all will be quiet

little all too well things
  • the first line is ‘i walked through the door with you’ which to me is so interesting because this image of crossing the threshold suggests them both bravely entering something new together
  • ‘the air was cold but something ‘bout it felt like home somehow’ is kind of sad don’t you think??? i have always wondered if the cold air feels like home because she’s been treated so coldly in the past??
  • and if we take it that way then the fact that she left her ‘scarf there at your sister’s house’ is like taylor giving up her defenses against the cold way the world has treated her in order to trust him
  • and he still has it in his drawer even now??? she gave away her defenses against the coldness of the world and she never got them back!!! he left her vulnerable.
  • like i mentioned in a previous post taylor uses cars and travelling as a metaphor for relationships of different kinds so them ‘singing in the car getting lost upstate’ suggests how comfortable they felt in their relationship and how long term they thought it was going to be 
  • autumn leaves falling down like pieces into place is like a punch in the face every single time because to me it means ‘when i saw all of nature dying and coming to an end it reminded me of us’ what a thing to say wow their relationship was blossoming but now is decaying and they are spiraling uncontrollably???? what a powerful image!!!
  • again with the car metaphors ‘you almost ran the red ‘cause you were looking over at me’ seems to suggest how they almost ignored all the warnings signs that they needed to end their relationship because they were so caught up in each other
  • i feel like the phrase ‘i was there’ is so important in this song because it shows the distance that taylor feels from the relationship now like it’s not ‘wind in my hair, i am there’ because it’s impossible to revisit those moments and live in them again
  • alternatively i feel like maybe it’s ‘i was there’ because it was her ‘old self’ that she mentions later who had all those beautiful lovely memories and she is not that girl anymore she ‘was’ but not now
  • i always thought that the description of ‘a little kid in glasses in a twin size bed’ is so sweet because it emphasises how big and lonely everything seemed when he was younger and how much growing he had to do
  • ‘you taught me ‘bout your past thinking your future was me’ is also so cute because he is teaching her so she can take over and write his future in the best possible way??? he is literally trusting her with his entire future???
  • ‘lost in translation’ is a beautiful way of saying that they could not communicate with each other but to me it has always meant that they could not adapt to each other’s worlds without losing an essential part of themselves much like when a book is adapted for film for example 
  • now for my favourite line of the whole song okay ‘but maybe this thing was a masterpiece before you tore it all up’ is so interesting because it brings into question beauty and value and whether something is only beautiful for as long as you can own it and it is tangible, like an old famous painting, for example, or whether it remains valuable and precious long after it is destroyed because it is the thoughts and people it inspired that had true value. this idea is revisited in sad beautiful tragic when taylor seems to decide that something can be beautiful and ruined simultaneously and that things do not cease to be beautiful when they are over (just like those autumn leaves falling earlier in the song)
  •  this song is just full of powerful images and ‘a crumpled up piece of paper lying there’ is so interesting because a piece of blank paper holds so many possibilities it is literally a symbol of untapped potential so the idea of her being a crumpled up piece of paper suggests all that potential between them being discarded all those pages of their love story that will now forever remain unwritten
  • this is a tiny thing but the repetition in the line that follows of ‘but i remember it all, all, all… too well’ just to me feels like taylor being trapped in the moment unable to move forwards to the next word and mirrors her being trapped in her grief about this relationship
Attention (Blurb)

you take harry to visit your home town and he gets jealous of the attention your male friends give you

i was wondering if you would consider sometime in the future writing a one shot or blurb based on Nick Jonas’ song Jealous?


Harry had been unnaturally quiet all night.

You had first noticed it during dinner when you were laughing and drinking and catching up with some friends that you hadn’t seen in a while. The table was 90% male, with most of the guys putting all of their focus on you because they had known you forever. You had always attracted more male friends than female, even since you were young, but they had always just been friends and nothing more.

Harry knew that, and you knew he was okay with it, but tonight you could tell it was bothering him. Normally, when Harry had a few drinks, he was talkative and bubbly and telling terrible jokes, but tonight he was sullen. He sipped his drink quietly, chatting a bit with the person beside him, but not appearing to have much fun. You noticed that the grip on your knee would tighten a bit whenever you laughed particularly hard at something one of the guys said.

You were a bit tipsy by the time everyone dispersed and Harry helped you to the car without saying much. You were in a mood now where you had Harry alone and wanted to cuddle; the alcohol had taken its’ effect and you were feeling warm and sleepy and Harry was the perfect body to unleash those feelings on.

By the time he got you into the house and started to help you out of your clothes, you were starting to feel a bit more than cuddly.

“Harryyyy,” you whined, as he pulled your boots off.


“Come up here and kiss me,” you requested, attempted to grab at his arms.

