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Coming Back From Business/Hunt: Supernatural Preference

“When the characters come back from business or a hunt Supernatural Preference” - Requested by Anon

Dean Winchester:

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When Dean comes back from a hunt he opens the door and calls loudly to you to let you know he’s home. You have a quick hug and then he picks you up and presses his lips to yours and then moves down to your neck and chest, letting you know how much he’s missed the feeling of your skin against his. He’d take you off to the bedroom where you’d make up for all the time spent away from each other. Then once you were finished you’d just talk for hours.

Sam Winchester:

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As soon as Sam comes home you’re in his arms and he’s picking you up and spinning you around. Little kisses, deep breathes as he inhales your perfume and the scent of your clothes. Sam would have missed your comfort and the feeling of you in his arms. You’d stay there for a while, wrapped in his arms while he told you how much he loved and missed you. He’d refuse to let you go for a while and you’d laugh, walking around the house with this huge moose man attached to your back, his face buried in your hair.


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Cas would flash in and press a quick kiss to your lips, his arms wrapping around your waist briefly. You’d be startled, obviously which would make Cas chuckle slightly, telling you he missed you before probably disappearing again.


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When Crowley comes back from business, he always brings you an exotic gift of some kind. You give him a quick hug as he smiles smugly because you liked your gift. He gives you a quick peck on the lips and the two of you go out to dinner together.


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Gabriel likes to show up as a suprise, completely naked. This is sometimes a bad thing when you have people with you, but usually it’s fine, though it does make you giggle slightly. He’ll make some dirty joke, kissing you on the lips for a few seconds, then your neck, his hands holding your hips tightly. You’ll eventually take it the bedroom where you’ll join him in the nakedness.


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Lucifer has unpredictable moods. So sometimes when he comes home to you he’ll wrap you in his arms, resting his chin on the crown of your head and whisper something softly in your ear before pressing a quick kiss to your temple. Other times he’ll come home yelling and screaming. You’ll yell back at him and you’ll both be screaming at each other until he leaves and comes back several hours later with puppy dog eyes and a miserable apology. But hey, he’s the devil, what did you expect?

Sometimes I think about kissing her and how her lips fit mine and I can’t sleep at night
When I’m in busy restaurants and street ways my head fogs up
But then I think of her
And how her hand perfectly fits mine
How her breathe feels so warm when she’s laying on my chest snuggled up in my neck
How she kisses the back of my hand when we’re driving
My head gets so clear
It’s almost like a high
My pulse slows and my breath gets calmer
It’s like catching a beautiful sunset at the perfect moment
It’s all warm and you can almost feel colors in your chest
BTS Reacts to you when you surprise them with a Valentines dinner

Jin: *Would get kind of angry because he had planned to take you out*
“Urgh the one time I try and be nice for my baby girl she does this.”

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Namjoon: *Gets home early but sees you cooking so he back hugs you*
“I hope you’re going to let me help since I’m such a goooood cook.”

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Yoongi: *Plants kisses all over your face*
“How did I get so lucky to have someone like you?”

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Hoseok: *Smiles brightly and tackles you on the couch with tickles*
“We’ll eat later, I’m busy now.”

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Jimin: *Blushes and hugs you in a bear hug*
“I guess I need to step up my gift game huh?”

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Taehyung: *Chuckles and scratches the back of his neck awkwardly*
“Well see….I had Jin make us dinner.”

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Jungkook: *Does his bunny smile and turns his head away*
“You need to stop being so cute~”

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Message me any requests and I hope you guys have an amazing Valentines day!!!           ~ Sav ~

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

pairing: Steve Rogers x reader
warnings: swearing
word count: 1415

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     “Good morning, beautiful,” Steve’s lips brush over your cheek before finding yours as he nudges you awake. You smile into his kiss, reaching a hand out of the blankets to rest on the back of his neck. “Busy day today” he beams, climbing off of the bed in nothing but the gray sweatpants he had slept in. You sit up, tossing your pillow at him as he walks away.

     “That’s for waking me up,” you laugh, hopping off the bed and racing him to the bathroom, stopping in front of the cold marble counter. His bare torso rests flush against your back, his arms snaking around your waist as you reach for your toothbrush. “What’s on the schedule?”

     “Skills training for all of us, and endless complaining mainly from you.” He smiles at you in the mirror, pulling you closer to him.

     “We better get moving then,” you slide past him back over to the bed, slipping into the silk robe hanging on the bedpost. “I have less time to complain when I’m being rushed.”

     Steve shakes his head as he follows close behind you down the hall to the kitchen. “That’d be a damn shame.”

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here’s the secret to good pigtails

most dmab femme kids when they try pigtails for the first time, they go for that high-and-on-the-sides business.

and that can be cute but usually it’s kinda goofy and gets them discouraged

but the secret to good pigs is that instead of high-on-the-sides you gotta go low and more towards the back with ur pigs. like, coming out diagonally from where your head meets your neck in the back. pull all the hair u can into those bad boys, tie em up, and pull out a couple whisps of hair coming down from both temples. That’s how u do a damn good pair of pigs

Boyfriend Wonwoo...
  • Precious child.
  • His cheeky side is the most adorable thing.
  • Recommends you a book almost every month.
  • “I read this recently and it’s so good, you should definitely read it when you have time.”
  • Having late night talks about books you have read.
  • Sweater paws.
  • Cuddling whenever you get the chance.
  • Using his cute side and “I’m too cold” as an excuse to cuddle when you tell him you’re busy.
  • Shares his sweaters with you cause he loves how cute you look.
  • Couple sweaters.
  • Helps you with your studies or work so you don’t get tired.
  • Loves having your hands intertwined all the time, especially when you go out.
  • Also the type to wrap his arm around your waist to keep you secure.
  • Loves hugging you while resting his head in the crook of your neck.
  • Leaves soft kisses here and there.
  • Watching movies on weekend nights while you’re cuddled up under a blanket.
  • Him humming to a song when you’re cooking together
  • Resting his head on your lap.
  • Loves it when you brush your fingers through his hair.
  • Walks over to you cutely and asks you to dry his hair.
  • Literally a boyfriend that everyone needs.


