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Noiz's Birthday 13.6

So imma make my husband some headcanons. (Cured PICD)
- he randomly pinches himself and smiles
- Noiz has really good hearing
- Went to a clothing shop and tried on all different types of material to see what he likes. He loves wool and satin.
- He went and got his nipple pierced and nearly screamed
- knows more than five languages
- likes theme parks. Loves thrill rides.
- edits in his spare time
- is actually a terrible cuddler
- really good driver in all types of vehicles
- gets seasick easily
- Prefers walking than catching public transport or driving
- likes art. Fan of Franciso Goya and Kuvshinov Ilya
- cannot actually hold a pencil
- has a plush rabbit named Ada
- can finish a Rubix cube in less than a minute

anonymous asked:

I love this page and how do you know that kai has girlfriend??

He talks about girlfriends, love, and he’s specific about his ideal type in every interview lately. It’s obvious he’s dating.

Evidence Kai has a girlfriend:



Jongin: I tend to look at girls who wear denim pants rather than cute skirts. I also love it when girls wear sneakers


Q: About girls fashion?

Jongin: I love those who look good in denim

#4. He drives now, cars and a motorbike to unknown locations and mostly late at night, when fans will not follow him:

#5: He took Ravi as his 3rd wheel, and he asked fans not to follow them, as he was driving the car to another location that he wanted to keep private and as you can see he’s always on his phone 24/7:

kai telling fans not to follow them:

#6. ALWAYS on his phone, he claims to not be into SNS, yet he’s always on his fucking phone.

#7. I highlighted the parts in yellow, of the signs your idols are dating, and Kai fits the description on pretty much all. 3rd wheels, late nights, got transportation, specific about ideal types:

#8: Some say he deleted his instagram , because he’s afraid to get caught dating and fans will give him backlash in the comments, plus he’s private so he doesn’t like the public, he only sticks to the fancafe and only post a few times out of the year :/

#9. On a show with Taemin when they asked him about dispatch, Kai , instead of laughing and taking it lightly like Taemin did, Kai looked  upset and worried, probably thinking, that could’ve been him and his girlfriend, reality must’ve hit him to be more careful.

Kai looked worried when PD asked:

Taemin was laughing about the situation, but the thought of dispatch following him, seem to make him afraid and uncomfortable Kai kept looking down :

#10. Again, being specific about his ideal girlfriend, even smiling hard thinking about her: