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  • Jimin: You're weird.
  • Taehyung, sad: Sorry.
  • Jimin: No, that was a compliment.
  • Taehyung, touched: I love you bro
  • Jimin: I love you too

hi lovely,

today is the dayyyy~~

after 2 years of fighting for this, it’s finally happening! 

i need to check in at 7am

so hopefully everything will be done and i’ll be in the recovery ward by lunch time. 

i have to spend the night to make sure that everything’s okay. 

fingers crossed i have a nice nurse that will like my terrible nervous jokes and will understand i need 3 hours of sleep to get by. 

please take care of yourself!  ♡ ♡ ♡

i hope to see you on thursday! 



I really like the modern verses.   I keep the fact that the Nostromo happened and that aliens exist and this makes it a little more difficult is completely modern verses,  i.e.  now she has to convince the whole populous aliens do exist,  I still shrink back the time period.  She comes home on Amanda’s 11th birthday.  It’s not completely far fetched,  at least I hope,  we have all this technology,  we just hoard it for these missions.   Yet, the mere fact that Amanda is alive and kicking in these verses make her 100% less volatile.  She had this perfectly good reason to seek help and heal.  She’s doing just that.  Because of the fact Amanda is her soulmate.  Everything will be fine,  she just needs to get over this,  put it in the past.  Her ex-husband is a douche, but nothing matters like Amanda matters.   I actually write him exactly like my ex would act so I can get all this subtle revenge on her.   So,  Jonesy is still fully her coping mechanism when she doesn’t have Amanda to lighten her mood,  she takes sleeping pills,  but she’s fine and she’s getting better by the day.   

As long as there’s Amanda and I love that.


TBH if someone was making me live in some strange isolated place for an indefinite period of time…gotta take the essentials.

short & sweet ♡