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pleakley’s doubled in weight over the past couple weeks and is officially a FatBaby™ ❤️

any girl group kpop vid: *male actor playing love interest*

me: i mean that’s cool and all but i’m here for the lesbians………..

Daughter Ghoul & Black Rabbit

they grow up so fast  。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。

A Perfect View


Natsu took Lucy’s hand, helping her up. Her knee’s felt a little wobbly, but that was to be expected from all the vigorous climbing she just did. He thought she looked like a baby deer trying to walk for the first time. “The view is so…beautiful.” She gasped, taking in the scene.

Even Lucy knew that was an understatement. From where she was, Magnolia shined bright like the stars in the sky. The small townhouses clustered so close to one other, yet the light they gave off reminded her of tiny little fireflies.

“It’s even better when you stand up.” He said, looking down at her.

“I don’t know,” She bit her lip, “We’re really high up, and I don’t want to fall.”

“You won’t fall, I promise. Here, I’ll help you up.” He took her hand into her’s gradually lifting her up to her feet. “Easy, easy…I got ya.” He said, his voice sounding calm.

“Huh, you’re right, it does look a lot better when you stand.” Lucy agreed with him when she found the perfect balance. Everything became so visible to her. The town, the light’s, and even the small hills off to the distance. It all seemed so mesmerizing to even be real. If this was a dream, she didn’t want to wake up.

“Look, the guild is right over there!” Natsu lit up. He pointed her towards the guild’s direction, but all she could see were just yellow dots. Even squinting her eyes didn’t seem to help at all.

“I don’t see anything.” Lucy sighed, sounding a bit sorry.
“There, that black dot. That’s the guild, and way down there is your apartment.”

“I still don’t see it.”


He shifted her head into the direction he wanted her to look at. Squinting her eyes just a bit more, she could barely identify the guild. It looked so small and almost box looking from where she was. Her eyes traced her way down and now she could make out the tiny canal that was close to her apartment.

“Is this your secret spot where you come and spy on me or something?” Lucy gave him a smug look.

“No! I’m not some kind of perv!” Natsu shot back, sounding baffled. “Happy and I just go up here to think. Most of the time, it’s just me. I like to just climb up here and let my mind take a breather. It’s a cool place when you need some peace and quiet.”

Peace and quiet? Was this really Natsu talking?

“You’re wanting peace and quiet?” Lucy laughed, sounding a bit surprised.

“I know, I know. Sounds weird right? I’m usually the one tearing up the place, but even I need a break from all the rowdiness from time to time.”

“No, I get it.” She smiled in response, “I like my quiet time too.”

Though when she did have some time to herself, her mind always seemed to drift in a negative way. It would go back and remind her of when she lost Aquarius. She could recall every moment of that battle like it was just yesterday. Her mind would sneak memories of her father and mother. When that happened, Lucy felt like curling herself up in her bed and crying. It wasn’t all the time, but memories that haunted her like those made her miss her parents. It was the feeling of being alone in her family that made her want to weep, even if she had Fairy Tail now.


She jerked herself back a bit. She must’ve lost herself in her own train of thought when she realized she felt tears pooling her eyes.

“You alright?”

“Sorry, I’m just…thinking about my parents.” She said, wiping her eyes with her arm.

Suddenly, she felt the side of her body go warm. Natsu had wrapped his arm around her shoulder, pulling her close to him. She could feel her cheeks go warm, and didn’t dare want to look at Natsu.

“It’s alright.” He said. His voice sounded so cool and soft, different from the loud hot head she would see back at the guild. Something about him being with her right now made her feel comforted.

“I know…” she whispered, “I just miss them.”

“You know, when I was a kid, Igneel told me a bedtime story about what happens when we die. He would tell me that when we die, our souls go up to the sky. Our souls shine so brightly that the people here on earth and think they’re stars. If someone feels lost they could just look up at the sky and their loved ones would guide them to where they needed to be. Igneel told me that whenever the stars would shoot across the sky, it was the souls dancing. I know, it’s weird. That was just what he’d tell me. Some bedtime story, huh?”

Lucy felt a sudden flutter in her stomach. Usually she would push Natsu away whenever things got oddly romantic, but this time, she didn’t want to. She smiled up at him, wishing for him to pull her a little closer to him.

