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What I wish I knew in High School:

Adult here. Write this down. If you have a weird hobby and your parents have said that you should quit because it’s not “marketable,” consider that there are real people, some of whom I know personally, with the following jobs that make real cash money:

Science writer (me)
Cosplay and prop maker
Stuffed animal designer
Dog artist
Political activist for LGBTQ rights
Political activist for affordable housing
Music licenser
Fan video mixer
Bone cleaner
Sports photographer
Digital hat maker


                                 and all I can do is just wait
                                    for you to come round
                                          and save me


Halla! So, as time comes and goes, I’m here with another masterpost of some of my favorite Evak fanfics for you guys. As you can see, I’m trying to be a bit more creative and make these posts look at least somewhat more appealing, so I hope you like this little header I made (even though I suck at Photoshop).

As always, the list is divided into oneshots and chaptered fics.
My personal favorites are tagged with a “ ★ ”.
Completed chaptered fics are tagged with a “ ✓ ”

Without further ado, all the fanfics can be found under the cut. Enjoy!

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She’s Mine


Daryl Dixon x Reader | Smut Warning | 18+ Only | NSFW |

Request: Hello, first I want to write is that your stories are awfully cute. (I have to admit that you’re doing the best for the Imagine Daryl). Well, I thought, since I’m not so much experience in TWD, because I was in the fifth series. I love stupid crap Merle. Brother Daryl. It occurred to me that the reader will have to suffer the stupid crap Merle and Daryl she stands up, well obviously, Smut. I do not know, it’s a proposal, but I think you would have to grapple with it, I believe you can do it.

Summary: Season 1 Era. Before the pilot and before Merle is left on the roof. Daryl and his brother Merle keep to the outskirts of the camp, Reader is interested in Daryl and starts to try and act friendly toward him, only to end up dealing with Merle constantly hitting on her and trying to grab on her. Daryl finally has enough and tells Merle off. Smut ensues. Daryl claims her. 

(Season 1 Daryl is so fun and Drunk Merle was also fun to write lol. Enjoy!)


Y/N stared across the way as she absent mindedly helped Carol and Andrea fold laundry. You had just pulled all the clean clothes of the line and were now going to work making sure everyone’s laundry was folded and given back to them. “Woman’s work”, as Lori would call it. You were never the type for, “woman’s work,” but you played along because you were grateful the group had taken you in after the end of the world.

Your eyes haze over as your hands work on their own and you focus in on the man who had your eye from the minute you had found these people, Daryl Dixon. He had piercing blue eyes and a glare that just about knocked the breath out of you every time he sent it your way.

You smile to yourself as your eyes run down his dirt covered rippling muscled arms, over to his big barrel chest that unfortunately was covered with a red and white cut off flannel shirt. You imagined yourself popping open each button until his full form was revealed in front of you. You looked down his legs and stared at the button of his jean. You bite your lip as you imagine popping it open, sliding them down, and setting free his cock. You rub your legs together imagining what it would feel like pushing into you making you cry out for more.

Your thoughts were interrupted by a throat clear. You snap eyes over and realize it is Carol’s voice. Carol and Andrea stand there grinning to themselves.

“Why don’t you go on over and say hello? You know you want to.” Carol nodded her knowing eyes your way.

“What about laundry duty?” You ask.

“We got it. You go. Have fun.” Andrea winks at you.

Your face turns a little read and you smile sheepishly for a moment, before taking a deep breath of confidence, turning your heels and walking quickly across the camp. You made a beeline for Daryl and Merle’s setup which was all the way across the camp and way to the back, a few yards away from everyone else. They had two tents set up side by side, with their own fire pit in front of it and an old broken down car to block potential random walkers who could come out of the woods behind the camp.

