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NCT Dream got fucking cheated, they should’ve at least been nominated and NCT 127 is totally gonna get robbed from winning best dance or whatever for male group. I know South Korea stay sleeping on the boys, but can’t nobody tell me that the Cherry Bomb choreography wasn’t the best of the year. Nobody @ me or sent me messages, this is my blog so I can share my opinion and if you don’t like it, all you gotta do is unfollow. Bye ✌👋

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So I've seen your posts pointing out the 'not telling that they'd give them superpowers is weird and shady' plus 'bad idea to say 'we'll make you gods'. And I've been thinking... The voiced 24 questions didn't entirely match the sort of humanitarian organization Clint's been describing. Something MUST be off right?

I think it’s very possible.

Like I won’t say that it’s for sure planned or for sure where they’re going to take the story - there’s a big chance that this is all coincidence - but there’re a lot of compelling things to consider.

Why weren’t these people better informed about the nature of their employment before being brought to an island that falls outside of a higher power of law? Why was the assumption of everyone in the room during the test that they needed to compete with each other instead of work together, at what was specifically a new-employee mixer? Why the strange phrasing, with an experimental method that they probably don’t know for sure will work as planned (and the exact outcome of which seems uncertain)? And while the “you have to be in proximity of each other for your powers to work” is an interesting gameplay element, it’s also a weakness - their powers would be neutralized if they were isolated, for example.

It’s very possible that none of this means anything and this isn’t where the plot is going, so I wouldn’t necessarily count on it being true, but it would make for a very interesting story and potentially an interesting arc for a long campaign if they decided to go with this concept.

Peregrïn glomps ! 💜

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A bit of MORE angst - imagine in a Kuron scenario real Shiro coming back to the team just to learn that Keith sacrificed himself.

It’s too early in the morning for you to hurt me like this (I say as it’s like…noon). I want you to think about what you did and — oh who am I kidding, I love angst.

LISTEN. I’m like 100% sure that in a Kuron scenario where Shiro came back to learn that Keith sacrificed himself, Shiro would crumple in on himself and just — fuck, it would hurt him too much to bear.

I don’t think Shiro would play the blame game on others — he would totally understand why Keith did it and accept that this was Keith’s decision — though I do think there’s a chance he’d feel partially responsible for it. I see him as this long term thinker who absorbs things in this really extensive big picture way. Like he’d probably be thinking all the way back to the past where “If we hadn’t even gotten close, none of this would’ve happened.” BUT he would also recognize the fact that none of them would even be this far in their efforts of winning the war if it weren’t for Keith. I think he’d be really torn up between these two ideas, and more.

But I think ultimately, if he loved Keith romantically, this self-sacrificial aspect of who Keith IS is just one huge thing he knew he signed up for, one that makes him love Keith all the more. And heck, he probably loves that about Keith whether it’s romantic or not in canon. There’s a reason they’re such close friends and I’m sure it’s because they have this silent and mutual understanding of each other and what’s at stake for the universe and the greater good.

If Keith’s sacrificed had succeeded, I think Shiro would do all he can within his power to make sure it was not in vain. Maybe he’d think about Keith every time he looked at the sun, close his eyes, and remember a boy who was so devoted and intense, he burned too brightly for the rest of them to hold onto.

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Headcannons that no one asked for

-Richie loses his voice

-Richie talks a lot and he’s incredibly loud

-so it’s not much of a surprise when he shows up to school with his voice gone

-ofc he tries to talk

-but eventually he gives up bc his voice is so raspy and would give out every other word

-when the losers find out, they’re all celebrating

-“finally I can hear myself think-“ “sh- *cough* the fuckkk up Stan *voice crack* ley”

-Richie doesn’t know what to do with his life ???

-what was his purpose if he wasn’t constantly yelling about how he banged Eddies mom or asking absurd questions during class ???

-he ends up pretty much silent all day and everyone is so concerned

-his teachers are just like ??? U okay Richie ??

-he just shrugs and does his work

-it’s depressing to look at

-after school the losers all go to the barrens

-and it’s oddly quiet without Richie keeping a constant flow of conversation

-none of the losers has had to say beep beep Richie since yesterday and it’s WEIRD

-Richie’s in a bad mood all day bc he can’t stand not being able to annoy Stan or call Eddie any of his nicknames

-Bevs the first to notice and she brings it to attention

-Richie tries to wave them off but Mike speaks up and says that Richie looked sad all day

-Richie just sighs loudly and dramatically

-then he goes into a coughing fit bc damn that hurt

-Eddie huffs and tells him to cough into his arm

-Richie doesnt

-he just coughs more in Eddies direction for a solid minute

-Eddie gets tf up and l e a v e s

-fuck this shit I’m out



she’s trying her best