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So yeah, 20k huh? That’s like… 2 with 4 0′s at the back. Ok but honestly I don’t have much to say but a big BIG THANK YOU. I don’t say much or talk to you guys often but that’s just because I’m scared to talk to people. Things happen. But do know that I will reply to you if you do come and chat with me, I’m always happy to have be your company.

To my mutuals, thanks for all the quality posts I always see on my dashboard. I always love it when you post/reblog anime tiddies. Oh yeah, and cats too :3c nyan.

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I’m Fed Up


Okay, so being transracial is becoming a thing now. However, I WILL NOT HAVE IT!!! More and more white women are claiming to “feel” like they belong to a different race or wanting to become a different race and going through drastic changes such as getting chemical treatment to have more melanin in their skin and lip injections. Usually, I’m a very open minded person, but I am so sick and tired of more and more white women (not all of course) using their privilege to decide that they want to just slip into another race because we black women are a fucking trend in their eyes. Wanting to copy our hairstyles and renaming them, appropriating aspects of our culture (ex. claiming that Rock and Roll is white music, despite the founders of it were all black), thinking it’s cute to say Nigga or Nigger and get offended when told they can’t say it. I’m tired of some white girls saying shit like their “inner black woman” like we’re some sort of fucking spirit animal.  

This is a prime example of the transracial trend going on. 

Not only am I annoyed with that, but I’m also sick and fucking tired of being told by some of my own community that I’m not black enough. All for dumb shit. I’m called white because I’ve actually left the country, because I sometimes go swimming in the ocean or lakes, for liking other genres of music than just rap and r&b, for speaking correct English, because I don’t like watermelon, because I’m not a Christian, because I’m in touch with my sexuality, because I play bass guitar and fucking love rock & roll, because I like being free spirited, because I’ve dated white boys, because I take my depression and ADHD seriously and don’t pray on it or ignore it, because I don’t know every rap song or every rapper, because I have a lot of white friends, because I can’t twerk (and have a little ass), because I take the time to learn about other cultures and foods, because I’m stick thin, and the list goes on and on. I’m really sick of all of this. I’m sick of feeling that I have to fit inside a box and if I do anything outside of it, I’m not black enough or being called stuck up because I don’t act stereotypically black. I’m sick of being told I’m too nappy headed, that I’m too dark (like that’s supposed to be a bad thing), being told that only light skinned girls and white girls who are wannabes (wanting to be black so damn bad *cough* Kylie Jenner *cough*) are beautiful. And what’s worse is that some white people think that they too have the right to tell me that I “act white” or that even they are “blacker than me”. I’m just saying that these groups of people can fuck right off and kiss my black ass. I’m going to continue being a Carefree Black Girl. 

I’m sorry for all the profanity but I just needed to rant or talk to someone. 

Also I believe that we need more Carefree Black Girls who don’t fit into the stereotypical black girl box. We need more SZA’s, Zoë Kravitz’s, Solange’s, Esperanza Spalding’s, Erykah Badu’s, Lupita Nyongo’s and more Janelle Monáe’s. Women who don’t let their race define their personality. 


I kind of just embraced the things about me that were a little odd. The thing about having bipolar disorder, for me, is that I’m really empathetic. I feel everything around me so much. I feel when I walk past a homeless person, and I feel when my friend breaks up with someone, or I feel when my mom and my dad get into a fight and my mom’s fuckin’ crying over dishes in the sink. I used to say to her all the time, like, ‘I hate this. I want to be naïve. I want to be worried about my prom dress. I want to be worried about getting my math homework done. I want to be like everyone else my age,’ and she would say, 'Would you rather be blissfully ignorant or would you rather be pained and aware?’ That was one of the things that’s kind of followed with me through my whole life. She’s encouraging of what I’m doing because she knows that even if sometimes I might be in pain, I’m aware. 

mainsourceofirritation  asked:

One of my favorite things about canon Hazel is that she swears. Strongly. Like in SoN when she summons the schist and the Karpoi hiss at it, she says that her teacher once washed out her mouth with lye soap for "saying something similar" and I just love the idea of Percy and Hazel on a quest and just openly swearing all the time. Hazel swearing.

Hazel’s such a badass, like yeah she needs to adjust a little to modern times but you’re totally right that she’s always had a potty mouth and I love it.

