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Now that all the TLCJ feathers have been rumpled and they’re all rushing to tell me I’m wrong, yet give no evidence to support their statements except for repeating over and over that Irene Adler is gay because apparently that’s their only argument and I’ve yet to have anyone show anything else, I shall go to sleep. And I assure you, it will be peaceful. Because I had a lot of fun tonight. #NOREGRETS

I’m Not Scared

Request: With Juggie, 100 and 74 from the prompt list?

Prompts: #74 “I swear, I’m not scared.” #100 “Sit still, for the love of all that is holy.”

Word Count: 406

Pairing: Jughead Jones X Reader

Y/N’s P.O.V

I smiled as Jughead set up the final movie to play at the drive-in, and I have the best seats since I’m up in the booth with him. “Halloween.” I cheered as the opening credits started playing, I didn’t even have to see the title to know what movie it is. “I really, truly, do not understand you when it comes to this movie series.” Jug announced, catching my attention, what does he mean?

“What?” I furrowed my eyebrows, watching as he stood in front of me, his hands on both sides of my face. “You, my dear, always get scared when you watch this movie, even though you’ve seen it a hundred times.” He explained, kissing my smushed lips quickly. I gasped, as he went and sat down in his seat, “liar! I do not.” I defended myself, he rolled his eyes, “hmm, sure.” He hummed, focusing his attention on the movie, I’ll show him.


“I swear, I’m not scared.” I assured my boyfriend in a small voice, looking over at him to find him nodding at the screen, “sure thing babe.” I jumped at the girls screaming outside, sliding off my chair I landed with a thud. The chair rolled to the back of the room, gently hitting the wall, damn you rolling chair. “Jug.” I whined over his laughter, he came over sticking a hand out to pull me up. “Ow.” I winced, noticing the cut on the back of my arm, “I’ll be back.” He declared walking off, leaving me there with a small stream of blood rolling down my arm.

“Sit.” Jughead nodded to the cot in the corner, which I’d rather not talk about, “no more rolling chairs for you.” He sighed, kneeling in front of me and wiping my arm with a wet paper towel. “So professional.” I teased as the unopened band-aid hung from his mouth, he narrowed his eyes at me. He opened his mouth and let the package fall to the ground. “Stay still, for the love of all that is holy.” He grumbled under his breath, jokingly, as I kept flinching when he wiped at the cut. 

“I’m trying.” I rolled my eyes at him, he chuckled, and tore open the band-aid, smoothing it across my cut. “My hero.” I wrapped my arms around his neck before he could stand up, “it’s my pleasure to save such a beautiful damsel, in so much distress.”

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Hey Emy, I don't think this is a popular opinion but I sometimes wish that Brian never said "I love you" to Justin because he has always shown his love through actions, which counts more than words. Maybe it could be their own unique way of saying "fuck you" to conventionality, and of celebrating their love for one another? That being said, I still love that scene and the proposal even though I wish they took a different direction with the execution of the final season.

I get it, I do. I think one of the things that makes the Brian/Justin relationship so special is we could feel how much they loved each other, even without saying them saying the words, which isn’t the case for a lot of fictional relationships. Their love for each other shown through in every look, touch, and action, and that’s something really special to get to witness.

But I still think it was important for Brian to say those words, for a couple of reasons. First of all, because it was important to Justin to hear them, which is entirely valid. But also because it’s really about more than just the words themselves. Everybody knows Brian loves Justin, including Justin. Everybody sees it. But so long as Brian doesn’t say the words, he has an escape. If something should happen – if Justin leaves, or if Brian fucks everything up, or their relationship somehow implodes and leads to the type of pain he always said love induces – he can continue to hide behind the “I never loved him” facade. He can pretend Justin never meant anything to him, that he’s entirely unaffected by their relationship, that he’s still the same man he always was. 

