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@englandistrash omg im so sorry, housemate is one thing but roommate?? I would die. I would really die. Yeah there was just all sorts of shit.. like one time she got hungry & wanted to eat at a Korean noodle house next door (we were at a coffee shop in a primarily Korean area), gushing about how ethnic food is the best food & you can tell food is good when ppl of that ethnicity eat there (…). But then she made a scene bc she ordered what turned out to be a nonvegetarian item. During ordering she repeatedly asked our waitress (who clearly was not fluent in English) if it was vegetarian for a good 5 minutes, did not receive a clear response, and ordered it anyway. Then she got upset when the food came & she smelled the meat in it, and a busboy who spoke fluent English intervened & got her a vegetarian dish. I was literally frozen in embarrassment like I wanted to die. How can you willingly go to others’ spaces and act up like that 😩

So, the gang is wandering in a mysterious haunted mansion, when they find the best clue of all...

…a cheeseburger!

But then Velma says…

“See those claw marks? The ape man was eating this sandwich!”

Um… well, no, I don’t actually see any claw marks, but I’ll take your word for it.

Soon, they decide it couldn’t have been the ape man’s since apes don’t eat meat… and that rule apparently applies to mysterious ape men that were previously unknown to science. So, Freddy says…

“It’s ok, Shaggy. You can eat it.”

…because if you find a half-eaten burger with weird marks on it that’s been sitting on the floor of a dusty mansion for an indeterminable amount of time, but it wasn’t the bad guy’s burger, it’s ok to eat.

Food poisoning only comes from bad guy food.

Finally, though, Freddy interjects…

“Ok, let’s split up and search for this ape man who eats hamburgers!”

…and in an instant, I knew this was the best sentence ever written by mankind.

A painting for a very special someone. She’s beautiful, she’s witty, she’s the best and I love her more than words can express. Today’s her birthday and she deserves to be celebrated! Happy birthday, mum! I love you and forgive me for eating all your chocolate! ♥

some rare study tips!!

I’ve been around the community for a few months already but there are some tips that I’ve come up to myself and I haven’t seen many people talking about it,

so, here we go!

  • there are some moments when you just crave for a few minutes of complete silence. it’s not a study break, but sort of a point when you reach the top of how concentrated you can be. put the headphones out of your ears and do your best during this time. you’ll be so satisfied with it later! 
  • i’m not 100% sure if all studyblrs do this, but majority of people usually speaks of healthy and unhealthy snacks. personally, i never eat snacks while studying. try to use a meal break as a study break instead. first of all, you’ll set aside the study material for a break without feeling guilty. secondly, you’ll certainly pay attention to your meal so you can avoid overeating or eating too much junk/unhealthy food. finally, you won’t get your study materials dirty (which is especially relatable for expensive textbooks or library loans). i have to mention that i do drink tea, infused water of coffee while studying though bc hydration is key.
  • my two last tips may be more relatable to the multilingual studyblrs out there or probably the ones who study abroad (as i do). the first is: avoid listening to songs in your native language while trying to learn something in a foreign one. your brain will receive the information from the language it knows better, which is your native language in almost any case! that’s one of the reasons i stick to kpop while doing my projects - i don’t know even a single word in korean (unfortunately), so it doesn’t distract me from studying in english, czech or slovak.
  • if such a language trick doesn’t work for you and you still feel distracted, switch from songs with lyrics to soundtracks. the community talks about classical music a lot, but i prefer music from my favourite movies to keep me on track. ‘the imitation game’ soundtrack is the best for boosting the brain to me. tell me about your favourites!!

enjoy your winter breaks and have a merry christmas!

love, Daria xx

Basic self care

So I’ve had a really rough past couple of days, and it inspired me to make this post on the basics of how to care for yourself when you’re feeling really down and maybe not able to do much. Some of the things on this list are more involved than others, so it’s best to start with the simplest task if you’re feeling really down. Do what you can.