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Yay Dee thank you so much for doing these again! Could I request Tae's POV from the first part of Business where he fucked the OC after Jungkook came inside of her?

» Business 2 [i fucked up and wrote the scene from Business 2 instead of 1, sorry :(, i noticed after i wrote it]

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Meeting Memories-Mark fluff

Request- “can I request?? For when you meet all the other members and you’re Mark’s s/o :)) thank you!! I love your blog omG”

Song- I Do-Susie Suh (I don’t really know if this fits well but I’ve been listening to a lot of cheesy love songs lately that fit the oncoming cold weather nicely and this is one of my faves right now)

“Are you sure you want to do this?”

You peered up at your boyfriend as you two walked along the busy sidewalk towards his dorm. Your neck to your mouth was covered with a thick scarf that Mark had placed there despite your protests that fall had barely started yet. Even though the thick scarf was engulfing the lower half of your head, you still took that he sensed the reassuring smile you were giving him from behind it.

“Of course I’m sure.”

Mark giggled and took the hand that wasn’t clasped with his own to pull the scarf down slightly until your lips were in his view. He pecked your cheek and unclasped your hands so that he could wrap his arm around your shoulder. He leaned his head down slightly towards your face more, tilting his ear towards your face.

“What did you say? You sounded muffled under that scarf.”

You pushed yourself from under Mark’s arm and skipped two steps ahead, getting excited once you saw his dorm building just a few feet away. You turned around and began walking backwards as you beamed at him fully now that he could see your restless smile. 

“And whose fault is that? Anyways, I said I’m sure. Why wouldn’t I want to meet your members? They’re going to be my future in-laws one day so we should get comfortable around each other, right?”


You giggled at his flustered cuteness. You then grabbed his hand and started dragging him towards the building quickly so you wouldn’t be spotted by any fans or reporters. You and Mark been dating for about 6 months now but due to his and your busy schedules, everything you did was slowed down, which you were glad for. It kept things innocent, light, and fun. Figuring out new things about each other during the relationship was like beginning a new chapter in a novel that you were slowly figuring out would always be your favorite story to read. Meeting his members would be the first major step you two had taken (other than your first kiss) since you had begun dating. You were excited since you heard from Mark how great his members were but you were still nervous for your boyfriend who was acting like he was meeting your parents.  You adored your boyfriend’s cute nature when he was offstage but you still couldn’t understand his nervousness . You were constantly  reassuring him that it all would be fine. Besides, it wasn’t like you hadn’t met any of his members yet. Plenty of them had met you before, they just didn’t know you and Mark were an official couple since you opted for showing the more best friend side of your relationship when you were around them. It wasn’t like you were trying to keep it a secret either. It was just Mark had a lot on his plate considering he was already put in all three of the debuted unites of NCT and he was one of the youngest. He was scared some of his older members might disagree with you dating since it would just be another concern for him to handle but little did they know it was a little paradise for him when he was with you. He was scared the members would tease him a lot in front of you, too. He was also scared that he would end up having to share you among his many members, but he hadn’t admitted that to you just yet.

You two were now standing in front of NCT Dream’s dorm door. You urged Mark to put in the code so you could hurry into the warm dorm but as you turned to look up at him, you could see hesitation displayed everywhere on his features. He caught your eye and tried to pretend he wasn’t nervous but when he saw the warmth your eyes were emitting just for him, he knew he couldn’t lie to you.

“What’s up baby? Are you still nervous?”

“Honestly, I’m more scared than nervous. I mean, I don’t know how you aren’t freaking out! If I were you, I would be going crazy worrying.”

“Of course I’m going crazy! I mean, what if your members don’t think I’m worthy of being your girlfriend? Or, what if they want us to break up because I’m a distraction? It’s all scary for me, too. But having you by my side and knowing you’ll support me all the time really helps.”

“…you’re right. I’m sorry, I’m just being silly. C'mon, let’s get inside so you can take off that huge scarf, even if you are the cutest in it.”

You smiled at his sweet words and waited for the door to be unlocked. When it finally was, Mark walked inside the dorm with you close on his back. As you began unwrapping the scarf from around your neck, Mark waited to see who would respond to his “Anyone home?” and even you couldn’t hide your anxiousness when you heard the loud mix of responses from definetly more than just a few boys. Mark turned to you, a giddish smile growing on his face.

“I guess everyone’s off today. Let’s go do this!”



You pulled Mark down by his collar and pressed your lips to his for a passionate but quick kiss. You pulled away and straightened his shirt back out. He looked at you with blushed cheeks and confusion.

“What was that for?”

“Well, we might not be able to do anything super romantic while we’re here or your members might tease us so…yeah. Now let’s go!”

”Now I’m getting nervous again.”


”…Your kisses always make me nervous.”