But by explicitly telling Justin he loves him, Brian is taking a huge step in his emotional growth. All his fears he’s had about love, all his anxieties about relationships… they don’t matter anymore. Neither does his need to always be the one in control nor his desire to smother any sign of weakness or vulnerability. Brian is completely, utterly, irrevocably in love with Justin, and he’s not allowing fear to force him to keep that emotion hidden any longer.

That’s why I personally think it’s super important Brian ultimately said the words. Not because romantic couples need to say “I love you,” because as we’ve already established, everybody and their mother (literally) knows Brian loves Justin more than anything. But because it showed that the last of Brian’s walls that prevented him from fully opening up to another person. Brian’s entire journey in QAF was about getting to this point, where he can truly drop the Brian Kinney Persona and just be Brian, a man with a huge heart who learns to trust people in ways he never has before and be emotionally vulnerable with them and not care about the consequences. 

I do totally get what you’re saying, even though I respectfully disagree. However, I have no doubt that even though the words have now been exchanged, Brian and Justin will continue showing each other just how very much they love each other every single day for the rest of their lives. <33

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How many followers do you have?

Hi friend,

After a little over half a year of running this blog (or online ministry, as I like to call it), I’m at almost 6,000 followers (5,966 as I type this). I’m so blessed and thank God often for this opportunity to be able to share His Word and love and grace with all of you, and I’d be doing exactly what I’m doing now if I only had a handful of followers (like when I began over the summer of 2016). 

All my love,


And yet, even with all the chaos that was going on, I was there sitting silently with a bottle in my hand, just wondering if your drunken thoughts led to me like mine led to you.
—  inhibited // excerpt from a book I’ll never write #115 ( offdxys )

I just wanted to say that I appreciate every single one of you who follow me, and I’m thankful that you guys are sticking around even if I’m not posting my writings. Lately I haven’t had the courage and time to write anything so my sincere and full apologies go to all of you who have been waiting. I’m almost at 1.3k now, so all I’m giving at this point is a thank you. Things are a bit rough right now and you guys are amazing.

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The Poem

the words he has yet to write
they linger about my mind
playing games of hide and seek
placing treasures for me to find
they tell me how much he cares
then get tangled in my hair
unravel to the longest lengths
of each and every chestnut curl
complete stanzas do unfurl

the words he has yet to write
make up the covers of our bed
his (I love you’s) never spoken
are where I rest my head
each tender loving verse
becomes the solitary universe
all the words he has yet to write
exist here, for me to see
in the poem that has yet to be

February 2017

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About the I love you. I agree, I do think it was plural both times. In terms of translations; I'm German and I think plural twice sounds really weird and awkward in German - "Ich liebe euch. Ich liebe euch alle". But once singular sounds good - "Ich liebe dich." (to Dean, turning to address the others;) "Ich liebe euch alle." Has a nice flow to me but I'm biased ;)

Hi, thank you for looking up the German subs! I had another anon messaging me about it the other day -

The german subtitles on Amazon say “Ich liebe euch. Ich liebe euch alle.“ unsurprisingly. Still a weird thing to say to family, the word “love“ carries more meaning while “Liebe“ is usually romantic love. If I said “Ich liebe dich“ to my brother or my mother that would be decidedly awkward. And kind of iffy.

- and they seem to share your opinion.

What I find interesting about subbing, but mostly about dubbing, is the debate on domestication - like, do you make the original language disappear or not? Just in case someone’s never heard of this issue before, the idea there is that your reader/viewer/listener should understand what’s going on but still be aware this is a different culture. This is why all classic Russian literature in translation measures distances in versts, for instance - because it gives you an immediate sense of being immersed in a different world without fundamentally preventing you from understanding what’s going on (it will be mentioned somewhere that one verst is one km, and distances aren’t that important, anyway - just look at all the driving that goes down in Supernatural). Now, the problem is that, when subbing and dubbing, your choices as a translator shrink, because as a subber you’ve got limited space to say your thing, and as a dubber you need to watch the synching. This is why you end up with something like Ich liebe euch, which, as you guys point out, is a bit weird in German. Then again, maybe it will become a thing? I know I’ve recently read somewhere that older Germans are getting pissed off by how German is changing now many people spend their time reading and watching stuff in English - how that translated into more English influence in the language - stuff like, downloaden instead of herunterladen and du bist richtig instead of du hast Recht.

