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“The moment we sat down and talked to each other, we had like a natural connection right away. He said to me afterwards that the most important thing for him was to feel comfortable. He had to be comfortable with me and I had to be comfortable with him to do all the stuff that we did this season. I think we just clicked and he felt as much as I did.” (x)


a Fatal_Error has Occurred: Chapter Two - Part 8

The Beginning - Chapter One

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Ironically, talking does not seem to be the solution to this situation.

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It’s bad out there. Worse than I anticipated.

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Ash. Ashley. ASHLEY. I've got to work tomorrow but this episode has killedt me dead. Shoutout to my colleagues, who will be working with a ghost tomorrow. Richonne, like water, is life. Thank you for impeccably speedy gif work, also. You a real one.

Listen. I’m supposed to be both writing and in bed right now, but I am instead still staring at my television screen in awe/disbelief that this ship just keeps on giving us so much. They weren’t even on screen that long and they gave us everything. Hand-holding, a hug, a forehead kiss, some teamwork-makes-the-dream-work type action. Literally, on their anniversary, as Rick’s hand is pouring out blood, he managed to find a sentimental gift for his boo, and I screamed even though I knew it was gonna happen. Because that’s how much they kill me. Here I thought 6x10 was going to be my end, but turns out, that was just the beginning of this slow, glorious death. 


Two is always better than one ;)

[life has been kicking me in the face lately so I needed to draw some reaper76 to make me feel better. p.s. I can’t colour so if you think you can do a rad job, or you just want to have fun with a paint bucket, the lineart is totally there- tag me if you post it :)]

Okay but look, Lance and Keith becoming best buds. Like litterally, them realizing how amazingly they both work together as a team and every time one of them gets in trouble the other is always there to get them out of it. Their bantering turns into friendly banters which eventually ends up with them poking eachother and smiling and laughing. Sharing soft thankyous, fist bumps, shoulder bumps, hugs. Butting heads together and telling eachother goodluck. Imagine them worrying about eachother on missions and passing cute smileys when the other does something extra. Keith literally dragging Lance away from every alien chick he attempts to flirt with and Lance stopping Keith from diving head first into anything cause hell yeah they balance eachother out. Sitting together with their arms around eachothers shoulders and teasing eachother, and bragging about eachother behind their backs. Just Keith and Lance realizing how they started first and how close they have become now. Lance confessing “I’d never thought you’d become one of my closest friend” And that would totally make Keith’s pining self melt cause lets be honest, he’s a pining mess. And just Klance being klance. Honestly this could happen in canon and I am so happy to know I have five season worth of Klance waiting for me cause definitely there’s going to be so much Klance in the upcoming seasons, I just cant wait.

There’s two reasons I chose Marble.

1. I don’t think it’s necessarily Marble as in the rock type. I think it could be Marble as in marbles. As in these.

I don’t really care if it’s either type of marble, this colour will give them a wide range of colour matches and references to use, and I like that.

2. I know Candy seems alluring and like something that could potentially be really fun and good. But I can just see myself get excited that we’re getting candy pets, and then they will all be candy cane coloured. I just don’t want to have myself be lead on because I believed in Jumpstarts empty promises of the potential they never plan to realise.

I don’t know. Ultimately I think it’s really cheap that they aren’t just giving us all the suggested colours. They themselves tell us that they are running out of colours to choose from, why not release all three and then just not release all the Elephantes this year. Then they’ll have at least another year or two to run on, with more options for all the species. I know next year then would not feature new Elephante colours, but at least they would have something to release.

i’m not surprised hearing the gunshot. i mean, we’ve heard it ever since bulletproof to skool luv affair teaser and then again in jimin’s teaser lie. although, i was very curious as to why jimin had gotten “shot” in his Wings teaser, but never really thought about it because i figured it was a part of the song. however, when the song released and there were no gunshots, i was like, “okaaaaaaayyy… wtf?” but thought nothing of it. 

and here we go, Not Today having two gunshots in the mv and all the boys going down except for jungkook, who had a vision like That’s So Raven. and i’m just… not fcking with theories anymore. lmao

Thank you to everyone that has sent me kind messages. I really appreciate them all and I just wanted to make a mass post about it because I don’t have the energy to reply to everyone.

I know I said yesterday would be the last update but…yesterday was really hard. In all of my life experiences I don’t think I’ve ever had such a terrible day. The news of my aunt’s passing was really hard to take in. No one expected that she would pass away. Somehow, through it all we had faith that she would recover. She just wasn’t the type of person that deserved this. She was the most caring individual I had ever met and she just didn’t deserve any of it. I’m so angry and sad all at once. It doesn’t feel real. My heart aches but my mind is constantly thinking about it all not being real. I don’t want it to be. I want to wake up tomorrow and know she’s there. That it was all a misunderstanding. For me, for her son and daughter, for my mom and the rest of her siblings, for my grandmother, for us all. It wasn’t her time and deep in my soul I ask myself if there was anything else we could possibly do.

Yesterday I received the news from my father through the phone. I could hear my mother sobbing in the background. At the time I was home alone and I just broke down. About 30 minutes later my parents were back home and my mother couldn’t even make it up the stairs alone. She was hysterical. As time went on my mother began to have a panic attack. Her whole body was trembling, her hands were getting stiff, her breathing was completely off and her crying…it was heartbreaking. She slipped in and out of consciousness as we tried to check her blood pressure while attempting to calm her down. That was only one of the three or four panic attacks she had that day. Each as terrifying as the last as she slipped in and out of consciousness for brief seconds at a time. We were close to taking her to the emergency room but were luckily able to calm her down for the rest of the day. Our family friends that came to visit and pay their condolences would trigger her attacks each time they cried.

To top that off the hospital refused to give us her body unless the family paid a huge lump sum of money, more money than any average person could possibly give. It was a huge worry for hours not knowing if we would be able to get her back. Our family had to call out to as many people as we possibly could to please help us. Everyone literally gave as much as they possibly could and luckily by around 7 pm our family was able to receive her body from the hospital.

My mother took a flight back over there and my aunt was laid to rest this afternoon. The pain we are all feeling right now is just too much. We’re all just looking in ourselves for the strength that we so desperately need.

Struggles of fanfiction writers

*Finishes writing story and proof-reads it before posting*

Behold! My literature is the image of perfection! Gaze upon it in marvel Internet and gawk at its splendour! Allowing my words to move your heart and make you weep at its brilliance!

*re-reads it two weeks later, finds it’s riddled with spelling and mistakes, contains enough plot holes to sink a ship, things are moving way too fast here guys, why the hell did I make you do that it’s not natural, you’re way too out of character, did I just go from first to third person and switch tenses at the same time, it’s more gibberish that English and I now wonder if I just created a new language.*