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Here is something I did for @meabhd colouring contest 

Your art is simply amazing and when I saw that we are free to colour your lines I thought to myself ‘’ listen Beta, even if you don’t have drawing tablet, even if you don’t have printer and are to lazy to go to the neighbour, you have a damn photoshop and a mouse, for Christ sake go utilize this opportunity to colour meabhd’s lines.’’ And so here I am ^-^. I am not good at many things, drawing being one of them, but with that said I had to do this and I hope it looks… decent. I wish you all the luck with uni and stay awesome. <3

Lines made by Méabh , coloured by me in photoshop using my damn slow mouse. 

Let me tell you a thing or two about tattooed volleyball boys.

Inspired by this gem of a fic by saigennaku


I’ll just… see myself out then.

“My old man is a tough man
But he got a soul as sweet as blood red jam
And he shows me, he knows me every inch of my tar black soul
He doesn’t mind I have a flat broke down life
In fact he says he thinks it’s what he might like about me, admires me
The way I roll like a rolling stone”


Morning After featuring Amelia in Wednesday’s Shirt



He doesn’t have a what?

*squints at my wall*

Like… like from the geyser in Piffle or…?


What to say about Bombur? He’s only the “fat dwarf”, right? Wrong! Wrong, wrong, wrong, so much wrong. Think a little about our ginger friend, yeah, you can say he likes to eat, and that’s true, but there is so much more in him. He’s a peaceful, meditative guy, definitely a couch potato…oh, and of course he’s a ladie’s dwarf. He have so many qualities, maybe not the ones you would find in an adventure book’s main protagonist, but you can be sure he’d be the first to stop you from eating that poison mushroom because he knows what he’s talking about. Without him the quest would have been a series of boring tasteless meals. Can you picture one of the others cook something? It have failure written all over. Oh, the tattoo you say? Well, actually it was Bofur’s idea and Bombur just agreed. Bofur was joking at first, he didn’t think his brother would have done that, but he did it because “why not”? Of course he could have done something small and hidden instead of tattooing completely his belly, but in the end he likes it. And the ladies love it too.

Please do not edit or repost.

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Jaebum; of old age and surprises

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[ps he looks so fucking matured in this gif alright]

You had called Jaebum last night, wishing him a happy birthday over facetime and letting him spend his birthday with his family. Honestly, you didn’t have any plan to surprise him, seeing as you were still across the world on the night of his birthday and Jaebum wasn’t really big on birthdays; not his anyway. He would rather spend it at work saying how it was his thirtieth birthday and it started to seem dull as he got older. But Minsik had plans, and he had personally called you asking where you were and when you had told him you were thousand miles away, he completely freaked out.

“But you have to be here!”

“Why?” you laughed, messing up the front of your hair to add volume to it.

“It’s his thirty-first birthday.”

“Thirtieth.” You corrected and he only replied with the click of his tongue. “Hyung’s not happy alright when you’re not around.”

“He’s fine alright? He’s thirty years old. I’ll go see him in a few days.”

“No!” he argued and somehow had convinced you to take the closest flight back home to (in his words) make Jaebum’s day.

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but aside from my nerdy obsession, in all seriousness, the Millennium Ring has real importance for me. In the series, Ryou Bakura possesses the Ring, which contains an evil spirit. This spirit makes his life hell, isolating him from friends and family, leading Ryou to second guess himself and his worth, but at the same time, almost making him dependent on the spirit. Ryou does his best to fight back, yet his efforts are futile more often than not.

Nevertheless, Ryou is kind - he is gentle, smart, loyal to his friends, a bit spacey and strange, but has a good heart.

For much of my life, I lived in an emotionally abusive environment. Coming from a family member I had to rely on, it was not unlike being trapped with an evil spirit. But as a result, I now have to repair my self-esteem, though I do have a tendency to doubt myself and validating my emotions, not to mention, I am short tempered and quick to get defensive around others. Nevertheless, I recognize my faults, and I’m working on improving them.

