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fic: Smile Even Though You’re Sad

title: smile even though you’re sad

genre: au/romance

word count: 2700

description: dan is the son of a rich man, unwillingly studying business in London who wanders into a gallery looking for some quiet, and instead finds the happy-go-lucky owner with a camera around his neck, the nicest smile he’s ever seen and a knack for knowing exactly what to say.

a/n: thought i’d post a little mid-week fic to perk you up if you need some, erm, perking…?

read on ao3 here if you prefer.

“They gave me the designer clothes, the trust fund and the private education and they told me to be happy.”

“And are you?”

The steel of Dan’s gaze softens. He ruffles his hair a little and a single curl still manages to dangle across his forehead.

“You know, Phil, you’re the first person to ask me that.”

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trip to london and mcm in may is almost completely booked, just missing the plane tickets, which are gonna be expensive af
but! i managed to save like £350 on my hotel, thanks to a bonus program and a special offer, i’m so happy

I have a job. Pray for me to not have panic attacks at work the first few weeks :^)

  • Me: *has no money*
  • Me: what about a new tattoo though
larrysafehaven replied to your post “Anons: You can’t BLAME HARRY for the band being over! Rolling Stone:…”

I’ve always said and will continue to say that the Azoff’s got their claws into Harry in 2013 and that was the beginning of the end. They never cared about the band and I’ve always wanted to believe that H’s ego wasn’t to Justin Timberlake levels, but now I’m afraid I was wrong. He let himself be pulled away from the other boys and probably from Louis too and it just makes me sick that the fans have been repeatedly lied to.

At this point I just want some honesty from someone. Be honest and let the fans either continue to support them as solo artists or let them move on, instead of dangling them on a hook.

Yes, it seems abundantly clear to me that this is what happened as well. You worded it very well. 

I sincerely doubt we’re in for any honesty though. At the most, we’ll get some comments from them later this year or next year that are increasingly vague about them enjoying doing “their own thing.”

In Harry’s case it paid to placate OT4 stans while he was working last year, and most of the people who support him will forget about the band. Who needs the band when we have solo Harry, and all that. 

btw when we’re all in the big shared dream house nobody better TOUCH my motherfucking plants

I don’t know what I did to deserve my significant other. This morning he woke me up with breakfast and an easter basket of sweets with a stuffed peeps bunny on top (who I’ve named martini). And despite being stressed and tired he still told me that he doesn’t mind giving/doing things for me because he just wants me to be happy. And I’m really grateful for that. And even when I was going down a mental illness spiral he was there and made sure to reassure that I’m not a burden or anything bad. When I told him that I don’t even question that we’ll be together forever, he agreed. It just feels so predestined and comforting, because I don’t hesitate to think about how we’ll be together forever whenever I think about the future. Sometimes my self confidence fluctuates from “of course I deserve happiness” to “why should I deserve THIS much happiness” but no matter what, at the end of the day, I’m content. And I’m so excited for us to begin living together in just a few months and then move back home in about a year. This is the way things should be.

I know there’s a lot of struggle between the urge to treat yo self and be responsible, but please remember that Donna Meagle worked hard and saved money all year like a responsible adult to treat herself so kids we can do both