“No, it’s a beautiful story.” She finally said, “Really, it is.”

Natsu felt his heart go warm. He couldn’t help but smile back at her twinkling eyes.  “I bet they’re  three stars watching right over us right now.”

Lucy let her head drop to his shoulder, nudging herself closer to him. “Yeah, I bet there is.”

A/N: I wrote this super uber late and I didn’t get time to read, but here it is! Nalu week: Secrets YAY! I wanted to dedicate this to all my followers from this year, a couple days ago not only did I hit 200+ followers, but my Tumblr blog became a year old! :D Another YAY! I just wanted point out too that the picture above inspired me to write this fic.  It is not mine. I saw this one day on Pinterest and was so in love with it. I wish i knew who the artist is or who originally posted it so i could give them a warm hug and a proper acknoldgement :( , but all props and credits go to them without a doubt! Thank you guys for all the support and love!

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Watching Ash go from region to region without winning a league is pretty frustrating, right? Well, he sure thinks so!

After completing his Sinnoh journey, Ash contemplates his losses, and goes all-in, training vigorously to turn things around, so he’ll win his next league competition! And, he won’t be alone for the ride!

If you’re interested, please check out the blog, and the story here!

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I bet Tony Stark sets up foundations for the people he loves. Like, he’s at a meeting for the Maria Stark Foundation that Pepper LITERALLY handcuffed him to the table for (shit he really needs to start using hairpins or something) and suddenly it comes to him

THE PEPPER POTTS FOUNDATION FOR THE ARTS. Dedicated to art scholarships and grants

Pepper is flustered and touched and tells him that it’s brilliant. But also that he should DEFINITELY stop calling it the “PP foundation” because for heaven’s sake Tony don’t you listen to what comes out of your own mouth? You can hear that can’t you?

(Tony snickers. peepee foundation)

and then Tony latches onto the idea with all the vigor of a sugar-addled toddler who has just gotten a toy that they will DEFINITELY swallow but will be damned if they let anyone take it away from them

The Rhodey Foundation basically just pours money into the VA to revamp their systems and help them fight whatever issue of the day needs championing

The Steve Rogers Foundation which helps fill in the cracks that the GI Bill leaves. Because everyone should be able to come back to something

The Sam Wilson Fund that helps the families of fallen soldiers

The Bucky Barnes Foundation, dedicated to spreading awareness of PTSD and getting sufferers the help they need. Gives generously also to groups working on making 3-D prosthetics available to everyone

The Natalie Rushman Houses, a system of shelters dedicated to helping former human trafficking victims

The Bruce Banner Foundation, dedicated to eliminating domestic violence

The HULK SMASH CLIMATE CHANGE Foundation (Pepper had to veto “making the world as green as our little rage monster!” as a slogan)

The Center for Stupid Breakable Humans Who Don’t Even Have A Cool Suit To Protect Them, Honestly What The Heck Dude. Aka, the Barton Center for Free Physical Therapy

The HawkEARS campaign, designed to make schools and work places more disability friendly. Whether that’s by calling the names who refuse to comply to ADA standards mean names on TMZ (”TONY”), or straight up building ramps

Thor gets a line of shampoo because he mentions to Tony that all of Tony’s wealth would buy him about a sack of potatoes on Asgard, and Thor is the PRINCE of Asgard. Tony is VERY MIFFED. BUY YOUR OWN STUPID POTATO FOUNDATION THOR

(He makes a Jane Foster Foundation dedicated to decreasing gender inequality in STEM)

he of course does not tell anyone that he’s making these foundations/funds/centers/etc until they’re all set up and he can ‘casually’ mention “oh yeah, the foundation gala is tonight and they’ll probably want you there since it’s your fund’ and drop a flier that has their face plastered ALL OVER IT in front of them. Then he stares at them gaping and gets all aggressively defensive about this incredibly weird form of attempting to make a connection like “WHAT, YOU THINK I CAN’T CARE ABOUT VETERANS WITHOUT YOU HERE?? I COULD HAVE TOTALLY CREATED THIS FUND AT ANY TIME, WHATEVER, I AM JUST SO THOUGHTFUL I THOUGHT YOU MIGHT WANNA SHOW UP. WHATEVER. NOT LIKE I CARE” and then acting super flippant about it when the person tries to thank them (”pshhh, I just needed some more tax deductibles. Charities are those things right?”) or sulking if (in Natasha and Bucky’s case) they don’t really react except to twitch slightly because WHAT THE WHAT (if you don’t know the right way to react it’s safer to have no reaction, they’ve both learned that. he taught her that)