  • Get yourself a glass of water and drink the whole thing.
  • Eat something. Eat whatever you’re craving. If all you can eat today is chocolate ice cream, then eat that chocolate ice cream.
  • Make your bed.
  • Clean your room. Just pick up a few things off of the floor if that’s all you can do.
  • Take a shower. If that means just standing in your shower and letting some warm water hit you for a minute because that’s all you’re capable of, then that’s okay. If doing the full shabang is what’s going to make you feel better, then take all the time you need.
  • Brush your teeth.
  • At the very least, take your makeup off. If you don’t wear makeup, pat your face with a warm (or cool, whichever makes you feel better) cloth. You’re probably going to feel worse when you wake up tomorrow breaking out because you didn’t wash your face.
  • If you wake up breaking out from the stress, remember that everyone breaks out sometimes. It’s fine.
  • Cry for as long as you need to. Scream into a pillow.
  • Get up and walk around. Walk around the mall, walk around your neighborhood, just walk up and down your stairs if that’s all you can do. My mom suffered from depression after she found out she had cancer, and she swore by walking up and down the stairs.
  • If you’ve been holed up in your room for more than two or three days, try going out. Sometimes getting dressed and going somewhere can really help you to feel better, and if you end up really not enjoying it, you can always go home.
  • Make a meal for yourself. Actually cook something nice. If all you can do is make a little bit of rice, that’s fine. But if you feel up to it, making yourself something nice can really calm you down.
  • Organize something. Your desk, your makeup, your closet. Organize it however you want.
  • Listen to your favorite music. The 1975′s newest album has saved me these past couple of days.

Feel free to add anything that helps you or anything that I forgot. We’re all here to help each other.

Merryyyyyyyyy Chrsitamssssssss!!! <3

Yeah I can almost hear Steve’s “Tony No you can’t eat chocolate and donuts for dinner even though it is Christmas!!!” :D

And I am much much better now and able to eat more normally :D I just had a small bowl of noodle for dinner, which is my first closest-to-normal meal in days! Hurrayyyyyyy! Really really thanks for all the blessings!! <3<3<3 Wish you all a wonderful holiday and best health! :D

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The guys of team skull (guzma gladion and male grunt) dealing with a s/o (or not s/o) who is on their period?

¤ Guzma is pretty used to going out and getting pads/tampons and pain killers because he often does it for Plumeria and some of the female grunts
¤ Guzma is like a walking radiator so whenever you are having bad cramps he’ll lay you on top of him and lets his body heat sooth your pain a bit 
¤ He insists that you two curl up in bed and eat all the food that you can handle. He’s probably going to eat more of the food than you are.

¤ Gladion is very confused as to what to do. Whenever one of the female grunts was on their period he usually avoided them as best he could so he has no clue how to help you
¤ Gladion is checking in on you ever 5 minutes asking if you need anything or if you are in pain. It gets to the point were you have to pull him into bed with you to cuddle
¤ He’s constantly giving you chocolate and back massages. He hates seeing you in any form of discomfort and will baby you until you feel better.

¤ Like Guzma, the male grunts have an understanding of how to help you while on your period because they helped out the female grunts
¤ He always has a hot water bottle and a fuzzy blanket at the ready. He wants to make sure you are absolutely comfortable.
¤ If you are lucky enough to be dating a grunt who is a good cook he’s going to bake you all the sweets he possibly can.

Hope this was good. It took me a long time to finish ~Mod Sinpai

lancemcclaine replied to your post:does anyone in voltron eat pizza with a fork 

ok but what if hunk made a pizza like thing somehow and coran & allura were like ??? so they had knives and forks there u go its the aliens that eat it weird. the one thing keith & lance agree on. (see: keith thinking pineapple on pizza is decent (which it is) and lance being offended)

i believe alteans use sporks which is even more offensive if you ask… but as hunk said, it proves that they’re a progressive species. two in one, right? coran and allura eat pizza with sporks and consider the humans dirty barbarians for using their hands. keith and lance have a discourse over pineapple on pizza. pidge agrees with lance and hunk with keith. they can’t even eat pizza in peace… there’s constant fighting over this and then shiro is like “ENOUGH”, they all go quiet and then he continues “besides, spinach is the best topping”. they don’t want him as a leader anymore. 


So this has been going around, and my grade A followers don’t deserve to be left out. I’m sure all of you know but CRANBERRY JUICE happens to work better than pineapple juice. Make sure it’s sugar free to get the full effect. Tired of cranberry juice? Pineapple juice does the trick but you’ll have to drink more. Of course you can drink as much juice as you want but if you don’t drink water you’re not doing much. EAT FRESH FRUIT AND INGREDIANTS! better for your coochie better for you. And the obvious, a few days before you get a head don’t eat red meat (try) and eliminate processed sugars for the best taste. Prepare to be praised🙏

Thank you Jin for existing. Thank you for working so hard. Thank you for blessing our ears with your angelic vocals. Thank you for being the oldest hyung & taking care of the others in BTS. Thank you for the EatJin videos. Thank you for your punny jokes~! Thank you for being the most handsome man. Thank you for being truly the most amazing person you are. No words can honestly & truly describe how much I love you & how proud I am as a fan that will always support you forever ♡ Thank you for all that you do for us fans. I hope you have the best birthday this year & eat well~ you deserve nothing but the best! Happy birthday to the love of my life 김석진~ you’ve worked so hard. Please always eat well~ I love you so much~♡♡♡ #AwakeWithJIN #HAPPYJINDAY #석진생일ᄎㅋ #벙글형_생일에_싱글벙글

*yes, that is a heart shaped piece of steak in the left corner..ㅋㅋㅋ

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Tie Breaker - Yoosung/MC Fluff Fanfic

@cluelessnutter​ it’s not precisely what you suggested, but it’s along the same lines so I hope you like it and thank you for the request! 