You giggled and pushed Mark forward into the living room. You peeked around his figure and met the eyes of a few of the members. Well, actually all of the members. Even some of the unknown SMrookies. You felt overwhelmed knowing you were about to be introduced as Mark’s girlfriend for the first time in front of all of them but you knew it would be an important step in showing the seriousness of your relationship. Mark had let the nervousness hit him again and was just standing in the entrance of the living room staring blankly at his guys. You decided to take charge of the situation. 

“Hey guys! It’s great that you’re all here because…we have something to share!”

“Oh, was the movie that you went to see really good?”
“We don’t want you to share the leftover food from your date!”
“Did you two finally get caught by reporters while you were out today?”
“If Mark can have a girlfriend, why can’t I?”
“How old are you again Chenle?”
“Y/A and I are dating!”

The room grew silent after Mark’s loud outburst. Everyone seemed confused. You stood there in confusion at the references of you two dating despite neither of you having said anything already. Mark was confused at himself for letting his anxious lead to him yelling out. The other members seemed confused at his yelling, too. You guessed mostly because of the news that they had just received but thanks to Johnny’s next comment, you already knew something was up.

“We already know that? Are you telling us because you wanted to remind us or…?”

It was Donghyuck’s turn to speak up next.

“Maybe he still can’t believe a person like Y/A would actually want to date him!”

At this all the other boys in the room started laughing at his little joke. You and Mark just looked at each other in disbelief, him more than you. You turned back towards Johnny for answers. 

“What do you mean you already know? We never told you guys though!”

It was Yuta and Doyoung’s turn to stare at each other in disbelief. Doyoung dramatically rolled his eyes, sighed, and fell back in the couch at you and Mark. Yuta chuckled while sighing, too. While Doyoung was still shaking his head at you two, Yuta began talking.

“Are you serious? Of course we knew you were dating! Anyone with a brain could tell! You always have a goofy smile on your face whenever anyone mentions Y/A’s name.”

“You could say one letter in Y/A’s name and he would still have that goofy smile plastered to his face.”

“I knew they were dating when he kept trying to learn how to cook [Your favorite food] perfectly. We all know how much Y/A loves that dish.”

“Yeah, and you stay up on the phone all night long while we’re trying to sleep. You two should win an award for the holding the longest late night conversations and still making it to school on time the next day.”

“They wouldn’t even need to be on the phone for you to know they’re dating. Mark talks about Y/A enough in his sleep. In Korean and English!”

The boys hollered out and laughed at the last comment from Taeyong. You found yourself giggling, too. You still didn’t want to let the boys tease your boyfriend any further so you decided to speak up again.

“Ok, ok. We get it. You guys found us out! That’s great, so…let’s just make some new memories together since we’re all past that.”

You received a chorused agreement from the boys. The only person you didn’t hear anything from was Mark.

You looked at Mark to see him shyly looking down in embarrassment as he realized his mistakes. You were a bit embarrassed too but you still found him cute. You grabbed his hand and gave it a reassuring squeeze. You leaned up and began whispering in his ear while the boys settled down. 

“It’s fine. See, I told you they would be cool with it. Probably because they already knew, haha. Now, let’s spend some time with your members so they can really get to know me.”

He had a lopsided grin as shook his head in approval. You could tell he was finally glad to have that weight off his shoulder, even if it was a bit too late. You looked around the full room and saw an empty space on the rug next to some of the Dream members so you pulled Mark over to sit next to those members.
You all began chatting throughout the rest of the night. You decided to make hot chocolate and apple cider for everyone with the assistance of your boyfriend, mainly because it was the easiest thing he could make without burning it. The older members decided to cook tasty desserts to warm you all up along with the drinks. After a few hours of games, chatting, and a little more teasing, you ended the night watching early aired Christmas movies. Most of the members had tired themselves out by then and were slowly dozing off one by one. You were sure only you and Mark were still awake when you heard him call your name out in the silence in the dorm.


You looked down at him since his head was resting on your shoulder. You two were wrapped up in a blanket on the couch together.


Your question was answered with a loud snore. You looked down and peered at Mark’s face. He was fast asleep.


“Huh. He really does talk about me in his sleep.”

You giggled at your boyfriend and ran your fingers through his hair, moving his hair out of his face in the process. He stirred slightly and said something else that you understood clearly.

“Y/A…I love you~”

“I love you, too sleepyhead.”

“….Great….Now we have to hear Y/A responding to his nasty sleep talking!”

“Get a room!”

I hope you all like this! As i said, i would try to upload at least one scenario every weekend so i can start accepting requests again soon! Sunday night is still the weekend so here’s a mark fluff. thanks for waiting patiently. I love you my sleepyheads~~~ haha. I also didnt make the ending too long since that would be a lot of dialogue for a lot of members


Theo x Reader

AU Masterlist

Over the next few days you were pretty busy, trying your best to keep on top of all the work you’d been given, only really seeing Theo in the mornings or the evenings. After a particularly exhausting day you found you couldn’t get to sleep and decided to jog through the woods nearest the apartment.


After twenty minutes with your headphones in you decided you wanted to head back, mostly because you had the distinct prickle up the back of your neck, as if someone was watching you.


“Theo!” You shrieked as you ploughed into him and almost lost your footing.


“Geez Princess give a wolf some warning before you run into them.” Theo chuckled as he grabbed your arm and stopped you from hitting the floor.

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Can we talk about cuddly (mildly clingy) Harry? Maybe it's late at night and you're working and he just wants snuggles since you've both been so busy. Or you've both had a few glasses of wine and he just needs to have you close. Or maybe it's early morning and you're trying to get up but he's not done using you as his human pillow (and you're somehow softer while wearing his shirt after a night in his bed).

