all time low skull tattoo

all time low things that make me happy

- the way Alex says “scream to be heard” and “i’m sorry, i’m sorry” in Lullabies.
- songs off of The Party Scene before the were edited to go on to Put Up Or Shut Up
- the guitar riff at the beginning of Running From Lions (Put Up Or Shut Up version)
- “I think some dude just grabbed my junk” in I Feel Like Dancing
- high pitched singing in the last verse of Jasey Rae
- Remembering Sunday in general.
- Vic’s parts in A Love Like War
- Patrick Stump wrote Outlines
- Jack trying to do hair flips in music videos.
- Jack in the I Feel Like Dancing music video
- the leg thing
- Zack being interviewed
- Rian and Cassadee
- Rian’s perfectly white teeth (like ????)
- “caught up in the moment, but not in the right way” from Poppin’ Champagne
- “preaching down to the sinners” in Heroes
- Straight To DVD
- the Something’s Gotta Give music video
- the picture of Zack in the atl booty shorts
- Jack’s Jack Skellington tattoo
- The fact that all the boys have their “signature skull” tattooed on them somewhere

After seven years of listening to this band, three live concerts and one meet and greet, I have finally got the full tattoo that I want. This is written in Alex Gaskarth’s handwriting, next to the All Time Low skull (that I got tattoed last year). Two weekd ago, March 13th, I got the chance to meet the band and Alex wrote this for me. I don’t think anyone will ever understand how much this means to me, not even himself. But god, I couldn’t be more happy right now. Every time I look at my arm, I won’t focus on my scars anymore, but on this sentence. I know I’m not alone, because I still have music. I have All Time Low. Nothing really made sense to me, except for this band. This tattoo. This sentence in this handwriting. I will love this until the day I die, and I will not harm myself anymore. Made a promise to them that I am going to keep, forever. This means everything to me.