You dig your heels harder into the dirt as you walk toward him. You smile when you see him hard at work chopping wood, sweat glistening on his skin, radiating him in the bright sunlight. Merle was drinking a beer watching his brother work away, not even offering to help. You scoffed at Merle, you really didn’t like him. He was always so rude and always trying to hit on Andrea when she clearly hated him. He was one of those men you knew all too well back in the real world. Seems that those were the only kind of men who survived now, but not Daryl; Daryl was different.

You watch as Daryl’s toned arms lifted over his head, as he squared his feet, wiggling his hips a little, before slamming the blade down into the wood below. The wood split swiftly in two and dropped to the ground on either side of the big wooden stump. He breathed heavily as he reached down, grabbed another log, and repeated his actions. He grabbed another log and was about to raise his arms in the air to swing again, when he noticed you approaching their camp.

His harsh eyes looked up your body, slower than usual, making them to yours and piercing into your soul, “What is it, sunshine?” He asked with attitude.

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ok wait the kids would be on ACCIDENT 8) SAMMYYYYYY

((Hey Now. It’s a two person job, I wouldn’t entirely bLAME SAMMY THERE :’D))

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Your art style is really similar to that of Daily Meruem!

Mod Geeky: Ehhhh, that means a lot! Its like an Honor because I love her art like a freaken ton and that blog inspired me to want to make a daily as well!

If you all aren’t following @dailymeruem please follow them!! The mod makes my day all the time with their wonderful posts and beautiful ant baby boi!

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Have you ever looked at seungri's pic you started crying? Am i being extra? He's just too good to be real (not really sure about him being real i think he's like unicorns)

Looking at him always makes me want to cry!  He’s so gorgeous it hurts. T_T  Way too good to be true.  

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Mind palace meetings (Spencer reid x reader)

An: its 230am i’m going to bed but this story was stuck in my head so enjoy the sad to happy….okay bye.
Tagging: @litandexciting @bookofreid @dontshootmespence @reidbyers @reid-my-fortune

You had been part of the BAU for a year when Spencer came to the team for help, his girlfriend, was gone, taken by a stalker.

You and spencer had become close in your year with the team, able to tell the caring doctor anything and everything, so as the case went on it was you to calm him down.

And when the case ended in the worst way possible it was you to comfort him. That was 6 months ago and since then you and spencer had become….something, not dating because of fresh wounds of the heart, not just friends because of soft kisses and tender words.

He was still broken, hurt and raw. You understood why, he had felt love, and then it was gone.

You had heard him call out her name at night, dreams or nightmares you were unsure. He locked himself in his dream world with her, the one place he didn’t have to say goodbye just yet.

You had a world like that, a small world with books flying in every direction, the knowledge you learned in life, it was your mind palace of sorts, the place you could say anything with out the all too real world reactions.

And so that’s where you were, in reality you were laying in spencers lap on the jet, flying to your next case. But for you, you were in your world, books flying about, words and facts jumping around the sky.

“Excuse me…i think i’m a bit…lost” turning you gasped slightly…maeve, in a much more put together state then you remember seeing before.
“Um…your…hi…” Her smile was kind, beautiful, you can see why spencer would fall for her
“I’m…maeve…you work with…spencer…” Nodding you look around, in your world you had only seen spencer…and even then it frightened you to say anything to him. So with Maeve standing across from you…the fear was doubled.

“I do…you were his…love….still are….he calls for you at night…i still don’t know if its a nightmare or i don’t wake him….fear he’ll be upset that you got taken again” her smile dropped, you had never expressed how you felt, spencer was your heart but you weren’t his, the soft words and tender kisses were a coping strategy you figured he closed his eyes and saw maeve not you. And even when his eyes opened and the light you knew was behind them when they were closed vanished, you still smiled and bit back the tears and pain your chest felt.

“When he kisses me i feel my heart flutter and my stomach fills with fire flies….and when he closes his eyes i know he imagines you….because the light that flashes dies when he opens them and sees me…it hurts….like a knife…in my gut….” Sighing you look at her sniffling
“I know one day the coping will end and…i won’t….be what i am to him…i’ll be his colleague and friend….and that’s all….but to me he’ll be everything….” You could feel the tears but still smiled looking at her.

