lightly, then enormity of what you’d just done hitting you.

“So…. That was some massage”

Reid chuckled, his body shaking against yours as he did causing him to slip out. You winced, hating the feeling of liquid seeping out onto your sheets. You’d live with it for the moment.

You continued stroking his hair, waiting for him to speak. He opened his mouth a few times, closing it again as he tried to figure out exactly how to respond. Things had escalated extremely quickly and now you both had to deal with the aftermath.

You just hoped he didn’t think it was a mistake.

“Y/N….. In case it wasn’t blindingly obvious by what we just did, I like you.”


“Well that’s good. And in case you didn’t already know, I’m not in the habit of allowing guys I don’t like to give me that type of massage.”

He chuckled again and you grinned. Spencer raised his head, looking you directly in the eyes.

“So we like each other then”

You nodded at him, “I’d say so. Funny how that happens.”

“So…. Maybe tomorrow we could go out for dinner?”

“Or you could stay and we could go for breakfast. Or breakfast in bed.”

“Or we could do that. I fully support that option.”

“I thought you might,” you smiled at him.

“You’re sleeping on the wet patch though….”


“Mr. Styles this is Mrs. Thatcher from your daughter’s daycare. How are you doing this afternoon?” You looked over at Harry as he put the call on speaker in the car. You knew by Harry’s face that he wasn’t expecting this call at all.

“Hi Mrs. Thatcher, is everything okay?” You knew by his tone that he was about to panic, and the fact he ignored her question about how he was doing was an obvious sign he was distraught.

“Yes your daughter is perfectly fine!” Her words instantly made Harry relax as he turned down the street your house was on. “But there have been a few incidents we thought you should be aware of.” You gave Harry a shrug when he turned and looked at you as if you knew what she was talking about.

“Uhm what incidents? Her teacher hasn’t told us about anything.” His tone was full of confusion because he was right, Delilah’s teacher hadn’t given the two of you the slightest notion that she had been doing anything wrong in class.

“Well Mr. Styles this is actually why I called you instead of your wife.” He rolled his eyes as you gave him a playful smirk as you reached for your water bottle in the cup holder. “It has to do with one of your songs.” You nearly choked on your water causing it to spill all down your shirt when her words hit your ears while Harry had to hide his laughter as he rolled the car into your driveway. You rolled your eyes as he wiggled his eyebrows at you when he saw water drip down your shirt and onto your shorts.

“One of my songs?” He asked as he put the car in park and looked around for some napkins to help you dry yourself off.

“Yes, she has been going around saying lyrics from one of your songs to her classmates.” The woman’s voice brought his focus back to the conversation instead of him digging in the glovebox for napkins. Harry snapped his head towards the entertainment center where he could see the name of the his daughter’s school on the screen.

“What song?” He looked at you with a confused look as you just gave him a shrug. You tried to remember what song off his album was her favorite at the moment and how that could in anyway get her in trouble. Harry gave you a weird look as your eyes went wide with the realization of the song she was probably going around singing.

“It’s called Kiwi?” It came out more like a question as if Mrs. Thatcher wasn’t sure if that really was the songs title or not. You had to cover your mouth with you hand as you tried to fight back the laugh. Harry’s cheeks went red as he pictured his five year old daughter running around screaming the lyrics to one of his more racy songs around a classroom full of little kids. “She keeps telling her classmates that they are going home to a cactus?” Harry had to hold back his laughter.

“Ah uhm yeah, that’s a line from the song.” His voice was apologetic and you just reached over and gave his thigh a pat.

“Also she’s been screaming the phrase it’s none of my business, she’s just showing a lot of aggression and we are a bit concerned where all this is coming from.” You gave Harry’s thigh a squeeze as you watched his ears turn red from embarrassment. He was twisting his hands together something that you knew he only did when he was nervous.

“Well it’s a bit of a rock n roll type song so she is just saying it in the tone that I sing it in. I am terribly sorry she is repeating lyrics from that song.” He gave you a small smile as he rubbed the top of your hand that was on his leg. “Her mother and I will have a talk with her when she gets home from school today.” He added and you gave him an approving nod.

“Thank you for your time Mr. Styles, I am sure this is just a phase. Enjoy the rest of your afternoon.” With that Harry said a quick goodbye before ending the call. He turned his body so he was facing you and that’s when you finally let out all the laughter you were holding inside while he was on the phone.

“What are we gonna do with that daughter of ours?” He asked between fits of laughter, you just leaned over and gave his cheek a quick peck.

A few hours later you were entering the house with your five year old slowly walking behind you with her head hanging low. You had told her on the drive home that you were going to talk with her before dinner and she instantly started apologizing for things she thought were the reason you needed to have a talk with her.

“Hi my little love.” Harry’s voice was soft and sweet as you helped Delilah take off her backpack and hang it by the front door. She instantly perked up as she heard his voice coming from the kitchen. “Come help me with dinner yeah?” His head popped out from the doorway of the kitchen and he gave you a wink as Delilah took off towards him.

“Have a good day at school?” You asked her as you made your way into the kitchen to see what the two of them were up too. You smiled as you saw Harry standing in front of the stove while Delilah was standing beside him on her step stool handing him potatoes to drop into the boiling water.

“It was okay, my teacher gave me a star for using my manners at lunch time!” Her tiny voice was full of pride as she turned her head and gave you a big smile. Harry turned and looked at you giving you a small pout and you just gave him a stern look so he would get on with the conversation the two of you knew you had to have with her.

“That’s so good petal!” Harry’s voice was sweet and she looked up at him giving him a smile that caused her dimple to show. He leaned down and placed a kiss to the top of her head that was covered in soft brown curls.

“Well speaking of teachers we got a call from your school today.” You watched Delilah’s hands stop moving as you spoke, you leaned onto the counter and snatched a carrot off the cutting board in front of you. “Didn’t we Harry?” You added and Harry just nodded and you tossed the carrot at the back of his head causing him to flinch and Delilah to laugh. He snapped his head in your direction and you motioned to your daughter with your hands while mouthing “get on with it” causing him to just roll his eyes at you before going back to his pot on the stove.

“Mum isn’t bein very nice today.” You heard him mumble causing your daughter’s laughter to fill the kitchen. “But listen my little love,” his voice was firm but still had a sweetness to it. She turned her head so she was giving him her full attention. “You can’t go around saying lyrics to my songs at school anymore.” She gave him a confused look at she folded her arms across her chest.

“Why?” Harry gave you a look as if he was asking for help and you just rolled your eyes as you walked around the island and bent down so you could be eye level with Delilah.

“Because love, the lyrics to daddy’s songs aren’t suitable for school. People might think you’re being a bit rude when you say them.” You watched her turn to face you and her little green eyes were squinted as if she was in deep thought.

“But daddy says them,” she pointed towards Harry, “and people don’t think he’s rude.” Harry gave you a smug look causing you to playfully roll your eyes.

“Daddy’s job is to sing those songs on stage at concerts lovey, not in a classroom full of little kids. You see the difference?” She just shrugged at you and you looked at Harry silently pleading for him to jump in and help you.

“Just no more saying them at school okay my little love.” She just looked at Harry and gave him a smile and a nod. “Thank you, now go wash up for dinner.” She gave you a smile as you stood up straight and helped her off her stool. Harry laughed as she skipped out of the kitchen and down the hall.