basically Tony just throwing money into these foundations that he thinks will make his friends happy, or his friends of friends, while pretending to not care at all whether they approve of the topic that he chose because he’s Tony Stark and that’s how he rolls

Imaizumi: While Naruko and I were fighting, he said “I hope everything you love dies, Hotshot!” and since what I love is mainly bikes and racing, which I can’t do unless all six people on the team are there, I answered, “That means you’ll die.” Then he said “…Are you an idiot,” and I wondered where all his earlier vigor disappeared to, but now that I think about it, what I said was pretty embarrassing–
Sweet Honey Love Potion

You Will Need:

  • The petals from a red or pink rose
  • Half a cup of honey
  • A pinch of cinnamon
  • Half a cup of pure water
  • A jar to store and combine the potion (with a sealable lid)

This potion is best on a Monday morning during a waxing moon. The most important part of the spell is the intent which is put into it. While completing the following steps, focus solely on the person whose heart you desire. Ensure all your thoughts about this person are filled with love.

Place the water into the jar, and add the rest of the ingredients.

Seal the jar as tightly as possible and pick it up. Holding it in your hands say: 

“Love potion do me true, bring me the love for which I’m due. To this man I give my heart, potion give our love a start.”

Close your eyes and visualizing the one you love, shake the jar vigorously so all ingredients are well mixed.

Place the jar outside and keep it there overnight. At dawn of the next morning the potion will be ready to use. Simply add a few drops to a drink and serve it to the one whose love you desire.

comment by  agatha_rae_author:

Geralt and Yennefer’s love story is one of the best one out there in modern literature. I absolutely love it with all its problems, vigor, dynamics, passion, mistakes and misunderstandings. They are bond together by incredible force that makes those two always find each other and makes it impossible for them to live apart. The book description of how they first met in “The Last Wish” and how Geralt was momentarily swept off his feet by the beautiful woman and very strong personality is a literary masterpiece. It’s not easy love, but it lacks any traces of a banal story

Dear Dave,
   The CFDA had the great good sense and elegance to tip their caps at you this year. There’s pretty much no year out of the last 40 that this would not have been a good idea. But this time round, it feels like an apt opportunity, given this stage in the proceedings, to remind us all how very much a part of us you always were and always will be. At the request of your beautiful Mrs., I’ve come to collect it for her, for you. These kind people, the fanciest fashion people on the planet, are giving you their highest prize, their director’s tribute. To honor and to thank you for all the shakes you’ve thrown, from start to finish, through all your years, London and otherwise. All your changes. Ever moving forward. All your kindness. All your magic. All your vim and vigor. All your glory. Always and always. You checked out early and we’re still finding things you left in the drawers and looking for a forwarding address. But you’re still hanging signs in the sky in the trees and the forests and we’re so grateful for every one. We want to tell you that we miss you, but how very happy we all are that you came by. And that we’re getting used to resting on your stardust in your absence. Once upon a time you gave us a freak for freaks. Now and forever more, in our missing you, and this is a good thing, you have brought out the freak in everyone…One man’s freak is another man’s free. Difference and change are all we ever have to rely upon and always will. Thank you chum, for brightening our horizon, for inspiring and exhilarating and enlightening our times. How lucky we are to turn up since you were first here. Thank you for your happiness and your eternal Bowie-ness and jzush. You’re our hero, forever and ever. Everyone says hi.
   Your Tilly.
—  Tilda Swinton

The Catwoman

Black currant liqueur is the secret ingredient in a drink that’s dark, sophisticated, and bittersweet enough to suit Selina Kyle.

Serves 1

2 oz. bourbon whiskey
1 oz. sweet vermouth
½ oz. creme de cassis
½ oz. fresh-squeezed lemon juice
Dash bitters

Shake all ingredients vigorously with ice and strain into a martini glass (or serve on the rocks, if your prefer).

