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Pool Games Inc 2.0

“So this had been Pool Games Inc, we did it a second year, we won’t do it a third year probably…based on the reaction to this one.”

“Think twice before you ask us every day for a year to do a sequel to a video, cause this is what happens.”

happy birthday to a special bean!


you are not your own

“you’ve taken my light, your darkness will come”

When the cuteness of Jongho makes me want to scream


# get an entire episode dedicated to them right after an unanswered proposal because of a car accident  # I asked her to marry me and a truck came out of nowhere # with one of the characters in a coma while pregnant # the two of them singing that they mean the world to each other # and the one who is almost dying singing when you’re on your own, I’ll send you a sign just so you know that I am me, the universe and you# nope, your OTP will never… 

Hey everyone! I hit 1k earlier today so i wanted to do a follow forever to show my appreciation. I recently started using this blog about some months ago so i didn’t expect this. My previous blog that i deleted took me 4 years to gain 400 followers so this is unbelievable. I can’t express honestly how grateful i am for everyone that followed me. I still can’t believe that some of you actually follow me.

To those listed as my mutual’s: thank you so much for following me
For those who don’t follow me : thank you all for making my dashboard beautiful with your precious content. I’m so grateful to everyone in general. Thank you for following this nerd. ^;__;^

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it’s been almost 5 years on this site and thinking about it..oh god i’m old (= v =;)

however throughout this period i’ve gotten to know some of the greatest & nicest people ever. like hot diggity dog you are all amazing!! thank you for making my day! thank you for all the lovely things i see on my dash! thank you for still being here (; 3 ;)

this is an overdue ff i’m lazy..still am but nonetheless here i it is ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ

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