“Well we handled that well!” You just laughed as Harry wrapped his arm around your waist giving it a squeeze. He gave your cheek a quick kiss before going back to making dinner.

You loved that your daughter went around singing her dad’s songs and you really didn’t mind that she sang them at school, but you knew you and Harry had to nip it in the bud now before the school got really upset with it. The way you and Harry handled situations like these is something that often made the two of you laugh later that night when you discussed it while getting ready for bed. He never liked being the one who had to tell her she can’t do something so that normally left you with the job but tonight you were happy with how he handled it. You loved that he could get his point across while still being his soft sweet self and that was just one of the things you loved about him.


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Yoongi x reader

Genre: Fluff, romance

AU: best friend!AU x Jungkook

Warnings: Suggestive language, swearing

Words: 4170

Author/admin: HO

Beta: FeeFee


Anonymous said to kpop-reads: Your best friend, Jungkook, text invites you over to the BTS dorm and says it’s fine that you’re only wearing pjs cause he knows it’ll fluster his Yoongi hyung 

Author’s note: I wasn’t going to write anything for this blog and just remain a Beta. But this request was too good to pass up. Thanks for the glorious idea!

In which your best friend has his friends’ best interests at heart, despite being a little shit.

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descendants 2 sentence meme .


❛ that’s a lot easier said than done though , right ? ❜
❛ look who’s on tv ! ❜
❛ haven’t you guys had enough secrets between the two of you already ? ❜
❛ put the pout away . ❜
❛ just leave the past in the past , okay ? ❜
❛ listen , all you gotta do , is look like me . ❜
❛ i can hardly wait to see what your wedding will look like ! ❜
❛ no wonder people work ! ❜
❛ let me spoil you , you didn’t have a lot growing up . ❜
❛ does an ogre like cheese puffs ?! ❜
❛ i knew it was thursday . ❜
❛ she multitasks ! ❜
❛ you should put me on the team . ❜
❛ it’s so nice to have a friend who’s on the same wavelength . ❜
❛ i would love to wipe the smiles off their faces , you know what i mean ? ❜
❛ we don’t get much time to just be us anymore . ❜
❛ this is who i really am . ❜
❛ i don’t belong here ! ❜
❛ this is my fault ! ❜
❛ you have to take me with you . ❜
❛ ugh , what is this ? bored to death pink ? ❜
❛ how far can i go ? ❜
❛ fork it over , you runt . ❜
❛ i could hurt you . ❜
❛ it’s really weird being back here . ❜
❛ just take it . ❜
❛ hey ! i know you ! ❜
❛ wish me luck . ❜
❛ i am home . ❜
❛ don’t quit us . ❜
❛ i have to take myself out of the picture . ❜
❛ go away ! ❜
❛ don’t scare us like that ! ❜
❛ don’t scare you ? that’s my specialty . ❜
❛ life ain’t fair ! ❜
❛ you have your perfect little life , don’t you ? ❜
❛ sick hair by the way ! ❜
❛ i spilled curry all over that . ❜
❛ is it me , or is that in really poor taste ? ❜
❛ at least one of us had her dream come true , right ? ❜
❛ she could be so much more . ❜
❛ i couldn’t spoil that for you . ❜
❛ we don’t need swords at the waffle hut . ❜
❛ don’t pretend to look out for me . ❜
❛ i don’t need your pity . ❜
❛ so now i get an invite ? ❜
❛ i don’t need you . ❜
❛ you’re lucky i love you . ❜
❛ you do not get to win every time ! ❜
❛ amazeballs ! ❜
❛ i know you can talk , but that doesn’t always mean you should . ❜
❛ are you in the mood to break some rules ? ❜
❛ we’re your family too . ❜
❛ i’m a mess . ❜
❛ wait until i tell my mom . ❜
❛ i have a scout badge in s’mores ! ❜
❛ don’t be dopey . ❜
❛ this is my room ! ❜
❛ i’m gonna be there sooner than i thought . ❜
❛ work it girl . ❜
❛ it was love ! ❜
❛ did you go back for her ? ❜
❛ that’s why you never told me that you love me ! ❜
❛ not to thrilled i risked my life for him ! ❜
❛ i thought that i wasn’t good enough . ❜
❛ of course , i love you ! i’ve always loved you ! ❜
❛ do not let your pride get in the way of something that you really want ! ❜
❛ nobody wins this way ! ❜
❛ could i maybe give you a list ? ❜
❛ i’m going to take it . ❜
❛ you didn’t think this was the end of the story , did you ? ❜

The frogs and their awkward high school phases

insert the *you know I had to do it to em* pic here

Dex: He was a sad emo boy. Without question. if asked though he’d say he was punk but…no. All you need to do is just picture the awkwardest, lankiest fourteen year old with an oversized black hand me down tee with super bright ginger hair and there ya go: teen dex. I have so much more to say here.

  •  he wrote angry song lyrics all over the knock off converse his mom paid good money for. She’s very disappointed in you William thats so irresponsible. 
    • also: wrote song lyrics and little emo symbols all over his arms with sharpie whenever he got bored in school. You’re poisoning your blood billy your mother is concerned
  • Wore heavy wool beanies all the time. Like even in the summer. He did it to cover his hair and the tips of his ears because he didn’t think red hair and big ears were punk and he was embarrassed.
  • keep in mind that dex was an active hockey player during this time. Was probably the captain of high school team and everything, but that didn’t stop him from getting chirped to hell for showing up to practice with his nails painted black from the polish he borrowed/stole from his cousin. 
    • Not to mention that one time that his goalie found a super embarrassing picture of dex from when he was first starting to come out of his emo little shell. For a full month his nickname was guyliner.
  • His older brother thought that Dex’s emo/punk phase was the funniest thing ever. He’s make fun of Dex for it all the time. This lead to several instances where Dex would yell ‘it’s not a phase!’ ‘no one understands me’ etc and then he’d lock himself in his room for an hour and blasted bad punk music from the 70s. 
  • Whenever he raised enough money to pay for something hockey or school related, hed buy it, but he’d always get a little sad after the purchase bc he really wanted to save up to get an eyebrow piercing one day
  • One good thing came out of this emo phase though! he learned to play guitar and he got really good. He also tried to start a garage band, but he didn’t have the social skills to acquire member for that said band. To this day he often daydreams about how awesome this band would have been.  CHOWDWR AND NURSEY BELOW >>

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Rain Storms || Min Yoongi

Originally posted by minyoongiaesthetic

Word Count: 1.6k

Genre: Fluff

Having Kim Seokjin as your older was definitely not an easy task. There were moments where you wanted to pull your hair out, and there were moments where you just wanted to smack yourself until you were no longer conscious. This was definitely one of those moments as you ended the call with your brother, him having asked you to head to his dorm to grab something from his room that he had left there earlier that day.

His members and him had left earlier to go to practice and didn’t want to leave as the dance was very important and they needed to learn it very quickly. The building you worked at was only a block away from the apartments they lived in, so you had no choice but to agree to his will and go to the apartment building where they spent almost everyday,

It was quiet as you walked up to the building, the clouds starting to roll in and block out the sun. The darkness worried you as you didn’t have a car to drive to the studio, and the nearest bus station was twenty minutes away. You hoped as you walked into the lobby that it would hold off on raining until you finished grabbing the things your brother needed.