“Oh come on! This shit isn’t funny anymore!” Annabeth growls when they see yet more monsters on the horizon.

“Annabeth, watch your language!” Percy admonishes in a whisper as Hazel approaches.

“What’s going on?” Hazel asks, following their gaze to the new threat. Her shoulders drop. “Oh, for fuck’s sake, you’ve got to be fucking kidding me!”

Percy gapes while Annabeth bursts out laughing and tells her, “I know, right.”

@ other aro/ace folks, do y'all get that thing where allo people try to explain sex and relationships to you? Like you say something about dating and they suddenly try to jump in and explain how romantic relationships work in this weird infantilizing way, and you’re just sort of like
“thanks Karen, but believe it or not I have dated people thanks to this pesky thing called amatonormativity, and even if I hadn’t, it turns out that y'all make sex and romance flipping unavoidable, so yes, I do know what dating is”

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Do you usually publish all the quotes that are submitted?

Nope! We get a lot of things that don’t follow submission guidelines or are repeats of already existing quotes. We’ve also been pretty busy lately and have a lot of submissions to slog through and a lot we’ve gotten lately have been sent either without a source or without including which marauders would say it. Your quote is more likely to be posted quickly if it follows guidelines, it’s from a fandom we don’t have a ton of (for example, we have to double check that pretty much every parks and rec or brooklyn 99 quote hasn’t already been posted since we have so many from those shows!), and it’s just genuinely funny.

Also adding: we only publish things from citable sources (like books, movies, tv shows) not things that are made up or real life conversations.

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You do know it's okay that you haven't been writing, right? It kinda sounds like you feel you owe someone something or somewhat. It's just... I really hate how pressured fic writers often seem to be, like, we all need to appreciate y'all instead of giving you the feeling of expectation, in a way? I don't know what I'm trying to say, but your answer made me feel like I really wanna give you a hug. Ignore me.

To be honest, I do feel like I owe someone something? I always feel so guilty when I don’t answer an ask and despite knowing tumblr and writing are just hobbies, I can’t shake the feeling. Maybe it is a general fic writer pressure thing, that definitely exists. I think it’s like, I don’t feel like I’m earning my place if I’m not answering fic requests? Which is insane but it’s how I feel. Thank you for writing to me with this, though. I really appreciate it and will readily accept your hug! 

How The Paladins React to You Being Half-Galra.

So many of you enjoyed my last headcanon and I just want to say thank you for all of the positive feedback! Here’s another one just because I find them really fun to write, but an imagine will be coming later on, since they’re kind of what I do haha ^_^



      • Let’s just be honest. He’d freak the fuck out.

      • Immediately, he would think that things wouldn’t work out between the two of you. Like, he tricks himself into thinking you two can’t be a couple because of this.

      • He distants himself for a little while, trying to wrap his head around the fact that the person he loves is a part of the race that ruined his life.

      • Whenever people try to talk to him, he gets really salty annoyed.

      • Even though it is you he’s taking his anger out on, it’s not you he wants to hurt.

      • It’s almost like he’s just trying to make a point. As if he just wants the Galra to know that he doesn’t tolerate them.

      • One day, he just kind of realises. Like, he gets up and he looks in the mirror and you’re not there, tucked into bed behind him and he’s just like, “What am I doing?”

      • He knows it’s not your fault. You didn’t even know you were Galra until somebody questioned you on why you owned a Galra blade.

      • He feels bad.

      • “Where are they? I need to talk to them. I need to apologise.”


      • Okay. Okay. Keith would lowkey be so happy.

      • Obviously, you’d be slightly upset at the news and that would upset him, but Keith is just like… There’s people like me.

      • He spent so long thinking he would end up turning into this bad Galra guy who would turn against his own friends and family, but now that he knows you’re just like him, he has this sense of relief that it will be fine.

      • He comforts you and tells you of his own experiences with dealing with news like that.

      • The two of you actually grow closer, if that’s even possible.

      • Keith just kind of looks at you a little differently now.

      • Protecting you whenever Allura gets salty.

      • “Hey! They’re still the same person. Back off.”

      • Small smiles across the room whenever he sees you drifting off into your own thoughts, which you do a lot since finding out the news.

      • He hugs you a little tighter and a little more often. He just needs you to know that he doesn’t see you as anything more than who you are as a person.

