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"Yeah, well, not every hookup is perfect." Has someone talked about this yet!? It's 9.09. And he gives Castiel a slap on the back along with a smirk. Unreal.

Oh god yeah, I mean… heaps and tons and multi tons! I’m just trying to think how to find it all ummm….

I usually just stalk @elizabethrobertajones blog and type in the relevant episode tag in her browser :p 9x09.

I mean… Cas seductively rubbing a beer bottle like a penis whilst winking at Dean

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Dean telling Cas not all hookups are perfect (subtext: but boy could I make it perfect for you buddy) whilst basically doing the smirk equivalent of a wink

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Sam. Poor Sammy. Right in front of my beer Sammy.

Right after the glory of 9x06 I mean PLEASE. What’s not to love.

A few examples of posts from lizzie’s blog: x x

Memories that conjure patronuses:


  • Seeing Hermione wake up after being petrified 
  • Harry telling him that the Burrow was the best house he’d ever been in
  • Harry saying that Dumbledore knew he’d want to come back
  • Ron tearfully telling the twins what he thinks Harry is going through at Privet Drive and instead of making fun of him, Fred wipes his tears while George says “we’ll just have to go get him then, won’t we?”


  • Being rescued by Harry and Ron from the giant troll
  • Getting accepted to Hogwarts
  • Adopting Crookshanks
  • Ron squeezing her hand when they see Harry is alive


  • Realizing Harry wasn’t killed by Voldemort
  • Luna befriending her in their second year while others have avoided her because of Riddle’s influence last year
  • Winning the big quidditch game and getting kissed by Harry for the first time, all in the same day no less
  • Seeing Ron be impressed by her as she practices curses


  • Dancing around with her mother as a little kid while her father smiled and worked
  • The first time Harry complimented her spellwork in a DA meeting
  • Going to a Wizard Rock concert with Ginny one summer night, her first summer adventure with a friend
  • Ginny asking her and Neville to reform the DA while Harry, Ron, and Hermione look for horcruxes


  • Luna sleepily kissing him on the cheek while he organizes stuff for the DA and Ginny plans
  • Dumbledore awarding him points for standing up to Harry, Ron, and Hermione
  • His grandmother being proud of him for being accepted to Hogwarts
  • The moment he stands up to Voldemort and realizes he isn’t as scared as he used to be
How Dan and Phil probably broke up #44
  • *after some really good sex*
  • Dan: God, that was amazing
  • Phil: I guess you could say that was wonderPHIL

I can’t draw this weekend, so here’s a wip of a much longer series of drawings I’ll post one day

BOYS! some body positivity for you!!! without sounding weird, i much prefer a soft squishy tummy, to cuddle up to, than rock hard abs, but that’s just me! abs are fab if that’s your thing, but NEWS FLASH: no abs are also fab!!!  YOU DON’T NEED ABS TO BE FAB!! (magazines are also full of toned up muscly men, and it’s crazy, not all men look like that, and you certainly don’t need to!!) 

conflict is when u want to Make Content bc ur thirsty desperate ass requires validation but also when u dont want to Make Content bc u know that u won’t get notes bc ur a small blog and bigger blogs that have Even Bigger Mutuals to rb their stuff and seeing that comparison will make u feel even shittier and dejected 


Beer Lesbian – Butch Dad. Always down for drinking games. Probably watches  football and loves the fuck out of it un-ironically. Wanted to play the drums in middle school.

Wine Lesbian – Would rather guzzle wine while watching jeopardy with her cat than go to a bar. Makes well thought out Harry Potter fan theories. Has a crush on Meryl Streep. 

Vodka Lesbian – Everyone’s favorite Pillow Queen. Gets drunk way too easily to be ripping shots but does it anyways. Always a hot mess. Complains about being straight passing. 

Gin Lesbian – Lesbian you find sitting alone listening to live music. Next level cool. Probably has more plants in her apartment than hairs in her head. Loves christmas. 

Tequila Lesbian – Best dancer of all other lesbians. Never predictable, and always a lil’ mysterious. Loves blind dates. Hates being talked over. 

Whiskey Lesbian – 100% BABE. Intimidates your dad. 