Spoiler-free, 10+, romantic fluff :) I used Cheritz’s naming convention of not-quite-the-brand-name, see if you can tell what games I’m referring to, haha ;)

“Seven! You’ll get sick if you eat the dough before I’ve baked it!”

Seven guiltily removes his hand from the bowl and licks the dough off his fingers. “It’s really good, though~” he says, smiling. You move the bowl farther away and motion with your fingers for him to back up.

“You’ll ruin your appetite if you keep eating,” you say. “And after I’ve put all this work into the meal, too!”

Yoosung returns from the living room and gives Seven his best withering glare. It’s not terribly effective. “Are you bothering her?” he asks.

Seven grins and holds up his hands in mock surrender, then notices there’s still a bit of cookie dough on his finger and licks it off. “Nope~” he says.

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“Everyone has their vices,” she says, “but mine are visible.” As in, comfort-eating, for which she refuses to apologise. “If I shot all day and I want a fucking hot chocolate and a chocolate croissant I’m going to eat it. Am I going to eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner? No. Is it OK to do it? If you want. But, you know, no one is coming at celebrities for smoking two packs of cigarettes. Or people who post a photo with their drink at the end of the day. So why is it OK to do that to me? Life is shitty, so why would you judge somebody for dealing with it in the best way they can?” 👊🏻From my interview & shoot with guardianfashion out now 🔥 (corset is orchardcorset)

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what do you think hapu and mallow and acerola like to do on dates?

- hapu prefers casual dates, like ones where you and her go out to eat or go on a walk. extravagance makes her feel oddly insecure for whatever reason, so obviously the more domestic, the better
- it’s even better if she can bring her Mudsdale with her! although it is pretty big, so obviously you can’t bring it on all the dates
- her favorite dates usually involve casual dining or exploring

- considering that she’s a cook and she’s surrounded by food all day, taking her out to eat (unless you’re going somewhere stellar) isn’t the best choice. she enjoys interesting, unique date ideas, like things you can’t just do on a day to day basis
- bringing her to a far away place would make a really nice date! as would taking her somewhere special, like inaccessible points in alola that only really powerful trainers can reach
- while she doesn’t like food dates, she enjoys snacking, so if you travel, expect her to try local snacks

- frankly, she enjoys any kind of date as long as she’s having fun. you’ll have to be really in tune with her interests in order to make a good date for the both of you
- she enjoys haunted houses, camping, and generally just hanging out. sometimes she likes to explore, but only once and a while. she also enjoys shopping, but hates having things bought for her
- she might take pictures on these dates, so make you have your smile on!

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I think what the "lose 40lbs" anon was asking is how many non Wslf things can they eat and still reach their goal or something along that line. I have a similar question as well. Thanks☺️

Some people can fall off a dietary cliff just eating one bite of junk food, we have no problem coaching people who weren’t even vegan to just follow this Sunday Night to Friday afternoon, usually just a few days of healthy good food makes all the junk taste like poison.  If you have serious health issues or a deadline for a wedding, do your best to replace the cravings with healthy versions.  I never want to tell someone they can’t have something, that deprivation just ruins people’s drive.  Eat a whole starchy meal and then proceed with what you are jonesing for & most likely it just won’t be as stimulating as you remember.  Put your effort into replacing, if you have to eat oreos while trying out some healthy cookie recipes then by all means do it, because once you are armed with that healthy recipe that you like just as much you won’t go to the oreos, treating w/o guilt is fucking awesome & way better than treating and feeling like shit & waking up with a zit covered face.  Save those for rare occasions.  You will figure out what works and doesn’t for yourself.  Don’t fall into ridged guidelines they aren’t sustainable.  Use WSLF as a base & build & be a good scientist and evaluate what adds on work & don’t for you.  IF you aren’t seeing the amazing results that pop up in the group every day & eating the delicious food posted every minute you are doing it wrong!  


Whats for lunch?