Ryou, though a fictional character, is my hope, my role model. That even with all that life’s thrown at him, he is still soft and strong in many ways. Still, he’s not perfect, nor does he pretend to be. He’s not some Disney princess who can just go on without interruption, smiling like nothing happened - he may falter and lash out a bit, but that doesn’t change his character. He still retains a bit of darkness, but it’s not enough to hinder his light. He’s simply human.

So why the Millennium Ring? Because darkness, my past, is something I’ll always carry with me - it’s part of what makes me, me. But it doesn’t have to define who I am. Each step I take is a step to overcoming - with each step forward, I am a better person, toward a better future.

And I hope that for all of you as well ❤️

Valentine’s Day commission done by @emegustart and holy hell, this artwork is remarkable! The colors are so gorgeous and out of this world and she captured my Sith Inquisitor so well–look at all the designs with the tattoos. So amazed and delighted by this. Thank you!

So here is my Sith Inquisitor, Lord Goneril (really need to give her a last name) and her new husband, Andronikos Revel, being super cute together. Whoever would have thought this pirate would charm and open the heart of one of the Empire’s most ruthless, truculent, and highly hedonistic Sith? 

Don’t Forget (Part One)

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Part One / Part Two

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader
Genre: tattoo artist au, fluff, light angst
Contains: mentions of violence
Word Count: 2.1k

Author’s Note: I was working on this for when I hit my first hundred but that was about a month ago… But here it is anyway. This was supposed to be a one-shot and despite being super late on posting this, I’m still going to take my time and write it out properly instead of rushing it. So enjoy this tattoo artist au that steamed from one of those writing prompts involving tattoo-less tattoo artists and hardcore looking baristas.

You sat on a high chair at the counter of your aunt’s coffee shop, bundled up in a scarf and an oversized jacket to protect yourself from the cold wind that followed behind customers who’d enter. You took sips from your cup of hot chocolate that you had made for yourself, scrolling through multiple apps on your phone while you waited for more customers to show up.

Usually Friday afternoons were the busiest since kids would come by after school and college students would drop in to get their daily caffeine fix between classes, but this rainy day was surprisingly the slowest and most uneventful shift you’ve ever had in the three years of working at the shop.

In the corner of the quiet shop were two girls hanging out, talking loudly amongst themselves, drawing the attention of other customers with their giggles.

“You know Jeon Jungkook, right?”

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Harry’s new tattoos - an R and a Scorpion?

You can see Harry has new tattoos just under the Mermaid’s arm. There are clearly 2 new tattoos. The R is distinctive. The other is not as obvious. 

Close up with a lot of zooming - it looks like an insect with the R.

And what doe sthe R mean?

Well, thanks to Louis, the ever supportive boyfriend who likes to let us know when Harry has a new tattoo (Anchor tshirt) and he knows info on Harry before anyone else - the day after Harry’s ad, Louis wears a cap and trainers to let us know.

So, we know “You can tell a man by his ankles” or shoes. A triangle and the L for Left and R for Right. And Harry has a new R tattoo. Subtle, Louis. I’m guessing Louis has L and Harry has R .And we know the triangle is a gay symbol.

So the Scorpion?

What does a Scorpion tattoo mean? (This is where it ALL makes sense!)

Well well well. 

EXO Reaction to their BF Having Tattoos and Piercings

“Exo reaction to their bf having a lot of tattoos n piercings (like a rough appearance but a cute ass personality”

I know I haven’t posted in like a year, but like school is so hectic, I’m taking AP this year so I’m currently dying, but we have a mid-semester break I’ll try my best to update and keep y’all happy, in the meantime enjoy this gif reaction ;). (REPOST)

p.s I got a bit carried on in the end but still enjoy.

~Admin Dee

Xiumin:- I honestly think Xiumin wouldn’t mind at all if his boyfriend had such a rough exterior, I even think that he might be a bit turned on, he’ll most probably be tracing the tattoos and maybe even biting the piercings and teasing you a hell lot, so don’t really expect Xiumin to stay in his lane because I’m pretty sure he’ll be all up on you.