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[BTS-Reaction] When You Pass Away Unexpectedly (A/T)

Helloooo~ It’s been awhile since I’ve post anything due to me being busy, BUT! I wanted to post this reaction that I wrote awhile ago but never got to post on here! It is quite a bit long, I was wondering if I should just put it under each individual member but then I thought, fuck it! Lmao, I hope you all enjoy! 

P.S. Congrats to our boys for their BBMA win! Truly inspiring and a big step for K-pop! I’m so proud of them for chasing their dreams and not giving a fuck about what those haters got to say



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She’s gone… She’s really gone…” Jin thought as he laid in his bed. The faint smell of your perfume lingered on his pillow and he couldn’t help but bury his head deep inside the pillow, as if the more he smelled it, you would come back. Jin closed his eyes as he remembered;

“Oppa! Aish~ I bet you don’t even miss me when I’m not here with you because you have Namjoon-oppa to keep you warm! I bet when I’m not here snuggling with you, Namjoon-oppa keeps you good company,” you had pouted.

“Thats right. Namjin is better than Y/N & Jin,” Jin had chuckled while pulling you into his arms and snuggling you closer to his chest. Kissing you lightly on the forehead and whispering love words only for you.

Jin opened his eyes, tears welling up. He missed you so much. He missed the way you mimicked his windshield wiper laugh and the way you cooked for him, even though most of the time they weren’t even edible. He missed the way you took care of him, looking after him. He was the eldest in the group and was used to taking care of the other members, he’d forgotten how it felt to be taken care of. The tears fell down as he closed his eyes, holding in the scream he wanted to let out. “How could you do this to me Y/N? I loved you so much, I thought we had forever….” Jin wondered thoughtlessly.


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The living room was dark, the only light source was from the lamp lit besides the bed. The Daesang trophy sat on the dresser across from Suga who was on the bed,  the trophy sat staring at him, as if taunting him. “We won an award today Y/N…. We got Daesang….” Suga thought staring at the gleaming trophy. The other members were out celebrating with Bang PD-Nim and the other staff while he had opt to come home, saying that he was too tired to party. Everyone knew it was lie, they knew he was hurting, but what could they say? Jimin had offered to come home with him but Suga had told him to go celebrate. He didn’t want anyone to suffer with him.“Why… did you leave me like this?!” Suga thought angrily as he stared at the trophy. “Why…” he thought as he closed his eyes tightly, suppressing the anger. 

~Flash to the past~ 

“Oppa! Let’s go out to eat! We haven’t gone out in so long! Just one dinner and you can come back and work on your song,” you had pleaded going full-on aegyo mode. “Maybe another night, I’m busy Jagi, I really like the way this song is coming together,” Suga had replied not even turning to look at you from his computer screen. “Just one night, I swearrr,” you pleaded. Giving in, Suga turned to look at you, sighing and telling you, “okay fine, just let me save these lyrics and this beat and transfer it to my phone.” You had shot up from your spot on the sofa in the Bangtan Room and started dancing for successfully making him cave in. Suga smiled at your silly dancing, grabbed you by the waist and lightly resting his forehead on yours.Later at the dinner, Suga had ignored you, his eyes only on his phone, his lips wordlessly murmuring lyrics. The whole time, you stared at him, willing him to look up and smile his gummy smile at you and at least start a decent conversation with you. He never did. The only time he looked up was to order and to eat. When you arrived home, you had let him have it, complaining about him working all the time.“You didn’t even talk to me! We just ate- in silence! Because you were too busy writing down lyrics. Dammit Yoongi! You’re making me go crazy, I just wanted a nice evening out with you to catch up and eat and you couldn’t even do that. Am I not important? I understand your music and career is important but could you at least make a little time for me? Is 5 minutes too much to ask for?” you looked at him, holding back tears.

Suga had looked at you with annoyance in his eyes and shot back “Jesus Y/N, you are important, but you know I live for music and I was… I don’t know, I just had to write it down before I forgot it.

Yeah, I guess so, I guess I’m always the last thing on your list of things to-do,” you had said before turning away from him.

~Flashback to the present~

Suga opened his eyes, gasping for air. Yeah, he was a piece of shit. He should’ve showed you he loved you when you were still around. Now you were gone. You were dead. 6 feet under the ground, laying in a coffin that had been nailed shut. He had always pushed you behind, focusing on his music, forgetting about dates and text messages. Forgetting about you while you were at home anxiously waiting for him to come home or at least shoot you a text. “I’m a piece of shit,” Suga thought glumly. Looking at the trophy, Suga thought to himself in the stilled darkness. “All I wanted was a Daesang… All my life, I just wanted to be a successful artist, producer, and rapper. I was so focused on making music and winning that Daesang that I forgot I already had the best trophy with me. That trophy was Y/N. Now I lost her, I can never hear her voice nor listen to her snoring besides me. I got a Daesang. But I lost my one true love…” tears streamed down Suga’s eyes as he realized what a fool he was to lose you.


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Just smile. Smile, you can do that. You can do it,” J-Hope recited in his head as he smiled to the cameras. “C'mon, you do it better than that!!! I’m J freaking Hope!” he screamed internally. As the whole BTS moved on from the cameras, a reporter screamed loudly “J-Hope! J-Hope! How are you feeling?! How is life like after Y/N?” He froze dead in his track. “Y/N, Y/N, Y/N…. My precious Y/N…” J-Hope held down the urge to attack the stupid reporter. “No comment,” said Suga, as he glared daggers at the reporter making the reporter shrink back. Suga grabbed onto J-Hope’s arms and dragged him to the van, taking them to their photoshoot.

Arriving at the location of the photoshoot, every member had their individual shots for their upcoming album, as the photographer was taking pictures of J-Hope, the photographer suddenly stop, looked at J-Hope and said loudly, “Sir, your expression looks too dull, please, be brighter.” J-Hope smiled, well, grimaced actually. After a couple of shots, the photographer told him that it would do for now. J-Hope walked away from the set, too tired to even look at the photos. Once in the break/waiting room, he plopped himself down in the nearest seat and closed his eyes. “You know, holding it in isn’t going to do you any good, talk to us Hyung.” J-Hope heard Rap Monster say. J-Hope shook his head no. He wasn’t going to talk about it. He didn’t want to. “Leave it, don’t bother him,” Suga said somewhere from the room. J-Hope opened his eyes to see every member looking at him. He made eye contact with each individual one and lastly saw their manager walk into the room. He stood up and walked over to the manager. “Manager, am I done for the day? May I head back to the hotel?” J-Hope asked. The manager stared at J-Hope’s face before finally giving him the okay to leave.

Once alone in the hotel, J-Hope took a long hot shower and sat done on the armchair staring out into the night view of Hong Kong. Ah, Hong Kong, he loved visiting Hong Kong. The way the skyscrapers stood tall, as if they grew from underneath the ground and were reaching towards the skies. Reaching into his pant pocket, he took out his phone and opened up his iPhone. Your photo appeared and his heart did a double take. “I miss you Y/N. I miss you so much, why didn’t you wait for me, at least wait for me to see you one last time…” J-Hope cried. He glanced through all the photos you had once took on his phone, silly ones, laughing, sticking out your tongue. He clicked on a video he had taken of you, turning up the volume.“Look, look, look, I said look!!!” you screamed joyfully. You were dressed up as a horse for Halloween and were dancing to Dope. “I’m J-Horse, J-Dope!” you laughed maniacally as you did  messed up the tricky footwork and tripped over the ridiculously long tail of the horse costume. “Aishhh~ My Jagi is so adorable!” J-Hope heard himself say as you continued to dance pretending to be J-Hope.The tears were coming out too fast now, his vision blurry, the video ended and he started crying, bawling his eyes out.