I do not even know which route to take here… but clingy Harry fucks me all the way up.

You’re watching tv but he’s smirking. He can’t stop kissing your neck, muttering “baaaaaby” over and over and punctuating each one with a kiss.

“Harry I have to finish this text…”

“But baby…” Kissing your ear. “Want a snuggle. Miss you.”

“I’m right here.”

“Still miss you.” Nibbling at your neck and wrapping his arms around your middle. “M'cold. Need you.”

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What do you think about Jungkooks hickey?

Okay, I thought avoiding this question would be a good idea but it pops up every single hour. First of all, if it is a hickey (which I think it’s not) then it’s really none of your business what is going on in his love life or his private life. Because it’s his business, not ours. Second of all, I find it sad that everyone is screaming and just talking about how it is a hickey. I mean, maybe it’s a mosquito bite and he scratched it too hard. Maybe it could be possible that he may burned himself. And oh my, the makeup artists tried to cover it up, what a shame that they tried. Personally, I once had something on my neck that looked like a hickey but I got it the first time because I was stressed as hell and the second time it was an allergic reaction. So stop spreading shit around if you don’t exactly know what it is. Thank you.

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“Y/N, you can’t be here while I’m doing business. Go on home and I’ll be there later,” Alfie groaned, pulling off his glasses to rub his eyes before he looked up at you from the other side of his desk.

“Alfie, why can’t I be here? It’s not like I don’t know what you do,” you pointed out, crossing your arms over your chest as you glared at him.

“I need to work without you breathin’ down my neck all the time Y/N so please just fuck off,” Alfie grunted, looking back down at the papers on his desk as your eyes widened, staring at him in shock.


“Good God Y/N, I need to take care of this,” Alfie sighed, leaning back in his chair with a blank expression on his face though you continued to glare, feeling a blush forcing it’s way to your skin.

“Is that what you’re doing? Trying to make me hate you?” you questioned, dropping your arms to rest your hands on your hips as you cocked your head slightly to the side.

“Y/N, you know that’s not what I,” Alfie backtracked, slowly standing up as your shook your head, take a few steps towards the door.

“Shut the fuck up Alfie,” you hissed, throwing him one last glare before you barged out of the room, slamming the door shut with a loud bang. You crossed the floor of his factory with confidence, your back straight and gaze firmly set on the door that opened to the street. As you pushed that door open with the same intensity you had slammed the last one with, Alfie peered after your from the opened door of his office.


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Fruitful message - Martin Garrix and Y/N

A/N - I’m sorry this took so long.

Request by anonymous -  I was wondering if u could do another Martin Garrix imagine? Maybe something a lil sad bc I’m feeling quite gloomy.

He was busy. You don’t begrudge him for that. As long as he’s not loosing himself in the process.

In darkness, You toss and turn. You haven’t been sleeping much. Sleeping alone is hard. You miss the company. His arms wrapped around you keeping you close. Legs intertwined. Every touch sending sparks through your body. His hot breathe gracing your neck. All you wanted was to feel him with you. Sleep with him by you side. Instead of going to sleep alone, night after night.

He’s busy. Again. You don’t begrudge him for that. You respect him for it. You just hope he’s not loosing himself in the process.

Mornings used to be glorious. Waking up beside him. A good morning kiss to brighten the day. Sometimes there would be signs that he slept next to you but you were never sure. You don’t want to get out of bed. You like to dwell on what used to be but getting up had to be done. Walking down stairs into the kitchen, you prepare the first meal of the day. Breakfast was a meal you’d enjoy together, at least it used to be. Weather it was a bowl of cereal or some pancakes, you’d always have fun making the meal. A mess would soon follow but it didn’t matter because you’d have just as much fun tidying up. Sitting alone at the table just wasn’t the same. It’s time to get ready for the day. A morning shower would often be interrupted by warm arms wrapping around your waist. Lips connecting to your neck to announcing his presence. It never necessarily became sexual but it was always nicer to shower in company. However now you were alone. Even dressing felt like a chore. A once teaseful display. Hearing his soft words build up your self confidence. Now it was a quick and simple task. Even if he was there in the morning he would usually be sleeping. Exhausted from work. Often you felt bad but there wasn’t much to be done. He decided upon this life all on his own.

He was busy. Again. Like always. You don’t begrudge him for that. You respect him. He tries to keep everyone happy, loosing himself in the process

As the day went on the pain subdued. It wasn’t like you’d see him while working anyway. You’d get texts throughout the day though. Videos of him before he performed. Cute little things that would get you through the day, now lost in the past. Instead you spend your day trying to block out your thoughts of him. Trying to ignore how much you missed him or how you’d be going home to an empty house.

You received a text as you entered your home. A text from him.

Martin: Hey babe, I think I’ll be home early tonight. Can’t wait to see you, I love you xo

You were used to this. Promises. Lies. You didn’t even bother texting back, knowing he wouldn’t read it. Never did he come home before midnight. Heck you never knew when he came home, you were often asleep. Tired of waiting for him. Why would today be any different. Romantic dinners or just dinners together were rare nowadays. You’d be eating alone tonight. You were used to it. Made no difference now. I mean you did miss him a lot but what could you do, you signed up for this life. A life of being in a lonely relationship. Silence filled the room as you finished your meal. Time ticks on. You’re still alone, hoping he’ll walk through the door. You know he won’t and yet here you are. Waiting for the love of your life. Do you go to bed or do you stay awake? The island in the kitchen soon became your resting place. Loosing track of time, you drifted off into unconsciousness but not before leaving him a little something.

