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Anidala And Reylo

So you’re telling me that John Williams put notes in reversed order from Padme and Anakin’s love theme “Across the Stars” into Rey and Kylo’s theme. Their themes share this reversed motif together and Rey’s theme corrects Kylo’s theme. 

And also we can see some pretty apparent parallels between the last acts of ROTS and TFA where Anakin/Kylo confronts Padme and Obi Wan/Rey and Finn.

Except while Padme was out of the scene after Force Choke and Obi Wan was doing all the fighting, Rey actually participated in the duel and kicked Kylo’s ass in a process.

It’s like the writers decided to remind us of Anidala in TFA. And for some reason they chose Rey and Kylo (of all people!!!) to resemble them and at the same time to be the opposite of them.

It’s like Reylo IS Anidala - only reversed. Anidala started good and ended with Padme dying and Anakin becoming Darth Vader. And Reylo starts pretty bad and it ends with… what?

I don’t know but I am pretty sure it won’t be The Light Jedi Goddess Rey Skywalker slaughtering her stupid evil cousin.