“I miss you so much Y/N. You were my happiness, with you, I didn’t have to pretend about being happy. With you, I was truly happy. I could be my true self with you, tell you my deepest secrets and you didn’t judge me, you helped me through my depression, even with antis attacking me and sending me hate through the internet, you had always been supporting me, loving me even when I couldn’t love myself. You accepted me the way I was when others couldn’t, and now you’re gone. I didn’t even get to say goodbye. I miss you, I miss you, I miss you,” J-Hope lamented as he cried into the night, your photo smiling back at him on his phone screen.


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***The song mentioned is Leona Lewis’s song “Yesterday” please go listened to it if you haven’t heard it, its a beautiful song!

~I just can’t believe you’re gone,

~Still waiting for morning to come,

~Want to see if the sun will rise,

~Here without you by my side,

Leona Lewis crooned in the background as Rap Monster sat in the kitchen eating cold leftovers. All the members were out doing there own things, with the exception of Suga who was sleeping as usual in his room. Rap Monster rarely listened to love songs. He was often listening to the latest rap song by his favorite artists and getting inspired by daily life to write his own beautiful lyrics. But on the occasions that he did happened to come across a meaningful love song, such as this particular song, he listened to it on repeat.

~When we had so much in store,

~Tell me what is it I’m reaching for,

~When we’re through building memories

~I’ll hold yesterday in my heart

Rap Monster slammed his chopsticks to the table, breaking them. He pushed the plate of tasteless food away from him. He didn’t have any more appetite. Not after everything that’s happened. He ran his hands through his hair, finally resting his head in his hands, covering his eyes. He let the music wash over him.

“I’m so tired Y/N… I’m so tired of fronting… Tired of acting like I’m fine.. I’m not fine. I miss you,” the unspoken words rung in his head. He gritted his teeth together as he reminisce about you-


“You know… To be completely honest with you, I don’t even see you as RAP MONSTER or Namjoon… I see you as… you. I don’t know if that makes sense,” you said catching him off guard.

“What?” Rap Monster had chuckled at you. “What do you mean you don’t see me as Rap Monster or Namjoon? My name is Namjoon, silly girl.”

“No.. I mean like, I know we are all given names from our parents, dumbass. But like, you know, when you’re RAP MONSTER, you’re tough and manly, not that you’re not manly now, but like you have this vibe around you. When you’re RAP MONSTER, you’re the leader of BTS, you’re the fierce don’t-mess-with-me-or-i’ll-cypher-you-up guy. When you’re NAMJOON, you’re the you that everyone in your close private life knows. The one your parents know, you’re childhood friends know. When you’re Brain Monster, haha, IQ148. Your members get to know both RAP MONSTER & NAMJOON. But for me… What I mean by being you, I mean that I know you. Well I think I know you. You let your guards down and you’re just being you… silly, full of aegyo, dorky, and kind of a sarcastic asshole at time, but caring and lovable. You’re a different Namjoon. I think that this side of Namjoon isn’t seen by everyone. Sorry, if this doesn’t make that much sense, i’m all over the place,” you had laughed at the end.

Rap Monster had sat there looking at you, processing what you had said. Sure, you didn’t make sense a little, but thats what he loved about you. You said what was on your mind even if it didn’t make any sense. What you said though, was right. He was a different person with you. With you, you made him feel exposed. Naked even. Although you were a little quirky, you made him feel so comfortable and loved that he soon let down his walls for you. You got to see the side of him that nobody else had seen. The one where he could be his true form, without having any worries. He could confide in you. Talk to you about anything, even if it was touchy subjects, he knew you would listen him out. You didn’t see him as Brain Monster with IQ of 148. You didn’t see him as Rap Monster. You saw him as a human being. As a delicate fragile person.

~Flashback to the Present~

~You always used to say I should be thankful for every day

~Heaven knows what the future holds or at least how the story goes

~But I never believed them till now

~I know I’ll see you again I’m sure no it’s not selfish to ask for more

~One more night one more day

~One more smile on your face but they can’t take yesterday

~I thought our days would last forever

~But it wasn’t our destiny

~‘Cause in my mind we had so much time

~But I was so wrong

~Now I can believe that I can still find the strength in the moments we made

~I’m looking back on yesterday

The tears he held inside for so long slowly made their way out. Snaking down his cheeks, dropping onto the wooden table. He laughed. Laughed out the pain. The laughing only lasted for about a couple seconds before he was gasping, clutching his side, shaking with sadness, crying in despair.

“Y/N, Y/N, Y/N,” he whispered your name over and over again as he continued to cry softly.


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“Jimin! It’s kick, kick, spin, arms out, left foot, turn and jump!” the choreographer exclaimed as he ran his hand through hair.“I’m sorry,” Jimin replied. He hated when the members couldn’t get the choreography right and when it was him who was the problem, he hated it even more. He despised making mistakes. “It’s getting too late,” the choreographer said looking down at his watch. “Let’s all just call it a night and go home, get a good nights rest and we’ll do this again tomorrow.“ The rest of the BTS members nodded their head in unison and the choreographer left the room, leaving the members alone to gather their things and go.

"Jimin-ah, let’s go,” V said as he came up to Jimin. Jimin shrugged V off.“You guys go first, I’ll come home soon,” said Jimin.“It’s almost 3 in the morning Jimin-hyung. Let’s just go home,” Jungkook persist. “No. Just go, leave me alone,” Jimin said turning his back on them. “Whatever then,” Suga said shooting Jimin a worried glance but since he was so exhausted, he exited the room going home. “You better be home by 4,” Jin said sternly. Jimin nodded curtly as the other members stared at him for his reaction. “I know you’re upset, but don’t overwork yourself, you’ll just end up fried from it and it won’t be good for your health. Y/N wouldn’t want that for you. Just so you know,” Rap Monster said resting a hand on Jimin’s shoulder before heading out. Jimin locked his jaws. He so wanted to hit Rap Monster for mentioning your name. That caught him by surprised. He wasn’t a violent person. But with your passing, it had taken such a toll on him, his mood swings were out of control. Jungkook and V gave you a glance and without a word left.

“Want me to stay and help you?” J-Hope asked. He was also the Choreographer leader and the ever helpful hyung. “No Hyung, you go home and rest, I promise I’ll get it down by tonight and I’ll be back at 4am,” Jimin said hoping to persuade J-Hope. “Well, if you insist…” J-hope said as he gathered his stuff, giving Jimin a quick one arm hug and leaving the room. Finally alone, Jimin turned up the music and started dancing to full capacity. As he danced the new moves, your past comments about his dancing made their way into his mind. 


“Oppa, don’t try so hard! You look good enough as it is!” you had said.FLASH!“Jiminie~ look at that jibootayyyy~” you had playfully teased.


“Omo, look at that little tummy! I like what I see! I like those cinnamon rolls better than those chocolate abs,” you had said smiling making Jimin laugh out loud.