Harry let out a huff and threw your boots across the room.

“Not now, love. M’tryin’ to get you undressed so we can go to sleep.”

“But Harry,” you whined again, “I wanna kiss youuuu!”

“Now now, baby,” he repeated, a little sharper this time, “Please. Let me just get you into bed tonight, okay?”

You might have been a little fuzzy, but you definitely understood his tone. You sat there, frowning as he continued to try undressing you.

“What’s wrong?” you finally asked, voice low.

He paused and looked up at you, running a hand through his hair before standing up and leaning against the wall.

“Don’t like when you get drunk with the guys,” he muttered.

“What are you talking about? You get drunk with your friends all the time.”

“Yeah but those guys - the ones you hang out with - I think…I think some of them act like you’re more than just their friend, you know? And when you get drunk, you let them flirt with you. Like tonight, you were wearin’ that short skirt and the low-cut top - which look great on you - but I dunno if I want a bunch of guys lookin’ at my girl the way they did.”

He was full-on pouting now, with that crease in his forehead that appeared every so often when he was really distressed about something. You stood up from the bed and walked over to him - the effects of the alcohol now wearing off pretty rapidly - and stood in front of him, placing your hands on his waist.

“Harry Edward Styles, give me a kiss.”

One eyebrow went up momentarily, but then he took your face in his hands and gave you a sweet kiss. You could feel him wanting to pull back but you held him there, making sure that wasn’t just doing it to humour you. Eventually, you felt him relax and his hands moved from your face to your waist, sliding down your torso in the process. He pulled you closer and moved his lips over yours with more purpose. When you finally pulled away, his face had softened. There was a hint of a smirk on his lips and his thumbs were rubbing circles on your waist.

“You’re doin’ this on purpose, love,” he said, kissing the tip of your nose, “Tryin’ to distract me.”

“I’m not,” you promised, “I’m trying to show you that you are the only person that I ever want to kiss and be with. Those guys…they’re my friends and I do love them, but not even remotely in the way that I love you. Anytime I wear the short skirts and the low tops…that’s for you. It’s always for you and it’s only for you and, while I can’t control what those other boys think of me, the only person I’m in love with is you and I want to make sure you know that. You don’t have to be worried or jealous. I’m yours, Harry.”

His smirk widened then and his eyes turned darker.

“You’re mine, huh?”

“All yours.”

“I like that,” he said, sliding his hands down over your bum.

“Can you come cuddle me now? I’m sleepy,” you said, through a yawn.

Harry laughed. The mood had started to suggest that perhaps the night was moving in a different direction, but he knew how you got when you were still a bit drunk and you typically just wanted him and a bunch of snuggles before you promptly fell asleep on his chest.

“Alright, my love,” he said, kissing you once more, “Let’s get you some cuddles.”

she loves my quiet whimpers, my moans, and all the other little noises i make for her in the middle of the night. i love grinding against her hand all slow and lazy, bruises blossoming across my collarbone and along my exposed throat in sacred tribute. yes, i belong to this woman. yes, i am hers. yes, she leaves me wet and desperate, wild with pleasure and wide eyed at the depth of intimacy we attain, curled into one another night after night just like this. i shatter against her quick fingers, her delicate touch, her pretty little mouth at my breasts. i hear her toy with me, her voice languid and husky in my ears, low with want: “cum for me, baby.”

To see reality is as simple as to see one’s face in a mirror. Only the mirror must be clear and true. A quiet mind, undistorted by desires and fears, free from ideas and opinions, clear on all the levels, is needed to reflect the reality.
Be clear and quiet – alert and detached, all else will happen by itself.
—  Nisargadatta Maharaj

olicity || ao3  || gen || fluff & humor|| 2477 || more fics

summary:  Felicity and Oliver are both professors at an esteemed university, but they’ve never actually talked to each other. That is until her lack of filter and babbling get her noticed. 

a/n: this is so random, but…. we need more nerd!Oliver in our lives okay?

and honestly… I’ve changed my mind like twenty times writing this, but hopefully it doesn’t seem like it. 

Felicity closed up her notebook as her classroom emptied. She never actually needed her lecture notes because she had all of her lectures memorized including hypothetical questions and answers from and for the students. Her classes this year had actually been rather quiet. As if they already knew all the answers. Teenagers. They were going to be sorry when she gave her first test on cyber security. It was probably going to be the same for her computer forensics class. Yes, she taught both how to hack into a computer (for legal police-type reasons) and how to keep a computer safe. If no one else was amused by it at least she was.

She gathered up her things and pushed them into her messenger bag. Her hair was a frazzled mess, but then again it always was. Ever since Felicity had started teaching, her everyday look was exhausted woman doesn’t know how to pin flyaways. It didn’t bother her. She wasn’t working at a university to look like a damn model.

