all wally all the time

I found Sanggyun in the background of the new P101 video!!


“Catalina has always been known as the land of miles and miles… of miles and miles.”

“The East Rosecrans Gang in The Shoot-Out, aka NASA astronauts on very serious business in Catalina, 1972

Alrighty okay-y even though Wally and Cisco don’t get many deep conversations on screen they still seem to be weirdly fond of each other on screen I mean if I could make a small compilation of all the times Cisco has looked really proud of Wally +all the times Cisco has been ranting/ saying something funny and Wally’s looked at him like he’s the sun???? Basically I’m saying they’re boyfriends don’t @ me I’m not in charge. 

I grew up with pokemon, played almost every single game, and yet Pokemon Sun left a huge impact with it’s characters that the other games haven’t. 
I mean, I have loved characters before, but this feels like the first time I care about the characters, and where they’re going, and what’s in store for them, and ahhhh I hope they show up in future titles! 
I finished the game but I don’t want to say goodbye!

tiafreyre  asked:

Bart Allen!!

thank u !!

Sexuality headcanon: demisexual, mlm
Gender headcanon: trans male or nonbinary (i love both)
A ship I have with said character: timbart (because of u ren bless) also timbartkon
A BROTP I have with said character: the core four (tim, kon, bart, cassie) also bart and wally
A NOTP I have for said character: since i found out about their ages in yj b/luepulse
A random headcanon: he has a lot of hand me down shirts from wally that he wears all the time, they’re all at least slightly too big but they’re really comfy.
General opinion on said character: my son?? my sunshine child?? whom i love and would die for at all times??

send me a character and i’ll do this