Ugh! Jimin collapsed to the bare empty floor of the practice room, the music cascading over him. He laid on the floor, covering his eyes with his arms. He could feel the sweat rolling off of his body and he could hear his heart thumping loudly, as if it was trying to break out of his rib cage. “I hate this. I hate that you left me, I hate you, I hate you, I hate you!!!!” he screamed. “I hate you Y/N! Do you hear me? I hate you so much! I hope you can hear me wherever you are?!” he continued to scream.Jimin crawled to the music player, turning it off and laid back down on his back. He had so many questions for you, why you left him in this world by himself. He thought he would get to be with his first love, he thought he would get to marry you and you would have his kids. He wanted you to be the mother of his kids. But now you were gone. You left without a word, and he never got to see you. He had been overseas promoting his new album with group when word got to him that you had gone back to the heavenly. Just thinking about it got him angry. “Why God, why?! Why did you have to take her back so soon…” he thought as he laid drenched in his own tears and sweat.


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5 months. 5 months since you had left him without any warning. 5 months since you had died. Wasn’t it suppose to get better? Wasn’t the pain suppose to subside? Each day seemed harder than the last to V.

V took a swig of beer as some stupid love song played from Jungkook’s room. “Kookie-ah! TURN IT DOWN!!!” V yelled angrily. The music continued to play as V took another impatient gulp of the bitter beer.

~Flashback to the past~

“Oppa, do you know that drinking 2 or more alcoholic drinks each day can shorten your life at about 23 years? Please don’t drink! I want you to live with me forever!” you had exclaimed.

“Okay, okay, Y/N, I promise I will only drink on special occasions, other than that, I will try not to do it so much,” V had promised you.

“Pinky promise oppa?” you had said.

“Pinky promise,” V said as his pinky finger entwined with yours.

~Flashback to the present~

“Pinky promise my ass. Pssh. Yeah, live with forever, what a lie,” V thought angrily, downing the beer bottle, throwing it away and reaching for another one. “Liar, liar, pants on fire,” the accusations continued in his clouded mind. As he was about to open the new bottle of fresh liquor, Jungkook snatched it out of his hand, throwing it across the room.

“HYUNG! YOU CAN’T LIVE LIKE THIS!” Jungkook screamed at him. “I know you’re hurt, but that doesn’t mean that you have to waste your life away. I understand Y/N is gone, but what?! You drinking is and getting drunk is going to bring her back?!”

“Go away you pest, sheesh, always in my way of things,” V slurred. Yeah, he wasn’t in his right mind. But the thing that was as clear as day in his mind? You. You were. He would try to sleep and you would invade his dreams. He would be drunk out of his mind, and all he could see were you scolding him, laying out drinking facts to him. “I know what I’m doing kid, just leave me be,” V said as he reached down again to grab a new bottle.

“This can’t go on any longer,” the harsh sound of the leader cut through the air like a knife. V looked up to see Rap Monster glaring down at him. V smirked and said “Wah? Wahcha gunn do?” Rap Monster glared at him and was about to say something when J-Hope stepped in. “V-ssi, go take a shower and go to sleep, go sober up. You look like shit.” With a last glance at Rap Monster, J-Hope, and Jungkook, V got up and slowly made his way to the restroom, knocking over things and laughing all the way.


A little sobered up, V walked the lonely cold streets of Seoul, drowning in his thoughts. “Maybe a shot of whiskey would make me feel better,” he thought. He looked up to the moon and swore. “Y/N… I just can’t believe it. I thought you said you wanted to live with me forever, but you were the one to leave me first. How can you say things and not mean them. What are words if you don’t mean them when you say them? Y/N…”

He walked the lonely streets, lost in his thoughts before walking into the park that he had taken you on your first date together. He walked until he saw the bench that you both had sat on, where he first had asked you out, then had proposed to… He sat down on the bench. Looking to his right, was your spot. Memories invaded him as he sat there motionless. You laughing there, you smiling and cracking stupid jokes. You feeding him strawberries, you just holding his hands and resting your head on his shoulder. God he missed you. He missed you so much.

“Y/N…..” V whispered your name as he sat on the cold wired bench letting the tears flow freely.


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Jungkook sat against the walls, looking at the only picture he had left of you. A single polaroid of you sleeping peacefully with his jacket covering you, your hair splaying out in different directions. This polaroid, the only memory he had left. This picture, he took everywhere with him, stuffing it in his wallet, and looking at it whenever he missed you.

“I’m so sorry Y/N… If only I had made it in time…” he weeped silently. Some people say that he didn’t know what love was. Being the maknae that he was and his young age, people often assumed that he didn’t know anything. “You don’t know what love is- you don’t know this, you don’t know that-” the comments from strangers.

But god, did he know. He looked at your picture once again hearing your last words ring in his head; “Kookie-oppa… I… I love you so much. And I miss you. Please tell me you love and miss me too,” you had said.

“I love you and miss you so much baby, when I get back from tour, I promise to take you to eat at your favorite restaurant and we can come back and play Overwatch!” Jungkook had said excitedly not knowing you were on your deathbed.

you had chuckled faintly and told him, “I’d love to… Promise me to always be happy okay? And work hard, and love deeply.”

Jungkook had been confused at the time, not knowing why you were saying what you were saying but he had agreed. Then, you told him you loved him one last time and before he knew it, all he could hear were the sounds of muffled cries. “Whats going on?!” he had thought. “Jungkook, my daughter has passed away. She just wanted one last phone call with you and not let you know that it was her time. I’m so sorry son.” your father had told Jungkook chilling him to the bones.

With the news of you dying, Jungkook had frozed. You? Dying? When were you ever sick?! He was your boyfriend and he never once knew of anything, any diseases, illness that you had had. What kind of boyfriend was he?!

Jungkook continued to weep as he remembered your funeral, you had laid peacefully in the coffin, not one trace of worry on your delicate face. He had ran home, cried his heart out and yelled at himself for being a terrible person. His hyungs had tried to comfort him but it just made him feel worse.

I’ve failed you Y/N… I’ve failed you. I loved you, I still love you. I love you, I love you, please just come back,” Jungkook cried as he stared at your photo.

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Four word prompt: "I ate it all"