Shaking her head, she walked into the hallway and started down the hallway towards her office. The corridor was kind of quiet. A few students scattered about and a pair of teachers walking in the opposite direction.

Speaking of models. Professor Abercrombie and Professor Ralph Lauren happened to be the teachers coming towards her.

Nate “Abercrombie” Heywood was a history professor while Oliver “Ralph Lauren” Queen taught various literature classes. The amount of times she had heard students, both men and women alike, swoon over these two was unreal. They were very pretty to look at, though.

“Very pretty,” she mumbled as they passed.

They both stopped and Felicity thought she might shrivel up and die right there.

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bulbas4ur  asked:

Why do some people have inattentive type and some have hyperactive type? It's interesting how it's the same disorder, but there's two different kinds of symptoms.

The same reason one person likes vanilla ice cream while the other likes chocolate, or why one person loves being the centre of attention while someone else prefers quiet. It all has to do with how biological factors like genetics and predispositions and neural structure interact with environmental factors like childhood and culture and learned behaviours. No disorder will look exactly the same in two people because every single person has unique experiences, even if the difference is just one tiny factor. And really, the two symptoms types or clusters are just a thing we made up to easier categorize symptoms. It doesn’t necessarily mean that inattentive type and hyperactive type are two distinctly different kinds, just that that’s how we chose to categorize the symptoms caused by ADHD to make it easier to understand what a certain person is having difficulty with.

So really, it’s the same disorder, but how it manifests in every person depends completely on that person as a unique individual.


^This exactly. The diagnostic subcategories of ADHD are artificial to begin with -  they’re not actually real, clearly defined lines that exist, they’re only there so that doctors and individuals can better describe their ADHD. This is where the idea of a spectrum is useful.

I like to think of it as a variation on a theme - it’s all ADHD, it just varies from person to person, the same way all our other traits and features do.

- Prue

what i need in the next episode:

  • alec and jace having a quiet moment alone
  • alec finding out about all magnus did for him and thanking him
  • alec finding out about magnus kissing him
  • izzy kicking alec’s ass after he’s better for scaring them like that
  • jace thanking magnus for taking care of alec
  • clary and isabelle training again
  • simon having more happy moments with his mom
  • clary finding out how jocelyn helped jace
  • luke being thanked for stopping a fight at the end between maia and them
  • maia and gretel being confirmed as girlfriends
  • the mains x happiness being canon

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A concept: You're a writer. You write books and/or poems and Harry is stuck while writing one of his songs and he wants your help. And you know he doesn't like interrupting you and asking for help but when he finally ask for help he's all quiet/cute and pouty

I’m ripping this from a conversation cause I went off about this when it came in, cause this pains me. DEEPLY:

And turning around in your chair with a little smirk and he stands up some cause he’d been leaning over the back of it and you reach up and cup his cheeks like, “Say I’m the wordsmith.”


“Say it.”

“Absolutely not.”

And you push him a bit and all of a sudden he’s all, “No, no, m'sorry, come on now, love, please.” And you’re shrugging his touch off but he’s bending down again and his mouth is right next to your ear. “C'mon, please, please, please.”

Preference: How they frustrate you.


When he works himself to hard.

“You want to help those boys, Darry? You want to be there for your brothers? Then you’ve got to slow down! How do you plan on being there for them if you wind up in the hospital.” You frown at Darry and stop rubbing his shoulders so you can wrap your arms around him from behind. “I love you. But you’re not Superman and you shouldn’t try to be.”

When he tells the boys what you two do in private. You asked him when you started dating to keep these things to himself and normally he’s pretty good at keeping quiet but when they’re all going around talking about their most recent girls they’ll pressure Soda and he’ll let some details slip.

You storm away from the fire that the gang was gathered around after a drunk Two-Bit and Dally started teasing and joking with you about what you and Soda had done the other night. You glared at your boyfriend before you stood to walk away and he immediately followed you so you spun around angrily to look at him once out of sight of the others.

“I am not some cheap thrill, Sodapop Curtis. I am a lady and if you think you can go around telling your friends about what I do when I’m alone with you then you can forget about it ever happening again.”

“I’m sorry, Y/N.” He frowned and tried to take your hand.

“They made me feel awful. I don’t like to think about the kind of things you tell them okay?”

“Okay. He nodded and hugged you.

When he tries to hide when he’s emotional or upset because he hates when they gang treats him like a kid so he wants you to see him as a tough guy.

You had slept over the Curtis house last night since your parents were out of town for the weekend. They went away once or twice a month to visit your sister so you always stayed at the Curtis’s house. Sodapop always insisted in sleeping on the couch so that you and Pony could lay together. This particular morning you woke up just as the sun was rising and you rolled over expecting to see your boyfriend asleep only he was sitting up and reading, his eyelids heavy.