      • He’s just go supportive g o d d a m n I t


      • Lance is best friends with Keith {even though they try to deny it, smh}.

      • Honestly, you tell him the news and he’s just like, “Oh. Okay.”

      • But at the same time, he knows that you’re going to take a while to feel normal again and that upsets him.

      • He just wants you to be happy, so he starts to crack jokes non-stop.

      • Lots of rib tickling to make you smile.

      • Wrapping a protective arm around you whenever Allura speaks badly of the Galra people.

      • Just being the best boyfriend ever.

      • You sleep a little later each night, bad thoughts not letting you go to sleep. He stays up with you, tiredly making jokes that you can see our forced.

      • Like, he just wants to sleep but he can’t leave you with your bad thoughts thats not allowed no.

      • Slight jealousy towards Keith. Now you two have another thing in common. Lance doesn’t like that.

      • “God, what even is a Galra? I could be a Galra. I’m sure it’s not hard. Keith doesn’t know what he’s talking about.”

      • Watching you wield the Galra blade and liking the idea more and more.

      • “See them? Yeah, that’s my {gf/bf}. They’ve got Galra blood.”


    • Our big baby is a little frightened. That’s the first reaction he has to it.

    • He tries to hide the little bit of fear by smiling and saying, “That’s okay, babe!” but everybody hears that little waver in his voice.

    • He starts to try a little too hard. He thinks he has to please you just because you’re Half-Galra.

    • Realising why you’ve always been good at piloting and fighting.

    • He sits in the kitchen and just thinks about what this means. Like, are you evil? Is it your fault Shiro lost his arm? He’s so curious.

    • A lot of nervous smiling.

    • Asking Keith if it’s okay to do things for you. Like, “Is it okay if I make their side of the bed? Would they want to do it themselves? Do Galra eat space goo? Do I cook for them?”

    • Slowly, the fear turns into a slight bit of fascination. He starts to ask you questions instead of Keith, and you even find the questioning a little amusing.

    • Spending hours upon hours just talking about it. He lets you rant to him about what it feels like, and he talks to you about his idea of the Galra.

    • “I’ve always thought they were all bad. I guess not.”


      • Honestly, she’s just like ????

      • Is there a scientific way to change this ????

      • Is this permanent ???

      • Is my baby okay ???

      • She’s a tiny little bit heartbroken.

      • But she knows it’s not your fault or your decision so she kind of pretends to brush it off.

      • Meanwhile, her head is going crazy with questions. Like Hunk, she just wants to know how it’s possible ???

      • Like, you were a normal person only a few days ago. What happened ???

      • She doesn’t ask you these questions when the news first breaks, but you catch her staring at you from across the room quite a lot and you just know.

      • Trying to research your family tree to see whO MESSED UP.

      • Is lowkey mad when she finds out who slept with a Galra.

      • “You piece of shit put Galra blood in my {gf/bf}.”

anonymous asked:

the thing about the woody hivemind is that people say it's like combating these neo-nazis and terfs or whatever but all it's doing is using the old URL. like the people they hate so much could just make a new blog. it's like having a dead bug in your house and to deal with it you put a glass cup over it.

it’s so fucking stupid 

like on one hand laughing at a harmful ideology is a decent way to discredit it provided you actually make some points along the way

but on the other hand they don’t make a single point about any of the ideologies that this shit is supposedly against. it’s so easy to discredit nazism and terfism but instead of actually trying to put that shit to bed they just bait people like that and make the same pee your pants pardner joke 30 times

My Way or the Highway

Chapter 7

Summary: The continuation of the Patchwork Family AU where basketball star Jeon Jeongguk & mathlete champion Park Jimin get forced to live under the same roof when their single parents, Namjoon and Seokjeong fall in love with each other, and decide to move in together.

Pairings: Jeongguk/Jimin, Namjoon/fem!Seokjin
Word count: 9.6k+

Jeongguk is struggling with sexuality crisis and awakening jealousy, Jimin is struggling with unhealthy coping mechanisms and a heartbreak. It’s safe to say that things don’t go well(?).
I hope you’ll like the chapter~ :”) 💜


This week on The Four Shitty Horsemen of the Crapocalypse in Jeon Jeongguk’s Life:

  1. Your annoying step-mother makes you do the chores all the time (as always).
  2. Your dad finds you while you’re watching porn on his computer.
  3. Your grades are falling faster than the volleyballs in Haikyuu!! (as always).
  4. You realize for the millionth time that your stupid step-brother is kind of really damn hot.