When you become a flight attendant, eating out in a new city every night can seem exciting at first, but you begin to learn that it isn’t all its cracked up to be.  However, you will begin to learn of some local favorites not only in the cities you go to, but the airports as well! Coming from someone who loves to treat themselves to a mac and cheese from Beecher’s in Seattle and a croissant or two from Paul’s bakery in Paris, I have learned that eating out all the time with this lifestyle isn’t the best option. Not only does eating out slim down your wallet, it will also pack on some serious pounds to your waistline. I actually love to cook and it has probably become the thing that I look forward to the most when I have days off. So in this post I would like to share with you a few tips on how I pack my lunch while on the road to get in a few healthy options, as well as save a little cash.

1. This is my brand new travelpro lunch box that my parents gave me for Christmas and it is a SERIOUS upgrade from my old lunch box that I used to carry around.

2. This bag can hold plenty of food for a three day trip and I even manage to carry snacks and other items for longer trips when I run out of food. Packed here I have two prepped meals, some fresh produce, yogurt, my snacks, and my staple items which are sriracha, freeze dried coffee, PB2, and my Swell water bottle. I also throw in two flexible ice packs which are not pictured.

3. I change up my meals whenever I head out for a trip and they usually consist of leftovers from my days off. I also carry with me whatever fresh produce I have at the time. This week I have packed chicken with green beans and rice, carrots, cucumbers, bell peppers, hummus, and strawberries. (not pictured a blood orange)

4. I also have plenty of nuts, usually almonds, and lots of protein bars. I have some favorites but there are always new ones whenever I head to the store so I am constantly changing them up. These are great because when you only have 10 minutes to eat, a protein bar is the only thing you have time to grab and it will hold you over until you can get a real meal.

5. I avoid drinking the hot water on the aircraft. I know many flight attendants who avoid this as well, but not everyone does. I am not a crazy germ freak but I see how our hot water comes out and it looks murky and rather questionable. These water tanks are located next to the water that controls the lavatories and I just like to avoid that mess. Anyways, I NEVER leave without filling my Swell thermos up with hot water. I swear by this brand! It will keep your hot beverages hot for over 12 hours and cold beverages icy for 24 hours. I usually just do hot water in mine so that I can decide to have hot chocolate, coffee, or tea while I am working. I know many people don’t like instant coffee but I have found the Starbucks Via packets aren’t half bad, and my favorite instant coffee is freeze dried coffee I get from Europe. It is super cheap and you can taste a world of difference from regular instant coffee. I also started carrying Mio energy and love this product as well when I want an iced coffee. Very few calories and a nice sweet treat.

6. Breakfast items are easier since you can throw a packet of oatmeal in a coffee cup at your hotel and use the hot water whenever you are in a pinch. I also have been known to steal bananas from the airplane (shhh!) and I like to use a rice cake, with some chocolate PB2 (instant healthy peanut butter), to place my sliced up banana for a healthy and delicious breakfast in the mornings. For a quicker option though the grab n’go applesauce comes in hand because there are many mornings where I slurp these down in the elevator on my way to pick-up when I am running a little late. I also carry yogurt when I have that on hand as well, but I do try to stay away from it because of all the sugar. I have a bad sweet tooth though so that never seems to work.

7. Finally, these are items that aren’t currently in my bag but are great to pack when you are traveling. Cereal is a perfect snack and is something that wont go bad in your bag. Its a bonus that we have milk on the plane so you don’t have to worry about that. Harvest snap chips are fabulous by themselves or with hummus so those come in hand. These prepackaged quinoa meals have become a little obsession of mine! I love them and they are so easy to pack and heat up on the airplane. Also, they are very filling, but if you want a little extra protein, throw a packet of tuna in it and you have a filling meal (note: I eat more tuna packets than I am proud to admit, they are just so easy to pack). Low sodium soup is also great while working because you can borrow the soup into two coffee cups on the plane and always heat it in the oven! And lastly, skinny girl popcorn! Or any popcorn really! I don’t buy this popcorn because it is a skinny girl product, however, I love the light flavors that they offer like lime and salt, and if you have a hotel room with a microwave it is perfect for staying in and watching HBO.

Hopefully this helps a little for those of you who are trying to eat on the go! I know it has helped me cut down on my spending significantly, and I feel so much better eating food that I have prepared at home beforehand. Every now and then, long layovers especially, I still like to go out with my crew or find a little restaurant or bakery by myself to try the local favorites, but I try to limit my meals out to one per day instead of the 3 per day I would have to pay for if I didn’t have my own food. So stay healthy and happy out there my fellow travelers. If you have any tips on what I should bring or pack, please share! I am always looking for new meal ideas or items to try!