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Suho:- I think when Suho first met you he might have been a bit taken aback but I think he might fall in love with you because of the way you loved to express yourself in your tattoos, I think he even might be willing to get matching tattoos with you if sm will let him , also if you used your aegyo on him I think he would so be willing to pay for anything you wanted him to, overall it wouldn’t matter to him.

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Lay:- I don’t know why but I think Lay might have a slight kink with tattoos and piercings, he might seem all innocent and everything but we all know he isn’t, Lay also seems the type that wouldn’t care about what you look like at all, I think he looks for personality first, and you just happen to have the cutest personality ever so I’m pretty sure he’ll think you’re so god damn cute and would just give you endless love and be the angel unicorn he is.

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Baekhyun:- I’m sorry but I think Baekhyun will be hella turned on by you, I mean this boy loves to show off and if his boyfriend is hella hot ( which you are ) I’m pretty sure that he’d want to show you off to every single person in the whole damn world, also Baekhyun is a sucker for aegyo so pull out your cute ass personality on him and you’ll have him wrapped around your finger

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Chen:- Chenni Chen Chen, this boy is a sucker for cute people, he just loves adorable people and just wants to act adorable with them, he might be a bit taken aback because of your tattoos but I think one word from you and he’d fall head over heels for you, Chen also seems the type who’s a bit impatient so I see him falling in love with you faster than any of the members, so buckle up sweetie you’re in for a love adventure.

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Chanyeol:-  Okay we allll know that this giant over here loves tattoos and as soon as he sees you across the room all manners will be thrown out the window and next thing you know you have this giant cutie who’s looking at you with his cute and wide curious eyes while tracing all your tattoos and leaving you a blushing mess, and well we all know what happens next, yep he accidently spilled his drink on you so now we have two cuties who are blushing like crazy and just giving each other cute googly (is that how you spell it though) eyes.

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D.O:- I think out of all the members D.O would prefer someone who has fewer tattoos and piercing, I mean this shy cutie can barely have a conversation with someone,and to him you might give off an intimidating aura, I think he really is so shy when he’s around you but if you give him time he will come around and fall in love with you no matter what you look, he’ll fall in love with what’s inside.

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Kai:- Like Baekhyun I see Kai hella turned on, okay Imagine you’re in like a cafe and you take a look around you and then your eyes land on this hella cute guy who’s cuddled up in the corner and rubbing his hand on his coffee mug because he’s cold and then your eyes meet, leaving you all flustered and you biting on your lip piercing and everything and next thing you know like a switch blaze his cute ass gaze turns into this sexy one and now he’s straightening his back and giving you this smirk while biting his lips and looking you up and down and let’s just say the rest is history.

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Sehun:- SEHORNY, he loves tattoos, he loves piercing, he loves cute, oh wait will you look at that it means he loves you, I mean someone needs to tell this to take a break, I mean imagine you just chilling on the couch reading a book and then you start biting your lip piercing because you’re so concentrated in your book and then you hear a shift beside the door so you look up and see Sehun just chilling there gazing on your lips and he has that look on his face and you’re there panicking because you have no idea what to do because this is the first time this happens and then he chuckles because of your cuteness which makes your face turn red like a tomato and then he ruffles his hair and starts walking towards you and I think I trailed too far and I should stop now.

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Scared (Tattoo Artist!Luke)

a/n: in which Tattoo Artist!Luke doesn’t know how to Relationship. I’m not satisfied with this, I feel like I needed it to be a lot longer to do what I wanted but it’s long enough already so!! I hope you guys like it!!! Feedback is cool if you’re so inclined :)
word count: 4600
masterlist | ALL tattoo artist!luke 
Tattoo Artist!Luke | Believe | Baby | First

Relationships were new territory for Luke; he wasn’t used to it, making room for someone else in his life. There was a whole new level of things to think about that he couldn’t always wrap his head around. He’d spent 22 years alone, worrying about nothing but himself and his art – until you waltzed into his shop one afternoon and the thought of you walking out again gnawed painfully at him; a little wave of worry that crashed over him every time he pissed you off or said something stupid. But against his better judgment, against every voice in him that knew he was being an asshole, the only way he knew to deal with things was to push you away.

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