“Ponyboy, how long have you been up?” You frowned a bit and pushed yourself up.
“A little while.” he brushed off and set aside his book.

You gave him a knowing glare. “If you had a nightmare you could’ve woken me up. Jeez, Pony, I’m not gonna judge you or love you any less. I’m not mad but it hurts when you don’t trust me enough to think that I will.”

When he can’t even be serious for one minute. His jokes are what you love most about him and they never fail to make you laugh but sometimes you want to just be able to look into his eyes say ‘I love you’ and get a simple response back.

“Jeez Two-Bit,” You sigh and scoot away from him so his arm isn’t hanging over your shoulder anymore. “Is that all this is to you? I love you. My love isn’t a joke! It may be to you but it isn’t for me.”

How often he’s arrested. You knew when you started seeing him what type of guy he was and you knew he’d never change. You honestly didn’t mind it most of the time because you knew he was breaking the law and mostly deserved the time he served. But sometimes it really just hit you the wrong way.

“But you just got out three days ago, Dal. What the hell do you mean the cops are after you?”

“I needed cigarettes and I didn’t realize the store owners kid had his eyes on me. It happens, doll. They’ll only hold me for a night or two, relax.”

“Relax? Damnit, Dallas, you just got out and I’ve barely seen you for five minutes. Can’t you stay out of the cooler for one week? For just one damn week can you stick around long enough to take me out on a decent date or something!”

When he thinks he’s not as handsome as Sodapop.

You sat on a stool at the DX while you watched Steve look around under the hood your car that he was fixing. He looked up as he saw the crowd of girls chatting with Soda as he pumped their gas. Steve frowned and shook his head. “Ain’t no crowd of girls coming to visit me.”

“I’m here.” You say crossing your arms over your chest.

“Yea well I bet you wish you were out there chatting up the movie star don’t you?”

“Well Soda’s single isn’t he?” you ask and Steve nodded. “And haven’t I had plenty of opportunities to chat him up? But I don’t want to. You’re the one I want. You are the movie star to me. Now shut the hell up and fix my brakes please.”

When he stays in the lot instead of going to your house or the Curtis’s.

“If you don’t want to be home, Johnny, then come through my window and spend the night with me! Or go to Buck’s or the boys house or something! I mean they leave it unlocked expecting to wake up and find you or someone on their couch so I don’t get why you stay out here.” You frown and cross your arms stubbornly. “Look I know I’m being mean but jeez.. I don’t like worrying about you catching a cold or getting beat up again when the solution is simple.”

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“Yeah my heart does that when I’m around you.” With my favorite person ever Bucky. Please love.

Of course! And sorry for the shortness!

Originally posted by i-lost-my-puddin

All was quiet in the Avenger’s tower. Tony and Bruce were doing their usual brooding in the lab. Steve was off somewhere with Sam and Nat was probably terrorizing Clint. You on the other hand were tucked underneath a strong pair of arms on the couch in one of the living rooms. The television was on but you weren’t really paying attention. You were more focused on listening to the rhythm of Bucky’s heart. It was thumping rather loudly and you were trying to figure out why. You moved away slightly and placed a hand on his chest. The beat slowed down but it was still strong. You moved back into his embrace and listened as his heart sped up. You laughed into his chest and looked up as you felt a hand go through your hair. “You alright darling?”, you asked leaning your face against his chest. “Yeah”, he said with a smile. “My heart does that when I’m around you.” 

The Story Behind Arisawa Shoutarou’s Daily Haiku for the Musical Touken Ranbu

Taken from fan reports of the 2.5D Fes Talk Session for the cast of the Musical Touken Ranbu. 

(Doubles also as a semi birthday dedication post for Ryuji because of all the Ryuji love xD)

According to the reports, this happened during the Q&A session between the cast and the audience.

Question: What does Shoutarou do about his daily haiku adlib?

Shoutarou: I did my absolute best to come up with them!

And, because that was all he said (Shoutarou apparently spent the talk being really quiet, for which he was teased mercilessly by the rest of the cast), Torippiyo tried to expand the conversation.

Torippiyo: You get ideas from everyone, right? Especially from Ryuji, right?
Shoutarou: Even though everyone gives me material [for my haiku], Ryuji-kun’s material is really interesting!
Torippiyo: Ryuji~ He’s really quick-witted.
Shoutarou: Yeah~ Ryuji-kun is smart.
Torippiyo: And your voice is getting softer!!

Source(s): ( x , x , x )

Also, a fan on Twitter has compiled all of Shoutarou’s haiku here