“Sweetheart?” Harry closed the fridge door, a frown etched on his face, “Do you know what happened to the rest of that takeaway I brought home the other night?”
I look up from my book at Harry, “I ate it all.”
He stares at me, “When?”
“I had it for lunch today, I’m sorry babe, I should’ve asked.” He’s still staring at me with that look on his face that he gets when he’s trying to figure out the right chord for a song or switch out a word in a lyric for a better one, “Why are you looking at me like that?”
“I just… There was so much food in there, love, you ate it all in one sitting?”
My mouth gaped open, “Are you judging me for how much I ate? You’re always the one telling me I should eat more and—“
“Hey, hey, no, of course I’m not… Are you alright, though? Just seems… not like you and you ate peas the other day with dinner even though you hate peas and you’ve just been… Something’s off. Are you on your period or something?”
I laughed, “Something’s off about me and you automatically assume I’m on my period? What kind of—“ But I stop mid sentence and the grin falls off my face.
“Love? What is it?”
“Oh my God.” I say softly and then I’m running to our bedroom, Harry calling my name after me as he tries to keep up. I’m digging through my purse when he finally gets here, struggling to find my birth control pack.
“What’s the matter?” Harry says again, watching me from the doorway.
I wordlessly pull out the pack and inspect it. I was right. I’d missed my period for the second time in a row. I didn’t think anything of it the first time because it happened sometimes, sometimes I just didn’t get it. But never twice in a row. Harry says my name again, growing annoyed and anxious.
Now that I thought about it I remembered missing a couple pills the month before the first time I missed, but I hadn’t thought anything of it, I’d done that before and we’d always been fine. We’d always been fine… But now… “I missed my period.” I said softly, “For the second time.” I look up at him from where I’m sitting on the carpet, eyes wide, wondering how he’s going to take this because I myself am unsure how to react and I need his sureness, his comforting tone to assure me it’s okay.
“But… but that doesn’t mean anything, yeah? Because you’re on the pill?”
I shook my head, “Could mean nothing, but, I… You’re right, I’ve been eating differently, I’ve thrown up a couple times—“
“You threw up and you didn’t tell me? You didn’t think something was up?”
“I just thought… I thought I ate some bad chicken or…. Fuck, fuck, I’m so fucking stupid.”
“You’re not stupid, love.” He sat down next to me, wrapping an arm around my shoulders. “We should go get a pregnancy test, yeah?” When I looked at him though, he was looking at my stomach with a small smile on his face.
“What are you smiling about?”
“Well, I mean…” He moved so he was kneeling in front of me, pressing his hands to my abdomen, “What if… there’s a little baby in there that’s a bit of both of us? I mean, yeah, being a father now… scares me, but,” He shook his head, “That’s our baby in there, isn’t it?” His eyes started shining and he looked up at me, “And you… you would be a great mum.”
“Harry, I’m scared.”
“I know.” He takes my face in his hands and kisses me all over, starting at my forehead, to my eyes, my nose, my cheeks, and finally my mouth, “But we’ll do this together. Come on.” He lightly tugs on my hand and I hang on his arm as we walk to the car, wanting to be as close to him as possible, his presence comforting to me.
An hour later Harry’s pacing and I’m sitting on the floor with the peed-on stick in my hand.
“H, stop that, you’re making me nervous.”
“Sorry.” He murmurs and sits next to me.
“Are you sure that if… If this is positive, are you sure you’re ready for that?”
“I don’t think you’re ever ready for something like this, but I’m willing to jump if you are.”
I smiled and leaned in to kiss him, thoughts of cribs and diapers and bottles and starting a family with this man flitted around my brain.
The alarm on my phone when off and I jumped away from Harry to look at the test, not even pausing to turn off the alarm.
“Well?” Harry asked, the anticipation in his voice was prominent.
I started smiling, “I guess we’re jumping.”
He immediately enveloped me in his arms, the only sound was the both of us crying and laughing and yelling, Harry kissing me all over my face and then down to my stomach. “Thank you.” He whispered against my stomach and then brought his face up to mine, “I wouldn’t want to do this with anyone else.”
I smiled, wiping a tear from his cheek with my thumb, “Me neither.“

Yoongi Scenario: You Give Me Something.

Request: Hey could I request a scenerio for Min Yoongi about him be insecure because he find out that your ex is an idol that he admires so, he avoid you and star having doubts about you and him like he is not good enough for you and in the end you list all the things you like about him giving him a kiss for each reason. I hope is not to much T_T!

Genre: Fluff / Romance.

Yoongi knew he shouldn’t have asked, before this kind of thing hadn’t been important but as time passed and your relationship got more serious his curiosity started to peek him about who you had dated before him.

You had told him at some point that your ex was also an idol but Yoongi hadn’t asked who it was and he really hadn’t wanted to know, it didn’t matter who you had dated before, what mattered was that how much he liked you and how he felt when you were around him, he felt happier, lighter and also a little crazier. 

Yoongi thought he must be definitely crazy since he had asked you to reveal who your ex was and honestly he wasn’t expecting your answer. He had guessed someone more or less your age, a lead singer, he pictured him, your ex, as a singer that didn’t matter anymore, he sure didn’t imagine your ex boyfriend was no other than Choi Seunghyun, better known as Big Bang’s rapper TOP.  

Of course he had acted cool about it, in front of you he pretended that you previously dating an idol he admired didn’t mean anything to him and everything remained the same, because really nothing had changed, you kept treating him the same and things between you were good, but to Yoongi those news had struck him like a bag of bricks in the gut and suddenly he wasn’t as confident as he was before.
Now the constant thought that you had dated someone as important and talented as TOP revolted in his head making him feel like crap.

He arrived at the dorm late at night as he usually did, Namjoon and him had stayed longer to review some things about future projects, he just wanted to clear his head about everything, maybe call you and hear your voice, put the whole ex boyfriend thing behind, but when he stepped foot on the apartment Big Bang’s music was blasting throughout the living room.

He watched two of his youngest friends in front of the big tv screen dancing and jamming to Big Bang’s Fxxk It, and of course because his luck was just this good, TOP’s part was coming next. While Namjoon watched the donsaegns with an amused smile on his face Yoongi stared at the screen. TOP was a great artist and rapper, he had always liked Big Bang, and being himself a rapper he had always watched G-Dragon and TOP closely, as both of them were insanely successful and were outstanding in what they did. 

But now knowing that TOP had been your boyfriend the admiration and respect had turned into something else, something that made him scowl at the screen and made him wonder what could have possibly brought you to move on from someone like TOP to someone like him.

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EXO When You’re Self-Conscious

contains: fluff / acceptance / curves / body positivity / bubbly shower la la la la

Here’s a Kyungsoo fic about this topic >> [[ Kyungsoo’s Famous Spaghetti ]]

[[ // Masterlist // ]]

// Minseok

You had forgotten to hide the browser when you went to the bathroom and when you came back your desk, there was Minseok, staring at the screen.

“Jagi… why are you on these websites?“

“Hey, stop snooping on my computer, I was just looking…” you said dismissively, trying to push him away from the laptop, but he was strong enough to resist you, so instead you closed the screen to hide several diet pill websites you had been browsing.

Minseok got out of the chair and hugged you tightly around your middle.  “You’re so beautiful… I thought you knew that.”

“I mean… I don’t know.  I just want to lose a little weight, that wouldn’t hurt, right?”

Minseok shook his head.  “You’re smarter than this.  You know those quick-fix diet pills are a scam.”  He reminded you of his own struggles with his weight and how he learned that the only safe, sure way to lose weight was through healthy eating and exercise.  “I only care about your health, not your size.”

Minseok spent the rest of the day, continuing on into the week, sprinkling random compliments into conversation (“Where do you want to go today, beautiful?” / “I love those clothes on you.” ) and hugging you a lot, emphasizing how well you fit into his arms.

[pretend you’re Jongdae]

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// Junmyeon

“Two more hours,” you texted him back.  It had already been two hours, which you had spent on the elliptical.  A moment later, your phone rang and you dropped the dumbbells to pick up.

“Four hours?!  That’s too many!” said Junmyeon too loudly.

“No it isn’t!“ you said.  “I have a lot of exercises I need to get through, so if you don’t mind, I’ll see you in two hours, after I shower.“

“Jagi… one hour is plenty, and two is way more than anyone needs.  Please come home.“

“I’m never going to lose weight if I don’t do this.  Bye, Junmyeon.”

“Wait!  Don’t hang up… is this because of what happened yesterday?  Please, please forget about those rude people.  …Y’know what?  Stay there.“  Then he hung up.  You went back to lifting weights.

