all womens

not to be rude but if a terf calls trans women men, the correct response is not to copy and paste google image results of conventionally feminine and attractive trans women. that just continues to put trans women’s value in how much we physically “pass” as women, as well as tell all women that our worth is in our looks.


On one side, Epic Sans fans are crying and making sad montages to their memelord and one true saiyan.

On the other side, fans continue on in self denial that he’s not gone, nope nu uh, he’s still there, see that speck of dust, he’s right thereeeeeee.

And then there’s me going “dude what if he like, used his spoopy ghost powers to like possess cute girls and run around and stuff.”

… All in all, I’m very sorry @yugogeer12, but I ain’t sorry for this.