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The evolution of Bellamy’s… wait. Scratch that. Who am I kidding! The loving way in which Bellamy has always looked at Clarke.

The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds
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@hayleykiyoko thanks for putting such great, positive content that’s relatable to the lgbt+ community out there despite society being so heteronormative and generally unreceptive to lgbt+ media. You’re doing important stuff and @passive-aggressivelygay and I really appreciate it (as I’m sure many other queer people do).

A couple of days ago me and my friends were in the city and we happened across three people who were sitting in a bookstore and conversing about philosophy and religion. One of my friends, a devout Christian, is very interested in those topics, so we convinced her to go up to them and ask to listen in. She was shy though, so we went with her and joined the strangers’ conversation. It turns out they were all siblings and although they had been raised Christian, they all had different interpretations/ views of the faith and were on different points along a spectrum. They were also each very well-versed in philosophy, since they took philosophy courses while being homeschooled (and the eldest in college). What surprised me though was how openminded and kind all of them were. They listened to my Islamic input with great interest, and patiently answered all my questions about Christianity. After the bookstore closed, they offered to continue the conversation with us at a nearby Starbucks, and they were just so genuinely nice and receptive?? It really made my day bruh. I wish I was always surrounded by people like them. And iA they even inspired me to seek more knowledge relating to my faith. Jus wish the world was full of ppl like them

In case you’re a neutral and didn’t know who to root for in the baseball tonight, here’s reason #1999 why Team USA are an unabashed bag of dicks:

“I hope kids watching the W.B.C. can watch the way we play the game and appreciate the way we play the game as opposed to the way Puerto Rico plays or the Dominican plays. That’s not taking anything away from them,” Kinsler said.

“That just wasn’t the way we were raised. They were raised differently and to show emotion and passion when you play. We do show emotion; we do show passion. But we just do it in a different way.”

And another:

United States manager Jim Leyland didn’t directly alienate players from other countries. Instead, he paraphrased President Trump’s rally cry at his press conference ahead of the final.

“We’re trying to make America great again,” were Leyland’s opening words.