Well fuck.


Read the rest on AO3

anonymous asked:

Just as there are people biased for scaly Dinosaurs, there are people biased for feathered Dinosaurs. Keep this in mind and evaluate yourselves (not talking about you specifically Palaeofail, but the Dinosaur loving community in general). Let go of your biases and emotional attachment to a particular integument. Dinosaurs are interesting no matter what they are covered in.

I fear that my comment about biases might start some kind of palaeontology community flame war. It’s not meant to at all. We all have biases that we must put aside for the sake of science is what I am saying. Maybe. I don’t even know. Delete the previous comment if you want to. I’m sorry if I have caused you any trouble.

You haven’t! You’re absolutely right - we all need to remember that just because we’ve been taught something doesn’t automatically make it true. The point of science is to question everything, ESPECIALLY the things we take for granted. Like, do we ACTUALLY have evidence of true branching feathers in therizinosaurs? Do we REALLY know that birds are dinosaurs? Are we SURE that the ornithischia/saurischia split is accurate?

Some of these questions have been asked over and over again and repeatedly gotten the same answer, based on examining original evidence with as little bias as we can. And some give conflicting answers. It’s important to ask the ones that give conflicting answers!

We can’t assume that we know ANYTHING. We assumed for decades that T. rex was scaly. Then, when we found evidence to suggest it might be feathery, the tide shifted and we assumed it had feathers. Now there’s some evidence suggesting it may have indeed been largely scaly. Was it? We don’t know. But it’s a good reminder not to take things for granted.

I wrote this at 1am in my phone notes

Sana knocked quietly on Elias’s open door. He was sitting in his room, engrossed in editing one of his ridiculous YouTube videos him and the boys made. Sana padded quietly into his room, shoving aside open notebooks on languages and Arabic dialects. She slid next to Elias on his bed and watched over his shoulder as he edited some random challenge him and the boys tried. She’d never tell him, but she enjoyed watching how at ease they were with one another. They were themselves and had fun together. She envied it a bit.
“do you have Norwegian friends?”
“… what do you mean?”
“I don’t know I just… all my friends are Norwegian. And they say things or give me looks sometimes. And I know they don’t mean anything by it, but it’s hard. It’s not like the people on the street or tram. Do you have Norwegian friends that do that? What do you do? ”
Elias is quiet for a little while.
“I had Norwegian buddies in high school, yeah. But we were more friends because we had classes together or whatever. Now that I’ve graduated I really only talk with the guys.”
Sana thinks about Jamilla. The looks Vilde’s given her when her call to prayer goes off. Isak saying she should tolerate ignorant questions and comments. You’re so lucky you don’t have to experience heartbreak…
She shakes out of her head. “Mhm?”
“What do they say?”
Sana notices he’d stopped editing and was watching her think.
“Nothing terrible. Nothing I can’t handle.”
“You shouldn’t have to handle-”
“I know I know. I can’t do anything about it and neither can you,” she snaps.
Elias slowly puts an arm around her shoulders.
“If they ever, and I mean EVER, say anything racist or islamophobic, you shut them down, yeah? Inshallah, they never do, they should be your friends. But promise me you won’t stay quiet. We both know how much of a flame you can be, never feel bad for standing up for yourself. Okay?”
Sana bites her lip but smiles a little. “Yeah.”
“And if they ever say anything to you in front of me, wallah! I will take them down, Sana!” Elias smirks and hits her arm playfully.
Sana laughs and stays a little longer, looking at his Arabic notes and the patterns of his prayer mat on the floor while he edits. Elias can be a pain in the ass but he always knows how to make her feel safe and loved.