I would like to take this moment to thank the content creators in the bap fandom. All the gif creators, artists, writers, subbers and even shitpost writers. Honestly thank you so much. I know we have a smaller fandom than before and seeing the small amount of notes on your content can be disheartening. But regardless of the amount of notes you get remember that you guys are really valuable part of the fandom and you are appreciated. So please don’t get disheartened by the amount of notes you get and just keep doing what you do. You are loved.


    「   THEME #015: DYNAMENE by angelicxi   」
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    ❥ the link to the code is in the sidebar desc.

Summer is such a terribly hot season, isn’t it? My constant need to hidrate inspired DYNAMENE’s design: sleek, clean, but still packing a little “kick”. Named for one of the nereids (Dynamene and her twin were said to spin and roll the waves), this theme is indeed divine — what’s more, this is a low-effort immortality, as the design is easily accessible to all types of blogs and easily customizable =] .

[ + ]  500px posts;
[ + ]  left sidebar;
[ + ]  a title slot, which can be changed separately from your blog title via the customization panel;
[ + ]  subtitle slot, similarly editable via the customization panel;
[ + ]  a description slot — I strongly suggest keeping it to four lines, as shown in the preview;
[ + ]  NB: keep in mind that you have an inbuilt description slot in your customization panel that is separate from tumblr’s. I chose to add it in since tumblr is so prone to glitching, and people reported disappearing or missing descriptions as a result;
[ + ]  the menu comes with a twist — the fontawesome icons that define each link become see-through with a little bit of CSS magic, allowing us to peek underneath! (don’t worry if you want to change the default ones and still keep the effect, it’s easy and there are instructions within the code itself n.n)
tip: if the menu doesn’t show up at first, refresh. it happens on first loads.
[ + ]  speaking of links, you have home, ask, + 3 extra slots;
[ + ]  plain color background option;
[ + ]  gradient background option;
[ + ]  full wallpaper background option (make sure it’s at least 1366x768 pixels ! ).
tip: tumblr is, as previously stated, very glitchy. in order for all the on/off options to work right, turn everything off first, and then turn on those that you want active.

    Do NOT:
       —  remove the credit
       —  use as a base code
       —  repost/claim as yours
     Respect the maker’s work, please.
     This theme is optimized for Mozilla Firefox & Google Chrome.
     It is best viewed on a 1366x768 screen resolution.

finally, an ACCURATE list of all the types of Star Wars fans on Tumblr
  1. update blogs that reblog nothing but news updates and generic gifsets
  2. skysolo/obikin
  3. OT stans that pretend the prequel trilogy doesn’t exist
  4. stormpilot/reyva
  5. reylo shippers™
  7. anakin is my precious garbage son
  8. anidala/clone wars trash
  9. i hate sand
  10. TFA ot3 stans
  11. that one weird end of the fandom that does roleplay and vine edits
  12. obsessed with all the minor characters
  13. Millicent The Cat™ (kylux fandom)
  14. luke is trans

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Were you just 14 when your parents built a very strange machine?

It was designed to view a world unseen,

Theyre gonna catch em all cause theyre Reshi Phantom!!

( @marshie-daily  @sableyedaily @dailyphantump @dailymisavus @banettedaily  i needed some ghosts for this, so i used yours! I hope you dont mind ^^)

ideal girl | yixing

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  • the sweetest, cutest, prettiest bih on thiS PLANET
  • hands that look like a babys so he can kiss them
  • long princessy hair cos he’s a prince u know
  • uumm skirts and dresses? i think so!
  • bright eyes so he can watch himself fall in love with u


  • where r all my girls with cinderella complex!?
  • this man is for us
  • but he’d love it, he said he’s the type to take care of his girl
  • he’s the man everyone wants
  • u gotta be sweet and loving and caring in return tho
  • someone who is an equal giver and taker but dont get mad at him for giving too much cos itll hurt his feelings
  • sis dont even look at him if u arent gonna be genuine or loyal!
  • someone who isn’t controlling and demanding cos thiS LoSER will not saY NO TO U
  • u know that one friend who lights up ur entire life and u get wet thinking about spending time with them? well u gotta feel that way about him 
  • a really affectionate person, write him love letters, leave a kiss on it, hug him, play with his hair idk girl just love him
  • someone with a bright, sunshine-y personality to make lil baby xing forget he’s tired :( 
  • if u have multiple personalities then ur in a for a treat
  • u need to be able to be happy and lit but also motherly while simultaneously needing him to baby you
  • be interested in his work! 

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