all we hear is radio gaga

anonymous asked:

I mean, w have to listen to the audio to even know if it's true but I don't see the point of Elvis Duran lying. Still interesting that the announcement of his single coming out comes from a radio station when he and his team haven't said a thing. And it didn't come from nick. One would think it would be BBC with the exclusive

The thing I find most curious is that people have said that they’ve actually heard the music already. That seems risky to let so many people hear it before it comes out since it’s his solo debut. And since every 1D album leaked prior to release, you’d think they’d have everything on complete lock down. Allowing a radio station DJ to hear it weeks ahead of release just seems…..strange. I think all we know for sure right now is that Julian, the Brazilian youth and the Lady Gaga fandom haven’t heard it yet. Other than that, everything is just confusing.