Last night, you were out with Junmyeon and you had heard some people laughing at you behind your back about your weight.  You had tried to ignore them and forget about it, and normally you’d be able to not even care, but their tone had gotten to you, and ruined your night.  That morning, you still couldn’t get it out of your head, and it had prompted you to go to the gym.

Two sets later, Junmyeon came running up to you, out of breath.  “Jagi… stop.  It doesn’t matter what they think.“

“Let me be healthy.”

“This isn’t healthy.  You’ve done enough for one day.”  He hugged you.

“Hey, I’m sweaty!”

“I don’t care if you’re sweaty, and I don’t care if you’re bigger.  I love you, ______, and I’m not letting you go until you agree to come home.  And then we’ll both take a bath.”  He had a smirk on his face, and you knew it wouldn’t be just a regular bath.

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// Yixing

You poked at your belly, upset that you felt so bloated again.  Yixing didn’t cook often, but you were always excited to eat homemade traditional Chinese, because it was sooo good.  But it made you blimp up.

“What’s the matter, ______?“ he asked you from the other side of the couch.  “Is something wrong with your tummy?”

“It’s just huge and round and in the way, that’s all,” you said, half joking, half not.

“It’s not in the way,“ he said matter-of-factly.  “You’re never in the way.”

“You don’t have to lie, Yixing.  I know I’m big.”

“I’m not lying,” he said, scooting closer to you.  He lifted your shirt and gave you soft kisses around your belly button, which almost tickled, but you didn’t laugh.  He looked up at you.  “I love you.  Don’t you love you?”

“I do… I’m just really full because your food was so good.”

He grinned.  “I’m glad you really liked it, Baobei.  I want to cook for you more often.  I want to make more time for us to just be together.”

You spent the rest of the evening talking about your future together, Yixing’s arms wrapped around you, rubbing up and down your back.  You forgot all about feeling bad about yourself as the food digested and you were overcome with Yixing’s love.

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// Baekhyun

“Baekhyun, I’m fat, aren’t I?“ you asked out of the blue.

He looked up from his laptop, looked you up and down, and said, “No.”  Then looked back at his screen.

“You’re just saying that.  I’m huge.“

“I disagree,” he simply said.

“What are you doing anyway?” you asked, and he jerked his computer out of sight.

“It’s a surprise,” he said, and you continued to try to look anyway.  “Don’t ruin it for yourself.“

But you were smart.  There was a mirror in the room and all you had to do was look at it at the right angle.

“A photoshoot?!“ you blurted out when you read the backward text.

“Jagiyaaa, why did you do that?!“ he whined, and you sat down beside him.

“…You’re scheduling a couples photoshoot for us?” you asked in disbelief.

“I wanted to, but now maybe not!  And it’s not because you’re fat, it’s because you peeked!”

“So you do think I’m fat!“

“NoooOOOoooOOOooo Jagiiiii staaaaaahhp!!!”  He threw himself on you and tried to snuggle you, but you wrestled away.  “Let me looove yooouuu!!”

Eventually, you settled down and scheduled the photoshoot for next weekend, Baekhyun’s hand on your knee, a blush on your face, him telling you not to change one thing about yourself in the meantime.

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// Jongdae

Jongdae was quick to catch onto your insecurities when you declined to go get food with him.

“Is this because you think you’re too big?”

You were shocked at his bluntness, but didn’t want to lie and say no.  If you only had a little more self-control on a daily basis, you thought, maybe you would be able to go out and eat special treats.  You just looked down at the floor.

He lifted your chin with his finger and said, “You’re being ridiculous, Jagi.”

“I’m not being ridiculous!  Just look at me.”

“I am.  I see a beauty.  And I want to hear you say that.”

“Say what?”

“Say that you’re beautiful,” Jongdae demanded.

You knew he wasn’t going to let you out of his sight until you said it, so you mumbled, “…I’m beautiful.”

“What was that?”

“I’m beautiful,” you said at a regular volume.

“You’re beautiful!“ he shouted!

“I’m beautiful!” you shouted back, now laughing because of the volume.

“YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL!!!”  The house shook, and you almost fell over laughing at his roaring.  “ALL OF YOU IS BEAUTIFUL!!!“

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// Chanyeol

“Do you like it?” he asked you with hopeful eyes.

You loved the song, everything about it, except for one lyric in the first verse that had nagged you throughout the entire song.

“I do love it, Chan, but…“  When you said “but” his smile faded away, but you continued, because you knew if you didn’t ask now, there may not be a better time to bring it up.  “…can you sing the first verse again?“

He nodded and began to play his guitar, and you stopped him after the line, after you were sure you’d heard it correctly.

“…What do you mean by my jagi is so squishy, so soft?

“I mean cuddly, I mean fun,” he said.

“…You don’t mean fat?”  You just knew he had noticed the few extra pounds.  You had hoped he hadn’t noticed, but of course he had.  He did have eyes.

“Hmm… maybe you’re right.  That line could be better.  Thanks, Jagi.“  He turned around, scratched out the line, and wrote “so cuddly, so fun” instead.

Then he began singing a song that wasn’t his own… “Beautiful,” and you both laughed as he struggled to sing the other members’ lines.  When he was done, he reached for your hand and pulled you close to him.  “You’re beautiful,” he repeated.

((I’m sure he would write much better lyrics than “my jagi is so squishy/cuddly, so soft/fun,” hahaha))

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// Kyungsoo

You sighed inside the dressing room, a little louder than you had meant to.  None of the clothes were fitting you right, some you couldn’t even put on, so you hadn’t come out of the room once to show Kyungsoo any outfits.  You wanted to hurry, since you knew he didn’t exactly love shopping, but you really wanted at least one new outfit today.

“Are you okay?“ he asked from the other side of the door.

“Nothing fits,” you said, unable to hide your frustration.  Why did nothing good fit your body?  It was so hard to find clothes that were good quality and flattered you.

“Let me in?”

You put your clothes back on and reluctantly opened the door.  His arms were around you in an instant, turning you around to face the mirror again.

“I like how my arms fit around you,“ he said, grinning at the reflection of the two of you, which made you smile.  It wasn’t often he was so frankly affectionate with you.  You supposed he knew you needed it at that moment.

He held your hand and you left the shop, and he promised to stay at the mall as long as you needed to find the perfect outfit.  When you finally found it, and stepped out of the dressing room, he couldn’t hide his blush.

“L-let’s go home now, okay?  …Don’t bother changing back into your other clothes.“

He had that glint in his eye that he got whenever he felt not just thirsty, but dehydrated.  You smiled to yourself in anticipation for what might come when you were in the privacy of your own home.

Turned out, he couldn’t wait that long.  The moment you shut the car door, he had his hands all over you.

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// Jongin

You were so excited to eat at the buffet with him, and he was excited too, until he saw you crying on your way home.  You were stupid to wear this outfit to the restaurant…  It was cute when you weren’t bloated, but it made you look too round after you’d stuffed your face.

He stopped walking and held you, mortified to see the tears on your cheeks that you had been unable to hide.  “What’s wrong?“

“…I’m fat!“ you yelled.

“You’re full,” he replied quickly.  “And you’re beautiful.”

He dragged you straight home and told you to get cleaned up before bed.  You said okay, and once you were in the shower, trying not to look at yourself and trying to get out as quickly as possible, you heard the door open and Jongin peeked inside the curtain before you could protest.

