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tbh i’m still not over robert’s ‘husband back’ alarm and soft sleepy smile

Perfection//Hanbin Scenario

Okay, so I have been obsessed with this band for what seems like forever now, and their music just gives me so much inspiration to write these kind of scenes.

While listening to Affection by Cigarettes After Sex, this little scene played in my head. (even though I should be working on this other piece that I’ve been working on for the longest time already…..)

Anyway, Enjoy! And I would really appreciate the likes if you enjoyed it :3

Sorry for any typos in advance!

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His slow and even warm breaths grazed her skin lightly, and his warmth radiating from his lean body reached out to her amidst her cold, dark bedroom as they laid down next to each other on the girl’s bed. The proximity of his sleeping face as he slept deeply allowed her to see every minute detail of his perfect face, and the moonlight shining behind her and in through her window illuminated his figure, making him appear as though he came straight out of a movie scene. 

As she watched him, she still couldn’t fathom the reality of being with such a person as Hanbin. Such a perfect person as Hanbin. 

She knew that there was no such thing as absolute perfection in this world. Hanbin had his imperfections. His damaged hair, sticking out in all directions. The little marks of impurities scattered on his face. And the deep and dark circles underneath his eyes that always concerned her. Even his crooked teeth hidden in his mouth.

But strangely, despite all faults mentioned, to her he was perfect the way he was. I guess now she could understand how true that saying was, “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.” And her heart swelled from the thought of being able to say that he was hers. 

A content sigh gently escaped her lips.

How could such a man as Hanbin be hers? How could such a man as him fall in love with a girl like her when his beauty far exceeded hers? It was a mystery to her. But the way he looked at her, his loving and sincere look that he would have on his face as he stared at her, washed away all signs of her insecurities. Just by his tender and warm gaze, she melts inside every time as she feels how sincere his affection was.

Hanbin sighed deeply in his sleep, and his arm came up to wrap around her waist. She felt a smile form on her lips, and she continued to admire the boy in front of her. 

He was beautiful beyond words, and sometimes her breath would get caught in her throat from the little things that he would do. Like right now, how his chests rises and falls with each inhale and exhale. How his fingers slightly move involuntarily against the skin on her bare waist under her short shirt. How his lips part from each other then press tightly before relaxing again as he slept.

Not being able to resist anymore, her small hand reached up to touch his cheek. To brush her fingertips over his dark eyebrows. Over his plump lips. To trace his tall nose. And finally brush his bangs covering his eyes away.

His eyes gently fluttered open at her touch, and his eyes blinked a few times to focus his vision on her. A sweet and child-like smile immediately stretched across his face. Slowly. Leisurely. 

And there, her heart squeezed inside her chest again. 

“Can’t sleep?” He asked groggily, his voice hoarse from sleep. His hand on her waist moved to stroke her lower back up and down, and he smiled at her once again before closing his eyes again. 

She giggled gently then shook her head. “I was just admiring how beautiful you are in the moonlight,” she whispered to him softly.

Then Hanbin looked down at her for a longer time, his eyes moving across her face lazily. A bigger smile appeared on his lips, and whispered back, “You’re more beautiful.”

Then he hugged her close to his chest, and she smiled, satisfied in his embrace. She snuggled in deeper, entangling her legs with his, and relaxed. It didn’t take long for her to fall asleep. And just like that, the both of them slept under the moonlight contently.

I gotta admit, I’m smiling like an idiot right now after writing this xD

followersoftheapocolypse  asked:

whats your favorite episode of steins gate :0c


i love all episodes, and there’s a few close contenders (like the last few, the turning point, etc), but episode fourteen had one of the most touching moments of all time imo and god i just. i get emotional just thinking abt it holy fuick

dammit i’m tearintg up i just love that scebne so much kurisu is top waifu forever fuck everything

Sweet as...


Rating: Mature

Word Count: 1,941

Summary: Cute fluff where chocolate addict MC is hiding the ‘last’ chocolate from Jumin. But Jumin had planned something better.