(In Italian, the most visible influence of TV English is the now widespread use of vocative terms - I know I’ve mentioned this before, but it’s something that both bugs me to death and blows me away, because when I was a kid it sounded so unnatural and nobody used them IRL (you know, all those terms like son, bro, mate, brother and whatever) and now it seems the norm for young people and *Jean-Ralphio voice-mode activated* whaaaat?)

So, anyway - I know in English the connotation is slightly different, which is partly why we’re discussing this thing to the death, and I think another conversation that’s worth having is how Cas himself understands these connotations. Because, like, does he understand the difference between romantic and platonic love? I’m playing Devil’s advocate a bit here, but just hear me out - Cas would notice, of course, that his feelings for Dean are different from his feelings for Sam, but would he understand what that means? After all, he may just assume you can’t love two people the same way - I’m sure he loves Claire, as well, and that would be a different feeling as well. And since we also know that - for different reasons - neither Dean nor Cas equate sex with romantic love, the one immediate signifier that something’s different this time (that heat pooling deep in your stomach, your breath catching, your brain making up stupid excuses to touch someone’s hand, because man, you need to touch this person, right now) could very well be completely absent in Cas’ case. So that’s another reason why I’m okay with the fansubs using a plural there - because we don’t know how Cas himself understands these feelings, and I hate how on this show, things could go either way - how it’s completely foreseeable that either this gets forgotten and disregarded and never mentioned again, or that we will get a beautiful, emotional scene when we least expect it and our hearts will get broken - again.

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Ay Giu, know what would be nice?? Latinos suggesting Latina Annabeth. With headcanons, drawings, moodboards, anything related to their countries. Like, Colombianos claiming ColombianaAnnabeth, Mexicanos claiming Mexicana Annabeth..Se would learn TONS of traces from other culturas, AND have TONS of Latina Annabeth! And maybe expande this to another culturally ambiguous characters later :)

Yaaaay <3

Thank you for your nice words <3

I would love to see all of these Annabeth !!

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Hello, I just wanted to say I’m glad everyone seems to like Rhino. For those that want one but say he’s too large, just know that I will be purchasing a 3D printer some time this year so smaller measurements will be available. The goal of Monster Delights is to make joys of all sizes to meet the desires of you, the customers. Once the 3D printer has been purchased and both Rhino and Cinder are ready to print, I will be putting up a post/questionnaire for better input on the sizes that are most desired.

All that being said, I do have one more traditional toy I want to put out in the coming months. It’s smaller than both Rhino and Cinder with more bumps and ridges than both. 

I’ve also been having a blast making all these toys and words cannot express how much I love making adult toys or how much I’ve learned. Thank you so much for all the likes, reblogs and purchases! 

-Mod Cannibal 

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Just in case this hasn't been reinforced today, I want you to know that you are loved. That you are lovely. That you, your words, your thoughts, all have so much value. And that you can craft experiences from words and evoke such raw emotions only adds to the power you wield. You are a walking constellation. I hope you remember that.

Thank you so much. I am thankful 😊💜

Let 2017 be the year I learn to live fearlessly.
Let 2017 be the year where I experience the unexpected.

Let 2017 be the year I forgive and forget those who’ve wronged me.

Let 2017 be the year where I pursue joy.

Let 2017 be a year of growth and change.

Let 2017 be a year of unforgettable and cherished memories.

Let 2017 be the year I discover who I want to be.

Let 2017 be beautiful. Let 2017 be mine. Let 2017 come, because I’m ready for it.

—  this-is-all-tennative, My wishes for the new year