Lil Spain update:
-i love love love Europe and Spain so much!!
-I have barely been able to run but that’s okay because I am ENJOYING LIFE
-I am eating a ton because I am again ENJOYING LIFE
-it is amazing and wonderful that I can do that and not feel bad about myself, everyone deserves to explore and eat new food and experience new cities and not give a shit about how much they eat and how little they run.
-I love and support everyone out there trying their best!!! You are all so beautiful 💕

20 days of chub kink

Inspired by the Fatlock 30, Chubwolf 21, and this great ask box meme: I have crafted my own Frankenstein kink challenge because I’m never happy just going with something that already exists. I did my best to keep this fandom agnostic, so feel free to try it out if you want to play with me!

  1. unintentional weight gain.
  2. being in denial about weight gain.
  3. holiday.
  4. freshman fifteen.
  5. stuffing/feeding/etc.
  6. mutual weight gain.
  7. size differences/comparisons.
  8. body worship.
  9. button popping/seam ripping/etc.
  10. humiliation/teasing.
  11. eating competition/buffet/all-you-can eat.
  12. magical/magically augmented weight gain (or scientifically).
  13. long distance kink (phone sex, webcam, etc).
  14. weighing and/or measuring and/or numbers kink.
  15. starter belly.
  16. food-related AU (coffee shop, bakery, chef, food critic).
  17. high school/college AU.
  18. AU of choice.
  19. outside perspective on/reactions to weight gain.
  20. focusing on a body part other than bellies.

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i am so confused by your old videos... why done you delete them!! you said rice farms is destroying the planet and that raw is better than cooked food??? YOU SAID IN YOUR VIEDO YOU EAT RICE TO PUT THE WEIGHT ON.. BECAUSE FRUIT GETS YOU TOO LEAN. SO SHOULD I NOT EAT RICE JUST FRUIT TILL I LOST WEIGHT?

Correct when we cut down forests to grow food for animals or humans then we fuck up the planet. Even when we cut down native forrest and plant out an awesome permaculture organic fruit orchard we still fuck it up massively compared to how nature designed it. Humans are a cancer on the planet and the best we can do is all us guys get vasectomies and we slowly exit stage left and that would be the best apology we can give mother nature for the abuses we have done to her.

okay but like, get this: grocery shopping with luke. being all domestic and shit, planning your whole week of food together like “well, i have a meeting on tuesday so i won’t be home for dinner but we can buy extra meat for monday so you can eat leftovers?” and “babe, we had spaghetti last week, let’s make something different.” luke would be all whiney, walking through the frozen food sections like “why can’t we just eat frozen pizza for the whole week,”  earning a light smack on the chest from you or arguing about which cheese you guys were gonna buy (he was really settled on provolone but caved into your pout and threw asiago into the cart instead). cruising through the snack aisle, determinedly putting a bag of each different flavor of chip despite your exasperated “luke, please”’s each time you tried to put them back on the shelf. he’d be such a little shit when you can’t reach something off the top shelf, only extending his hand to get it when you give him exactly three chaste kisses (one for getting the food, one for making him come shopping with you in the first place, and one because ”babe, you’re just so pretty, how could i not want to kiss you?”). he’d scrunch his nose at the vegetables you place in the cart and inevitably try to coax you into climbing into the car so he could push you down an empty aisle (”hon, i swear, there’s nobody here, we’re not gonna get in trouble!”). he’d pout at you as you guys approach the check-out line, walking through the ice cream aisle as slowly as he possibly could to prolong the temptation you were doing such a good job of resisting (”come on babe, we haven’t had a ice cream & movie night in forever” “luke, we just had one last thursday” “exactly!”). he’d giggle like a little kid when you gave in with a huff and shove like three huge cartons of ben and jerry’s into the cart, only giving you an innocent puppy-eyed pout with a “whaaaat?” as an explanation. you’d stand in line together with his large frame wrapped around you, his arms covering yours as they leaned against the cart, resting his chin on your shoulder and pressing gentle kisses behind your ear, earning a coo from the elderly couple behind you. he’d help the bagger put all the food in the bags and insist on carrying everything out to the car even though there were like, eight bags (”seriously, darling, i’ve got this”). he’d kiss your lips as soon as he’d finish shoveling all the bags into the backseat so none of them would fall over while he drove and settle behind the steering wheel with his hand in yours, kissing each knuckle as he made his way out of the parking lot. 

shoe-shopping with calum // house hunting with ashton // home-decor shopping with michael || +masterlist