Towards the Sun- Chapter Two

by @notthistimespock​ and myself. We hope you enjoy chapter two! (link to chapter).

Chapter 1 Chapter 3

Beneath the heart of darkness
Lies an old machine that’s reeling
Forgotten dust and sunlight
Silent and removed from feeling
The peace in my mind is drowning, fading down
There’s nothing left burning, it’s all out

Where am I?

The thought filtered into Stanford’s blank mind, like a grain of sand in an hourglass. Gradually, other senses joined the thought, and they began to jog his sluggish brain into action. Something tickled his cheek, gently scraping back and forth, as though to wake him. An odd mixture of half whispered sounds accompanied the listless scraping. Muffled whistling from a tired breeze, the rustling of dry, reedy grasses rubbing against each other, and the dull roar of the ocean echoing faintly far, far beyond it all.

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We are confronted with an epidemic of moral degradation.
And we must fight with the greatest vigor against all those influences which are trying to weaken the very fabric of our society.

إننا نواجه وباءً من الإنحلال الأخلاقي ، و يجب أن نناضل بقوة شديدة ضد هذه التأثيرات التي تحاول إضعاف هيكل مجتمعنا .

September 15, 1916 - British Tank Attack on the Somme, First Use of Tanks in History

Pictured - “Achtung, Panzer!”

The Battle of the Somme appeared to be reaching a climax in September 1916, and Haig and Joffre believed that with a few more crushing blows the entire German front might come crashing down.  Another offensive was planned, a “bold and vigorous all-arms attack” to break in and then break through the German defensive lines. 

Even better, the British army had one new weapon up its sleeve that promised a nasty surprise for the German defenders.  On the morning of the 15th the German garrison of Flers-Courcelette woke to a strange and ominous mechanical rumbling coming from the British line.  Out of the fog and the British bombardment emerged dozens of massive armored shapes, slowly crawling towards the German lines, shrugging off bullet fire.  The Bavarians of the 9th Infantry Regiment panicked and fled their trenches rather than stand and fight these new terrors.

Tanks inspired fear in their enemies, but in reality the tank attack was far from a major success.  Of the forty or so primitive tanks used to open the Battle of Flers-Courcelette, five failed even to begin the advance, nine broke down on the way, and ten were hit and destroyed by German artillery.  The clumsy and painfully slow behemoths had trouble meeting the expectations of the infantry and artillery to keep up, and the battle’s carefully planned time table broke down quickly.  Lanes had been left open in the artillery bombardment to allow the tanks to move ahead, but when they failed to show up, British and New Zealand infantrymen had to go forward without support from either the tanks or the guns.  The victory that day cost heavy casualties, and ultimately was won by excellent British artillery support and the daring of the elite Guards division. 

The attack finally took the High Wood, an objective for a month, and two other villages.  Among the casualties that day was future Prime Minister Harold Macmillan, a Guards subaltern, who took a bullet in the knee and spent the rest of the day in a shell-hole, reading a pocket edition of Aeschylus’s Prometheus in ancient Greek.  Writing from a hospital bed afterwards (he remained on crutches for the rest of the war), he recalled seeing a tank, “one of those strange objects”, get bogged down in a shell hole.  Britain’s elite took another casualty that day: Raymond Asquith, the Prime Minister’s son, was mortally wounded through the chest as he lead his men on the attack.  He lit a cigarette when the stretcher bearers came to get him so that his men would not know he was dying, and expired when they took him away.

Back home, Winston Churchill griped when he read a report of the tank.  Churchill, who claimed paternity for the tank, wrote to Admiral Jackie Fisher that “My poor ‘land battleships’ have been let off prematurely and on a petty scale.  In that idea resided one real victory.”  Despite his complaints, Haig recognized the potential of the tank’s worth and requested one thousand from the War Department.  The French were also developing their own tanks; the Germans research was far behind the Allies.  At the end of the day, the tank was mostly a novelty in the First World War instead of a war-winning weapon, but by the end of the war its development and use in battle spearheaded a new type of warfare that would be taken up more effectively in the next World War.