“He’s afraid…to say goodbye….and he knows he has to….i’m giving him his heart back…thank you for loving him…caring for him….please no matter what…never stop…” You nodded feeling the world fade….the reality coming back, blurry and muffled.

“Y/N…wake up…your crying” fully opening your eyes you touch your cheeks, the wet streaks making your fingers glisten. Sitting up you sniffle slightly sighing
“Sorry….my..” You gasped slightly feeling spencers arms pull you into him, his fingers brushing through your hair.
“I’m sorry….for treating you….like i have….i was afraid…but…not anymore…” His hold tightened sighing at the feeling of you against him
“I care about you…so much….i love you….” You gripped his shirt tightly burring your face in his neck.
“I love you too….always have…always will”

Months had passed and spencers words and kisses became more and more, soft and loving, caring and worried, lustful and needy. His hand held yours in the office or out and about on days off, his arms wrapped around your waist as you looked at the books on his shelf, explaining to you what they were.

It was a night laying in his chest heart beat slowly coming down from the after shocks of love making, his arm around you, eyes closed. You slipped to your mind palace.
Seeing her smiling as she looked around
“Thank you….for everything” she nodded smiling a small wave as she slowly faded.

Love was cruel and magical…broken and bruised….but it was beautiful….the most beautiful thing in the world.

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what if exo’s concept is just guys who took drugs from the ‘red force’ and hallucinated all their powers because the real world is too fucked up and they couldn’t do anything about it so they took the drugs and they started to construct a whole new ‘exo planet’ for themselves in their mind where they feel like they have power to change things and rebel so “a new world shall open up” when in reality the ‘red forces’ are psychologically controlling them in this ‘maze’ of whats real and whats not

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★ For my au'ra, Salera! I have a tag for her on my page, but a short bit about her; she's blind, loves books (even when she can't read them), Libraries and nature are her favorite places to be, she's a healer and an alchemist, and runs a tea shop/spa for people to rest at. :3

I?? Love her??? ♥ ♥ ♥ ->Moodboard Here!<-

*bangs fists on table* Let! Cyril! Read! Her! Some! Books!! LET THEM BE BOOK & TEA FRIENDS!!!

‘The Magicians’ Renewed for Season 3 on Syfy

The Magicians has been renewed for a third season by Syfy, the cable network announced Wednesday.

The network has picked up the drama series for another 13-episode season to follow the currently airing second season. Season 3 will premiere in 2018.

A Universal Cable Productions series, The Magicians centers on Quentin (Jason Ralph), a brilliant grad student chosen to attend Brakebills College for Magical Pedagogy, a secret upstate New York university specializing in magic.

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Quentin and his 20-something friends soon discover that the magical fantasy world they read about as children is all too real when they unwittingly invite a malevolent entity from the other side into their world. Stella Maeve, Olivia Taylor Dudley, Hale Appleman, Arjun Gupta and Summer Bishil also star.

The Magicians is based on Lev Grossman’s series of bestselling novels. John McNamara, Sera Gamble, Chris Fisher serve as executive producers alongside Groundswell Productions’ Michael London and Janice Williams.

The show airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on Syfy, with the season finale to air on April 19.

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'The Magicians’ Renewed for Season 2 on Syfy

Fact: I am not now nor will I probably ever be emotionally equipped for a Carol Peletier-less world. Before you say, oh hey. You know she's a fictional character. She's not real. Just back the f**k off because I am aware of that fact. The feelings her character has made me feel, though, are all too real and all credit in the world to the lovely and crazy talented Melissa McBride. She has breathed life into a character that has made an indelible impact on me. Both ladies, fictional and real, have more than earned their status as forever faves of mine, and I love them, I love them, I love them.

So no more talk of a world without her.



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