We're Still Here

@markiplier @therealjacksepticeye
You both have been talking about not wanting to upset your audiences by being absent from YouTube.
Jack, you said you might have to go down to only one video a day because you won’t be at home, and that’s FINE. Sometimes circumstances make things difficult, and no one is spiting you for it. (At least not if they’re a true fan).
Mark, oh Mark. *Smh* you already do so much! You overwork yourself and you keep saying you want to give more. This week with VidCon and this last month with the tour and EVERYTHING, is a perfect example of circumstances making things difficult and THAT’S OKAY.
I want you BOTH to know that we as a fanbase won’t abandon you just because of a late video or something dumb like that. Real fans stick around, even when there’s no a reason to, so we’re not leaving.
Jack, you’re worried about leaving because in all the time you been doing YouTube you’ve never faltered to get videos to us, even when it meant you had to overwork yourself, but you don’t have to feel like you’re disappointing us if you can’t get something done.
Mark, you feel like your not keeping your promises and I know you want so badly to uphold your word, because that’s a trait you want your fanbase to have. You want to set an example for us, but the reality is, EVERYONE makes mistakes. You’re only one guy. You’re only human, and you put a lot of high expectations on yourself.
And I’m not just saying that to Mark, because Jack, you’re in the same boat, you’re only one person, and we understand that.
You guys, your fans love you, and anything you decide do is enough for me, because I’m dedicated (albeit a bit obsessed) to you guys. I can’t think of anything that could change that. I know it’s true for others too. So please, don’t be too hard on yourselves, because if you’re really here for us, it means taking care of yourselves and making sure you’re not overwhelming yourselves just to appease us.
I really hope you get this message, because I feel like it’s really what you need to hear right now. #WeAreHere

memejocksupreme  asked:

Faye you're basically the witch mama of all of tumblr so could I get some mom advice? I randomly came down with a fever today and I feel awful about being sick in the summer. I know I'm going to get better how do I stay positive about it all?

Oh my, what a very sweet thing to say. Let’s see what we can do for you.💙

  • I like to remind myself while my body may be sick my brain isn’t, I tend to get swept up in the “poor me” dialogue when I’m feeling under the weather but that just makes it worse! Despite being sick I tried to remind myself to say positive things about who I am and my situation otherwise despite being sick.
  • Take sensory care! It can be overwhelming when you’re sick if everythings a mess, too loud, too smelly, whatever. Even if it’ just your little nest in your bed, light a clean smelling candle, get a box of tissues, ask your family/roommate for quiet if you live with any, and a clean blanket. Or do something small like wipe down a table or water your plants to still feel active and productive. Keep it small!
  • Ask yourself: Does this have good energy? No point in reading, watching, or listening to something that’s going to make you feel down when you’re already low energy. Try to find a dvd, show, or book that keeps things relatively up beat or at least keeps you invested!
  • Try not to isolate yourself, let family, friends, or me know you’re not feeling well - we’ll check up on you. Let yourself be nurtured, it will help along the healing process.
  • Stay hydrated! I’m sure you and everyone knows this but please please drink water!  It will not only hydrate you and flush what needs flushing and keep your cells in optimal fighting shape, it will help your brain counteract negativity. Our moods are very dependent on proper hydration and it’s easy to forget to drink when you’re in napping all day!

I hope this helps a little sweetheart and I hope you feel better. May the winds of good fortune be at your back.💨💞

anonymous asked:

I love your blog. I really do. But please please please, don't detract from a post about male positivity because you feel like they're "stealing language" that women use. They are just trying to start some positivity and awareness on a male issue. You get mad at people for doing the same thing to posts about female positivity and such. I feel it's hypocritical for you to make that last comment. (Although I agree with Millia as well)

Men are not marginalized for their gender. Men have a history of stealing and taking credit for the work of women. They could have done all that positivity and awareness stuff and given credit to the women who fought tooth and nail to get consent to the forefront of conversations about sex rather than saying they started it. I don’t condone the stealing of intellectual and emotional work, ever. I resent you acting like men don’t have privilege here. 

eggseob  asked:

What is jbj tho help me and my ignorant soul

no it’s completely fine love you are not ignorant at all 😤 i’m still a bit dull about JBJ i just know the general things and some of them may be wrong pls excuse me and feel free to correct me~

JBJ started as KenCallTaeGyun (Kenta, Yongguk, Taedong and Sanggyun) if i’m being completely honest i’m still not sure why that foursome was created so if you would like to enlighten me please do (i was just really happy about kenta lmao) anyway this post happened and everyone started saying how they wanted that group to happen and how they wanted them to debut so they started contacting every trainee’s company so they can at least have some sort of photoshoot or interview. Sadly, there were some companies that declined (i’m still crying) so they couldn’t do anything about it but people are still trying to get them together.