‘‘Honey!’’ Jumin shouted from the kitchen as I hurriedly hid the last chocolate in one of my purses. ‘‘Did you select my tie? I’m getting late for work.’’ It was rare for Jumin to be late as he valued time a lot, but I suppose last night was not the case as he valued me more.

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Sansan please

Ask and you shall receive: 

If there was one thing she loved, it was watching her children play - Sandor was with them most of the time, and today, he was currently helping their daughter build a snowman.

Nothing had the ability to make love bloom in her heart like her husband and their children; he was so loving and careful with them, it was amazing to see.

Smiling, she grabbed a cloak and left to join them; she gave her daughter a hug and a kiss and melted inside the warm arms of his, all was good.


Want one?

Prom Night

For @loveitsallineed, a winner of my Sanctuary giveaway, requested Dean and reader at prom, and the song Little Death by The Neighbourhood. In this fic, Dean realizes the reader never went to her own prom when she was in school, so he gives her one.

Warning: smut

Word Count: 2000

The two girls giggled happily in the booth behind you. It was impossible not to hear them, and impossible not to smile as they discussed the events of their day.

“How did he ask you?” one asked the other.

“He found me after lunch. He looked so cute! He gave me a rose and said that prom wouldn’t be any fun unless he got to spend it with me.”

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Hair Clip

Type: One Shot
Genre: Fluff
Member: Jeonghan
Word count: 2,926
A/N: Sorry if it’s a bit messy. Haven’t slept yet :)

“Where the hell did they all go?” You deeply exhale, staring down at the mess before you. Notebooks, random money change, and writing utensils were spilled out into a pile on the floor.

Where did all your hairclips go?

“Come on, are you kidding me?” You flip your backpack over and furiously shake it again. In hopes that bobby pins would magically pour out, only small particles of dust flow out. You let out a defeated groan as your arms drop down.

You swore your backpack was a magical black hole. The most random things show up when you weren’t looking for them and go missing when you come searching for them.

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Always - Castiel One Shot


“Can you do a Castiel one shot based off the song Honeybee by Steam Powered Giraffe or Always by Panic! At The Disco? Thank you!!”

Word Count: 2,300

Reader Gender: Female

Warnings: Just fluffy smut :)

Author’s note: I decided to go for the Panic! At The Disco song, hope that that’s okay :)


When the world gets too heavy, Put it on my back.

You rubbed your neck and sighed with frustration as you finished yet another load of laundry in the bunker, aching from the endless list of chores you had assigned yourself to keep busy today. Usually you were the last person anyone would expect to be cleaning up after the boys but they were out on a particularly difficult hunt and you needed something to distract you from the fact that you had been worrying about them non-stop since they had headed out that morning. You were as fierce a hunter as the two of them, there was no question of that, but they were going after the same nest of vampires that had attacked your family and gotten you into the hunting lifestyle all those years ago and you had all agreed there’s no way you could face those horrible creatures again and keep a level head, so you were stuck alone at the bunker for at least the next week and it was killing you.

Sam and Dean had become your family pretty early on since Bobby had taken you in after the vamp attack on your family, and now the thought of losing them too was eating away at you to the point where you had cleaned the bunker top to bottom trying to tire yourself out enough to maybe fall asleep tonight.

You slinked back to your room worriedly, feeling like the echoing halls seemed far too quite tonight without the sound of the boys shouting over each other and play fighting in the library. As you collapsed on your bed, feeling the strain of cleaning all day gathering in your back, you thought about the only thing that could melt away your stress and troubles; Castiel. You weren’t sure whether you had actually prayed for him or not but right on cue the magnificent angel appeared before you and settled onto the bed, looking down at your worried face with a frown.

“(Y/n), you seem unhappy. You can talk to me about it if you want?” He remarked reassuringly, running his hand up your arm and giving your shoulder a comforting squeeze.

You are taking me apart, Like bad glue, On a get well card.

