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NEVER ask a taylor swift fan what their favorite song is unless you want to see them have a mental breakdown in front of you as they try to explain to you that they simply cannot choose one song

can’t live with him but can’t live without him - oliver x marcus

“I can’t do this,” Oliver whined, sitting up among the whirlpool of crumpled sheets, fleecy blankets and duck-feather pillows that seemed to be suffocating him as he tried to sleep. “I just can’t.”

He melodramatically kicked the duvet off him, cheeks a deep scarlet colour as he leapt from the bed and stood by the oak chest of drawers, one hand propped on his hip while the other wearily rubbed over his eyes. It was a late night and through the break in the curtains Oliver could see the moon hung proudly in the sky, surrounded by its very own sea of stars. Among the navy canvas the stars almost looked like a dot-to-dot pattern, just waiting for someone to come and connect them to complete the image. Oliver liked to imagine the stars would create an outline of Marcus’ face, perfectly accentuating his angelic cheekbones and God-like jawline. He was unfairly gorgeous, Oliver thought, which only made this hindrance more aggravating. 

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« When the hearth fire turns blue, what do you do? What do you do… »

Patrick Rothfuss, The Name of The Wind

Chandiran, Page 27


Summary: Oliver visits Hogwarts after the war

Rating: T

Genre: Established Relationship, Emotional Hurt/Comfort, Angst

Words: 910

A/N: @mxrcusflint asked if her birthday could be Make Marcus Cry Day so i thought why not both??? of them crying???

Hippy Bathday, Erin!!! ILY <3




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Over the Garden Wall~ ♫

I can’t believe I haven’t watched this show sooner, it’s amazing on so many levels and just everything I love about storytelling.

(also b/c Greg is an actual precious cinnamon roll, too pure for this world :’))


— Oh for fuck sake!! For what this all was? This chemistry between Bonnie and Kai, the way how they look to each other? And now you tell me this is not the ship I should support!? Fucking seriously?
You don’t respect your fans, Julie. You don’t love your characters. You can give them good and interesting storyline, but you don’t. You just ruined everything. Even Delena. Delena evolved over the years. And now this ship turned to shit for couple months.
You work with the small group of characters: elena, damon, caroline and stefan (sometimes!). Everyone else like matt, tyler, jeremy, enzo, bonnie just doing n o t h i n g on this show. Bonnie has no good storyline since season one. Is that really normal? Is that okay? Ha, I don’t think so! Real writer love all characters. You’re not a writer. You need just a money. That’s. It.

Two paper airplanes flying..flying…flying… AND I REMEMBER THINKING (yells as loud as possible, becomes an emotional wreck, shakes and sobs, rocks back and forth, never recovers…)