He was busy. Again. Like always. You’re starting to begrudge him for that. He tries to keep everyone happy, loosing himself and you in the process.

Awakened by a loud bang. “Y/N?” A soft voice called. The voice you knew all too well. You felt like hell. Footsteps signalled his approach. “Baby?” He whispered. You didn’t bother to lift your head. Too tired to believe he was even here. “You’re so cute.” Leaning down he kissed your cheek. Before looking for a snack. He always had a little something when he got home. It was odd. Now you leave him one. It was something you could still do for him without even seeing him. Every night. One single piece of fruit. A banana. Drowsiness was effecting you but you saw a sad smile on his face. Despite its sadness, it was a smile you missed so much. The banana wasn’t just a late night bite. It held a secret. A message. Written on it’s side.

‘I love you so much but I’m starting to peel like we should split.’

Stray tears fell from his eyes. A message hidden in humour still hurts no less. You finally sit up, you eye lids heavy from sleep. “I’m sorry Martin but I don’t want to be alone.” Being alone is hard. Being in a relationship and still feeling alone is something else. It’s painful. Lightly he grazed your hand before intertwining it with his. Helping you up he stared into your eyes. His arms soon pulled you into a tight embrace. You hugged back. One tear fell as you pulled away.. “I’m sorry.” His voice was calm failing to match his demeanour. You’d heard those words too often to ever believe them. Before you could think of how to respond, he - plus the banana -had gone upstairs off to bed. Part of you wanted to join him, cuddle up and be warm but you had to be strong. The sofa would be your bed tonight

He was busy. Again. It never seemed to change. You begrudge him for that, it’s hard not to. He tries to keep everyone happy, balancing too much at once. The end result loosing you…or so you had thought.

A sofa for one felt more loving than your bed. It didn’t remind you of what you were missing. They was no room for that. Silence filled the house, you assumed he wasn’t home. Into the kitchen you went.. To your surprise there was a row of bananas left out in a line. You picked up each one and read them aloud.

'I love you so much’

'You’re my top banana"

'So let’s not split, my heart couldn’t take it’

'Because I’d go absolutely bananas without you’

You found yourself smiling, tears in your eyes. As he crept up behind you and snaked his arms around your waist. “I’m so sorry baby.” Words so soften and gentle, they tugged at you heart. Confused as to why he was still here you turned in his arms. Now face to face it was hard to explain, but all anger and loneliness seemed to melt away. He gently wiped the tear that fell down your cheek before pulling you closer and planting a kiss on your lips. Weather it was said clearly or through cheesy banana themed puns. The truth was still the same.

Bones headcanon..

Bones is definitely a cuddler. He loves loves loves having you in his arms, pulling you close into his side.His fingers caressing the small of your back  as you rest your head on his chest. For Bones, being this close was far more intimate than actual sex. 

Morning or Evening Sex. Bones was way more into morning sex, because it set his day in motion. Being in the Med Bay all day sometimes made him grumpy and far too tired to give you earth shattering sex. He wanted to give you the best each time, so the mornings were the best. He’d wake up energized and sometimes he’d surprise you, startling you up from slumber with sweet nibbling on your neck.

Quickies. Well, there were times when both of you were busy on the Enterprise. Sometimes going hours without seeing one another. So yeah, Bones liked to pull you back to your shared living quarters or even an empty conference room. There was no time to discard clothing, but luckily your uniform provided easy access. Bones would push you up against a wall or on a table and have his way with you. Leaving both of you satisfied and extremely disheveled looking when it was all over. He’d kiss you tenderly, patting down your hair and say, “Darlin’, you really are incredible.” You both would go your separate ways, back to work with grins that stayed on your faces all day.

Send more headcanon ideas.

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let me know if you want to be tagged in future Bones thangs.


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Request:  Simon D scenario inspired by the song Moonlight by Ariana Grande

[I forgot to screenshot the ask before answering it. I don’t know if the person who requested it wanted it to be a smut, so I just ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ]

The movie was playing and both of you sat in the back of the car, cuddling up to each other. Orange, red, and yellow painted the sky as the sun set behind you. It was date night for you two and you had been planning all week for it. Usually, you were busy when he wasn’t and vice versa, however, an opportunity arose and you took advantage of it. It was hard deciding on what activities you two should. You wanted it to be fun, but relaxing. There were different restaurants you go to, parks, cinema, but both of you settled on a drive-in theater.

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Coming Home

Prompt ~ #117 “Are you wearing my shirt?” #121 “You’re beautiful you know that?”

Extra ~ Jason Todd x Reader

 You stretched on the couch as you watched a rerun of Friends while lazily eating chips.You had been staying up waiting for Jason to come back from his Outlaw business, he’s been gone for a week and you were really staring to miss him. As if on cue the door opened revealing Jason with his cocky smirk and his arms wide open. You quickly stood up from the couch and jumped into his arms kissing him all over his face. He shut the door and carried you both back to the couch.

“Are you wearing my shirt?” He gripped his hands on your thighs while you wrapped your hands around his neck.

“It smells like you.” You revealed to him in a shy voice, you felt his chest ripple with laughter sending shivers down your spine.

“You’re beautiful you know that?” He cupped your chin with his right hand, getting a better view of your face.

“I know.” You replied cheekily as you escaped his grip and walked into the kitchen, Jason following after you like a lost puppy.