It was times like this that made you want to crumble in the angel’s arms and spill out every little thought that was racing through your mind, whether it was about the case and the boys or about how many nights you had spent dreaming of laying in bed with him and feeling his tender touch all over your body before drifting off to sleep in his arms. It took all your strength not to let your tongue run wild but instead you just mumbled something about being achy and tried not to meet the angel’s striking gaze for fear that he would be able to see what was really on your mind; him.

It was always you, Falling for me.

Castiel had always been there for you when you were feeling down or when things got tough and there’s no one who could make you feel as happy and relaxed as he did. He had always made it clear how happy he was to be a part of your life and through all the ups and down you began to realise that you wanted even more of Cas and your feelings never seemed to get any easier. He was so sweet and kind and just the simplest smile or touch of his hand could take your breath away and leave you feeling like there was no evil left in the world, but you knew it was too good to be true. You had spent enough time as a hunter to know that a relationship would never be easy for someone like you and you needed Castiel as a friend so much that you couldn’t risk putting your feelings out there if it meant potentially ruining the most meaningful friendship that you had. But as the angel placed your head in his lap and began softly stroking your back, soothing away any aches and pains, it became unbearable to not let him know how you were really feeling.

I’m a fly that’s trapped, In a web.

Looking up at his sparkling blue eyes it was like you were trapped in his gaze, unable to escape the positive energy that just seemed to radiate from him whenever you were together. He really did seem to glow when you were with him, only making it harder not to spend every waking moment with the angel since you cared so much about him that all you wanted was for him to always be at his happiest. You had spent so long taking care of yourself on the road and taking pride in your independence that it was so hard for you to really open up when you were worried but as his warming angel magic melted away all the stress that had built up inside of you in the Winchesters absence, you let a quiet little confession slip from your lips,

“I’m so scared Sam and Dean won’t come back and then these vampires will have taken both of my families away from me.”

Lonely, lonely little life, I could kid myself, In thinking that I’m fine.

You instantly regretted your words, convinced Castiel would think you were being weak or overreacting, but instead he pulled you against his chest, wrapping his warm arms around you and cooing softly,

“Sam and Dean have taken on much bigger challenges than this and they always come back. I’m so sorry about your family, but Sam and Dean are going to be fine. You’re not going to be left alone again, none of us are going anywhere.” He stroked a stray hair from your cheek, tucking it behind your ear as he looked down at you and continued, “I’m not going anywhere (Y/n).”

It was always you, Falling for me.

Once again Cas had taken you from almost having a panic attack to feeling happy and reassured with just a gentle touch and a few simple words. As you snuggled into his trench-coat, breathing in his enchanting musk and feeling his arms tighten around you, you couldn’t help but think that maybe this angel was worth putting your friendship on the line for. If confessing your feelings could lead to having more of hi, you had to go for it, because you needed so uh more of you. More of his touch, more of his sweet words, you needed his love and resting your head on his shoulder only seemed to make that need more desperate. You couldn’t hide your feelings any more, you had to at least try to tell him how you feel.

I’m the light blinking at the end of the road, Blink back to let me know.

Castiel had always rushed to your side at a moment’s notice, comforted you through troubled times and when he wasn’t working a case with the boys, you were the first place he’d go to relax and happily unwind. And yet, staring up at his perfect, heavenly face you couldn’t help but want a sign that you meant as much to him as he did to you and that this wasn’t all in your head. Feeling your gaze on him, Cas shifted so that his face was just inches from yours, his eyes locked on your lips, unsure of whether to act on his urges or say good night and let you rest. In the blink of an eye he had made his decision slowly edging forward until his lips tenderly brushed against yours, sending electricity through your veins like you never could have imagined. The way he cupped your cheek was soft and loving, like he had been picturing this perfect kiss for as long as you had and was overwhelmed with joy and relief that he had finally worked up the nerve to do it. You lost your fingers in his jet black hair as you deepened the kiss, needing to sate your hunger for the sweet taste of the angel’s lips.

Oh, the castle’s under siege, But the sign outside says, “Leave me alone.”

