all you do is gaze at scully

It seems I still can’t really process the fact, that one of the happiest episodes in the history of The X-files is just before Requiem. You know, I’m talking about that feeling when Je Souhaite comes up on your screen and you can’t do anything else then, smile. You are watching Mulder and Scully solving a case, and they are in love! They keep flirting, Scully keeps giggling and Mulder can’t wipe the smile off his face. (Except for that 1 hour, when he makes Scully - and on a less important note, everyone else - disappear off the face of the earth.)

Then, comes the credit and the realisation hits you, yet again. It’s over. Everything nice and pleasant is gone and in just a couple of seconds you are crushed, ruined and you just keep asking yourself the same question: WHY does it have to be like this? Is this really the last time when they are happy?!?!

*Or is it just me who gets ruined every time after this episode?*

a few of my favorite x-files moments inspired by @thexfiles post which includes a fuckton of my other faves

  • dear diary today my heart leapt when agent scully suggested spontaneous human combustion
  • sure fine whatever sure fine whatever *snaps latex* sure fine whatEV
  • you just ran a stop sign back there scully SHUT UP MULDER
  • shut up mulder i’m playing baseball
  • mulder, shut up
  • i was just never sure your little feet could reach the pedals
  • come on scully get those little legs moving
  • every other mention of how tiny scully is
  • also when she walked past all those kids in fight the future and she blended in 
  • fight the future………
  • bleepin’ ufo
  • i do not /gaze/ at scully lmfao ur a fuckin’ terrible liar mulder. terrible. 
  • the cream cheese tragedy 
  • whatever tape you found in that vcr, it isn’t mine
  • scully wearing a top hat…. i’m gay bye
Times Stefan and Caroline Should Have Made Out

So the past couple of weeks have seen a serious influx of haters towards SC and the SC fandom and I along with some other SC shippers wanted to try and bring the positive back into this fandom. We’ve had to spend way too much time defending SC rather than shipping SC and that’s not what it should be about. So scienter had an idea used from someone in X-Files fandom called “Times Mulder and Scully Should Have Made Out” and we thought there’s plenty of times Stefan and Caroline totally should have made out lets do this!

I made a list (get it!) of all the episodes that feature significant SC interaction as a reference. This project is a mixture of fangirling and meta analysis and each episode is broken down by Steroline scenes, moments, lines, touches and gazes (including people who comment on Steroline.) The meta analysis is anywhere from a line to a paragraph for each of these. In other words keep it concise and precise. You can use images and gifs as you please (and its totally encouraged) and if you tag me in your post I will add a link to this master post and reblog it once I get a new entry. It’s also encouraged to tag your post #times steroline should have made out so its easier for people to track the tag.

For starters I’d like to stick with one person per episode but if it gets to a point where a lot of the good ones have been taken we can do repeats. Also I detonated episodes where they made out with a (!!!!!!) so we know to skip them. To help you guys get an idea I did one first for 2x13 here.

The X-files, positive vibes

Listen, when S11 will be announced I don’t want any negativity on my dash. Let’s just remember how much we wanted this to happen. Will there be shitty things happening? Will Chris Carter do some outrageously stupid and absolutely unnecessary storyline? Sure. But do you know what matters?

We will have Gillian Anderson & David Duchovny playing Dana Scully & Fox Mulder, again! In the year of 2017! Imagine:

all the shootings, the spoilers, the spiralling, all the gates, the different ideas and gossips of the storyline, Gillian and David in the streets of Vancouver in 2017.

all the press, the photo shoots, the touching, the gazing, the chemistry, the interviews, the fuckery, the talk shows, the new episode on Jimmy Kimmel (which picks up exactly where the previous one was left off…)

all the new episodes, the new footage, new stories, all the writers who come back, the episode where Mulder and Scully reunite with their son, the episode where Mulder and Scully kiss for 35 minutes, the episode where Mulder and Scully have sex for 43 minutes, the episode where Mulder & Scully are happy, living their domestic life with Daggoo and William while still being interesting AF and chasing some monsters, the episode where Mulder and Scully have sex again for 43 minutes, the bloopers, the gag reel, the BTS, Gillian’s twitter account

all the new fanfictions, the new fan art, the new fans, the old fans, the euphoria, the anger, the happiness, the sadness, the new gifs, the new pictures of Gillian and David, the new pictures of the Schmoopies and just imagine everything you can. Do you remember THE WEEK? When we didn’t sleep at all, cause it was press week. Yeah, remember that and just be happy.

Then imagine what is ahead of us and with a smile on your face say goodbye to your job. Cause man, we are all gonna lose it and move in with each other and support each other. And all will be right with the world.