“I’m guessing you’re hungry?” You asked taking out left overs from the fridge. His stomach rumbled answering your question.

“Doll I have some news…” Jason trailed off as you set the plate of food in front of him. “What is it?” You asked nervously while cleaning your hands on a rag.

“I have to go Florida tomorrow, I don’t know how long I’ll be there.” He scooped a mouthful of food into his mouth. You dropped the rag into the sink, your heart dropping.

“What? Jason you just came back from a mission and now you’re leaving me again tomorrow?” He quickly got up and grabbed both of your hands.

“Come with me.” He pleaded pulling you closer to him.

“We’ll just ask for some days off from your job and enjoy what ever time we have over there.” You knew your boss wouldn’t let you but you slowly nodded your head. It was a crappy job anyway,a job you only got to keep you busy. He cheered as his kissed you and went back to eating.

Heartbreak isn’t beautiful. It isn’t fucking poetry, it’s not staying up ‘till 4 am listening to sad songs. It’s breaking down in the middle of a busy street. It’s seeing their face in the people you pass by. It’s feeling okay for weeks at a time and then all of a sudden you feel the ghost of their lips on your neck and then you’re choking on the memories of their presence. It’s waking up from dreams of them coming back and screaming in the middle of the night because you chest feels like a rotting tooth. Stop romanticising pain. Stop using people like their objects. A heart isn’t a cigarette: you can’t just light it up and then stomp it out when you’re done. Don’t act like anything about heartbreak is beautiful, because I wouldn’t wish that feeling upon my worst enemies.
—  There’s nothing beautiful about bleeding from the inside out (o.k.)
Feysand AU (NSFW)

Rhys comes up to Feyre in a bar and things get a little heated 

I so hope this is ok, its my first acomaf oneshot so please let me know what you think :)


“So what’s a pretty girl like you doing in a bar all alone” came a husky voice from behind me. Without even turning to look at the person I could hear the smirk on his lips. “Since when is it your business” I mumble back and take another swig of my drink.

A low chuckle raises the skin on the back of my neck and I slowly turn around on my bar stool only to come face to face with one of the most beautiful men I’ve ever seen. His hair as black as a raven’s feathers with tints of midnight blue. Or maybe that was the lighting from the bar. Whatever it was, it set off the colour of his eyes.

His eyes.

The most beautiful shade of violet with stunning flecks of sliver like starlight.

I raise my brows at the familiar face smirking down at me. “Feyre right?” he asks and nod in response. Where do I know him from?

“I sit at the back of your english class” and it clicks. He always hangs around in a group with four other people. One of them sit with him in english. Long hair, usually up in a man bun, shit eating grin, cocky as shit.

“I’m Rhysand” he moved to take the stool next to me and I glanced to where he came from. Sure enough there was his inner circle watching what their leader was up to. I turned back around to the bar and began stirring my drink with the end of my spoon in a bored fashion. “If this is a joke then you can piss off right now”.

“Who said it was a joke?”


“What did he do? Tamlin I mean”

“What makes you think he did anything” this conversation is getting tiresome and I really just came here to mope and think about murdering Tamlin in peace.

“Well why else would you be here? If he do didn’t anything then shouldn’t you two be at home doing couple-y things?”

He had a fair point and I guess I wasn’t hiding it very well.

The bastard cheated on me, and with none other than fucking Ianthe. That was among getting angry, constantly shouting, and shutting me away from everyone including my sisters the past few months.

Well I guess they can just have each other now. Bastards x2.

Rhysand let out a low growl and ended up buying me another drink. A few drinks later we were at Rhysand’s flat.

He opened the door and before we even got through the threshold he whirled and pressed his lips against mine, pushing me back against the door. His hand slid behind me to lock the door before resting on my waist. The other placed at the nape of my neck.

I let out a soft moan as Rhys took my lip between his teeth and tugged on it gently. My arms snaked around his neck, pulling him closer, trying to feel his hard chest against mine.

I ripped off his leather jacket to reveal a tight black shirt stretched over his muscles. Just the sight of them was making me druel. His tongue ran over my lips and I opened my mouth for his tongue to roam around my mouth.

His hands slide under my thighs and I wrap my legs around his waist as he carries me and pushes me up against the wall, his hips pressing against mine. His soft plump lips move from my mouth to my jaw then lead their way down to my neck, nipping at the tender skin there with his teeth.

I bear my neck to Rhys and give him better access as my fingers weave into his soft black hair urging him on. He pulls back to admire his work before going back down to make another love bite on my neck. The another and another until there is a trail of them leading to the collar of my tshirt.

His violet eyes meet mine as if asking for permission which is something Tamlin never did. I lift my arms for him to pull off my top and Rhys gazes down at my lacy red bra in awe. I do the same to Rhys’s top but instead of pulling it off I rip it down the middle, causing Rhys to give me a feral grin. “Someone is desperate” he chuckles and I simply roll my eyes in response.

We move onto each others jeans and before we know it we are standing before each other in just our underwear.

He has tattoos swirling over his chest in the darkest of blacks, darker than his hair and an image of mountains with stars on both knees. My hand reaches up to trace the design with the pad of my finger and his body shudders under my touch. Before I can trace much more he gently pushes me back against the wall to continue his trail of kisses.

His hands reach up my back to unclasp my bra and it falls away “You’re beautiful” he whispers as he takes me in with my eyes and all I can do is take in a shuddering breath. He takes my soft pink nipple in mouth and swirls his mouth against the now perked nub. My back arches off the wall. He takes the other in his hand and kneads it, drawing a gasp from my lips.

