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Very Interesting! Porcelain Backflow Ceramic Cone Incense Burner Holder + Cones!

How much is it?: The holder is $8.99 and the individual cone packets are $2.99.

What is it?: Just as the title says! Burners come in black and in brown. Scents include: Lily, Rose, Ocean, Lavender, Jasmine, Wormwood, Lemon, Strawberry, Green Tea, Sandalwood. Not all are available. there 45-50 pcs per packet.

Seller?: xinyushishang is from Shanghai, China

Site Used?: eBay

International Shipping?: Yep worldwide!

Anything else?: You have to individually add the burner and cones, they don’t come together (so select a burner in the drop menu and ‘add to cart’ then select a cone scent packet and ‘add to cart’)

The order of the pictures of burners on the left side, is the number it is in the drop down menu. So the first picture of a burner is ‘pattern 1′

They ONLY accept paypal!

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