JBJ stands for Just Be Joyful (also not sure about how that name happened but it’s cute) there are 7 members (Kenta, Yongguk, Taedong, Sanggyun, Taehyun, Hyunbin and Donghan) they all get along together really well and their chemistry is amazing so that’s mainly the reason why they want them to debut together~ (but sadly we didn’t get to see any of this friendships in pd101 i’m salty

You can always search for JBJ on twitter and scroll through if you want to get to know them more, hopefully this helped and if i’m missing something or said something wrong please feel free to correct me ^^

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I'm falling for my friend. He's super supportive, has been a big support on my transition, and actually acknowledges he can't talk about certain experiences over the people who go through them. Thing is, he says he's straight af, and I only see any kind of chance if he a)is not as straight as he thinks, or b)he still sees me as a girl. I don't know what to do, because we click so well, and I think we could be great together, but I'm scared to try any move at all

all i can say is: dont date a straight guy. really, dont. just like you shouldnt date a lesbian. if he discovers he likes you and he says instead that hes bi/pan, then great! but if he says he likes you and still says hes straight, stay away.

Oikawa Tooru - Apology (1)

To my dearest (Name),

This is from your hopefully still loved, Oikawa Tooru.

I just wanted to let you know that I’m sorry for the argument. I didn’t mean anything I said, any of the malicious, horrible things I said. I didn’t mean a single one. I was crazy mad for no reason and I really am sorry. Of course I want to say this all in person, but honestly I don’t think I can do it properly, just because of how we left things.

Back to apologising properly.

First and foremost, I want to highlight that you were right, and I was wrong. I’m the one who was wrong about the day, I thought it was tomorrow and I looked back, and you were right. It WAS today. I’m sorry for forgetting the date. I don’t want it to seem like I forgot YOU. I just forgot the date. I’m sorry you felt like I didn’t care, and I thought you were wrong. You’re right. As always. But don’t quote me on this. Well, you can, but only if you forgive me… Even just a little.

Secondly, I’m sorry for snapping at you and making snide comments. I shouldn’t have called you a crazy clingy forgetful psycho-lover… Because evidently, that title should belong to me. I know you’re worried that I was seeing other people, and honestly, I wasn’t. And I was hurt that you thought I did, and that you would think I would do that. I was at home, for real. I am sorry for all that silly shit I said, I really shouldn’t have gotten so worked up, I’m sorry.

But mainly, I’m sorry for saying that our relationship was worthless. I didn’t mean it. I don’t know how or why it happened, but at that very moment it seemed like I wanted to hurt you. I regretted it as soon as I said it, but I was too prideful and stubborn to admit it. What we have is special, even though we argue. Even though sometimes we hurt each other. At times it’s hard, it’s very hard. But that’s because we focus on the bad. We forget to focus on the good.

I love you! I love you to the galaxy and beyond that. I may be a rude ass poop that makes so many mistakes, and I understand if you don’t accept my apology. But I pray that you do. I love you so much that I will do absolutely anything for you to forgive me. I think you’re so special to me, that it hurts me so much to be away from you. To not talk to you. To not hear from you. I shouldn’t have overreacted and I shouldn’t have been so rude to you. I’m sorry my darling and I miss you. I miss your voice. Even if it is yelling at me.

I love you, so goddamn much. I miss you

Forever yours, Oikawa Tooru x

anonymous asked:

you need to start telling people it's YOU that said the baby thing was racist and now you're going back on that and giving all these reasons as to why a white baby is used?! So it's not racist then is it, considering you just said that a baby is used for things like only one available acting wise etc, or using a family members baby!

jesus fucking christ. do any of you people who so desperately hate me know how to read or do you just see me say one thing and then attack me automatically for it? with no context? do you people have nothing better to do than to put words into my mouth or???????? go do something with your fucking life.

Do you wanna know how all this actually started?

I got this ask. This is the LITERAL FIRST THING I POSTED ABOUT IT. 

And everything fucking snowballed from there.

Get your god damn motherfucking facts right before you accuse people of shit. I did not start this conversation. I did NOT start this conversation. Kindly go fuck yourself, get a life, and LEAVE ME THE FLYING FUCK ALONE.