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Mistletoe - EXO (part 2)

getting caught under the mistletoe with exo 

Dec. 21 (part 1): sehun, jongin, tao // Dec. 22 (part 2): kyungsoo, chanyeol, baekhyun // Dec. 23 (part 3): chen, lay, suho // Dec. 24 (part 4): kris, luhan, xiumin

Kyungsoo: “It’s obligatory,” Chanyeol managed to say through his giggles, before dissolving into a fit of laughter, nearly doubling over. “No. It’s not,” Kyungsoo said, glaring at the other boy with a gaze that could kill. You normally would have put a hand on his arm to tell him it was okay, but any physical affection was just now made very awkward. You looked back up at the cheap clump of mistletoe above your head, hastily taped to the doorframe to the recording studio. They must have taped it up when Kyungsoo walked downstairs to let you into the building. You just knew the beagle line would try something like this. You just didn’t know they’d be dumb enough to try it on Kyungsoo and you. “C’mon, you can’t kill Christmas!” Baekhyun whined from one of the rolling chairs in the studio. Jongdae sat on the arm of the sofa, simply grinning from ear to ear. Kyungsoo turned his gaze to Baekhyun and began to take a step forward, causing the cherry-haired boy to roll backwards in his chair, fear evident on his face. But before Kyungsoo could take a step, Chanyeol held out two arms, stopping him, “You have to! You just do! Come on!” You could see the tension in Kyungsoo’s shoulders, and quite frankly, you were beginning to worry for Park Chanyeol and Byun Baekhyun’s lives. You stepped forward and placed one hand on his arm, the other on his cheek, turning him to face you just enough that you could lean in and place a gentle kiss on the corner of his mouth. You pulled away, offering a very small, reassuring smile as he stared at you with wide eyes. You turned to the beagle line, all staring, their jaws touching the floor. You crossed your arms over your chest, “You boys done playing around now?” They stared at you for a moment before offering shallow nods, turning back to the large soundboard in the studio. Without looking at him, you grabbed Kyungsoo’s wrist and led him to the sofa to sit down. You could feel the unsettled air around him as you sat. “It was a stupid joke,” you looked at him, your mouth twitching into a small smile. “Don’t be so worked up about it, okay?” He stared at you for a long moment before you saw his shoulders relax and his eyes soften, even his mouth work into a shy smile. He looked at the backs of the beagle line at the soundboard, placing a hesitant hand on top of yours where it sat on your thigh. You leaned into his side just a little bit, secretly planning to thank the boys later for their stupid, silly joke.

Chanyeol: The holiday party was frustratingly crowded, and Chanyeol was not helping. Whenever he would catch your glance and smile that big, dopey smile even while wearing that very fine suit, a little flutter would happen in your chest. The man who bumped into you, causing you to run into Chanyeol as he placed his hands on your waist to catch you and you placed your hands on his chest to steady yourself, a blush on your cheeks when you looked up at him, was not helping. But what really wasn’t helping what the goddamn piece of mistletoe that Sehun was now holding over your heads, just as you were pressed up against one another, your hands on his chest and his hands on your waist. “Everyone look!” the maknae called, causing most of the partygoers to stare at your horrified expression. “Ah, stop it!” Chanyeol said, trying to smack Sehun’s arms down. He whined and giggled but kept the mistletoe hanging over you. “Kiss her!” Someone yelled from the crowd. “Seriously,” Chanyeol sighed, looking around at the crowd and ruffling his hair in annoyance. Which was sexy. You wanted to die. The crowd rode up with a cheer of “Kiss her, kiss her” and if you could have burrowed into the deepest pits of hell you would have because it would have to be better than this. “Fine!” Chanyeol finally said, obviously exasperated, “I’ll kiss her!” The crowd cheered once more and he turned to you. As he did, embarrassment crossed his cheeks, “Um, if that’s okay with you, I mean.” “No,” you cringed, “I mean, yeah, no, it’s okay.” Kill me kill me kill me. “Um, okay then,” he smiled awkwardly. You tried to drown out the “oohing” of the crowd. He bit his lip and you decided to close your eyes before you actually had a heart attack in the middle of this party. You could smell him as he leaned into you, and you could feel his warm breath in the moment of hesitation before he kissed you. When you kissed it felt like a sudden intake of breath, like you could rise off the floor. You couldn’t even hear the cheering rise up around you. You two parted, both stalled for breath even after the short kiss. You opened your eyes at stared into his. Another dopey smile broke out over his lips, which he immediately tried to hide by covering his mouth with his hand. You giggled at his response, feeling giddy as you blushed and smiled back.  “Um, gross,” Sehun said, scrunching his nose and walking away.

Baekhyun: You laid down on the sofa, tossing your arm across your forehead in exasperation. It had been too long of a day. All you needed right now was a hot bath and a cup of tea. But you were too lazy to get in the bath or make a cup of tea. Not to mention your friend was already in your apartment waiting for you when you came home, and you didn’t quite trust him not to “stumble” into the bathroom while you were bathing. “We don’t have schedule for the next three days,” you heard Baekhyun say from the kitchen. “That’s nice,” you sighed. “You guys deserve a break. Four breaks, actually.” You heard him walk over to you, so you opened your eyes. He loomed over you with two mugs in his hands and a small smirk. “I love you!” you jumped to a sitting position, pulling your legs to a crossed position and taking the steaming mug of tea from him, “You always know what I need, I swear.” He sat down next to you on the sofa, “I’m just a kind and thoughtful person.” You sipped your tea, raising an eyebrow over the top of the mug. He narrowed his eyes, “For that, come here.” You leaned back, “For what? What are you going to do?” “Nothing. Now come here,” he said, placing his mug on the coffee table and motioning you toward him. You regarded him carefully, hesitantly placing your cup on the table and scooting toward him. “What?” you asked, now almost nose to nose with him. He reached into his back pocket, “Your Christmas present.” You narrowed your eyes, widening as you saw him pull a small tuff of holly and bring it to hold between you. You stared at him past the mistletoe, comprehension paralyzing your senses. “I thought you knew, but obviously you didn’t…” he said, a very small on his lips though you could see the nervousness in his expression, “So this is me. Confessing.” He licked his bottom lips slightly, something he only did when he was nervous, his wide brown eyes searching yours. “Um,” he coughed, “Could you say something? Please?” You raised your hand to his wrist, lowering the mistletoe. You saw the disappointment flash in his eyes before you leaned in and kissed him fiercely. When you separated, lips swollen with giddy smiles, he blinked at you, “I can’t believe the tacky mistletoe thing worked.” “It didn’t,” you laughed, kissing him again.

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