His free hand roams down to the band of my pants and teases the skin underneath raising goose bumps on my skin.

“Please” I gasp, my hand in his hair tugging slightly and he lets out a growl as his hand slips into my panties before resting on my sensitive area, I gasp as he begins to rub his calloused fingers in circles around my nub while his tongue flicks against my nipple.

He slips one finger into my folds and I let out a loud groan “I’m going to make you scream for Feyre, I’m going to make you feel so good you forget that bastard” he grumbles against my breast.

His finger pumps into me and I try to thrust my hips into his hand for more friction but he removes his other hand from my breast to hold me down. He adds in another digit and his pumping gets faster. My breath coming out ragged and short as pleasure sores through my blood.

He detaches his mouth from my nipple, pulling his fingers from me and a whine of protest escapes my lips. His eyes flick up to meet mine and a smile spreads across his lips. But this time it’s a genuine one. He pulls down my panties slowly. Torturingly.

Somehow he manages to maneuver us so I am sitting on his shoulders with him facing my wet pussy. He drags his fingers along my thighs and then slowly pulls apart my foulds. Revealing my all to him. His eyes look up to meet mine again as his tongue strokes along my folds and I let out a long whine. Desperate to feel more of the sensation.

His tongue begins to lap at me and my thighs tighten around his neck. It takes everything I have to try not strangle him.

And when his fingers join with his mouth the pleasure is so overwhelming I can barely hold it back. His fingers pump into me at the same time as his tongue swirls around my clit. He begins thrusting so fast I begin losing my grip on reality.

My hand pulls hard on his hair and the vibrations from his moan against me cause the knot in my stomach to tighten.

His teeth nip at my nub at the same time as his fingers curl against my g-spot and fireworks explode behind my eyes and I wouldn’t even have a care left if the world was ending if only I could just keep feeling this over and over again.

I scream out Rhys’s name as I throw my head back and thrust my hips further into his face. He doesn’t stop licking me out until I’ve fully ridden out my orgasm and when he finally places my feet back on the ground my knees are still shaking.

“F-fuck” I whisper, leaning my forehead against his, huffing a smile out as he wraps his arms around my waist and leads me to his bed.

Green looks good on you - Elijah Mikaelson

The sunlight filtered through into your bedroom. Opposite you with his arm around your waist was Elijah Mikaelson, snoring a little. Wanting to get out of bed and into the shower you lifted up his arm which only made him pull you closer and burrow his head into your neck.

“I need to get up”

“No, you don’t you can stay in bed with me”

“’Lijah, please. I have things to do”

Begrudgingly he lifted up his arms and let you leave the bed. You showered and did all of your womanly activities in the bathroom and came out in a towel. 

“My dear, you look absolutely perfect.”

“I know I do, you don’t need to tell me twice, but thank you anyway. Can you help me find some clothes to wear? I have to deal with supernatural business.”

Over the course of your relationship, you had learnt that Elijah’s impeccable taste in suits gave him a good fashion sense and he had helped you on more than one occasion trying to find clothes to wear out. He nodded and came behind you sifting through your wardrobe. He pulled a few things out but then put them back in once you said you didn’t feel like it. Finally, after ages, you settled on an all black ensemble with black Louboutin booties that Elijah bought you for your birthday. 

“If I may, those boots do wonders for your derriere, my love. It looks, even more, amazing than it usually does.”

You blushed a bit and smiled. 

“Oh yeah, we have dinner at Elena’s house at 7. So I’ll aim to be home by 6″

He nodded and you went downstairs and grabbed a blood bag and drank it.

“I’m leaving”

Elijah appeared out of nowhere.

“Without a goodbye kiss?”

You giggled and pecked him on the lips before leaving.


“Salvatore’s I’m here.”

“It’s actually Salvatore. Singular. My brother is out helping Elena cook for tonight dinner.”

You groaned.

“Which means I have to read through grimoires and supernatural texts with the Salvatore that I dated. Not awkward at all.”

“We’ve seen each other naked. There’s nothing awkward about that.”

“Whatever. Can you just grab what we need?”

“Well, some of the texts have been hidden in Elena’s dad/uncles practice which means we have to stop by there and grab them.”

“Yeah, OK let’s go.”

Damon took the piles of spell books and his car keys and you guys drove into the town.

You both snuck through under the yellow caution tape and went inside.

“Now Mr. Gilbert, where have you hidden our scrolls?”

“If you were a hunter, where would you hide it?”

“I don’t think logically.”

“Yeah, I know that”

“Let’s ransack the place”

You agreed and began to pull burnt wood from the walls.

“If my shoes get ruined you owe me a new pair.”

“Didn’t I buy you them?”

“No, Elijah did.”

He quietened and continued to look. The silence had an element of awkwardness but was comfortable. Ever since you and Damon had ended your relationship there was always some awkwardness. The split was agreed upon since you thought that your relationship was turning into more of a label rather than an actual feeling between two people.However, you later found out that Damon still had feelings for you and only agreed to split because he wanted you to be happy. But that was after you had broken up. You and Elijah had been dating for over 2 years so the feelings must have gone.

“Shh, we can’t be heard” You heard them running around upstairs.

“Damon. There’s someone upstairs.” you whispered.

Their footsteps began getting closer and they came down the stairs.

It was 3 teenagers, one with a camera who seemed to be goofing around. Once they saw you and Damon they stopped, frozen.

“Ugh, stupid kids!” Damon moaned

“You will return upstairs and forget that you into this building. Find a new place to shoot your film.” You deadpanned, using your compulsion.