“Can I come in?“

“I’m almost done…“

“Can I help you finish?

He grabbed a washcloth and began softly scrubbing you, repeatedly telling you how beautiful he thought you were, how soft your skin was, how much he loved you, and all your insecurities went down the drain!  You returned the favor, washing him as well, and the water ran cold by the time you two agreed your skin was pruney enough and you could continue in the bedroom.

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// Sehun

Sehun didn’t let you know this, but he blamed himself when you began declining to have bubble tea with him and when he discovered you had started skipping meals.  He figured he hadn’t been loving you enough, so you had started to feel bad about yourself.

He didn’t know how to confront you about it, but one day he found you standing in front of the mirror after getting dressed.  He ran over to you and hugged you from behind, startling you.

“That’s right, my type~” he sang with a laugh.

“Haha, what are you doing?”

“I’m glad you’re dressed, I want to go out for food.  Let’s get dessert.”

“It’s noon!  And besides, I don’t need dessert,” you said, repeating your mantra.

“You don’t want ice cream?”

For him, it was chocolate bubble tea.  For you, it was dulce de leche ice cream.  Your arm hairs stood on end.

“I… No.  I don’t need it.”

Sehun sighed.  “You listen to me.  I want you to be happy, Jagi, and I know the ice cream will make you happy.  So we’re going to get it, right now.”

In your mind, your inner ice-cream lover and your inner weightloss lover battled it out as Sehun dragged you out of the house.  Sehun hugged you the entire time while you ate, rubbing your side and repeating that he was happy to see you eating.  You were so overcome by his affection, you didn’t have space to feel guilty for eating the ice-cream.

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anonymous asked:

So it seems we have the most controversial songs written before Jamaica, probably written with the participation of someone who was also living in that situation. The biggest SOTT song was written in 4 hours, which to me is simply a conclusion that they need to get away from it all. And your first song in Jamaica was just a declaration of love? I believe that in 50 years, Harry and Louis will be a legend never seen, because their intelligence and their lyrics will be studied for years and years.



I don’t take this photo as a sign that Harry lied maliciously or is trying to deceive the public.

NOT AT ALL, just to clarify where I stand.

Maybe he can’t remember exactly when each song was written. Maybe they weren’t completely written, but were in bits and pieces of lyrics, melodies, etc.

Maybe he had specific songs he really wanted to write, and these fragments were already written in his journal. These are songs that clearly meant a lot to him, because they were culled out from 70 other fragments & 30 completed songs to be organized together, as an album. So I’d say that he had an idea what was going into the album early on.

The early songs were (at least that we know of): Two Ghosts, Sweet Creature (aka Complicated Freak?), Kiwi, and Meet Me in the Hallway. All conceived before May 7, 2016.

It’s very possible that they weren’t “finished” products at that point. Lyrics might have been changed, added, removed after that.

Everyone can think how they want to, but I would like to ask that you give Harry a little breathing room.

He is human. He might have reasons for doing what he’s doing. He might not be able to explain everything to the fandom. Be kind to him and to each other.

NCT 127 reaction to you being a rapper on SMTM

When you first told him you were going on the show he was worried because he didn’t want you to get hurt, but once the show began and you became a contender for the win he couldn’t hide his excitement for you. He was very supportive and always there to help you compose lyrics and beats for your raps.

He was constantly stressed, he understood that part of rapping on the show was dissing, but he still hated hearing how some of the contestants talked about you. He knew they were just mad because you were a talented rapper as well as pretty, but he still wished there was a way he could protect you from such negativity.

The man was hype. Any chance he got he was boasting about you. Even on the radio when he was a dj with Jaehyun. Didn’t mater the guest he was going to find a way to promote you. He sometimes would rant about how rude and disrespectful the other rappers could be, but even then he loved how your raps handled the situation without him.

He liked to help you with your lyrics, but since your flows as rappers were so different that’s all he was really capable of. He was your number one fan and always promoting you on the show. He even showed up for some of the live shows; without SM knowing of course. He liked to brag about you and knew you were easily enough as soon as the show ended going to start topping charts.

Win Win:
He struggled a bit with Korean already, but after your raps were out to the public he always was searching for the Chinese translations right off the beat. He would listen and read over the translations and just be in awe of you really. He couldn’t believe his cute S/O was doing so well and was being so strong in the face of the public. He was high key supportive as well and very openly turning up to watch you perform.

The man wouldn’t shut up to anybody. He called his parents just to boast as well. He promoted you and was your number one fan. You wouldn’t be surprised if he was president of one of your fan clubs. He was always there to protect you and comfort you as well. You may be a tough rapper on camera, but he knew that sometimes you just needed to breathe and let things out. There was no one better than him to support you on your journey you felt.

He was more calm about it. He tended to try and act more mature around everyone and simply complimented you in public here and there. He didn’t run his mouth and he tried not to cross lines. However as soon as he was alone he would pull out his phone and watch your performances and grin like an idiot. He was low-key very proud and rooting for you.

He was one who stressed the most. He was constantly worried and asking how you were doing. Sometimes you had to ask him to calm down and relax. Some of it was for show and the rude comments that weren’t were nothing you couldn’t handle. He was rooting for you always, but constantly telling you to be careful and mindful.

The boy was your hype man. You didn’t know how you felt about your lyrics he would listen and reassure you that it was amazing. He was your shoulder to lean on and your first listener to all your raps. He watched the show, he watched re-runs, then he would watch your clips on YouTube. He loved you more than words and was extremely proud at how well you were doing.

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A/N: Thanks to anyone who’s reading these. I hope they are alright and to everyone’s liking!

BTS REACTS TO: s/o doing the mannequin-head dance

Anon Asked: bts react to their s/o doing mannequin-head dances XD (if u dont know what it is, try looking up for it)

Anon Asked:  bts react to their s/o doing a mannequin-head dance XD



Truth be told, there’s no rational or logical explanation as to why you would be doing this, but the thing is you are. And you were killing it. From the voguing, the death drops, and the legendary no-hair hair flips, it was all a sight to be seen. A scene that was quite a sight. One must be mentally prepared to have such grace bestowed upon them - unfortunately for Jin, he simply wasn’t ready. He barged into the room yelling your name, and you spun around, mannequin head whipping along with you. You faced him, posed statuesque and all, and he just stood there, mouth agape, eyes wide, and utterly confused. He tried to say something, but the only sound that came out was his windshield wiper laugh.

“I- I just- What were you doing?”

“[y/n], no sane person would be doing this!”

“You’re crazy, jagi!”

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(I’m blaming majorfraiser for all of this)


Featuring songs and lyrics such as:

  • Wanna get to that star: If you wanna get to that star // (You gotta fix this warp core)
  • Space up your life: Aliens of the galaxy // Space up your life!
  • Viva forever: Viva forever // Q continuum // Everlasting // Blew up a sun
  • Who do you think you are: I asked who do you think I am // (some kind of alien lifeform ma’am)
  • Say I’ll be there: There’s a last time that we had this conversation // I’m stuck in a time loop again
  • Saturday night space divas:  I’m now alone, now you’re not in my mind // I was the victim of an alien spore identity crime
  • Never give up on the voyage: Never give up on the voyage // Gotta believe in the nebula you can find
  • 2 Become 1: Candle light and soul forever // As symbiont and host join together
  • Stop: You just fly in // Resistance is futile