You had finally crossed the line of friendship and it felt like everything had perfectly fallen in place. Every touch felt so right and as your hands slipped beneath Castiel’s coat, helping him to shrug it off, you knew that you would never want to leave the angel’s arms again. With all the fear of you rejecting him melting away Castiel’s confidence grew as he quickly shed his coat and jacket, pulling off his tie and tossing it across the room before turning his attention to your outfit. He made short work of the baggy sweater you had been slouching around the bunker in and as you snapped off your bra you felt the least self-conscious you had ever felt undressing in front of someone. Cas looked at your with such wonder in his eyes and such joy in his smile that you couldn’t resist planting a playful kiss on his beaming face.

“You are truly the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen (Y/n).” Cas blurted out, sounding utterly wonderstuck as you began kissing and sucking on his neck, slowly unbuttoning his shirt as your lips moved down to his collarbone, leaving a little trail of marks that you would never let fade. As his shirt hit the floor, he lifted you into his arms and carried you up to the head of the bed, laying you down gently and wiggling out of his trousers before settling over you, resting on his forearms so he could cover your bare chest in delicate kisses. You giggled at his light touches and let your head roll back into the pillow as his lips trailed down your stomach stopping just short of your waistband, sending tingles rushing between your legs. He pulled himself up to return to your lips, and as your hands traced over his  toned back he looked deep into your eyes and said softly,

“I’ve thought about this for so long (Y/n) and I need you to know that I truly love you.”

It was always you, Falling for me.

His words had your heart skipping beats and you stomach doing flips but as a huge smile spread over your face you managed to throw some words together in reply,

“I love you too Cas, I always have.” Unable to hide his relief and delight Castiel’s lips crashed against yours once again, his tongue meeting yours as your hands pushed down his boxers, leaving you with a completely naked angel and an increasingly urgent need for him. Your hands wrapped around his hard length, stroking over it and drawing load moans from him as his hips bucked at your touch. In approval he quickly pulled off your shorts and panties, before brushing over your clit with his thumb and watching in anticipation as you responded eagerly to his touch, moaning the angel’s name and picking up the pace of your own stroking hand. You panted his name again as he slowly pushed a finger into your wet slit, twisting and massaging before he slid in another, curving his touch forward until he found the sweet spot that had you arching your back and biting own on his shoulder to contain your desperate cries for more. Cas didn’t let up his pace until he had practically brought to the edge and had you pleaded for him to be inside of you.

He drew his hand away leaving you feeling completely empty without him while he lined himself up with your dripping slit, planting a quick, sweet kiss on your forehead before he filled you in one strong thrust. His considerable length stretched you out perfectly, making you cry out in a mixture of pleasure and pain, but after no time at all the discomfort melted away to just leave mind-blowing sensation running through you. You moved your hips against his, the ache inside of you needing release after his expert touch got you so wound up and Cas happily set to work pumping himself deep inside of you then slowly drawing himself all the way out, only to plunge himself down to the hilt again. You could feel every nerve in your body firing away at his slow, deliberate movements, but his pace was killing you and you couldn’t hold out much longer, so you grabbed his ass with both hands and took control of his hips, bringing up his speed until you could feel your bliss fast approaching.

Digging your nails into the angel’s broad, perfect shoulders, you felt yourself clench around him as the intense waves of pleasure sent you crashing over the edge and into paradise, singing the angel’s name like a prayer. Watching you coming completely undone beneath was something Castiel had imagined so many times, but nothing could have lived up to the pure arousal and excitement that the sight of you filled him with and he quickly followed suit, moaning your name and let his warmth fill you.

Somewhere in a sea of panting and smiling you found yourself curled up against his bare chest, listening to his sweet words fill the air again;

“I could have never imagined you would feel the same way about me that I do about you. You are so perfect to me (Y/n) and I promise to always watch over you and keep you safe, because you mean the world to me…”

You felt your eyelids getting heavier and heavier and as you snuggled up into the angel’s arms you drifted off to the sound of his loving words, certain that you hear plenty more of them in the morning.