all with those colours of rainbow and stuff

Twenty-One: Part Three

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I leave Alfie’s office to find Florrie perched just out of view but well within earshot of the office.

“You heard all that then?” I ask once we’re on the street.

“Mhmm,” she sings back. “He was flirting with you.”

“Don’t be ridiculous! We didn’t really say that much.”

“I think he said enough…”

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anonymous asked:

How many colors of soul are there? What do pink and brown souls represent?

[* As far as you know, souls come in every colour of the rainbow!]

[* Some people say that the brighter your soul colour, the more powerful your personality…]

[* You’re not so sure about that. You’re bright red and you don’t think you’re very powerful at all.]

[* There are stereotypes like people with green souls are really kind, and people with orange souls are really brave and stuff. You’re not sure if that’s true, either.]

[* You don’t actually know what a stereotype is. Aren’t you lucky that you have a helpful narrator to exposit on worldbuilding while you dissociate?]

[* Don’t worry, you’ll get another one of those in about a year.]

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this is literally fuze uniform,head gear material.and actually i thought when they said it was ghost recon bundle i thought of those headgear and uniform to be honest instead of the colour scheme swapped head gear.

also we could bundle it up with full length pkp pecheneg and ak200(early prototype ak12) skins. i know weapon model changing skins are not really thing until now and might not happen. they could always port the weapon model from future soldier do some adjustments and call it done