all white kit

1705: “Dear Sir, I shudder to think how much trouble these new-fangled cheques will cause, especially gathered together in bookes that could be so easily stolen by a vagabond. Oh, for a return to the days of the humble purse filled with gold coins.”

1138: “My Lord, I shudder to think of the problems that these new gold coins will unleash ‘pon us all, small, bright, shiny and easily stolen as they are….i’faith ‘twould be easier if we simply returned to bronze, such as we had in ye olden days.”

50BC: “Ave! Citizens, can we not see the danger of these Bronze coins? Is it beyond the wit and wisdom of our republic to return to the wisdom of those who came before, who bartered simple weights of metal without having to carry around these fiddly, small disks?”

933BC: “Em hotep! I have dispatched this parchment to explain how unhappy I am at this dangerous new idea of paying for things by weights of copper and bronze. This is surely a recipe for disaster. Can we not return to the simpler ways of our ancestors, bartering for goods by trading fruit, grain and other livestock and bounty of the lands?”

50,000BC: “Me Ug. Ug no happy. Ug not allowed to just kill to eat. Ug told need catch. Ug need give to Og. Og give Ug shoes. No good. Ug say old ones did better. Ug think this new way bring down wrath of sky. Plus Ug no happy with foreigners.”