They obliged and you continued to rip through the walls. You knocked on the wall and heard a hollow space. You punched your fist through it and began to make a huge hole then you pulled out a square chest,


Damon turned around and saw the box in your hands.

“Wait, I have the keys”

You ripped the lid of the box open anyway.

“Or you could just do what you did.”

You scanned through the scrolls.

“There are hundreds of spells and books this refers to. It’s going to take forever.”

“Well, we better go and get something to drink then.”

You both headed back up and went into the Grill.

“Lots of alcohol. And some fries” Damon said glancing at you.

You nodded and sat down, pulling a pile of texts from Gilbert’s chest.

His handwriting was neat but small. He referred to different spells and plants. But there was nothing referring to what you needed.

Two hours later you still had nothing. You felt something hit your neck. You looked up and saw Damon with an I’m-going-to-pretend-that-I-didn’t-hit-you-with-a-chip. Smirking, you picked up a chip and threw it making it fall in Damon’s hair.


He threw another one and you two went back and forth.


You saw a pissed off Matt Donovan standing behind you.

“Sorry blondie”

You laughed and shook off the chips from your person and sat back down and resumed reading.

“Thanks, I needed that break.”

He laughed a little.

“It’s fine.”

“Y/N, you have a fry”

You put your hand to your head trying to feel for it. He got up and pulled it from your hair. He was too close for comfort. You could feel his breath on your cheek.


“Guys. Have you found out anything?” Matt asked you

“No, not yet.”

“Well, I’m leaving for dinner now.”

“What?! It’s seven already?”

“No, it’s 7 30.”

You got up and began to gather up the papers.

“Where are you going?”

“To your house. I promised Elena that I would come early to help her.”

You raced over to the Salvatore’s house.

“You’re late Y/N”

“I know, I’m sorry.”

“You can make it up by setting the table and getting some wine.”

“And a few blood bags”

Elena gestured to the plates and the box of cutlery and some paper and a pen. You picked them up with ease and began to set the table. Once you were done, you wrote out everyone’s names and set them in the correct place, making Elijah sit next to you and placing Damon on the opposite side of the table and furthest away from you.

An hour later everyone was present and you all had been called to sit and eat. You sat down at your seat and waited for Elijah. 

“Elijah, come, your seat is”

“Next to me.” Bonnie piped up.

You were confused. you looked at the name card to your right and saw it had Damon’s name.

Stefan sat at the head of the table with Elena opposite him. Damon sat down and pushed his chair closer to yours so that your thighs were touching. He rested his hand on his thigh and over the course of the meal his hand kept moving closer towards your thigh.

“Y/N you’ve done a great job of setting the table,” Caroline remarked.

“Yes, she has always had an eye for detail. The seating, however, not to offend you ms. Bennett is much to be desired.” Elijah replied, wiping the corners of his mouth.

“Well, I for one love my seat,” Damon said leaning back in his chair and resting his arm on the back of yours.

The table went quiet and everyone finished eating. You had lost your appetite after the awkward encounter and got up from the table and took your dishes into the kitchen, loading up the dishwasher. 

As if it were fate, Damon was the next person to leave the table. However, he was coming in while you were leaving causing the blood bag that you had mixed with some wine to spill all over you.

“Damon! Watch where you’re going.”

“I’m so sorry Y/N”

“It’s fine.”

The liquid had caused your top to become skin tight and you could see the lace detailing of your bra through your shirt. 

“Go and grab a t-shirt from my room” Elena offered.

You went up to her bedroom and got another top. It was a huge t-shirt of Elijah’s that you left by accident before.

Once you came down you saw Elijah’s eyes light up. 

“Even in a huge baggy t-shirt, you still look beautiful.” Damon whispered, probably knowing that all of the vampires in the room could hear.

That was the last straw for Elijah and he got up from his seat and put his hand to Damon’s neck.

“I have seen you shamelessly flirt with my girlfriend on more than one occasion. I saw you in the Grill. I saw the look in her eye when you were the one who was sitting next to her, she didn’t place you next to her did she? If you come near her, I promise you I will rip your eyes out of their sockets and feed them to birds over and over again until it is ingrained in your head to stay away from Y/N“

His jaw was clenched and you could see the anger raging.

“Y/N tell him to stop” Elena called out.

You kept quiet. Elijah responded by snapping his neck. 

He fixed his tie and spoke

“Thank you for the meal, however, we must leave. Come Y/N”

You got up and got your coat and said goodbye to everyone and left. 

The car journey was silent however Elijah still had his hand resting on your thigh. 

Once you had gone back into your house you both headed to your bedroom to change into more comfortable clothes. You decided to break the silence. 

“Are you mad at me?” You huffed falling onto the bed.

 "At you my love, no. At Damon, yes I am very mad. You can’t be blamed for his behaviour”

 "It was stupid of me thinking I could work with him alone"

 "No, you were just giving him a chance.“

 He lifted you up into a hug.

 "It was stupid trying to be friends when he clearly has feelings for me”

 "You just wanted to see the best in Damon. Even though I know you have no feelings for him, the more human part of you believes that he has redeemable qualities. Which is one of the very many reasons why I love you.”

You pulled away slightly and smiled up at Elijah.

“Now, let’s get into bed.”

He kissed your forehead and you laid down on your side of the bed. Elijah stripped off his trousers and slid in next to you, he placed one arm around your waist and pulled you closer to him.

“Goodnight, my love”

“Good night, Elijah”