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The evolution of Bellamy’s… wait. Scratch that. Who am I kidding! The loving way in which Bellamy has always looked at Clarke.

I think it’s real convenient that all anti-su critical people who say “gems don’t have a set height bcoz they can shapeshift” just collectively forgot about that one episode where Steven almost like. died because he tried to shapeshift like three inches taller for one day

BTS as things I've said during finals
  • Jin: I've been in this class for two years and the only thing I learned was that Ethan can eat a whole lemon in two minutes
  • Yoongi: I stopped studying once my Spotify free trial ended
  • Hoseok: *had two weeks to do an essay* *started the night it's due*
  • Namjoon: I should've listened three years ago
  • Jimin: If anyone gets 100% I will hunt them down and I'll probably cover their doorknob in Vaseline so they know what it feels like to have victory slipping away from them
  • Taehyung: The only thing I did to prepare myself was watching all seasons of Haikyuuu in two days
  • Jungkook: Why get an A for 'awful' when you can get an F for 'fantastic work keep it up!'

Today, 4 years ago, one of the greatest bands known broke up. 2 minutes ago, I remembered and started crying.
I am not afraid to keep on living, I am not afraid to walk this world alone, but sometimes I wish I had them to walk with.
If you don’t know who I’m talking about, it’s My Chemical Romance, and I fucking miss them.
Not a band, just an idea, but this idea was the best idea someone has ever had.

shark films i’ve seen:
sharktopus vs pteracuda
sharktopus vs whalewolf
sand sharks
shark tale

shark film i havent seen:

apparently rough-sketching scenes from disney aus is my ~thing now, so here’s a snapshot of cinderella, based on the 2015 movie. maybe this will become a series, who knows!

(with proper capitalization for reading ease bc this got wayyy longer than i meant for it to, whoops)

The first time Isak meets the prince, he doesn’t know he’s meeting the prince.

This is probably for the better, seeing as he doesn’t so much meet the prince as nearly run the prince down with his horse. Which is mostly Isak’s fault, since he isn’t watching where he is riding as well as he should be, but there are—reasons, if he were pressed to give them. The morning had been crueler than usual and the ride to the market had been an all-too-appealing promise of escape, even just temporarily. And so Isak had left the breakfast dishes still dripping dry and bolted as fast as he was able, gratefully giving his thoughts and tears to the wind and trusting the horse to guide them both clear.

Maybe not the safest plan, but it has worked fairly well, up until he almost runs into another rider. It happens so quickly—a startled shout, the high cry of another horse, a blur of color suddenly veering to his left—that Isak has little time to do anything but shout “Sorry!” over his shoulder and hope the wind carries it back. He thinks that will be it, until he registers a voice calling behind him, and then a second rhythm of hoofbeats pounding into the forest floor and catching him up.

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Headcanon that Wendy starts calling Stan “Grunkle Stan” at around the same time Soos starts calling him Dad 

Update abt my friend: I came out to my friend and she surprisingly* didnt insult me or tell me im gross or anything,, shes being all supportive, and asked me some stuff abt how to call me in public, and online, and all that, and I told her some other plans I have abt me coming out to the rest of my family, she wished me good luck, and she said that shes very happy that I told her abt this (and that now she finally understands some of my behaviours and texts in my instagram account)

*surprisingly bc of what she said before, and also that was a surprise to me, bc last time I came out to a friend, 2 years ago, that person said “huh… you know? you will always be a girl to me” and stopped talking to that person.


you know a thing I’ve had in my head for a while is like, I noticed that out of the Destiny Island Trio and the Wayfinder Trio, Terra and Riku were alike in the sense that they had issues with their darkness, which isn’t anything new. But alongside that, I also noticed that they were the oldest within their trio and that got me thinking like…

Kairi’s Grandmother’s story mentions that light survived in the hearts of children (which we now know are the keykids who survived the KEyblade War), so what if like…children are more likely to have an abundance of light within their hearts? Like, the darkness is still there, but the light is just more prominent at that stage in life.

Now as they get older, that darkness starts to make itself known, so there’s an adjustment within the heart to keep a balance (it’s alllll normal, nothing wrong with that). It’s just…not everyone has an easy time through this stage of life and that balance kinda differs from person to person (it’s like puberty, shit happens and you’re either fine or ready to throw yourself down a flight of stairs). Pair that up with negative attitudes with darkness and you’ve got yourselves a situation like Terra’s or Riku’s (or if you wanna go about it a different way, you have Master Xehanort and Eraqus and Xehanort is kinda the oldest out of the two of them).

So with that in mind, apply that to the keykids, who are likely to come in various ages (still within the range to be considered children by adults). No two keykids are the same, so when that process starts to happen, you can only imagine the sorts of issues that will pop up and of course, you’ll likely have some keykids who are especially vulnerable…

And vulnerable keykids make for easy targets, which can result in the creation of Darklings. So basically Darklings are keykids (older keykids especially) who were having issues with their darkness and had little to no guidance on how to deal with it, resulting in their untimely demises.


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I agree with the previous anon, I remember thinking there couldn't be any more handsome men after seeing soo ho and dji wi but then the motherfucker yeo wool appeared and I couldn't believe there existed such beauty and that I was blessed to be able to witness it and I just had to pause the episode because damn

i feel like if the hwarangs are a boy group, yeo wool will be everyone’s bias wrecker. i mean look at this mother fucker without the long hair and he still slays. 

yeo wool? more like yeo-wanna-fuck? hell yes!

and he can turn sexy to straight up cutie patootie. 

bless cho yoon woo. 


Brain: Draw Maid Dragon fan art !!
Me: Okay !!! [Draws this]
Brain: no this isn’t what i–

In the middle of a serious discussion between Richard and Joaquin, he began to laugh. Seeing the perplexity on Richard’s face, he said, “I’m not laughing at you, Richard, but I just can’t help myself. I don’t care a bit who’s right. I’m too happy. I’m just so happy right at this moment, with all the colors around me, the fire in the fireplace, the good dinner, the wine, the whole moment is so wonderful, so wonderful…” He talked slowly, as if enjoying his own words. He installed himself completely in the present. He appeared gentle and candid. He admitted he had only come because Richard’s promise of a good dinner. But now he wanted to know the whole house, everyone living in it, what each one did, and asked question after question with casual unrelentingness. Henry Miller talked with Joaquin about music, about his compositions and his concerts. He went to shake my mother’s hand, he visited the garden, looked over the books. He was full of curiosity.
—  The Diary of Anaïs Nin, 1931-1934

so i recently started listening to the adventure zone after a friend inadvertently got me into it (not gonna name names but *glares at blake*) and oooooooooooooooooooh my god i love it so much, im almost done with the 11th hour arc so i drew my version of Tres Horny Boys™! my takko and merle designs arent final yet but i love how magnus turned out so hes stayin the same